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You pick up the scroll labeled “teresadurfin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hzTOti'm the beauty of the earthAdult (m)4,5108175
UUb3fI can control timeAdult (f)4,5408083
YQnCKTime ControllerAdult (f)3,8987345
byuXGAeon of Past ShadowAdult (f)4,8517392
VpSpPGenerous Gift from lovecats99Adult (m)3,6606751
ToNFXMy Precious TimeAdult (m)4,0816884
OE3wNAeon's PastAdult (m)5,4339383
LIlFELife Time StopperAdult (f)4,0876772
rQeEbTime Control FreakAdult (m)3,4027453
w9fu7Aeon Precious MomentAdult (m)3,2577942
HQg5Bsay that you love meAdult (f)3,7661,0479
CTe6TWhat's going to happen to meAdult (m)1,80344310
3847238472Adult (m)1,8745923
779R3779R3Adult (f)3,6577446
KXJ2dEver wonder whyHatchling (F)2,0345613
84upGI'm cute when I'm smallHatchling (F)1,9395964
SWwT1(SWwT1)Adult (f)3,1654983
Suxto(Suxto)Adult (m)3,8596832
ehxIu(ehxIu)Adult (f)2,7206212
QrXWL(QrXWL)Adult (m)2,4296202
rQeK4(rQeK4)Adult (m)3,8597532
ZTrEh(ZTrEh)Adult (m)1,9402822
PgvuDOskkinAdult (f)5,1918194
jf32tSomething UglyAdult (f)2,0706986
pWEWEpWEWEAdult (m)4,4876033
zCUScSomething PrettyAdult (m)3,9681,1776
TTJJrTTJJrAdult (m)2,1196914
lbb55lbb55Adult (f)2,1527251
3l5913l591Adult (f)3,5491,0543
vVZOrWhy did you do that to meHatchling (F)1,5574773
8bgOhI'm spectacularAdult (m)2,3648737
BCK7hblusang flying over the tsunamiAdult (m)1,9916933
QdsO3Fall with loveAdult (f)1,0904734
IPm7bBlusang seeking HeartAdult (f)2,5921,1216
GcNG1Blusang seeking Heart SiblingAdult (f)2,9951,0116
KGd1kI'm the king of this worldAdult (m)4,8189246
WMFjmI will stun all your babiesAdult (m)5,3128445
b13y3Lord StunAdult (m)4,5007014
eDV5ZMadam StunAdult (f)4,5557364
y3ojjBoltic LordAdult (m)4,5447253
0wPZMBoltic MadamAdult (f)4,2777093
N2sQhQueen StunAdult (f)5,2451,0325
PH7hnKing StunAdult (m)5,5141,0214
5ZAi8Dracaenic StunnerAdult (f)5,3771,0853
b4K2bDracaena StunnerAdult (m)5,6531,0673
weh0ePrincess StunAdult (f)2,7426223
rnYGPStun of the NorthAdult (m)2,6545984
49XF3Dracaenic PrincessAdult (f)4,8446841
Qk2weRoyal StunnerAdult (m)4,5087333
hqpRTStun ReporterAdult (f)4,1087031
vg1J9Boltic HunterAdult (f)4,3096952
0O7A2Crown Princess StunAdult (f)4,3497724
sRErWStun stun stun stun stunAdult (m)4,1027374
x4sNbJudge StunnerAdult (m)4,3667333
17RnyBolt Bolt BoltAdult (f)4,1336764
RdmjIStun all the commonersAdult (f)4,1227124
tx2GGCommonly know as stunAdult (m)3,3397577
SJifOSee if you can get any messierAdult (f)3,1107483
4mEHJLady StunAdult (f)3,2057731
vAtjrDifficulty with time controlAdult (m)4,0466882
D92lPCommonly known as BoltAdult (m)4,2256694
