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You pick up the scroll labeled “webgal15,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kkAdchou dekkaiAdult (m)2,1423153
QskYgo go go go goAdult (f)2,4173692
gZSJwhoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whAdult (f)2,4463833
1Rf5Coldy FreezeAdult (m)1,9294755
eVn8sort of suspiciousHatchling (m, F)1,8034735
jH2Vprobably not jingleAdult (m)1,8584786
Ai8llet it all burnAdult (f)2,6843634
ticGhehe heheAdult (m)2,8773555
cPsCnot everything can  be pinkAdult (f)2,7773485
6bqIt asuketeAdult (f)2,5084113
vDpDwhoa look at that birdAdult (f)1,67134814
tMe0Levi SandersAdult (m)2,5363304
Gi3btropical tropical tropical smootAdult (m)2,1103013
t4O6maybe perhapsAdult (m)2,5803442
MoW4the best of the best of the bestAdult (f)1,9373932
D9Petrees man just treesAdult (m)2,8959429
2mN5more of a tropical shakeAdult (m)2,6278849
7C6Zthe sun emojiAdult (f)2,3328947
mEpbthe entire tropical vacationAdult (f)2,0898425
kSpkhe is runningAdult (m)2,0838177
WN4ehmmmmmmmmmmmmAdult (m)2,0758137
2NSeyumie tatemae maybeAdult (f)3,47680517
7CoDprotect MedukaAdult (f)3,3437588
Muq3slippery dudeAdult (f)3,3827386
c0Hrnot nemiAdult (f)3,90482114
MAdWIt s electricAdult (f)9965652
pMTkKozue TatemaeAdult (f)2,1915915
DMmtmight be jingleAdult (f)5,31986913
MQNpmight be uro but not sureAdult (m)5,42360912
eRKBthe end of seafood as we know itAdult (m)4,0196368
XsQGhelp MedukaAdult (f)2,6385166
X5fDNYOOOOOOOOOOOMAdult (f)3,8564825
eROrperhaps nemiAdult (m)2,1063909
ckpVdate me date me date meAdult (f)2,8858747
I0eqshe is so happyAdult (f)1,9564904
C1nJwait right there sonAdult (f)2,0935146
uQOZcan you feel itnowAdult (f)1,81756710
C3u5whoa look at that wormAdult (m)2,33860810
NpAD(NpAD)Adult (f)1,4565873
XtEQeverything is sunshine lollipopsAdult (f)2,3096307
Nbb2(Nbb2)Adult (m)1,7335238
A5Y9(A5Y9)Adult (f)1,9795535
aTSO(aTSO)Adult (m)2,0275667
USjZKamin wait this ones female nvmAdult (f)2,46161812
WIpD(WIpD)Adult (f)2,6396806
40jj(40jj)Adult (m)2,0195595
QSYi(QSYi)Adult (m)2,4426927
sm9r(sm9r)Adult (f)1,5915393
BT8W(BT8W)Adult (f)1,9376335
J3MB(J3MB)Adult (f)1,4924783
Lada(Lada)Adult (f)1,5313447
soAj(soAj)Adult (m)1,34234411
pPq8(pPq8)Adult (m)1,5083845
TLdW(TLdW)Adult (f)1,6023093
oBC8(oBC8)Adult (m)1,60231610
uEME(uEME)Adult (f)1,6472915
WcoU(WcoU)Adult (m)2,59922011
ISOb(ISOb)Adult (f)2,64222312
Omkeuro yes uroAdult (f)2,81522712
WIRI(WIRI)Adult (m)2,86322610
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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