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You pick up the scroll labeled “themasterplan47,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Oyr16(Oyr16)Egg (F)
9qCqGMr ProustAdult (m)2,9827092
Vl3jZThe JayhawksAdult (f)2,5147051
w2EK8Lover of SunAdult (f)3,5966561
jZV0a(jZV0a)Adult (m)4,0226842
n8vee(n8vee)Adult (f)3,6016580
Nu6Vr(Nu6Vr)Adult (m)3,5036201
EZSH5(EZSH5)Adult (m)3,7276582
pkHRf(pkHRf)Adult (f)3,4556312
T9zzf(T9zzf)Adult (f)2,9547041
EzQx0(EzQx0)Adult (f)2,8446861
awbkU(awbkU)Adult (f)2,7516891
XmroE(XmroE)Adult (m)2,6957030
JKc88TicketToTheMoonAdult (m)3,1737010
LWJ48(LWJ48)Adult (f)3,3257021
dGirR(dGirR)Adult (m)3,2927040
80Wjy(80Wjy)Adult (m)3,4737030
9qUrv(9qUrv)Adult (m)2,6327061
yDhT8(yDhT8)Adult (m)2,3776931
wd0bi(wd0bi)Adult (m)2,4436801
oxgWB(oxgWB)Adult (m)2,5236631
xF8I0(xF8I0)Adult (m)2,65870522
fPYRI(fPYRI)Adult (f)2,5396782
AQ7rT(AQ7rT)Adult (f)2,3416912
22lMs(22lMs)Adult (f)3,0197014
pqVHH(pqVHH)Adult (f)2,7846710
z5x4i(z5x4i)Adult (f)2,7206541
lz1A4(lz1A4)Adult (f)2,7786691
59TOS(59TOS)Adult (m)2,5926501
4bSlg(4bSlg)Adult (m)3,1816811
e657p(e657p)Adult (f)1,9047041
xvNJ7(xvNJ7)Adult (m)1,9837101
4GftK(4GftK)Adult (m)1,9497042
7M0jd(7M0jd)Adult (m)1,8837061
I6Qbz(I6Qbz)Adult (f)1,8247011
ur77S(ur77S)Adult (m)1,9867051
yy2Q9(yy2Q9)Adult (f)1,8737040
yVWlE(yVWlE)Adult (f)2,1337060
8ALQN(8ALQN)Adult (m)2,1767010
rThi4(rThi4)Adult (f)2,0077030
qDUdS(qDUdS)Adult (m)2,0957031
57ola(57ola)Adult (m)2,1187040
PrjUw(PrjUw)Adult (f)2,6927091
tw04t(tw04t)Adult (m)3,0247041
teucW(teucW)Adult (m)2,9937041
vAqGO(vAqGO)Adult (m)3,0386901
02IxE(02IxE)Adult (f)3,4127262
CLhtB(CLhtB)Adult (m)3,0587022
EIMgA(EIMgA)Adult (f)2,7737060
GFiSm(GFiSm)Adult (f)1,5106960
T2rlu(T2rlu)Adult (m)1,4706751
d7gla(d7gla)Adult (m)1,4717280
8WsgQ(8WsgQ)Adult (m)1,5776890
j4Mh6(j4Mh6)Adult (m)1,4857092
R5OoEOctober Broken BellsAdult (f)7,8771,4837
8ATuADuxton BluesAdult (m)3,7358971
Ybwl3Dani  CaliforniaAdult (f)5,3631,1466
UvtQqVia ChicagoAdult (f)5,5449402
Tq3OWArbuckle's Swan SongAdult (m)4,7468872
sy2lhBusiness of ArtAdult (f)5,6505721
QAoOfOne  MississippiAdult (f)5,8315722
8K4B2Gone Like a TroubadourAdult (f)6,7931,3685
lUsaOOne Ray of SunlightAdult (m)7,4181,1973
xE7nISaturn's PatternsAdult (f)4,7588954
53eA5Happy Most of the TimeAdult7,9821,3246
3Lnj0Rich Kid BluesAdult3,3221,0042
d4KYWKing of Outer SpaceAdult (m)5,6941,2493
pd7OwDance to Joy DivisionAdult (m)8,6471,3947
9JaSbAnd Celebrate the IronyAdult (f)6,5361,3095
vD932Melting Blue BreathAdult (f)5,8091,4394
Jtl9qCountry DisappearedAdult (f)6,3851,1212
