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You pick up the scroll labeled “truff135,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SU7cHope and Faith of BrightleafAdult (m)3,1071,36236
ja2rLove and Peace of BrightleafAdult (f)3,4121,38732
PvRSGrace and Dignity of BrightleafAdult (f)2,9451,28743
5L3dQStrength and Honor of MoonlilyAdult (m)4,0825451
tNu3qJustice and Harmony of MoonlilyAdult (f)5,6121,0730
KTxHwBravery and Courage of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,3699392
cwuQx(cwuQx)Adult (m)4,6821,4560
smbLKAshen Beauty of MoonlilyAdult (f)3,7741,0872
58xni(58xni)Adult (f)6,1068042
jEMjv(jEMjv)Adult (f)3,9965582
7Iu06Cave Dweller of MoonlilyAdult (f)4,6951,1141
FA3ylNight Watcher of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,2981,0412
RPeLmMoon Stalker of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,1951,1100
E9DWtCavern Lurker of MoonlilyAdult (m)4,7691,0931
JvJ6KShadow Watcher of MoonlilyAdult (f)4,6971,0931
CaSoY(CaSoY)Adult (f)4,0895134
305jNature's Outcast of MoonlilyAdult (f)3,3821,15715
6ZM6cSlick Scales of BrightleafAdult (m)3,2236101
lU0bURuby Eyes of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,3047501
c6V99Unusual Beauty of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,3137481
SsH0Pale Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (f, F)1,9638338
QMMRrPallid Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (F)1,9905385
oLrmTAlbino Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (m, F)2,8048303
jLA7e(jLA7e)Adult (f)6,8067041
WDKIu(WDKIu)Adult (f)7,0416780
LpMKe(LpMKe)Adult (m)5,6178752
1V6HL(1V6HL)Adult (f)5,8938052
uq8bq(uq8bq)Adult (m)3,9885451
P09m3(P09m3)Adult (m)4,0525220
J5EVoSunny Disposition of MoonlilyAdult (f)5,0859401
bDth7Friendly Lad of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,0468691
Ad7MW(Ad7MW)Adult (f)6,7376182
SU802(SU802)Adult (f)6,5947030
qPFf8(qPFf8)Hatchling (m, F)3,1693801
Zwgps(Zwgps)Adult (f)4,7997521
698fp(698fp)Adult (f)5,5047721
xB1Hv(xB1Hv)Adult (f)5,4291,5591
vJB2u(vJB2u)Adult (f)3,4375692
UitBCMorning Love Song of MoonlilyAdult (m)3,9316472
J4i5F(J4i5F)Adult (f)6,9666661
F9naK(F9naK)Adult (f)6,0807120
dLw85(dLw85)Adult (m)5,6687391
c818k(c818k)Adult (m)5,5677511
EafsMCerulean Titan of MoonlilyAdult (f)4,3627441
W51laAzure Giant of MoonlilyAdult (m)4,0328231
CR1wb(CR1wb)Adult (f)6,5366821
YizvL(YizvL)Adult (m)5,9936800
xyFlu(xyFlu)Adult (m)5,5699271
ld8xK(ld8xK)Adult (f)3,5865303
oSlA5(oSlA5)Adult (m)3,4366093
TClrBuoyant Bliss of BrightleafAdult (f)2,1011,10911
omdetBouncy Whelp of MoonlilyHatchling (m, F)2,3417244
ZMz8I(ZMz8I)Adult (f)3,5874900
y1vOz(y1vOz)Adult (m)4,0555434
pwy2A(pwy2A)Adult (f)2,9004935
869cZ(869cZ)Adult (m)3,6705232
aV0kWarrior Queen of BrightleafAdult (f)1,9701,11243
e1pGWarrior Princess of BrightleafAdult (f)2,3261,34032
reqIDEbon Gladiatrix of BrightleafAdult (f)7,2627483
ZZe1vArcane Warrior of BrightleafAdult (f)5,9525763
nLbWiNight Hunter of BrightleafAdult (m)5,3996171
YKnR2Night Stalker of MoonlilyAdult (m)4,2879144
