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You pick up the scroll labeled “xx.tn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QqluUBrute Dragon 01Adult (m)4,2243652
NV5TSunset Dragon 001Adult (m)2,2191,46411
jji4Sunset Dragon 005Adult (m)3,4391,5999
VP80Sunset Dragon 002Adult (m)1,8355333
0kljSunset Dragon 004Adult (m)1,0975261
osgdSunset Dragon 003Adult (m)1,1295782
N2AzBalloon Dragon 003Adult (f)1,9551,38817
4W4cBalloon Dragon 001Adult (m)1,2768827
NPjiBalloon Dragon 002Adult (f)2,9961,4128
irlFPink Dragon 002Adult (f)9945719
PlyvPink Dragon 005Adult (f)1,3851,02711
8Vj1Pink Dragon 004Adult (f)2,7541,3485
HLotPink Dragon 003Adult (f)3,0981,4439
UMSVEmber Dragon 001Adult (m)1,0575394
Q9ZXEmber Dragon 002Adult (m)1,3405503
Hhs1PEmber Dragon 003Adult (m)2,5746257
fL3kFlamingo Wyvern 5Adult (f)1,0715301
LT0EFlamingo Wyvern 4Adult (f)1,0835101
cPOpZFlamingo Wyvern 6Adult (f)3,7333948
8VPm1Flamingo Wyvern 7Adult (f)3,7754375
SBAw5Black Tea Dragon 0001Adult (f)4,8664612
LdLOz(LdLOz)Adult (f)3,3354895
bKmURed Dragon 006Adult (f)3,19479118
72HFRed Dragon 007Adult (f)2,6541,58217
G0r9Red Dragon 008Adult (f)1,9428364
d2sFRed Dragon 009Adult (f)1,9518173
WlG3Red Dragon 010Adult (f)1,5045142
u2BhRed Dragon 011Adult (f)8665832
jbYFRed Dragon 001Adult (m)1,0185493
jVMXCRed Dragon 002Adult (m)4,1993766
mlSiFRed Dragon 012Adult (f)4,8763724
3AfIkRed Dragon 013Adult (f)4,8913733
k41FoRed Dragon 014Adult (f)4,4183176
PWkQIRed Dragon 015Adult (f)2,0395934
JuEXqRed Dragon 016Adult (f)2,2374841
EXsolRed Dragon 003Adult (m)2,4645642
gfcOKRed Dragon 017Adult (f)2,3765312
4Pp2TRed Dragon 004Adult (m)2,7255611
tSSViRed Dragon 005Adult (m)2,7085672
bUfR5Red Dragon 018Adult (f)2,4285863
AoFhDorsal Dragon Red 01Adult (m)1,42328930
pMVABlack Marrow 001Adult (f)2,1345153
xrtmk(xrtmk)Adult (f)3,6175264
47T6f(47T6f)Adult (m)3,9415104
xL936(xL936)Adult (f)3,1225562
TTQgA(TTQgA)Adult (f)2,9655542
NYfu2(NYfu2)Adult (f)2,8435372
YLygGray Dragon 002Adult (m)1,8061,09413
IvMoGray Dragon 001Adult (m)2,1251,3858
glSVGray Dragon 003Adult (m)1,99288525
U2eZGray Dragon 004Adult (m)1,2825634
4kECGray Dragon 005Adult (f)9636281
H2ICGray Dragon 006Adult (f)1,1465593
CnicGray Dragon 007Adult (f)1,0845474
KIHFGray Dragon 009Adult (f)1,1515432
sMjAGray Dragon 010Adult (f)1,6105692
WZnRGray Dragon 011Adult (f)9895041
YFvkGray Dragon 012Adult (f)8944602
fFqPGray Dragon 013Adult (f)1,4173834
OHjE9Gray Dragon 008Adult (f)2,4274814
rH2jJ(rH2jJ)Adult (f)3,1785297
2aqqStone Dragon 004Adult (f)3,16777119
i8BRStone Dragon 003Adult (f)3,93577831
EGqNStone Dragon 001Adult (m)3,0821,05019
H4J1Stone Dragon 002Adult (f)3,1771,5388
FIp3Nocturne Dragon 03Adult (f)2,4581,20523
YeKENocturne Dragon 01Adult (m)1,7147929
vp29Nocturne Dragon 02Adult (m)9315773
YlMBNocturne Dragon 04Adult (f)1,7684362
73NYSilver Dragon 04Adult (f)4,0751,39030
vmWiSilver Dragon 05Adult (f)1,78980229
hpNbhSilver Dragon 06Adult (f)3,0645881
GZVYvSilver Dragon 07Adult (f)3,2295107
QgF8Silver Dragon 01Adult (m)2,3111,33818
s5WxSilver Dragon 02Adult (m)1,9111,13512
IV88Silver Dragon 03Adult (m)8645248
2td5White Dragon 006Adult (f)3,4231,04119
poJ5White Dragon 007Adult (f)1,64853834
CFNqWhite Dragon 001Adult (m)1,6921,0019
CS96White Dragon 002Adult (m)1,5605251
s3TbWhite Dragon 003Adult (m)1,0486083
7oL8White Dragon 008Adult (f)9145867
QK6dWhite Dragon 009Adult (f)1,1136373
52oBWhite Dragon 004Adult (m)3,0485098
oX9BVWhite Dragon 010Adult (f)4,5014327
hlZnJWhite Dragon 005Adult (m)2,6266116
JrX5W(JrX5W)Hatchling (f, F)2,9272631
xXcQvBlacktip Dragon 01Adult (m)4,0673813
ZmuVChicken 0001Adult (f)2,19266529
BwHXStriped Dragon White 1Adult (m)2,7281,3979
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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