mLoD0No DestructionAdult (f)9,0881,6314
x4URoUp in San FranciscoAdult (f)6,8011,3924
5dZoHFoxygenAdult (m)6,0149741
D1z6YLiving is EasyAdult (f)5,2481,5703
XO73QWith Eyes ClosedAdult (m)5,9211,6322
xE88sChampagne-SupernovaAdult (f)5,4501,5742
fbqJMOasis Morning GloryAdult (m)4,3241,3679
h0N6LBohemianLikeYouAdult (f)5,6071,5592
Y9A79Simple Game of GeniusAdult (m)4,4711,39413
BUUluNew English EPAdult (f)3,3638081
dTnUyTen Cent PistolAdult (f)4,5778681
NXytFBluetonicAdult (m)3,7671,0011
3h67ULiquid LipsAdult (f)3,9151,0381
dMZHsThese City StreetsAdult (m)3,1901,1221
t6BTUMine in the MorningAdult (f)3,1101,1350
lJwRRMy Sugar PillAdult (m)3,2361,1161
S8HmePeculiar ParadiseAdult (f)3,1991,1390
5qFkoWolf AliseAdult (f)3,8518571
aMyInAshes of FlagsAdult (m)8,3361,65020
y4AJrSteal the CrumbsAdult (m)5,1889746
eKFFHLethal EnforcerAdult (m)7,0761,3181
xnKPsBuzzards BoyAdult (m)6,4121,2681
xeekcDisco DownAdult (m)6,1384981
aqXIDColour of the TrapAdult (m)4,9948943
yyIKOBlood Runs HighAdult (m)8,1531,3773
dztwkUnderneath Black MoonAdult (m)8,2231,3514
XfBVLUnderneath Black DunesAdult (m)7,3681,3171
h2X93The Impossible WinnerAdult (m)4,7858773
JPO8jThree Wishes ExpireAdult (m)5,2927251
Gl1p0Head On a SpikeAdult (m)3,1528332
Tbt21WiredForSoundAdult (m)3,9867282
Q2cPcAKA  What a LifeAdult (m)5,4237024
I8cQMAKA  Broken ArrowAdult (m)4,8747812
V6zTZKingcrawlerAdult (m)3,8468552
YzwYGDevil in Your ShoesAdult (m)4,0247272
77WtSA New AthensAdult (m)5,0196673
TdHhHShed SevenAdult (m)5,8055512
o4fe2Long Time DeadAdult (m)4,2497122
6dsJTGreedy SoulAdult (m)5,2696443
BhYP0Heavy Soul Part 1Adult (m)5,2411,1182
wEHapHeavy Soul Part 2Adult (f)5,2441,1072
FVVtKTime and TemperanceAdult (f)5,2807301
NGHKGPink On White WallsAdult (f)6,4741,0413
Ji31jSukierae TweedyAdult (f)5,3629354
rzm7nDay in the LifeAdult (f)7,8571,3835
8k3gaA Cherry GhostAdult (f)8,8211,39612
SZJMaDesert BellAdult (f)8,3141,5401
hHlkWThis Red BookAdult (f)8,8481,5883
0IWS2Into the RedAdult (f)4,4667621
8gitcBottom UpwardsAdult (f)4,8867531
TrkE5Stepping on HeartsAdult (f)4,6117533
yyUl7TheSoundofSilenceAdult (f)8,8571,75429
WKOoPBlueEyedSoulAdult (f)4,7381,0083
JPeIuBefore I'm DeadAdult (f)5,6801,1492
L6GHjAcuff-RoseAdult (f)6,1129712
Jk9pSChasingRainbowsAdult (f)4,7207281
fHG69DeerhunterAdult (f)4,4739452
6ZMi2Cast She FallsAdult (f)3,3469843
sR6QrCry All DayAdult (f)5,3547311
nlVOAAnglophileAdult (f)5,7761,1643
peQO8Step Inside Your LoveAdult (f)3,9547431
1YAFVAt the WeddingAdult (f)5,8751,1343
yaHzjIsombardAdult (f)6,1966460
INwX7Nineteen Hundred and Eighty FiveAdult (f)5,5128642
R9LEcCasino GirlAdult (f)4,7617334
