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You pick up the scroll labeled “that_anime_chick,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2CrH(2CrH)Adult (m)6,0542,93561
rMVq(rMVq)Adult (m)1,64998336
acXB(acXB)Adult (m)1,63997935
hNLi(hNLi)Adult (f)1,76036079
d85i(d85i)Adult (m)2,62766730
1cEq(1cEq)Adult (f)2,62466433
2MuK(2MuK)Adult (f)2,63266832
zHzS(zHzS)Adult (m)2,74767237
V8Ms(V8Ms)Adult (f)3,5861,24349
OybO(OybO)Adult (m)3,8621,47253
PnBh(PnBh)Adult (m)3,7381,40646
EdG9(EdG9)Adult (m)4,4611,53455
mUS1(mUS1)Adult (f)5,0111,69754
gL5I(gL5I)Adult (f)4,4491,55551
Betd(Betd)Adult (m)4,1791,63350
Zs2y(Zs2y)Adult (m)4,3141,64344
oift(oift)Adult (f)3,0171,28150
mrZD(mrZD)Adult (f)2,4331,10631
KMh1(KMh1)Adult (f)2,4361,10733
tvB3(tvB3)Adult (f)2,2241,15829
VpCx(VpCx)Adult (m)1,75189833
gbKj(gbKj)Adult (m)1,9231,04512
YgoF(YgoF)Adult (m)1,17950817
BTCt(BTCt)Adult (f)1,05556813
ed72(ed72)Adult (m)1,12260915
R9kx(R9kx)Adult (f)3,8642,12343
rzIx(rzIx)Adult (f)2,6751,62432
Ou89(Ou89)Adult (f)2,1611,26128
ii1c(ii1c)Adult (f)1,6811,09533
dWjY(dWjY)Adult (f)1,25372911
lL6f(lL6f)Adult (f)1,26972811
NtiE(NtiE)Adult (m)1,71257715
aRxA(aRxA)Adult (m)1,21475610
mZUh(mZUh)Adult (m)1,3098273
K48c(K48c)Adult (m)9796436
jceV(jceV)Adult (m)9366245
VqOi(VqOi)Adult (f)9545457
ZD9w(ZD9w)Adult (f)9605495
ZTM4(ZTM4)Adult (m)9005415
by1z(by1z)Adult (m)9795485
pQ2M(pQ2M)Adult (m)83143214
2Z96(2Z96)Adult (f)84044311
qHDo(qHDo)Adult (m)88447111
T0s7(T0s7)Adult (m)1,71748723
U5sH(U5sH)Adult (m)1,74149223
WO0E(WO0E)Adult (m)1,67046528
X1R9(X1R9)Adult (f)1,69247117
M7O9(M7O9)Adult (f)1,08240124
NU8S(NU8S)Adult (f)1,05840426
pJaa(pJaa)Adult (m)1,06040033
J2ea(J2ea)Adult (f)1,09741728
E7WD(E7WD)Adult (f)1,01937016
APXq(APXq)Adult (m)1,00536219
Ut5n(Ut5n)Adult (f)1,05739313
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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