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You pick up the scroll labeled “thecrap,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XZPi(XZPi)Adult (m)7,7611,37821
rA6V(rA6V)Adult (f)7,7461,38721
pRWN(pRWN)Adult (f)3,19543915
3tiM(3tiM)Adult (m)3,47747620
J6Ai(J6Ai)Adult (f)4,38537716
nBhp(nBhp)Adult (f)3,83034413
mE4D(mE4D)Adult (f)3,8013539
X4be(X4be)Adult (f)3,4222583
WLLA(WLLA)Adult (m)3,4582756
mGHx(mGHx)Adult (f)2,7252482
UY9l(UY9l)Adult (m)2,7262332
OLKo(OLKo)Adult (m)3,2772817
BGHv(BGHv)Adult (m)3,2682595
7VPB(7VPB)Adult (m)3,0162033
q1v1(q1v1)Adult (f)4,0522915
V3hD(V3hD)Adult (f)4,0873065
i179(i179)Adult (m)4,1252962
Mj21(Mj21)Adult (m)3,8562863
iQbC(iQbC)Adult (f)3,3165727
l1Vi(l1Vi)Adult (f)4,3057099
nghJ(nghJ)Adult (m)4,33270811
tuLm(tuLm)Adult (f)3,4261,04814
l3Bu(l3Bu)Adult (m)4,7516927
6ony(6ony)Adult (m)4,4126655
uf9x(uf9x)Adult (m)3,5044664
J65S(J65S)Adult (f)3,63848212
4Md9(4Md9)Adult (m)3,4044688
HSfh(HSfh)Adult (f)2,3473997
JQVn(JQVn)Adult (m)2,3483962
G5px(G5px)Adult (f)2,1234052
Mupm(Mupm)Adult (f)2,1463915
S0fO(S0fO)Adult (f)2,9202264
T3QC(T3QC)Adult (m)2,6622045
0HMY(0HMY)Adult (f)2,8122095
9Ep9(9Ep9)Adult (f)2,9392225
b3Xi(b3Xi)Adult (f)2,13831915
ii6i(ii6i)Adult (m)2,02040114
LQLF(LQLF)Adult (f)2,03239514
4JKj(4JKj)Adult (m)2,02235517
k61k(k61k)Adult (f)2,0613996
ZYtm(ZYtm)Adult (f)2,0443952
jLKJ(jLKJ)Adult (f)1,4195254
6NQo(6NQo)Adult (m)1,0074902
BpMJ(BpMJ)Adult (f)1,0955302
Z3rG(Z3rG)Adult (f)1,0135814
SR3b(SR3b)Adult (m)8845134
j8P0(j8P0)Adult (f)9515463
vlkW(vlkW)Adult (m)8724763
nesX(nesX)Adult (f)9405162
lnvo(lnvo)Adult (m)8714771
Zqsm(Zqsm)Adult (f)8855007
badP(badP)Adult (m)7894852
1PBD(1PBD)Adult (f)1,0715742
DoeJ(DoeJ)Adult (m)1,0185533
5WZZ(5WZZ)Adult (m)1,3775570
4eEi(4eEi)Adult (f)1,3995671
oofY(oofY)Adult (m)9404690
FvNO(FvNO)Adult (f)1,0465262
SisZ(SisZ)Adult (f)9574910
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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