102u2Freakin' OutAdult (f)6,5086902
1gR1gDreamer In My DreamsAdult (f)5,6705630
nYZVvFade In To SilenceAdult (f)4,7831,1624
3odnxFade Out of MindAdult (m)3,3919763
1EPt8The Long CutAdult (m)5,1639755
dijPgCulling SongAdult (m)4,9877922
wENo2HelloDarknessAdult (m)6,8171,28317
qImyKBloods-On-FireAdult (m)8,7821,6331
q5z3eDeath of You and MeAdult (m)5,1481,0901
oVqUnGonowhereAdult (m)7,0421,3672
8iygYLiveAndLetDieAdult (m)5,6458411
6IOZVShifty VampurrAdult (m)8,6681,57615
jmT62The DeadWeatherAdult (m)5,3106434
MTfemFavorite NightmareAdult (m)9,6911,59612
GS375A Ghost is BornAdult (m)8,3401,56321
pIbU1Sean BonesAdult (m)5,1559642
h9mAaDo the DamageAdult (m)4,3358032
LhoWfAlone On the RopeAdult (m)4,1978054
TU6hICryForHelpAdult (m)3,9227322
hRmUZParallel Lines SongAdult (m)4,7237172
QIUzhSweetie Little JeanAdult (m)5,9371,1352
FyfOMBully  BoyAdult (m)3,5567421
QooWZDumb SceneAdult (m)5,2426571
etXUUKnife Going InAdult (m)5,4146410
VngLnLocksley 21st CenturyAdult (m)5,9175741
qDiF7Sleep EasyAdult (m)3,6067302
DgS2VHowlinForYouAdult (m)5,5066761
Qh5f8Bones Here NowAdult (m)5,5227081
YT4fqBorn AloneAdult (m)4,9601,2384
JIEzSMadSoundsAdult (f)3,5591,1579
QYyhMChurch on MondayAdult (m)5,1991,2564
KepHkHappy LobotomyAdult (m)3,0308361
IK4CiSleazy Bed TrackAdult (m)3,2698541
EnwrEConsolers of the LonelyAdult (m)2,4168123
W6aUPStoreBoughtBonesAdult (m)2,5798392
RS4ruSmoker FionaAdult (f)3,6287331
ugj5oBlack Keys Black MudAdult (m)6,2316821
LP3KYMissingPiecesAdult (f)5,5277081
e9c2bSalute Your SolutionAdult (m)5,3631,4132
b0ll8Alternative To LoveAdult (f)5,7811,5872
rbdfSIn the DeadlightsAdult (m)5,3561,2344
Z8S0uWhite Sky SongAdult (f)3,2778361
1ujX3Blackness to RegressAdult (m)3,3098240
VC9FKSkag TrendyAdult (m)2,4538182
G0X3cOasis Slide AwayAdult (m)2,4398241
8nItDCatch My DiseaseAdult (f)5,3546471
GPszzDash 7Adult (m)5,4341,2343
4KtauWalkingWithAGhostAdult (f)4,5271,3611
bNFZDPhantomPlanetAdult (m)5,6821,5212
CL3o2Haunted By YouAdult (m)3,3978511
NuM3bBrit PopAdult (m)2,4408101
6rwBEYour Blue VeinsAdult (m)2,4408122
mfzM9Arabella Arctic MonkeyAdult (f)3,4208501
kqIdjAM Arctic MonkeyAdult (m)3,4238420
FWpn8Ultimate PaintingAdult (f)3,3358051
qgba1Sinister  KidAdult (f)3,3268051
tJIA9Mind  EraserAdult (m)3,9858011
NMRRcHell is ChromeAdult (m)5,1421,1771
oO2TXGoing My WayAdult (f)3,4618102
yQEQsBull RushAdult (m)5,6051,5271
I7uMwHit by a Smooth CriminalAdult (f)4,7301,4422
PwTjQHats off to the BuskersAdult (m)2,5378861
TxaQJCall it a DayAdult (f)2,3618183
0fPPEStory Still UnfoldingAdult (f)4,3418142
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