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You pick up the scroll labeled “twitchy_hamster,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XO5g(XO5g)Egg (F)
hwH7(hwH7)Adult (m)2,81974752
c8bI(c8bI)Adult (m)73740937
se8m(se8m)Adult (f)1,19178223
iOQz(iOQz)Adult (m)2,05883417
4jlC(4jlC)Adult (m)1,68282152
WD14(WD14)Adult (m)1,36568320
SzlP(SzlP)Adult (f)1,44161010
61UT(61UT)Adult (f)1,73233020
9sgO(9sgO)Adult (m)2,47622213
Nuyv(Nuyv)Adult (m)2,7671,41274
OU7O(OU7O)Adult (m)1,84773169
kuXm(kuXm)Adult (m)1,7481,03319
NnwH(NnwH)Adult (f)2,59023111
ssHO(ssHO)Adult (f)1,65277550
Z2ZR(Z2ZR)Adult (f)2,56456257
NOeZ(NOeZ)Adult (f)2,3551,68051
IMoc(IMoc)Adult (m)1,67550753
6Mcf(6Mcf)Adult (f)2,46978921
Jl1V(Jl1V)Adult (f)2,31870415
KeJm(KeJm)Adult (f)2,33570112
E9PD(E9PD)Adult (f)2,8101,385146
o3dD(o3dD)Adult (m)2,03856253
W2ps(W2ps)Adult (f)2,3091,124107
rzpj(rzpj)Adult (m)8845978
Q12M(Q12M)Adult (m)8615998
npYk(npYk)Adult (f)2,83926618
RpoK(RpoK)Adult (f)2,62225516
7jWk(7jWk)Adult (f)88965524
8Op9(8Op9)Adult (m)1,5721,15728
kvQb(kvQb)Adult (f)2,71532322
KYZs(KYZs)Adult (m)2,8171,387151
w7jL(w7jL)Adult (f)1,58484717
Zl1f(Zl1f)Adult (m)1,76561310
94gB(94gB)Adult (m)1,2338715
RU7Y(RU7Y)Adult (m)1,3429406
vWOL(vWOL)Adult (f)2,73455343
SBVV(SBVV)Adult (f)1,84174327
TBFJ(TBFJ)Adult (m)3,0341,305116
o32v(o32v)Adult (m)2,08436320
Uxpa(Uxpa)Adult (m)5,67862437
2xJ4(2xJ4)Adult (m)2,91223426
I6Qa(I6Qa)Adult (m)2,72029122
5RzS(5RzS)Adult (m)2,64524617
55dS(55dS)Adult (f)1,68558714
1HhU(1HhU)Adult (f)1,5361,13227
18pf(18pf)Adult (f)3,43693459
PzAR(PzAR)Adult (f)1,03460514
ZIhT(ZIhT)Adult (f)2,3296958
X7xH(X7xH)Adult (f)2,4491,05459
zjr1(zjr1)Adult (f)1,77449241
HdWb(HdWb)Adult (f)1,08474721
O2oM(O2oM)Adult (m)1,51591832
dDzg(dDzg)Adult (m)1,20955738
N9Fj(N9Fj)Adult (f)3,0171,525157
8YbG(8YbG)Adult (f)1,51971228
B6nH(B6nH)Adult (f)1,58893536
7TyN(7TyN)Adult (f)98918219
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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