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Name: GraveMistress
Egg Stolen on: Oct 31, 2013
Hatched on: Nov 03, 2013
Grew up on: Nov 05, 2013
Overall Views: 2256
Unique Views: 732
Clicks: 7
Owner: Asharah
Gender: Female
Location: Forest
Children: (mDko4), (7nK8b), Lots of Gifts, QueenOfDestruction

Grave Dragons are not named for their connections to death or burial, but for the grave expression on their faces. This strange expression is used as a defense mechanism that causes fits of panic and terror in potential predators. Since they only eat ash and charcoal, they do not hunt. Grave Dragons are powerful fire-breathers and have been known to burn down forests and villages alike to make meals. It is believed that the markings on each Grave Dragon’s wings are the faces of those who have lost their lives in fires started by that dragon.

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