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You pick up the scroll labeled “xx.tn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EnpZmSeawyrm Pygmy 00003Adult (m)2,1145403
BnE7XSeawyrm Pygmy 00002Adult (m)2,1415464
qpeOSeawyrm Pygmy 00004Adult (f)2,5805285
dzJr6(dzJr6)Adult (m)4,1913923
It10Skywing Dragon 05Adult (f)4,59186527
M6EGSkywing Dragon 06Adult (f)2,20266735
ONXUSkywing Dragon 02Adult (m)96959710
8aNQSkywing Dragon 03Adult (m)1,54147511
e0LlSkywing Dragon 01Adult (m)9665385
FW7vSkywing Dragon 07Adult (f)1,1565014
Wg03Skywing Dragon 04Adult (m)1,0986432
oHKHlSwallowtail Dragon 00001Adult (f)3,3842852
rqYJMSwallowtail Dragon 00003Adult (f)2,0965884
De6Nb(De6Nb)Hatchling (f, F)3,2823101
scuo4Swallowtail Dragon 00002Adult (f)2,2745022
BWDsXSpotted Greenwing 00001Adult (m)2,3385702
GKFLhSpotted Greenwing 00002Adult (m)2,2585352
YOZKSwallowtail Dragon 00004BAdult (m)2,3536281
CfmRT(CfmRT)Hatchling (m, F)3,2943211
ZJp9Waterhorse Dragon 01Adult (m)1,63379923
6s0HqWaterhorse Dragon 02Adult (f)2,5085802
Rc3rMFalconiform Wyvern 01Adult (f)4,0343922
gyeXDaydream Dragon 004Adult (f)2,1781,51420
UNQDDaydream Dragon 005Adult (f)3,05238622
pHVUDaydream Dragon 006Adult (f)2,4844914
kWl9Hellfire Wyvern 00005Adult (f)9685482
FUovHellfire Wyvern 00007Adult (f)1,0065343
g47FHellfire Wyvern 00006Adult (f)1,3025393
PRRCHellfire Wyvern 00008Adult (f)2,0614914
c3cmkHellfire Wyvern 00009Adult (f)4,4913385
C4KCGuardian Dragon 001Adult (m)3,0781,57516
ZPkVGuardian Dragon 002Adult (m)1,9549956
wAHrGuardian Dragon 006Adult (f)9186977
cQh6Guardian Dragon 007Adult (f)1,3681,0036
u4UrGuardian Dragon 003Adult (m)2,4965346
m3MtGuardian Dragon 004Adult (m)1,1466163
liDGGuardian Dragon 005Adult (m)1,5336221
hdOKGuardian Dragon 008Adult (f)2,7944173
lCTLDaydream Dragon 001Adult (m)1,8161,10210
CqBqDaydream Dragon 002Adult (m)1,3521,0108
oJlAKDaydream Dragon 003Adult (m)2,9256236
1Y7qIBleeding Moon Dragon 001Adult (m)4,2563922
SuacThe Temperature Below ZeroHatchling (m, F)1,05750910
gG3PWinter Dragon 001Adult (m)1,4776361
YstcWinter Dragon 002Adult (m)1,5106321
E0vpWinter Dragon 003Adult (m)1,0125181
6BtnWinter Dragon 004Adult (m)1,97847912
R1bmWinter Dragon 005Adult (m)9955721
UfbSWinter Dragon 006Adult (f)5,4181,21034
EXS0Winter Dragon 007Adult (f)1,83794420
VZQ0Winter Dragon 008Adult (f)1,0475484
1JggCoastal Waverunner 00002Adult (f)1,0175833
MVWQCoastal Waverunner 00003Adult (f)1,0165993
sLFVCoastal Waverunner 00004Adult (f)1,4265251
gTVRCoastal Waverunner 00001Adult (m)1,4425945
eQZ1gUltraviolet Dragon 02Adult (f)2,8415291
K1f1SUltraviolet Dragon 03Adult (f)2,5564851
TsepXMoonstone Dragon 00001Adult (m)2,2235782
rmOPJMoonstone Dragon 00002Adult (m)2,3376041
trCqWMoonstone Dragon 00003Adult (m)3,02946812
7B6rGBlue-Banded Dragon 01Adult (m)4,0303903
uaZsK(uaZsK)Adult (f)3,4654986
gXSeIce Dragon 01Adult (m)1,17767920
HehDIce Dragon 02Adult (m)1,0026071