3w3kH(3w3kH)Adult (m)4,7097283
WRBkKCB bolt is the bestAdult (f)4,6308892
DR6Aa(DR6Aa)Adult (m)2,8727253
ifcoJXmas BoltAdult (m)4,4389902
gNtqpHow did I get so bigAdult (f)2,2667266
uSmKcPizza Number 5Adult (f)3,9961,2804
hVIdGBBW AngelAdult (f)2,7398684
248x3248x3Adult (m)2,2871,1653
ZST0jSummer with LoveAdult (f)5,6819772
1577f1577fAdult (f)5,5901,1084
l2uD8BBW's dancing RibbonAdult (m)7,9031,1133
w7gSHSpring with LoveAdult (m)8,1691,1082
lHEm6Freezy BBW 001Hatchling (F)1,3085224
e6DNMFreezy BBW 002Hatchling (F)1,6305614
mNnthFreezy BBW 003Hatchling (F)1,4813452
frtqYHow come I'm so smallHatchling (f, F)2,3046793
mimOQI'm hulkingAdult (m)6,5219088
h1515h1515Adult (f)4,9771,1613
44Y4Y44Y4YAdult (f)4,3911,3332
6456664566Adult (f)6,2401,1074
089X5089X5Adult (f)5,2369502
V8117V8117Adult (f)2,7536513
AbzBzAbzBzAdult (m)3,9066434
ClcLZClcLZAdult (f)3,0326817
A8CXHwinter with loveAdult (m)5,6499772
wSS70(wSS70)Adult (f)5,7199822
S4x0OS4x0OAdult (f)2,1305982
B7b57B7b57Adult (f)1,9915342
5ePm3(5ePm3)Adult (m)5,9887591
o40l1o40l1Adult (m)4,3127186
esFNl(esFNl)Adult (f)5,8198230
hvhMji came from a long wayAdult (m)4,4746594
WtX4E(WtX4E)Adult (m)4,1621,1110
G7LA4(G7LA4)Adult (m)4,5291,1300
nLs5M(nLs5M)Adult (m)2,4597751
pRZ6v(pRZ6v)Adult (m)3,0608490
u07wJ(u07wJ)Adult (m)2,5538172
JEmIS(JEmIS)Adult (m)2,3997712
ouL2J(ouL2J)Adult (m)2,3457913
XXubKGolden Angel of Past ShadowAdult (f)1,6177042
QoDV0Shear BeautyAdult (f)4,2129332
Ql3HQDancing in Present ShadowAdult (f)2,0747626
c8dbFShadow Dancer of X'mas PastAdult (f)2,3208604
gmdyWHoliday Dancer with HeartAdult (f)2,5691,1332
KgDldWinter Magi of Christmas ShadowAdult (m)2,3247656
6WJSLWinter Magi of Christmas PastAdult (m)2,1858014
sIZ3jWinter Magi's Past MemoriesAdult (m)3,2731,0904
2HuLP(2HuLP)Adult (m)5,6021,1345
SxHVg(SxHVg)Adult (m)5,5521,1721
HABAuWinter Magi's SecretAdult (m)1,9647473
0995209952Adult (m)2,3979005
I9y9II9y9IAdult (m)3,5361,0221
t1Hrv(t1Hrv)Adult (m)4,8867981
osnSaShiny Christmas GiftAdult (m)1,7957471
fdrNj(fdrNj)Adult (m)5,6951,1492
cRBQe(cRBQe)Adult (m)5,4611,1514
UUX1p(UUX1p)Adult (m)3,3588710
AaoftWinter Solstice of PastAdult (f)3,8951,0342
Z9kmhFuture HopeAdult (f)3,8881,0231
4O1XFSolstice from HellAdult (f)5,6811,1124
eOn5VSolstice from Christmas PastAdult (f)2,8523927
BsNeBSolstice of Christmas PastAdult (f)3,0084325
177QIIQ117Adult (f)5,0878952
HQf3EWhat IQAdult (f)5,0328782
B5Ahf(B5Ahf)Adult (f)2,5508232
AErs0(AErs0)Adult (m)2,9588410
xUqvt(xUqvt)Adult (m)2,9648550
iaAu6(iaAu6)Adult (f)2,6788600
qNhou(qNhou)Adult (f)2,7528671
AcuIRFLOOD managerAdult (f)2,2257302
