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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

Viewing Hatchling: Lil' Tesla

  • Stolen on:Aug 17, 2013
  • Hatched on:Aug 21, 2013
  • Overall views: 1,162
  • Unique views: 204
  • Clicks:2
  • Location:Alpine

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Its eyes glow like fire and it has a spark at the end of its tail.

Young dragons are relatively defenseless. They are born with relatively soft scales, which are shed and replaced with harder ones as the hatchling matures. Once a hatchling’s wings grow in, it marks the beginning of maturation. At this point they are often capable of hunting on their own and are usually left alone by their mother.

User Description

Tesla is different from all the other Electric dragons in the clan. At least that's the way she sees herself. When another dragon tells her to go right, she will argue for hours about the reasons why left would be the better way. If someone gives her rabbit for dinner, she will insist on carrots, and if she gets carrots, she'll demand a nice juicy goat. The only thing that makes her contrary nature manageable able is the fact that Tesla will stick to any direction she's once decided on, never changing her opinion, even if new arguments are brought forth.

So her mother has long since started to suggest potatoes first when she has actually planned on a nice sheep for dinner.

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