Dragon Cave

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Egg Laid on: Oct 26, 2013
Hatched on: Oct 29, 2013
Grew up on: Nov 01, 2013
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Gender: Male
Mother: (RcGZC)
Father: Dark Stars
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Cavern Lurker Dragons are nocturnal ambush predators. Although small, they are very aggressive and will attack anything weak enough to be overpowered. Their preferred method of hunting is to lie in wait in a cave, burrow, or other small, enclosed space; when any potential prey passes they will lunge out to grab hold of the unsuspecting victim and drag it back into the lair. Cavern Lurkers have an odd aversion to sunlight and almost never venture out during the day. More commonly sighted are the odd piles of bones they stack near the entrance to their dens. Their mating call is a low-pitched bumping noise.

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