Tikindi Sable
Name: Tikindi Sable
Egg Stolen on: Sep 10, 2008
Hatched on: Sep 13, 2008
Grew up on: Sep 17, 2008
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Unique Views: 1165
Clicks: 221
Owner: TikindiDragon
Gender: Female
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Dragons are creatures with nearly unlimited life spans. They can survive for long periods of time, and no one has found a dragon that has died of old age. Adolescence is usually marked by the growth of a hatchling’s wings, although not all breeds of dragons grow wings and some breeds have other traits that indicate the beginning of maturation. Once they hit adolescence, hatchlings change quickly, maturing to their full forms in only 2 years.

Dragons don’t communicate with each other verbally, but they will growl to scare off predators and frighten prey. Young dragons will emit an extremely high-pitched squeal when they are frightened. To communicate, they use telepathy with each other and to speak to other creatures.

Black dragons are warriors. They are strong and capable in battles of force, but also ample magic users, capable of devastating opponents with their spells. Their bright eyes give them excellent night vision, which is why they generally hunt during the night.

Slightly smaller than the other Tikindi girls, Sable is a dragon both friendly and territorial. She loves the company of the other dragons in her cave, making a huge fuss of them all when they come home. Of course if a dragon she doesn't recognise tries to come into the Tikindi cave - watch out! Sable has a hot temper and will fly at them to prove that this is her family and she can defend them! More than one inquisitive male has been sent packing with his tail between his legs, proof that Sable's small size in no way makes her less capable.

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