Dragon Cave

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You pick up the scroll labeled “xvxRUBYxvx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rDZV(rDZV)Adult (m)1,97228422
vMju(vMju)Adult (f)1,93228516
y2A1(y2A1)Adult (f)2,27526919
Tjuf(Tjuf)Adult (f)1,72227815
raQF(raQF)Adult (f)1,75227117
nVcj(nVcj)Adult (f)3,86926512
L9tM(L9tM)Adult (f)3,87926612
Fque(Fque)Adult (m)3,84125714
Icb0(Icb0)Adult (f)3,44924512
fTXW(fTXW)Adult (m)3,51023416
bbRv(bbRv)Adult (f)4,27228610
XNpI(XNpI)Adult (m)3,55623810
2jIr(2jIr)Adult (f)3,47423911
SmNH(SmNH)Adult (m)3,72625011
Nd1c(Nd1c)Adult (f)3,4932607
ZcF8(ZcF8)Adult (m)3,5072737
DIfa(DIfa)Adult (m)3,66224513
11Sd(11Sd)Adult (f)3,87525917
QJk1(QJk1)Adult (f)3,73524916
feEX(feEX)Adult (m)3,78125315
FiCb(FiCb)Adult (m)3,58624017
3knH(3knH)Adult (f)3,85625816
6eD7(6eD7)Adult (f)3,43123012
eS0i(eS0i)Adult (f)3,63624412
WXGT(WXGT)Adult (m)3,7482527
jniB(jniB)Adult (f)3,3432378
8i9t(8i9t)Adult (f)3,5102348
90AS(90AS)Adult (m)4,2002816
Gv0b(Gv0b)Adult (f)4,2152824
RiHl(RiHl)Adult (m)4,2452844
nKWM(nKWM)Adult (m)3,9382833
iEsi(iEsi)Adult (f)4,2452843
DUY1(DUY1)Adult (m)1,7496534
nJlj(nJlj)Adult (f)1,9847505
F1BK(F1BK)Adult (m)3,8442915
vEjf(vEjf)Adult (f)3,7592734
gVeU(gVeU)Adult (f)3,4792635
V1pb(V1pb)Adult (f)3,7642865
iMq9(iMq9)Adult (f)3,2712198
Pdku(Pdku)Adult (f)3,76525110
81jo(81jo)Adult (f)3,6622456
c86R(c86R)Adult (m)3,37522510
N2GW(N2GW)Adult (f)3,5272385
iH8f(iH8f)Adult (m)3,4992538
0A9N(0A9N)Adult (f)3,4322677
0UMg(0UMg)Adult (f)3,2362529
LhQK(LhQK)Adult (f)2,7612205
5eV5(5eV5)Adult (f)5,5193747
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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