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    You pick up the scroll labeled “whitekeeper,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
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    xPL6(xPL6)Adult (m)4,67940737
    CW8w(CW8w)Adult (m)4,75242637
    vkXq(vkXq)Adult (f)4,71640426
    EjAm(EjAm)Adult (m)3,48330631
    cRDx(cRDx)Adult (f)3,77332331
    zkm7(zkm7)Adult (f)3,91632729
    WXuo(WXuo)Adult (f)3,22430626
    aGvW(aGvW)Adult (m)3,90533531
    3R8w(3R8w)Adult (f)2,87229328
    UVjZ(UVjZ)Adult (m)3,85634021
    jPIT(jPIT)Adult (f)3,87834322
    jcA1(jcA1)Adult (m)3,87434621
    7wiN(7wiN)Adult (m)3,40726720
    R5Ig(R5Ig)Adult (f)6,04243112
    aWO2(aWO2)Adult (m)8,4895949
    spvy(spvy)Adult (f)5,9274239
    eF35(eF35)Adult (m)7,2905149
    znQk(znQk)Adult (m)3,9072779
    nT5W(nT5W)Adult (m)4,27430112
    E7s2(E7s2)Adult (m)3,21029832
    7IYh(7IYh)Adult (f)3,20529533
    sIkN(sIkN)Adult (f)4,84533523
    3VeA(3VeA)Adult (m)4,12832330
    wKvz(wKvz)Adult (m)3,92530521
    vxhy(vxhy)Adult (m)4,86033623
    R4DL(R4DL)Adult (m)2,84419614
    E2RM(E2RM)Adult (f)2,88819913
    JDCM(JDCM)Adult (f)3,30833015
    0Xv2(0Xv2)Adult (m)3,05321019
    HkTK(HkTK)Adult (m)4,04557230
    r8Ci(r8Ci)Adult (f)4,24455722
    tcMz(tcMz)Adult (m)4,28456224
    Ydgl(Ydgl)Adult (f)4,28055226
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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