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You pick up the scroll labeled “waiteggs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UJqX(UJqX)Adult (f)2,4066162
vU9b1(vU9b1)Adult (m)4,2951,4365
pme4n(pme4n)Adult (f)4,2171,4863
JAC7f(JAC7f)Adult (m)4,8961,4796
qOmWH(qOmWH)Adult (f)6,9271,8354
hLlk(hLlk)Adult (f)2,4187916
HXdj(HXdj)Adult (f)1,4004787
nCbo(nCbo)Adult (f)2,4047966
W6Ri(W6Ri)Adult (m)1,38152210
uDhQ(uDhQ)Adult (f)1,51552913
stOL(stOL)Adult (m)1,0875184
BDYb(BDYb)Adult (f)1,53449710
HQGJ(HQGJ)Adult (m)2,3088848
sOZQ(sOZQ)Adult (f)1,49548711
GPK3(GPK3)Adult (m)2,1116834
AajHa(AajHa)Adult (f)4,1941,2199
0U07(0U07)Adult (m)1,45648611
UWAj(UWAj)Adult (m)1,3334939
DBn8(DBn8)Adult (m)1,1254398
b8X0(b8X0)Adult (m)1,44474212
SQGA(SQGA)Adult (m)2,33463130
h95r(h95r)Adult (f)1,60751310
E7DO(E7DO)Adult (f)1,35348414
nGlJ(nGlJ)Adult (m)1,48952617
2dvI(2dvI)Adult (f)1,99397712
Nm2T(Nm2T)Adult (f)1,33446315
Qkqa(Qkqa)Adult (m)1,45980012
g1OF(g1OF)Adult (f)1,35548011
oTTA(oTTA)Adult (f)1,31448321
Rqkp(Rqkp)Adult (m)1,4295104
FoC1(FoC1)Adult (m)1,30052911
qqIH(qqIH)Adult (f)1,74552510
V5Tr(V5Tr)Adult (f)1,30261218
pfe6(pfe6)Adult (f)1,4065438
JQFS(JQFS)Adult (m)1,6645188
AGAc(AGAc)Adult (m)1,2044878
Ic2Z(Ic2Z)Adult (m)1,3844849
HXsc(HXsc)Adult (m)2,3926114
5DsLj(5DsLj)Adult (f)3,4229736
J7Cj(J7Cj)Hatchling (m, F)1,0674392
o8Ed(o8Ed)Hatchling (F)1,9476482
kp3A(kp3A)Adult (m)1,68271526
Bl5Y(Bl5Y)Adult (m)1,57873315
QFvB(QFvB)Adult (m)1,35051121
jqXX(jqXX)Adult (f)1,79255310
qONi(qONi)Adult (f)1,31951311
4Kpd(4Kpd)Adult (f)1,3755008
eciv(eciv)Adult (m)1,7555599
DTlbd(DTlbd)Adult (m)4,7931,3076
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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