uS4G9Ebon Shieldmaiden of BrightleafAdult (f)5,6991,5569
dhBtNEbon Warrior of BrightleafAdult (m)3,6976164
l6S5oObsidian Hunter of MoonlilyAdult (f)3,0487823
NIct4Soaring Fighter of BrightleafAdult (m)3,0845832
XvCZ7Warrior Spirit of BrightleafAdult (m)3,6425871
8Kh3kOnyx Destroyer of BrightleafAdult (m)5,3641,1123
pEhBvMidnight Pugilist of BrightleafAdult (m)3,6905691
5jOiSShadowy Stalker of BrightleafAdult (f)3,6446133
jtVUiShifting Hunter of BrightleafAdult (m)3,6036002
c0zRlGladiator Cozri of MoonlilyAdult (m)2,7386502
BAVNoGladiator Bavno of MoonlilyAdult (m)2,7366300
3FY7NShadow Warrior of MoonlilyAdult (m)2,6446160
jXPqQFighting Dame of MoonlilyAdult (f)3,6548742
lby8XBattle Lass of BrightleafAdult (f)2,6804991
pwHKcBlackened Silver of BrightleafAdult (f)2,7855867
O0WvfMidnight Gladiatrix of MoonlilyAdult (f)2,2255390
IER4WEbon Spellsword of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,2211,0421
EJ6JMShadow's Edge of MoonlilyAdult (f)3,1947810
xBOR3Gladiator Bor of MoonlilyAdult (m)4,8201,1261
6z7VMBattle Lust of MoonlilyAdult (f)3,2411,0011
sTJ1THardened Warrior of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,2559740
UFBId(UFBId)Adult (f)5,5658483
mM59g(mM59g)Adult (m)4,8868813
Sqv8JBattling Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (f, F)3,2976721
EkTsPFighting Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (m, F)6,3216563
eolLHScrapping Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (F)2,0366082
R7UOHBrawling Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (F)1,8624722
CeSLFJipci's Gypsy of BrightleafHatchling (F)1,2892741
fQhRBarbarian King of BrightleafAdult (m)2,9821,32734
Qvh3YBarbarian Queen of BrightleafAdult (f)6,8177624
rpSJRLegendary Warrior of BrightleafAdult (m)3,47067820
Zimn0Gladiatrix Zimno of BrightleafAdult (f)3,8586353
QZXTZ(QZXTZ)Adult (m)3,0741,1271
U6u3Q(U6u3Q)Adult (f)2,9508912
KnGuB(KnGuB)Adult (m)2,6007551
mWJPr(mWJPr)Adult (m)1,7195770
WbyTB(WbyTB)Adult (m)3,3451,5330
kGd0T(kGd0T)Adult (m)3,2891,5320
FZBit(FZBit)Adult (m)2,3656401
woYtm(woYtm)Adult (f)1,9715621
W84tY(W84tY)Adult (m)5,1909650
LULcU(LULcU)Adult (m)5,8091,0881
xMqxN(xMqxN)Adult (f)3,8611,0941
MExQ0(MExQ0)Adult (m)4,7791,0890
r6CKX(r6CKX)Adult (m)3,3731,0021
cKe0Q(cKe0Q)Adult (f)4,0105121
uwnJO(uwnJO)Adult (m)2,6496152
loKKF(loKKF)Adult (m)2,1495941
Ttkm5(Ttkm5)Adult (f)2,9686113
iViTv(iViTv)Adult (m)2,5766250
2NL6w(2NL6w)Adult (m)2,5115960
fY4dl(fY4dl)Adult (m)2,2556430
Ml9L3(Ml9L3)Adult (m)1,9165990
tXhjp(tXhjp)Adult (f)1,8575800
0C1IM(0C1IM)Adult (m)3,9789711
CQany(CQany)Adult (m)3,9401,1151
1lNv5(1lNv5)Adult (m)2,5947772
X3zeI(X3zeI)Adult (f)4,6341,1000
JiZG6(JiZG6)Adult (m)3,5531,1090
N6nxK(N6nxK)Adult (m)5,0389991
mTzmL(mTzmL)Adult (f)4,9781,1180
yG8hD(yG8hD)Adult (f)4,9728691
9msJj(9msJj)Adult (m)5,2257771
l6NWM(l6NWM)Adult (m)4,2127591
e4zcL(e4zcL)Adult (m)6,0376241
fayBO(fayBO)Adult (f)5,9466821
Ny03K(Ny03K)Adult (f)3,3475422
01Xh3(01Xh3)Adult (f)2,9764952
dCy9H(dCy9H)Adult (f)3,9471,0611