LnilcFLOOD mixAdult (m)2,2337373
YQUg9FLOOD and sunk TitanicAdult (m)2,5016724
JB7GbFLOOD downAdult (m)2,2167063
Hh344FLOOD that thingAdult (f)2,4847421
aK3fWFLOOD nice thingAdult (f)2,3307334
eOlPkFLOOD upwardAdult (m)2,8257843
0cak0FLOOD come fastAdult (m)1,8226722
iZSijFLOOD another CBAdult (f)2,6378453
DrTQWFLOOD more CBAdult (f)2,6728904
t6Jq4FLOOD the CBAdult (f)2,1297315
QJ9YpFLOOD all the CBAdult (m)2,0687193
XOLA7FLOOD mixed adultAdult (m)2,3328143
97jB5FLOOD 2g pb waveAdult (m)2,6218493
gLtQoFLOOD lineAdult (m)2,7018795
vsuqcFLOOD what to doAdult (m)2,3367944
NKEc7FLOOD n' freeze potentialAdult (f)2,3417092
wqUUqwqUUqAdult (f)3,4469733
99PyY99PyYAdult (m)3,1857521
dQShJFLOOD blue seaHatchling (F)1,0284011
pgGhnFLOOD blue waveHatchling (F)1,0204002
k6YdpFLOOD upHatchling (F)1,2064482
AQbtoFLOOD frozen chickenHatchling (F)1,7225822
uuRJJFLOOD somethingHatchling (F)1,1473952
KATcaFLOOD n frozenHatchling (m, F)2,2006642
aQdbIFLOOD forwardHatchling (f, F)1,6596163
tEY8BFLOOD the messyHatchling (f, F)1,7626453
Tl3XNFLOOD hardHatchling (F)1,1104222
p8hHhFLOOD easyHatchling (F)1,5585562
fFgLMFLOOD i come in 2ndHatchling (F)1,4805342
cCC87FLOOD waiting for my dayHatchling (F)1,7936422
v79tBFLOOD flap your wings to fleeHatchling (m, F)1,9086593
u4qm8FLOOD not too lateHatchling (F)1,7315242
tthmFtthmFAdult (f)1,8681,0962
7vKLNI'm hulking bigAdult (f)2,5577792
27486(27486)Adult (f)1,3476214
S6ufZFreezy Vine 001Hatchling (f, F)2,9229372
oEthdFreezy Vine 003Hatchling (f, F)2,6878593
5bkFpFreezy Vine 002Hatchling (F)1,5265652
5rLYVFreezy Vine 004Hatchling (m, F)6,1551,2328
NQkjnFreezy Vine 006Hatchling (F)1,6305614
1jAbbFreezy Vine 005Hatchling (F)1,7094505
WUfsNMessiest Thuwed Dorkface everHatchling (F)2,3024472
U66nqI'm so messyHatchling (m, F)2,2667435
dd32BOoooohhhhHHHHHHatchling (F)1,7546253
PUXutReally --- SeriouslyHatchling (F)1,0404192
lufqAVery seriouslyHatchling (F)2,1307104
ER5GgFrozen veggiHatchling (F)1,6496435
DNUTmDung dung dung dongHatchling (F)1,9376733
ABuJfmeesy but not altHatchling (m, F)2,1097263
Cvmn7Freezy plantHatchling (m, F)2,5667432
o8J1CFreezy shrubHatchling (F)1,7735272
clnnq(clnnq)Hatchling (f, F)1,5284788
N0gkaMaybe I get to grow upAdult (f)1,6956302
s4dj8(s4dj8)Adult (f)6,1137231
bMTEbI escapedAdult (f)5,4698814
jCrCjjCrCjAdult (f)1,9876433
n9937n9937Adult (m)3,1629012
nZakE(nZakE)Adult (m)4,3307911
po7WH(po7WH)Adult (m)4,0821,1221
23XIl(23XIl)Adult (m)3,3487755
Gt0WKTime is in the essenceHatchling (F)1,2594032
3e4nv(3e4nv)Adult (m)4,2318211
CcTWZFreezy Dorsal 001Hatchling (F)2,1916012
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