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20 week challenge 2020

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
f41ycGlorious Flight Dra'axi CBAdult (m)3,7387813
fozKBFeed the Chaos Dra'axi CBAdult (f)4,0219811
MyjtgPandora's Spawn Dra'axi CBAdult (f)3,4328972
svzCIFlying Harpy Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,0138491
O9S7jGlorious Pandora Dra'axi 2GAdult (f)3,6928272
7iuinMaximum Damage Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,2538794
YTAywOverlapping Shadow Dra'axi CBAdult (m)5,7967094
jI3EVVortex Dra'axi CBAdult (m)3,7887492
tkpuTBanshii Dra'axi 3GAdult (m)3,9967344
SFTtzCalming Mate Dra'axi CBAdult (m)4,3548380
s688DAttacking Banshee Dra'axi 4GAdult (f)3,0496033
fU6QFCalm before the Storm Dra'axi 5GAdult (m)4,1047263
aacqZ6th Dra'axi StormAdult (f)3,2309083
hFrIsShining Collateral Dra'axi 8thAdult (f)3,0117871
dVodbMaximum Shine Dra'axi 9thAdult (m)3,4727682
MzPYDMax Shine Dra'axi 10thAdult (f)3,8238561
U8j8JChaos Shadow Dra'axi 11thAdult (m)3,4157071
panNaReigning Chaos Dra'axi 12thAdult (f)3,2416961
965wHSpreading Chaos Dra'axi 13thAdult (m)3,3858111
f2zw5Random Chaos Dra'axi 14thAdult (f)3,4188211
y7w6OStorm of 15 Dra'axiAdult (m)3,9247132
OXq6SChaotic Rage Dra'axi the 16thAdult (f)5,2546874
V46dKRaging Machine the 17th Dra'axiAdult (m)2,8716423
MQJCzBottling it in Dra'axi the 18thAdult (f)4,2196584
DCKkbPushing Past the 19th Dra'axiAdult (m)3,3076972
rgLYD20th Generation Dra'axi ChaosAdult (f)4,4118343
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