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Name: Zubat
Egg Stolen on: Dec 28, 2011
Hatched on: Jan 04, 2012
Grew up on: Jan 07, 2012
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Unique Views: 1336
Clicks: 26
Owner: numb3rs
Gender: Male
Location: Volcano

Dragons are creatures with nearly unlimited life spans. They can survive for long periods of time, and no one has found a dragon that has died of old age. Adolescence is usually marked by the growth of a hatchling’s wings, although not all breeds of dragons grow wings and some breeds have other traits that indicate the beginning of maturation. Once they hit adolescence, hatchlings change quickly, maturing to their full forms in only 2 years.

Dragons don’t communicate with each other verbally, but they will growl to scare off predators and frighten prey. Young dragons will emit an extremely high-pitched squeal when they are frightened. To communicate, they use telepathy with each other and to speak to other creatures.

This breed of dragon results from eggs or hatchlings that have been neglected. They are usually rebellious, not obeying their masters, sometimes even attacking them. However, their neglect as a hatchling leaves them crippled, and they are weak compared to other breeds, causing them to stay with their masters for protection.

Zubat is mostly nocturnal, he can only be found in dark places and fall asleep. Zubat avoids sunlight and bright places because he doesn't want others see his sick green color, sight of being unhealthy. Although Zubat prefer the dark, during the daytime he may also stay under the eaves of old buildings or in forests. At night, he can be found roaming outside, usually for food.

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