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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “stardust13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gUjNO(gUjNO)Hatchling (m)4,7261,0283
fO8Vo(fO8Vo)Hatchling (m)3,6146533
jB6On(jB6On)Hatchling (f)3,4056861
zcfW2(zcfW2)Hatchling (f)4,7486621
lxSmfDarling NoodleAdult (f)5,9899674
PYpTy(PYpTy)Adult (m)1,4974024
AaZFC(AaZFC)Adult (f)1,6164341
ipLJG(ipLJG)Adult (m)5,1189691
ucIuU(ucIuU)Adult (m)2,7015103
DURk1DurkloAdult (m)1,8583983
ZQEZz(ZQEZz)Adult (f)1,6254351
k45id(k45id)Adult (m)1,6624401
FG6Rj(FG6Rj)Adult (f)1,5814061
N9jOd(N9jOd)Adult (m)1,5533963
nID3d(nID3d)Adult (m)1,6844422
j1PJF(j1PJF)Adult (m)5,01791111
lG6cA(lG6cA)Adult (f)3,1544742
llFVC(llFVC)Adult (f)2,7286847
HTaXd(HTaXd)Adult (m)3,0021,0535
YuwDf(YuwDf)Adult (f)2,6606942
ESq4m(ESq4m)Adult (m)2,9297172
Rvg7W(Rvg7W)Adult (f)2,7247422
2hloz(2hloz)Adult (m)2,7257173
d9dSs(d9dSs)Hatchling (F)1,9192882
qK8o2(qK8o2)Adult (m)2,0215726
gkJVu(gkJVu)Adult (f)3,4417963
2oDMK(2oDMK)Adult (f)3,3328033
vBFd5(vBFd5)Adult (f)3,5227984
FviJy(FviJy)Adult (m)3,4107994
pXB7D(pXB7D)Adult (m)4,0258632
6khhl(6khhl)Adult (f)4,0668293
mf4cw(mf4cw)Adult (m)4,1197975
Wx8fU(Wx8fU)Adult (m)4,0818164
euz5hAdorned BronzeAdult (f)3,9259265
bcu0E(bcu0E)Adult (m)4,1269481
epIY1(epIY1)Adult (f)3,5017863
suHtpBored LoverAdult (f)2,9155752
7HcWMPurtineAdult (f)3,6537682
pTq4nLove StaticAdult (f)3,8037803
lFgYmLove OrnamentAdult (f)2,7026262
GIqfSGlossy LoveAdult (f)3,0888091
qX9ApLady RuddyAdult (f)2,7227042
ay3m0Original TruffleAdult (f)4,3845812
ECi7ISpecklestormAdult (f)5,2706052
R0xrWPotential LoveAdult (f)3,2177426
8GPOUFirst InhaleAdult (f)3,4627214
2sPg5Violaceous KissAdult (m)2,8315115
inPi6LumisweetAdult (m)2,6725045
UX81cFurry CandyAdult (m)3,2994704
3mXFPForever WindAdult (m)3,6966273
AbMpTSweet HooferAdult (m)4,4125942
cEgmkVicious SweetyAdult (m)5,9018442
nI6ULA Higher SweetAdult (m)6,5111,1105
HQeYKTruffle SweetAdult (m)5,8451,0474
GLhWASweet AirfoxAdult (m)3,0635312
2HLUQEdible GoldflakeAdult (m)3,4945222
9C0SOSwallow SugarAdult (m)3,0767643
9ZOH1Common GodAdult (m)2,8755955
wrXS1Exotic FrondsAdult (f)6,6101,0936
5A9utRarefied AyrAdult (f)6,3891,0794
5UbYETrampled RoseAdult (f)1,76659317
uUayvPink StackAdult (f)4,8191,2604
