Dragon Cave

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You pick up the scroll labeled “terioncalling,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UnnamedAdult (f)3,38458819
UnnamedAdult (f)3,3635813
UnnamedAdult (f)3,2236562
Didn't Want Treats AnywayAdult (f)4,0098981
Time to Find AnotherAdult (f)3,6049661
UnnamedAdult (m)3,2479752
REZ ME PLZAdult (m)3,2849631
I am the Fuzziest CatAdult (m)3,5441,0281
I am the Cuddliest CatAdult (f)3,5561,0571
UnnamedAdult (m)3,0881,0124
UnnamedAdult (f)3,1001,0065
UnnamedAdult (f)2,6498971
UnnamedAdult (m)2,7469140
UnnamedAdult (m)3,0608950
UnnamedAdult (f)2,8948741
UnnamedAdult (f)2,7649000
UnnamedAdult (f)6,0199864
UnnamedAdult (m)5,3521,0820
UnnamedAdult (m)5,4731,0740
UnnamedAdult (m)5,4361,0650
UnnamedAdult (f)5,6761,0630
UnnamedAdult (f)5,4331,0650
UnnamedAdult (f)5,3181,0980
UnnamedAdult (f)6,1746651
UnnamedAdult (f)5,0246851
UnnamedAdult (f)5,3636041
UnnamedAdult (f)4,7746080
UnnamedAdult (f)5,3006080
UnnamedAdult (m)5,1456150
UnnamedAdult (m)5,2656050
UnnamedAdult (f)4,5487251
VERY VERY FRIGHTENING - MEAdult (f)5,8611,1432
 Egg (F)000
Tuan MacCairillAdult (m)6,3981,0022
Cally BerryAdult (f)3,8691,0882
DARLAK - DARLATHAAdult (f)2,5961,1140
DD - CAVEBORN - DDAdult (m)2,6108490
CB - Darlak ShriekskinAdult (m)2,6468623
CB - Darlatha ShriekskinAdult (f)5,7279510
CB - Darlak SunflourishAdult (m)3,3127423
CB - Darlatha SunflourishAdult (f)3,4757524
CB - Darlak LightfootAdult (m)4,5341,0782
CB - Darlatha LightfootAdult (f)4,0251,2651
CB - Darlak DarkfighterAdult (m)3,3881,0022
CB - Darlatha DarkfighterAdult (f)4,0321,0940
CB - Darlak SeaskimmerAdult (m)3,2419072
CB - Darlatha SeaskimmerAdult (f)3,5471,0051
CB - Darlak ScentdrawAdult (m)1,3077060
CB - Darlatha ScentdrawAdult (f)1,3927471
CB - Darlak CliffdwellerAdult (m)4,0749593
CB - Darlatha CliffdwellerAdult (f)3,4091,0071
CB - Darlak NightbloodAdult (m)4,9551,3010
CB - Darlatha NightbloodAdult (f)3,3351,0041
CB - Darlak BluestreakAdult (m)5,8571,0161
CB - Darlatha BluestreakAdult (f)2,8169052
CB - Darlak SlitherwingAdult (m)2,6581,0194
CB - Darlatha SlitherwingAdult (f)3,0976315
CB - Darlak RedbarbAdult (m)1,8199332
CB - Darlatha RedbarbAdult (f)1,3756355
CB - Darlak FoulgasAdult (m)2,3128901
CB - Darlatha FoulgasAdult (f)2,2748520
CB - Darlak ThundercrashAdult (m)3,6307880
CB - Darlatha ThundercrashAdult (f)3,7417800
CB - Darlak TreegliderAdult (m)1,7276532
CB - Darlatha TreegliderAdult (f)1,9047580
CB - Darlak LoyalhunterAdult (m)2,8195711
CB - Darlatha LoyalhunterAdult (f)4,7801,0346
CB - Darlak MagicthiefAdult (m)6,1989771
CB - Darlatha MagicthiefAdult (f)2,6818721
CB - Darlak CrestdiverAdult (m)1,6895724
CB - Darlatha CrestdiverAdult (f)1,2556821