UIo7Ice Dragon 03Adult (f)1,4304164
m22gHFrostbite Dragon 01Adult (f)4,0463711
3Ht1q(3Ht1q)Adult (f)3,4264655
nUngTTinsel Dragon Silver 02Adult (f)6,99578411
gMeE0Tinsel Dragon Silver 04Adult (f)7,0287246
siBO8Tinsel Dragon Silver 03Adult (f)7,0757516
mHpUWTinsel Dragon Silver 01Adult (m)4,9878904
38XMSTinsel Dragon Silver 05Adult (f)7,5779505
RcsmTwo-Finned Bluna 00001Adult (m)1,9028202
XdgpTwo-Finned Bluna 00002Adult (m)1,4725712
ld0fUTwo-Finned Bluna 00003Adult (m)4,0795262
VTbbJ(VTbbJ)Hatchling (m, F)3,7555478
TK1l7(TK1l7)Adult (m)2,9055062
aA4LpMoonstone Dragon 001Adult (f)2,5015781
5vi53Tsunami Wyvern 00001Adult (m)2,9195461
DNaMTwo-Finned Bluna 00004Adult (f)1,4756003
VLuATwo-Finned Bluna 00005Adult (f)1,1796084
ltGtDeep Sea Dragon 003Adult (f)2,2001,09626
dF8ZDeep Sea Dragon 001Adult (m)1,1636892
m8LFDeep Sea Dragon 004Adult (f)1,6905784
HCGGDeep Sea Dragon 002Adult (m)1,2845564
fiSI1Nilia Pygmy 00005Adult (m)3,1405591
QgLYGeode Dragon 01Adult (m)2,97577029
oxrcGeode Dragon 09Adult (m)3,52746525
Oup8Geode Dragon 02Adult (m)1,5549238
ZPHZGeode Dragon 03Adult (m)3,3031,6177
VFWdGeode Dragon 04Adult (m)1,5756307
sJ7sGeode Dragon 05Adult (m)1,4025483
p4qeGeode Dragon 06Adult (m)1,5505832
lp0uGeode Dragon 07Adult (m)1,0285984
gRJNGeode Dragon 08Adult (m)9416124
vm0fGeode Dragon 10Adult (f)2,45693016
hcbdGeode Dragon 11Adult (f)1,7929724
E8r8Geode Dragon 12Adult (f)1,59985822
EdrsGeode Dragon 13Adult (f)8714782
PhQYGeode Dragon 14Adult (f)9404891
6DVVWater Dragon 002Adult (f)2,03454131
qmM7Water Dragon 003Adult (f)4,7181,49425
qYS6Water Dragon 001Adult (m)2,89988516
ulqSTwo Headed Dragon 01Adult (m)3,17977320
l199Two Headed Dragon 07Adult (m)2,38190818
JpY0Two Headed Dragon 06Adult (m)1,35871120
TdqTTwo Headed Dragon 05Adult (m)1,0836510
gnRNTwo Headed Dragon 02Adult (m)2,7296993
XS65jTwo Headed Dragon 03Adult (m)2,8436633
rtqSPTwo Headed Dragon 04Adult (m)2,9155872
jetpNebula Dragon Blue 01Adult (f)1,0136369
nvZnmLumina Dragon 001Adult (m)4,1817241
32I04Lumina Dragon 002Adult (f)4,6027981
sdAUULumina Dragon 003Adult (f)6,6754451
GxAUTwo Headed Dragon 08Adult (f)3,71496923
TMQSTwo Headed Dragon 09Adult (f)2,0031,0659
g050Two Headed Dragon 10Adult (f)1,1876171
docm9Two Headed Dragon 11Adult (f)4,0023867
e0Z1OTwo Headed Dragon 12Adult (f)3,7655034
qGC9r(qGC9r)Adult (f)4,7344391
CPOFElectric Dragon 02Adult (f)2,2561,14322
KH4XElectric Dragon 03Adult (f)1,4554292
6H5YElectric Dragon 01Adult (m)1,0846184
rmElfDark Myst Pygmy 003Adult (f)2,7155552
8rQYsDark Myst Pygmy 001Adult (m)2,8794921
nqBQBDark Myst Pygmy 002Adult (m)2,9545031
iaC16Dark Myst Pygmy 004Adult (f)2,6716617
fnLaThunder Dragon 02Adult (f)1,49266110
GJt7Thunder Dragon 03Adult (f)1,5504501
rsjM8Thunder Dragon 04Adult (f)4,3132916
TvikPThunder Dragon 01Adult (m)2,4335874
cnKkuNilia Pygmy 00001Adult (f)2,1355323
vKH3iNilia Pygmy 00002Adult (f)2,3555954
QoN2MNilia Pygmy 00003Adult (f)2,0885553