Lo1ni(Lo1ni)Adult (m)3,8951,0840
7Wv9f(7Wv9f)Adult (m)3,9231,1001
Eoa93(Eoa93)Adult (m)3,0161,0836
CzaE3(CzaE3)Adult (f)5,3679711
s7gtF(s7gtF)Adult (f)5,4769330
jGXW6(jGXW6)Adult (f)4,3208061
ds1K2(ds1K2)Adult (m)6,3336281
5GzHW(5GzHW)Adult (f)5,2937971
XIrnJubilant Spirit of BrightleafAdult (m)2,1619819
u3LTCarefree Fins of BrightleafAdult (m)3,3161,39429
Oi0hFrisky Swimmer of BrightleafAdult (f)1,6308894
vr3rWatery Whimsy of BrightleafAdult (f)1,0945642
BTwQe(BTwQe)Adult (m)3,6265093
b3r6FPlayful Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (m, F)7,5766751
tpQoAFinned Whelp of BrightleafHatchling (F)3,3688125
61UC4Graceful Seawyrm of BrightleafAdult (m)4,9427176
r1krhSea Fang of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,2889810
IOLGnSerpentine Hunter of MoonlilyAdult (m)6,2479764
6VjSvQueen of the Skies of MoonlilyAdult (f)4,3327331
epBviKing of the Skies of MoonlilyAdult (m)6,9286741
BpWBWLady Ororo of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,1016702
Dd1Fz(Dd1Fz)Adult (m)5,3117001
2XNZy(2XNZy)Adult (m)6,2679961
kfmV6(kfmV6)Adult (m)6,6299830
UNMyC(UNMyC)Adult (m)6,0608431
bX6Eo(bX6Eo)Adult (f)4,0105063
UsVcn(UsVcn)Hatchling (f, F)4,6525523
sST6Showy Beauty of MoonlilyAdult (f)1,42667914
dR54Barbed Death of MoonlilyAdult (m)2,6661,27823
DmfhVerdant Poison of BrightleafAdult (m)1,0355413
ailskPreening Whelp of MoonlilyHatchling (m, F)5,2154691
ptBOTSocial Whelp of MoonlilyHatchling (f, F)2,7468001
J8KetDeadly Fumes of MoonlilyAdult (m)6,0356322
mX4UKToxic Cloud of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,3376292
5MOumMineral Gorger of MoonlilyAdult (m)5,5096310
ArWbpDesert Feeder of MoonlilyAdult (m)6,7466421
eTcorSand Stalker of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,9396821
asCE7Acid Drinker of MoonlilyAdult (f)5,8216021
Z9bKUSulfur Feeder of MoonlilyAdult (f)7,5726391
AVjrNNoxious Whelp of MoonlilyHatchling (m, F)4,6105952
AdSSZ(AdSSZ)Adult (m)3,6161,0030
XbS2t(XbS2t)Adult (f)3,9051,0811
eEbS7(eEbS7)Adult (f)3,8891,0800
y1DL8(y1DL8)Adult (f)3,7981,0770
SokA8(SokA8)Adult (f)4,3619700
yHa4H(yHa4H)Adult (m)4,3121,0921
266xV(266xV)Adult (f)7,0116691
EMdct(EMdct)Adult (m)4,6346335
wVJpH(wVJpH)Adult (f)3,7638071
0M7fM(0M7fM)Adult (m)6,5636761
WCgNc(WCgNc)Adult (m)6,3578412
5ChGGliding Free of MoonlilyAdult (f)1,1105718
3GleSoaring High of BrightleafAdult (m)1,9869424
KDevOGliding Dancer of MoonlilyAdult (m)7,2338152
s9Xi8Green Glider of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,5237461
YQVBZAscending Air of MoonlilyAdult (f)6,5427782
bwrLfNova Wings of BrightleafAdult (m)4,1165146
xtDu8(xtDu8)Adult (m)3,8351,0731
CvmOS(CvmOS)Adult (m)4,3531,0510
CDtey(CDtey)Adult (m)4,6331,0320
zIQY7(zIQY7)Adult (f)2,9731,1012
utR5L(utR5L)Adult (m)5,0569412
X6G5K(X6G5K)Adult (f)5,0957701
m27h1(m27h1)Adult (m)3,0914632
KFLf3(KFLf3)Adult (m)4,0951,0781
d0rsU(d0rsU)Adult (m)4,0361,0800
8FzmM(8FzmM)Adult (f)4,5509640
U1Bp6(U1Bp6)Adult (f)4,4249740
fnFAs(fnFAs)Adult (m)4,3841,0943
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