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You pick up the scroll labeled “zskaterboy99,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0CqHf(0CqHf)Adult (m)2,9586016
AcvSv(AcvSv)Adult (m)2,4915551
AN9b6(AN9b6)Adult (m)2,4785711
0e44D(0e44D)Adult (f)3,0027993
SM62h(SM62h)Adult (m)2,1177956
cEpMn(cEpMn)Adult (m)2,7176163
VY5nH(VY5nH)Adult (f)2,7055823
NuTIQ(NuTIQ)Adult (f)2,7766213
R1FLr(R1FLr)Adult (m)2,7085734
BIEH5(BIEH5)Adult (m)2,8099092
RPebP(RPebP)Adult (m)2,7739001
kQ5Ff(kQ5Ff)Adult (m)2,8839112
SMVif(SMVif)Adult (f)2,7138942
LCIj(LCIj)Adult (m)2,60650714
kvab(kvab)Adult (m)3,0118504
joZP(joZP)Adult (m)3,1468664
B82v(B82v)Adult (m)2,3377302
0pUe(0pUe)Adult (m)2,3667632
FDUj(FDUj)Adult (m)2,5917545
ft61(ft61)Adult (m)2,4477153
VRsU(VRsU)Adult (m)2,3737447
0F66(0F66)Adult (m)2,9147554
CrLo(CrLo)Adult (m)3,7629055
NDvf(NDvf)Adult (m)3,9508953
q6SD(q6SD)Adult (m)9716623
P044(P044)Adult (f)3,1178385
1kXk(1kXk)Adult (f)3,4509545
ucKQ(ucKQ)Adult (f)2,6077823
pY9k(pY9k)Adult (f)2,59086310
DGGP(DGGP)Adult (f)2,9648975
Aufn(Aufn)Adult (f)3,3479095
YDMp(YDMp)Adult (f)3,4169384
C6p5(C6p5)Adult (f)3,4859556
fr1m(fr1m)Adult (f)4,0457795
eaJu(eaJu)Adult (f)4,6071,1417
YWMt(YWMt)Adult (f)4,8121,1421
gsHi(gsHi)Adult (f)4,6551,1055
nvKP(nvKP)Adult (f)3,2508612
e5FQ(e5FQ)Adult (f)3,35747015
8AJp(8AJp)Adult (f)3,8409218
A9We(A9We)Adult (f)3,7068776
FrMIG(FrMIG)Adult (f)2,7447433
mJVEX(mJVEX)Adult (f)2,6487474
hKoS3(hKoS3)Adult (m)2,4756403
bmX46(bmX46)Adult (f)2,0435661
dZU7e(dZU7e)Adult (f)2,6868534
n2SdU(n2SdU)Adult (f)2,1607603
g8PmK(g8PmK)Adult (f)2,3398122
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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