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You pick up the scroll labeled “snailmoon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7kv9V(7kv9V)Adult (m)2,6086545
bHBHR(bHBHR)Adult (m)2,9886712
cscra(cscra)Adult (m)2,6656374
1c8bQ(1c8bQ)Adult (m)3,1546871
KBali(KBali)Adult (f)4,2851,0554
LMRvu(LMRvu)Adult (f)3,9837721
Z94UL(Z94UL)Adult (f)4,0337712
73CdX(73CdX)Adult (f)3,9637912
Gh0hV(Gh0hV)Adult (m)3,8946822
Ne0ic(Ne0ic)Adult (m)4,2867211
WCnXS(WCnXS)Adult (f)4,2096951
04Dkg(04Dkg)Adult (m)9,2747821
9QkD7(9QkD7)Adult (f)4,6097962
ejR25(ejR25)Adult (f)4,4847651
aRObG(aRObG)Adult (m)4,4157230
IXHYT(IXHYT)Adult (m)4,4887512
iGuIU(iGuIU)Adult (m)4,1656750
jCgJ8(jCgJ8)Adult (f)3,5325800
8P3ig(8P3ig)Adult (m)3,4855830
vGc6g(vGc6g)Adult (m)3,7725930
RM5mK(RM5mK)Adult (m)4,7796340
g2mMT(g2mMT)Adult (m)3,1735821
9pmBU(9pmBU)Adult (m)3,8675652
SbTJV(SbTJV)Adult (m)3,9686200
D8yA7(D8yA7)Adult (m)3,7697111
yvrdN(yvrdN)Adult (m)2,7858680
5OZrk(5OZrk)Adult (m)2,8538610
iqCeC(iqCeC)Adult (m)2,9168631
wNgq0(wNgq0)Adult (f)4,1587351
pBqjw(pBqjw)Adult (m)4,2817061
eUBGk(eUBGk)Adult (m)4,3556891
wbBzJ(wbBzJ)Adult (f)4,2117052
rths1(rths1)Adult (f)3,0197550
UqJSi(UqJSi)Adult (m)2,8687660
CnUwb(CnUwb)Adult (m)2,7517741
Lf5Nr(Lf5Nr)Adult (m)2,7517680
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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