CB - Darlak FlashfireAdult (m)2,2417376
CB - Darlatha FlashfireAdult (f)3,8001,2514
CB - Darlak SnapvineAdult (m)2,2876650
CB - Darlatha SnapvineAdult (f)3,0399491
CB - Darlak MerrydarkAdult (m)3,1968897
CB - Darlatha MerrydarkAdult (f)2,4317331
CB - Darlak LightwingAdult (m)2,3318922
CB - Darlatha LightwingAdult (f)2,9119742
CB - Darlak DreamcloudAdult (m)2,8467171
CB - Darlatha DreamcloudAdult (f)3,7695730
CB - Darlak BlackdepthAdult (m)2,2876533
CB - Darlatha BlackdepthAdult (f)2,31769011
CB - Darlak ChillfinAdult (m)2,5986014
CB - Darlatha ChillfinAdult (f)2,1606300
CB - Darlak OtherthoughtAdult (m)2,8131,0732
CB - Darlatha OtherthoughtAdult (f)5,3291,2036
CB - Darlak LightstrikeAdult (m)2,1728701
CB - Darlatha LightstrikeAdult (f)3,5591,2530
CB - Darlak HellkiteAdult (m)1,6205266
CB - Darlatha HellkiteAdult (f)1,2135354
CB - Darlak ThreatflameAdult (m)2,2066053
CB - Darlatha ThreatflameAdult (f)2,8556682
CB - Darlak DeathspineAdult (m)3,8757570
CB - Darlatha DeathspineAdult (f)3,7567701
CB - Darlak LazybugleAdult (m)2,8454740
CB - Darlatha LazybugleAdult (f)2,9924640
CB - Darlak RazorhookAdult (m)2,9164821
CB - Darlatha RazorhookAdult (f)2,8444792
CB - Darlak FlowerbudAdult (m)2,7244592
CB - Darlatha FlowerbudAdult (f)3,9428391
CB - Darlak FireglassAdult (m)1,3246560
CB - Darlatha FireglassAdult (f)1,3006862
CB - Darlak BlackcrestAdult (m)2,4866103
CB - Darlatha BlackcrestAdult (f)2,5366473
CB - Darlak WintersleepAdult (m)4,7751,1443
CB - Darlatha WintersleepAdult (f)1,3025771
CB - Darlak DreamfluffAdult (m)3,5046310
CB - Darlatha DreamfluffAdult (f)3,3048342
CB - Darlak QuickwingAdult (m)1,7197501
CB - Darlatha QuickwingAdult (f)1,7227343
CB - Darlak MoonglowAdult (m)1,2797280
CB - Darlatha MoonglowAdult (f)1,5307990
CB - Darlak SunglowAdult (m)2,0688131
CB - Darlatha SunglowAdult (f)2,4696573
CB - Darlak GoldflowerAdult (m)2,5468254
CB - Darlatha GoldflowerAdult (f)4,1001,1264
CB - Darlak NightforestAdult (m)3,7016944
CB - Darlatha NightforestAdult (f)4,1137742
CB - Darlak MountaindancerAdult (m)2,3928411
CB - Darlatha MountaindancerAdult (f)4,2029072
CB - Darlak WaterspriteAdult (m)1,40447410
CB - Darlatha WaterspriteAdult (f)1,3634759
CB - Darlak DualthoughtAdult (m)1,9637301
CB - Darlatha DualthoughtAdult (f)3,5829851
CB - Darlak GoldenmagicAdult (m)5,1511,3804
CB - Darlatha GoldenmagicAdult (f)2,5466047
CB - Darlak StarwingAdult (m)1,5628244
CB - Darlatha StarwingAdult (f)1,4938339
CB - Darlak HungrymagicAdult (m)6,9171,4616
CB - Darlatha HungrymagicAdult (f)6,2431,2866
CB - Darlak LifegiverAdult (m)2,7719101
CB - Darlatha LifegiverAdult (f)3,4021,0054
CB - Darlak WondercrownAdult (m)3,7419434
CB - Darlatha WondercrownAdult (f)3,7209622
CB - Darlak WondersongAdult (m)2,1697221