JaftGBrave RoseAdult (f)3,2753944
bAljaGuarden RoseAdult (f)3,2494145
meqgCChocolate FringeAdult (m)2,6215565
T7reqNo Love 4 FrecklesAdult (m)1,9748055
daM3mDamn FakeAdult (m)3,3945518
VySvETrufflaniAdult (f)3,2995634
3ZhSGBewitched BreathAdult (f)2,5527794
YyevAPerplexing FlightAdult (f)2,0816825
q3ei3SiyasaniAdult (f)2,8546112
ZODwAClear FeathersAdult (m)1,9378154
yhPISRadiant ExpanseAdult (m)3,1284653
cQBcALush FoolAdult (m)2,1385264
aTDuyFierce FloretAdult (m)2,7964765
Y9lg2Truffle NoodleAdult (f)2,7794553
qlkUfNoodle AirAdult (f)2,9415713
lBTWeMore GuardsAdult (m)1,8757356
KXvdhMore FrecklesAdult (m)3,3794343
GCgD4More GameAdult (m)2,5935666
OTFN3Exposed EarthAdult (m)1,8636236
SY1zuMore BackboneAdult (m)5,2736082
DYgDnSoul InhaleAdult (f)2,4075524
FtzkrSoul BlushAdult (f)3,5174465
yuunGYung DreamAdult (f)2,7147195
KruLaPurple BundleAdult (f)5,4116114
xLilWSunny SoulsingerAdult (f)6,1161,1106
OoHMZEdible OrchidAdult (f)5,7661,0613
MgyXrDiamond GardenAdult (m)3,1858115
cBBbbPetal SummerAdult (m)3,0715205
Il1XKPetal FrillAdult (m)2,8636382
moVKHLunar CircletAdult (m)2,8235961
FxlCYA Little LongingAdult (m)2,3725144
UqFerMining LoveAdult (m)2,6896214
JHx9hFloret KingAdult (m)2,7888879
ByAHYSoil SniffingAdult (m)2,4676006
6a4gQFloral FleshAdult (m)2,7255396
7AD0qLepidoptera GardenAdult (m)3,3145626
pXfzlPrecious BlumeAdult (m)4,3924308
u2TmmViolet TendancysAdult (m)5,1301,2895
mldyKRenewed CrownAdult (m)1,7703544
r9yvnThe Crown's BiteAdult (m)3,1238156
Bx3TzOne PrinceAdult (m)3,0877275
JJ5eiCrown of VinesAdult (m)3,0234687
xmnimFields of PinkAdult (m)2,2765635
c6zotKing's RoarAdult (m)2,8107094
zPRuuViolent GardenAdult (m)3,4364343
seNAwStatic CrownAdult (m)3,3274294
pBmV2Garden InstrumentAdult (m)4,2648844
MFMbJPetal SwirlAdult (m)5,1361,1294
xucS4Earth ScentAdult (m)6,7061,0826
N8zPdFrosty BloomAdult (m)2,6626374
Ukurd(Ukurd)Hatchling (F)4,5545784
QWUEz(QWUEz)Hatchling (m, F)3,9959064
RMdnFSakuhahaAdult (f)2,5016124
0RWMWJuicy BlossomAdult (f)2,4556014
INu18(INu18)Hatchling (F)2,7222972
19IMI(19IMI)Hatchling (F)1,5552813
zX2LQ(zX2LQ)Hatchling (F)2,1663144
6xYug(6xYug)Hatchling (F)1,2901933
pB1x1(pB1x1)Hatchling (F)1,20235314
ArIAO(ArIAO)Hatchling (F)8702852
hYAGLFrosty  WindHatchling (f, F)3,4908075
rSG4U(rSG4U)Adult (m)3,0694382
ZWvYN(ZWvYN)Adult (f)4,7211,0455
