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  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2014 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “vhenkels,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PUP11(PUP11)Adult (f)1,70976615
mFOVm(mFOVm)Adult (m)3,0481,08218
vp1WA(vp1WA)Adult (f)2,6421,04017
fcZK4(fcZK4)Adult (m)2,6206492
zTljq(zTljq)Adult (m)2,7588984
S3BNj(S3BNj)Adult (f)3,9158948
2bIBh(2bIBh)Adult (m)2,5146301
WPfDT(WPfDT)Adult (m)2,4655982
gXQRV(gXQRV)Adult (f)1,9455482
rul5j(rul5j)Adult (f)2,0689593
5YtQh(5YtQh)Adult (m)2,3291,0394
WB3BX(WB3BX)Adult (f)2,1619522
aSyCQ(aSyCQ)Adult (m)2,1689682
tq5K3(tq5K3)Adult (f)3,3271,0472
oEEJR(oEEJR)Adult (f)2,4686002
CLuoe(CLuoe)Adult (m)3,0501,07917
QTbn7(QTbn7)Adult (m)2,9491,04115
Ch10Q(Ch10Q)Adult (m)3,2491,08414
XVYGh(XVYGh)Adult (m)1,59669710
QwnSP(QwnSP)Adult (f)1,8307761
eC6Xe(eC6Xe)Adult (m)1,6176241
27jG0(27jG0)Adult (m)1,9796783
l5E0V(l5E0V)Adult (m)1,6546521
GZrWz(GZrWz)Adult (m)1,4596282
CmF7j(CmF7j)Adult (f)1,5286261
OxmtK(OxmtK)Adult (f)1,6996242
OkObB(OkObB)Adult (m)1,8476771
dtBEG(dtBEG)Adult (f)2,1676483
DxhRX(DxhRX)Adult (f)2,0696212
OsAX8(OsAX8)Adult (f)1,3765821
2NooVarentiaAdult (f)1,45699115
bWI7FlowelaAdult (f)1,9831,10613
s9K8VarentinoAdult (m)2,9319425
mFFKFloworoAdult (m)2,7419035
DAvVFlower SweetnessAdult (f)1,9631,07425
M8V5Flower FieldsAdult (f)1,9611,07125
cMKUBSchokolade der LiebeAdult (m)2,0489673
dlSHISchokolade der HingebungAdult (m)2,1509942
CsR19Herz der FreundschaftAdult (f)1,7365961
3enY0Herz der GemeinschaftAdult (f)2,1046501
96zlC(96zlC)Adult (m)1,4737461
0mUfn(0mUfn)Adult (m)1,2956921
vev3o(vev3o)Adult (f)2,0405681
iZM8U(iZM8U)Adult (f)2,1065421
34FS3(34FS3)Adult (m)2,4327012
DVN70(DVN70)Adult (m)2,4047022
paiVx(paiVx)Adult (m)2,5456942
FOXwk(FOXwk)Adult (m)2,3346321
Q3ikW(Q3ikW)Adult (f)1,7626401
eOVkC(eOVkC)Adult (f)1,5826291
nRKFDuke of DarknessAdult (m)4,1312,51086
wvc3Earl of DarknessAdult (m)4,1252,50880
KuL2Vampire CountessaAdult (f)1,8596757
Qr5NYour Grace of the NightAdult (f)1,6957257
XmCQDark Night's LordAdult (m)1,2165384
Y4YWDevourer of Innocent SoulsAdult (m)1,4656236
vp8aNightmare in the NightAdult (m)1,5996153
kYIHLurker in the DarkAdult (m)1,5796085
e7WrDame der NachtAdult (f)1,8891,00040
Ck4WWhisper of DarknessAdult (m)2,1171,05620
b4KIDark Night's LadyAdult (f)1,57681523
XfQKGlaideroAdult (m)2,9031,0257
n7TZGellaaroAdult (m)2,5328514
CfhdSloworAdult (m)2,4758662
MiT2GlaideraAdult (f)1,7357163
ejLPSloworaAdult (f)1,6537643
OPf5GellaaraAdult (f)1,6207481
kl54WalkorAdult (m)3,4831,1097
9FppWalkaraAdult (f)1,9017678
Y3a4TeikoraAdult (f)1,6546053
HAegTeikorAdult (m)1,4555946
VVNoWhirroAdult (m)1,35977211
4t0aSpiiroAdult (m)1,8447336
BrqlEnergoAdult (m)2,12077414
Oqh2SurroAdult (m)2,26091315
3PUwEnergaAdult (f)2,11278818
3z5rSpiirraAdult (f)1,64164911
35J7IrisaAdult (f)8,1634,063134
x194SirinaAdult (f)9,3944,285145
elsYGalanAdult (m)9,3004,287151
l6RmLorimAdult (m)5,7853,517148
RSkv3(RSkv3)Adult (m)2,6081,02017
Ch9ce(Ch9ce)Adult (f)2,3409773
eF51Q(eF51Q)Adult (f)2,3429963
TczDD(TczDD)Adult (f)2,5161,0121
2lxzQ(2lxzQ)Adult (m)2,4268371
JIVCS(JIVCS)Adult (m)1,4845981
2nzy6(2nzy6)Adult (f)1,4996112
cskTg(cskTg)Adult (f)1,4956261
8n14r(8n14r)Adult (m)1,6136021
qAcW1(qAcW1)Adult (m)1,3665991
oD9RO(oD9RO)Adult (m)1,3005933
SLIBU(SLIBU)Adult (m)1,5436201
7Llv4(7Llv4)Adult (f)2,5006342
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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