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Be Prepared

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vQ0EmI know that your powersAdult (m)4,4754113
zXz5lof retention are as wetAdult (f)4,7324261
Odhd3as a warthogs backsideAdult (m)4,1354302
rYesbBut as thick as you areAdult (m)4,3394892
fcQ1ZPAY ATTENTION - my wordsAdult (f)3,9995951
LoCs9are a matter of prideAdult (f)3,6735621
hAfOXIt is clear from your vacantAdult (f)3,8476012
yQnkvexpressions the lights areAdult (m)3,2964808
zn2kEnot all on upstairsAdult (m)4,2317152
0uCGyBut we're talking kingsAdult (m)5,1418034
G8Sj2and successionsAdult (f)4,3257124
AlPycEven YOU can't be caughtAdult (f)2,6125954
veOXEunawaresAdult (m)3,4586884
LlhnmSo prepare for the chanceAdult (m)3,7546963
h3rrcof a lifetimeAdult (f)3,8595911
UXhKfBe prepared for sensationalAdult (f)3,9675773
mNfQunews - A shiny newAdult (m)1,8255982
J4yIkera is tiptoeing nearerAdult (m)3,5095351
jaeOHWhere do we featureAdult (f)3,9675344
h1JsvJust listen to teacher - IAdult (f)4,3545504
KlHzmknow it sounds sordidAdult (m)3,7466253
t2yRhbut you'll be rewardedAdult (m)3,8536404
EuSMTwhen at last I am givenAdult (m)4,1187002
73Zhsmy duesAdult (m)2,5246801
eIQHyAnd injustice deliciouslyAdult (m)4,1213603
pO2Djsquared - Be PreparedAdult (m)9,7026644
B1YcFBe prepared--ha-- yeahAdult (f)2,8457142
K8drjWe'll be preparedAdult (m)3,8593542
qRQ46uh--for whatAdult (m)4,1784403
8p4qWFor the deathAdult (f)2,7675924
C9HEpof the kingAdult (f)4,0994172
lIl9lWhy- is he sickAdult (m)3,5887343
gjuBVNo fool we're gonnaAdult (f)8,3667664
k1NLykill him- and Simba tooAdult (m)4,0434014
FvHN3Great idea-- Who needs a kingAdult (f)3,8833643
kGIv6No king no kingAdult (f)3,7673865
Hu5Q0Lalala la la laAdult (f)2,8704944
nLxmnIDIOTSAdult (f)3,5953813
V8LWhThere will BE a kingAdult (f)6,1725664
VsAeNAy - but you said - uhAdult (f)3,8004002
shT8OI will be king - Stick with meAdult (f)4,1614113
vADmiand you'll never goAdult (f)4,7164412
gAl5yhungery againAdult (m)3,7324953
Hh8Q2YAY alrightAdult (m)3,5114493
dvN2cLong Live The King hahahaAdult (m)2,7333962
6ZNA2It's great thatAdult (f)5,5275393
2kdg5We'll soon beAdult (m)5,5315774
uqhq1connected with aAdult (f)5,5275822
5yeCxking who'll beAdult (m)4,7135032
JazYzall time adored-- OfAdult (f)5,4595473
4904ycourse quid pro quoAdult (m)5,4845333
s0PLCyou're expectedAdult (f)3,7675554
dZGJKto take certainAdult (f)3,7816268
lOz4nduties onboardAdult (m)4,3215332
mdtzPThe future is litteredAdult (m)4,5215752
UwohPwith prizesAdult (m)4,5066654
FOv5iAnd though I'm the mainAdult (f)4,8117222
KrdndaddresseeAdult (m)5,3117625
LhcobThe point that I mustAdult (m)4,1514854
Ix2nbemphasize isAdult (m)6,5298301
qaEFdYOU WON'T GET AAdult (f)5,8175272
HSi0tSNIFF WITHOUT MEAdult (m)6,3318234
evhc0So prepare for the coup ofAdult (f)7,2106272
rkyd6of the centuryAdult (m)5,8685222
Qg0xHBe Prepared for theAdult (m)4,2924233
4LkFPmurkiest scamAdult (m)6,1455241
YubYxMeticulous planningAdult (f)8,4627608
1mV9ltenacity spanningAdult (m)5,2984841
2mV7idecades of denial is simplyAdult (f)6,2054981
lYS6Hwhy I'llAdult (m)8,3201,0104
L65yEbe king undisputedAdult (f)6,7295404
Iop6Frespected salutedAdult (m)3,8823882
w4SmFand seen forAdult (m)4,1494694
2rMTnthe wonder I amAdult (f)3,4754004
fhyA8Yes my teeth andAdult (f)6,5216236
pPHLgambitions are baredAdult (f)4,2654011
gMz0vBe Prepared-- YesAdult (m)4,7264491
QNUSCour teeth and ambitions areAdult (m)3,8264184
BtcFdare bared-- Be PreparedAdult (m)3,8534253
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