pAPdUFuchsia SkullAdult (f)3,1434655
sPQ4s(sPQ4s)Adult (f)1,9693263
4XFvC(4XFvC)Adult (m)1,7753146
K5tBl(K5tBl)Adult (m)2,1462957
w42yD(w42yD)Adult (f)2,4153327
six9m(six9m)Adult (f)2,3903178
d79Bt(d79Bt)Adult (f)4,0195492
3GF3r(3GF3r)Adult (f)5,1169354
5TGll(5TGll)Adult (f)5,3179282
uFf9i(uFf9i)Adult (f)6,9671,0212
zCtmDEmpty LifeAdult (f)4,6731,0042
1oaZl(1oaZl)Adult (f)4,8991,0273
32LE6(32LE6)Adult (m)3,3718432
I7c0u(I7c0u)Adult (f)4,7058623
sIqJ8(sIqJ8)Adult (m)4,4418603
ZMCYP(ZMCYP)Adult (f)4,5288573
7mPq3(7mPq3)Adult (f)4,5888474
iUjYc(iUjYc)Adult (m)2,6073686
Esdwq(Esdwq)Adult (m)4,7487174
EBTjv(EBTjv)Adult (f)3,9749774
ke6Lv(ke6Lv)Adult (f)4,6191,0543
Gweh0(Gweh0)Adult (f)4,9061,0703
82yvo(82yvo)Adult (m)2,2314111
nHaj9(nHaj9)Adult (f)3,7098235
NvVw3(NvVw3)Hatchling (m, F)2,3135531
VHiNV(VHiNV)Adult (f)2,9315802
5aFBp(5aFBp)Adult (f)3,3206853
ePZMBCount the NightsAdult (f)3,4848635
08yQz(08yQz)Adult (m)2,9744432
ubTQh(ubTQh)Adult (m)3,4594762
whOBN(whOBN)Adult (m)4,7608073
E60D6(E60D6)Adult (f)5,3498543
p7qZm(p7qZm)Adult (m)4,2328121
SVu7X(SVu7X)Adult (f)3,1373437
fJrDiFrilling RomanceAdult (m)3,8554323
AA0azPink SurveyAdult (m)3,1603981
BRhzfLove SpecklesAdult (m)2,8534052
R6jggShy DaleAdult (m)4,3115235
URdV1(URdV1)Adult (m)4,3165054
BQuVXDecepticon White FlagAdult (m)6,32270710
cbrfj(cbrfj)Adult (m)2,8553983
jseeU(jseeU)Adult (m)3,1784091
u51tC(u51tC)Adult (m)3,1734042
6qRw6(6qRw6)Adult (m)5,3109284
Vy48c(Vy48c)Adult (f)2,6253334
uWBH4(uWBH4)Adult (m)1,7993195
lu1Q9(lu1Q9)Adult (f)3,1818163
HuVZD(HuVZD)Adult (m)3,3168342
ocG66(ocG66)Adult (m)2,5944202
UvIiE(UvIiE)Adult (f)3,0274482
Arr4nThe WarblerAdult (f)2,4555581
sam5uLyric StarAdult (f)2,9236342
2RpMv(2RpMv)Adult (f)4,7798923
OORoe(OORoe)Adult (f)4,6488542
jILno(jILno)Adult (f)4,7728363
1BJKh(1BJKh)Adult (f)4,6468413
H9MJu(H9MJu)Adult (m)5,0378614
RAX12(RAX12)Adult (m)4,6678303
66Yrd(66Yrd)Adult (m)5,0878633
bfHDx(bfHDx)Adult (m)4,0881,0202
8k5ZnFertile 50Hatchling (F)1,2762452
3xbyI(3xbyI)Hatchling (m, F)3,5288815
hhUEY(hhUEY)Hatchling (f, F)3,3058777
6IhN1(6IhN1)Adult (m)3,8661,0343
uJ7rlMurder BladeAdult (f)2,5527364
EnRCc(EnRCc)Adult (f)3,9771,0424
GSS95(GSS95)Adult (f)2,45438013
2T5Md(2T5Md)Adult (f)4,9321,3938
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