CB - Darlatha WondersongAdult (f)2,6828881
CB - Darlak NightwaterAdult (m)2,7456853
CB - Darlatha NightwaterAdult (f)5,5411,5011
CB - Darlak SunseekerAdult (m)2,5168700
CB - Darlatha SunseekerAdult (f)2,5918401
CB - Darlak IllburnAdult (m)1,7786851
CB - Darlatha IllburnAdult (f)1,7976792
CB - Darlak ShieldtailAdult (m)3,9981,0891
CB - Darlatha ShieldtailAdult (f)2,5967411
CB - Darlak SmallpeaceAdult (m)3,8838964
CB - Darlatha SmallpeaceAdult (f)5,9541,0593
CB - Darlak LightscaleAdult (m)2,2247415
CB - Darlatha LightscaleAdult (f)8,5361,3681
CB - Darlak EarththrowerAdult (m)3,5901,0701
CB - Darlatha EarththrowerAdult (f)2,4278890
CB - Darlak RockeaterAdult (m)2,5548300
CB - Darlatha RockeaterAdult (f)2,6246613
CB - Darlak SkydiverAdult (m)2,1104981
CB - Darlatha SkydiverAdult (f)1,6904701
CB - Darlak ClawhoofAdult (m)1,7836660
CB - Darlatha ClawhoofAdult (f)2,9268441
CB - Darlak SwiftracerAdult (m)2,3428450
CB - Darlatha SwiftracerAdult (f)2,2188390
CB - Darlak NightriseAdult (m)99155515
CB - Darlatha NightriseAdult (f)1,16462913
CB - Darlak NightwingAdult (m)1,7456700
CB - Darlatha NightwingAdult (f)6,0871,2186
CB - Darlak CoolwindAdult (m)2,3296534
CB - Darlatha CoolwindAdult (f)3,1311,0971
CB - Darlak SwiftstrikeAdult (m)2,0717330
CB - Darlatha SwiftstrikeAdult (f)2,0945213
CB - Darlak JoycallAdult (m)3,5321,0451
CB - Darlatha JoycallAdult (f)2,2397012
CB - Darlak BogwalkerAdult (m)2,89839610
CB - Darlatha BogwalkerAdult (f)1,6954416
CB - Darlak HellrageAdult (m)3,6951,1003
CB - Darlatha HellrageAdult (f)1,7377070
CB - Darlak GoldshineAdult (m)1,7989053
CB - Darlatha GoldshineAdult (f)1,5157292
CB - Darlak WaterlordAdult (m)4,1141,07310
CB - Darlatha WaterlordAdult (f)1,4226740
CB - Darlak OceanstormAdult (m)4,4851,1333
CB - Darlatha OceanstormAdult (f)6,7771,1527
CB - Darlak RedprideAdult (m)1,3646110
CB - Darlatha RedprideAdult (f)2,3947861
CB - Darlak FirebreathAdult (m)4,895755139
CB - Darlatha FirebreathAdult (f)4,6291,0990
CB - Darlak LivestoneAdult (m)4,5611,1092
CB - Darlatha LivestoneAdult (f)2,5536521
CB - Darlak VenombiteAdult (m)4,3089991
CB - Darlatha VenombiteAdult (f)2,9767091
CB - Darlak PeacehealerAdult (m)1,5924422
CB - Darlatha PeacehealerAdult (f)4,4681,2041
CB - Darlatha EggkeeperAdult (f)2,62830917
CB - Darlak EggkeeperAdult (m)4,2281,1171
CB - Darlak TinyhunterAdult (m)2,1577611
CB - Darlatha TinyhunterAdult (f)5,5431,3761
CB - Darlak TroublefootAdult (m)1,8157681
CB - Darlatha TroublefootAdult (f)2,9736821
CB - Darlak SeadancerAdult (m)2,7437703
CB - Darlatha SeadancerAdult (f)2,6607602
CB - Darlak ShymountainAdult (m)2,3048451

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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