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    You pick up the scroll labeled “unibomber703,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    uIg1(uIg1)Adult (f)1,52573717
    CFt8(CFt8)Adult (m)1,1113863
    GOew(GOew)Adult (m)1,0223733
    8Zsj(8Zsj)Adult (f)1,0523844
    PW9O(PW9O)Adult (f)1,0614191
    Ec3D(Ec3D)Adult (m)1,0394060
    xNPG(xNPG)Adult (f)9883882
    kvSt(kvSt)Adult (f)1,43544910
    FAbU(FAbU)Adult (f)2,5301,045214
    ylzB(ylzB)Adult (f)4,4731,768147
    zb5O(zb5O)Adult (f)4,3851,722135
    oWTj(oWTj)Adult (f)1,50158078
    6o1E(6o1E)Adult (f)1,39837763
    8jSS(8jSS)Adult (f)2,38591491
    9kaQ(9kaQ)Adult (f)1,76974689
    6apI(6apI)Adult (f)1,07851339
    xvmx(xvmx)Adult (f)1,30143130
    yR2Y(yR2Y)Adult (f)1,28444517
    QheQ(QheQ)Adult (f)1,26844119
    5wZm(5wZm)Adult (f)1,28852711
    b9Xv(b9Xv)Adult (f)1,14646013
    lYox(lYox)Adult (f)1,16945926
    QeaF(QeaF)Adult (f)1,55358126
    awIU(awIU)Adult (f)1,67264151
    Al63(Al63)Adult (m)4,4301,743117
    QRkL(QRkL)Adult (m)1,1644529
    AGxO(AGxO)Adult (m)3,6971,531124
    ADvJ(ADvJ)Adult (m)1,1634375
    f9Uv(f9Uv)Adult (m)1,50859065
    RfFU(RfFU)Adult (m)1,1764457
    WMjy(WMjy)Adult (m)3,3651,25572
    HCBu(HCBu)Adult (m)1,45357152
    ENal(ENal)Adult (m)1,49639355
    VZtc(VZtc)Adult (m)3,2001,06788
    53ok(53ok)Adult (m)1,19643320
    nV7B(nV7B)Adult (m)1,38548316
    dBNU(dBNU)Adult (m)1,90562927
    D5S1(D5S1)Adult (m)1,13145741
    tE6m(tE6m)Adult (m)1,24953213
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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