gWuiFNilia Pygmy 00004BAdult (f)2,0255341
s8TGNebula Dragon Purple 01Adult (m)1,3125594
eRhbuRoyal Blue Dragon 001Adult (f)4,1324031
rcBXXRoyal Blue Dragon 002Adult (f)3,8743931
h9cumShadow Walker 002Adult (m)1,5595823
f1HrFShadow Walker 001Adult (m)1,5435973
U3UJ5(U3UJ5)Adult (f)3,3735206
Twyyh(Twyyh)Adult (f)3,5525183
YUVNZTsunami Wyvern 00002Adult (f)2,6644992
x6zuR(x6zuR)Adult (f)3,0444412
9XeBe(9XeBe)Adult (m)4,3324874
E1w7o(E1w7o)Adult (m)3,6645385
X7wlWNhiostrife Wyvern 01Adult (f)6,3564562
0EmDg(0EmDg)Adult (f)5,4085603
xt8BDorsal Dragon Purple 001Adult (m)2,2211,41421
dpMADorsal Dragon Purple 003Adult (f)1,1916853
QvHpDorsal Dragon Purple 002Adult (m)1,4545852
4XT5Sunsong Amphiptere 0001Adult (m)1,0036492
m0HnSunsong Amphiptere 0002Adult (m)1,0725193
YA9LSunsong Amphiptere 0003Adult (m)8765494
dgKRSunsong Amphiptere 0004Adult (m)1,1695453
IDR8Sunsong Amphiptere 0005Adult (f)1,7927007
7rRWSunsong Amphiptere 0006Adult (f)1,0486648
Ps33Sunsong Amphiptere 0008Adult (f)1,2096784
nejcSunsong Amphiptere 0009Adult (f)3,2645558
aqVuESunsong Amphiptere 0007Adult (f)1,6644896
iPgNpTri-Horn Wyvern 00001Adult (f)3,7383823
ZqXVHorse Dragon 002Adult (f)2,00698925
2XqZHorse Dragon 001Adult (f)1,0015883
ZuPSPurple Dragon 00010Adult (f)3,23697415
Ke2wPurple Dragon 00011Adult (f)1,2217138
KDz4Purple Dragon 00012Adult (f)1,94473214
JmlkPurple Dragon 00013Adult (f)1,7117928
SU1vPurple Dragon 00014Adult (f)1,3655692
WGvMPurple Dragon 00015Adult (f)1,0896251
73RZ4Purple Dragon 00016Adult (f)4,3392905
IvgdGPurple Dragon 00017Adult (f)3,7033916
GuEQRidgewing Dragon Purple 01Adult (f)1,3985433
ks6uRidgewing Dragon Purple 02Adult (f)1,3746021
D4OdRidgewing Dragon Purple 03Adult (f)1,1236251
UDNLqUltraviolet Dragon 01Adult (m)2,8495321
hq6aRidgewing Dragon Tan 01Adult (f)1,4575813
u8BoRidgewing Dragon Tan 02Adult (f)1,0265363
WY4vPurple Dragon 00001Adult (m)1,9279217
sWErPurple Dragon 00002Adult (m)8415252
XTWuPurple Dragon 00003Adult (m)1,5754132
luTlPurple Dragon 00004Adult (m)1,8014413
5BZ8oPurple Dragon 00005Adult (m)3,3743607
69JOqPurple Dragon 00006Adult (m)4,1583806
VHn9lPurple Dragon 00007Adult (m)4,6123464
XBgR6Purple Dragon 00008Adult (m)4,2593978
6sGODPurple Dragon 00009Adult (m)2,0255723
osM0Ridgewing Dragon Purple 04Adult (m)9515014
Y8f1gRidgewing Dragon Purple 05Adult (m)2,6526718
MPCEMRidgewing Dragon Purple 06Adult (m)2,2175023
BER9u(BER9u)Hatchling (m, F)1,9124315
tTf1Bright Pink Dragon 01Adult (f)5,8981,32730
mdYHBright Pink Dragon 02Adult (f)1,2709498
daMnBright Pink Dragon 03Adult (f)2,0121,1818
701lSunrise Dragon 01Adult (m)1,0485082
eUPWSunrise Dragon 02Adult (m)1,7944052
7P9MSunset Dragon 006Adult (f)2,6501,71824
eLHNSunset Dragon 007Adult (f)2,7521,3537
XD0bSunset Dragon 008Adult (f)1,74389226
1WuUiSunset Dragon 009Adult (f)6,1825068
9UnlPink Dragon 001Adult (m)2,2521,4718
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