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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spyders,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
A3XW0(A3XW0)Adult (f)2,6408590
oqvJr(oqvJr)Adult (f)2,5868161
T8lco(T8lco)Adult (f)2,5918283
biVLd(biVLd)Adult (m)2,7309253
hPS4kDemon of the Night WindsAdult (f)1,3034593
itQbK(itQbK)Adult (f)2,5689082
RWZW1Turpentine TerrorAdult (f)1,8504943
Hn3AuGarrus the GreenAdult (f)2,0765172
QoL3Y(QoL3Y)Adult (m)2,6348041
OQblRSun of a SunAdult (m)1,5705254
CVRdASing-a-songAdult (m)2,5664923
YYmbGSunny SongyAdult (f)2,2295284
SvlZN(SvlZN)Adult (f)2,5958771
fumFtDuskingAdult (m)1,9125132
WmKeQDawn kingAdult (m)1,9125953
R5n3aDawnqueenAdult (f)2,0065654
eOKJpObsidian GoldstripeAdult (f)1,4975282
2gYnhReady StripeyAdult (m)3,9581,1082
VFquRAlbino GoldwingAdult (f)1,8224423
IRO54Righteous RocketteAdult (f)2,8095607
7it4k(7it4k)Adult (f)2,9888310
jNeHNSpitipsAdult (m)2,6028091
mdGPj(mdGPj)Adult (m)2,8629810
Qdv3ISki HiAdult (m)1,9905634
oHLCHRegal BluebirdAdult (f)1,6105474
vLDjWReddy or HotAdult (f)2,4377934
FPvG3Princess RedfangAdult (f)1,3265081
LGmXXTiny DiverAdult (f)2,0415323
BM1rQShadowbatAdult (m)1,6095461
ELGZDHot StreakAdult (m)2,4774933
OX2nhViv the VioletAdult (f)1,9196401
IEKVZViola the ViciousAdult (f)2,8125637
hRbBHPercy the PinkAdult (m)2,3686344
FXCrMPillow PowerAdult (f)2,3945286
QdE93Mrs CuddlesAdult (f)1,2234973
AlE7H(AlE7H)Adult (m)2,6669481
aJiVISecret SentinalAdult (m)1,9785042
Q8oQQ(Q8oQQ)Adult (m)3,0629060
pTYY5(pTYY5)Adult (m)2,7499921
7bcHWOmega CentuianAdult (m)2,5278431
8faRQAlpha CenturiousAdult (m)2,4367831
0WPOaAndromedariaAdult (m)2,1524903
82r7W(82r7W)Adult (m)2,5458461
RJrVTMagi IgamAdult (m)1,8885106
bE2rDWhiskered GyaradosAdult (m)1,4855172
KlROUHell of IceAdult (f)1,3895373
HG8quHell Hath Great FuryAdult (m)1,6095444
6P8ZsHarvest MoonshineAdult (f)1,5745204
AdiNt(AdiNt)Adult (f)2,8129240
tEfuZGreenus The GreatAdult (f)1,3664753
CWUGL(CWUGL)Adult (m)2,7698912
MmS6cMagicarpokemonAdult (f)2,5248381
bKRN1MagicarparonAdult (m)2,1415385
LTSuKGlimmer of dayAdult (f)1,5375203
u17OgFlamingowAdult (m)3,0385766
fQ3AOFlamenco FamosoAdult (m)1,2944562
7N1VrMagmotarAdult (m)2,3107660
csi6bLord MagmaronAdult (m)1,3265172
mBcdWHeatressAdult (f)2,0375312
NevJ7Storm's AvengerAdult (m)2,2257370
09fcnThunderboltariousAdult (m)1,6995645
0WMnoPurplewebAdult (f)1,9925665
6q9rX(6q9rX)Adult (m)2,9309062
MOXiD(MOXiD)Adult (f)2,7419001
73VJhDaydream ExaminariousAdult (m)2,5818381
KKSoLVinny the VineAdult (m)2,2317302
3L7aCVinesaurousAdult (m)1,4355192
33sru(33sru)Adult (m)2,8958890
qJTFqDraco WensleydaleAdult2,7184957
iW14S(iW14S)Adult (m)2,6999030
MhW8FYso BlunasAdult (f)1,6626202
2KmJ4One Fin Two FinAdult (f)1,9776282
IUNUCShadowariousAdult (m)2,8376566
VoDl8Shadowfang EmeraldeyesAdult (m)2,6124363
2BPuERed FeatherAdult (m)2,91157111
0JU0qOwlerAdult (f)2,8085608
dHHJ9(dHHJ9)Adult (m)2,5468422
URbbqElbuod DoubleAdult (m)1,6795702
itqh0Double ElbuodAdult (f)2,1995263
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