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You pick up the scroll labeled “shadowsouls,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z5LUZwei SerpentineAdult (m)3,483698141
LFuBDuo SerpentineAdult (m)2,542843109
vBPbTwin KarasuAdult (f)2,174630134
mPL2Duo KarasuAdult (f)3,36975482
xyClZwei KarasuAdult (m)2,523655108
1VPBDual Karasu iAdult (f)3,97686889
AzmsDual Serpentine iAdult (f)3,079862133
d88qTwice Karasu iAdult (m)2,147550126
kPu3GDouble Kel KenazAdult (f)4,6621,1440
622UFDuology KenazAdult (f)4,8841,2572
xDevwDual Doom KenazAdult (f)4,8391,4403
m05fqDancy IsaAdult (f)3,1946614
RaeJMJames Bond IsaAdult (m)3,3589511
AmFPCElegant Solution IsaAdult (f)3,4579470
XFi5Rosa SerpentineAdult (f)4,509735142
cpDDPinku KarasuAdult (f)2,022648131
BrwSRose KarasuAdult (f)3,699830163
pO4YPink SerpentineAdult (f)1,82457799
0J0PKBouncy KenazAdult (f)3,8351,1395
Te0CfBalloon KenazAdult (m)2,9601,0831
m7xCVale SerpentineAdult (m)2,35067193
iZ9mNachten SerpentineAdult (f)2,311602167
viu8Black Shadow KarasuAdult (f)3,167864104
ZVWLShadow KarasuAdult (f)2,90770280
kqf8TKuroki IsaAdult (f)3,0009862
lkvbyGerda KenazAdult (f)3,2338821
IElC9Dark Pants IsaAdult (f)4,4971,1832
iJyJpDark Knight Isa iAdult (m)4,5241,2720
Lpo2Darkness KarasuAdult (f)2,325710154
9dEAUSweetling KenazAdult (f)2,3209851
SQVouTea Drinker KenazAdult (m)2,5448851
D0dCQ(D0dCQ)Adult (f)2,5776211
Qz0ziMadam Pirate KenazAdult (f)3,2161,5430
Nxml3Nimbus Cloud IsaAdult (f)2,1006571
9KmP0Blue Moon KenazAdult (m)2,5746792
tQfCdBlue Demon IsaAdult (f)2,1726571
iQ3dXMoon Spirit KenazAdult (f)2,4276691
2JqaMJoanna KarasuAdult (f)2,4458691
fiC2tHermione IsaAdult (f)2,4358611
2q275Blood Raven KenazAdult (m)2,7858682
zQlLwNeptune KarasuAdult (m)3,1551,0983
8RntwCalypso IsaAdult (f)2,8879421
jXYxfOriginal Heaven IsaAdult (m)3,6341,0642
Jf9OdSpeckle KenazAdult (f)3,3766582
vBVenRobin KenazAdult (m)2,3247203
aU7RRPirate IsaAdult (m)4,2771,3113
y0LoYSulphur KenazAdult (m)3,8999731
vjk05Yellow KenazAdult (m)4,4309840
Kf95DLeafy KenazAdult (m)2,6827491
p9ezcSunlight KenazAdult (m)4,4331,2050
wPYZBCoastal Thuwed IsaAdult (m)3,2081,0211
gX9FDSand Castle IsaAdult (m)4,7421,1481
xbGmISandy Beach KenazAdult (m)4,5231,2092
oLcpaArk Raider IsaAdult (f)2,4116281
YC2EDStealth Dragon IsaAdult (m)2,7211,2860
NPchjKyprioth KenazAdult (m)2,7911,3572
Jzx1RPatina KenazAdult (f)2,7431,3310
UKwLGrass SerpentineAdult (f)2,543463138
3MO7Vine KarasuAdult (f)2,308596174
7iKHPlant SerpentineAdult (m)1,967584109
zU5tGrass KarasuAdult (f)2,79267777
ziXTTDanger Grass KenazAdult (m)2,6496410
SKHTIvy SerpentineAdult (f)2,372719149
gfeJgDreamer IsaAdult (m)2,4236592
dETRzSandman KenazAdult (m)3,4141,0812
URdOOUrd KenazAdult (f)3,5679804
F4lgBMorpheus IsaAdult (m)5,3391,3981
WO5DeCloud KenazAdult (f)3,5199242
NFCXWSky Dreamer IsaAdult (f)2,5677931
2lLEHOcean IsaAdult (m)3,5836721
MQZzBUmi IsaAdult (f)2,4888562
YCF45Oceanic IsaAdult (m)2,4329410
O33wnDaring KenazAdult (f)3,1379963
yHxZMPitch IsaAdult (m)3,7339592
skM1yPurple Pointer KenazAdult (m)2,2608030
X85a7Clever Red KenazAdult (f)2,8528701
1skF9Mora KenazAdult (m)2,5266660
uOCH7Donner IsaAdult (m)2,1446283
piUgwThunder KenazAdult (m)2,3178411
OpxCnLightning KenazAdult (f)3,6891,1591
5pAECSurt KenazAdult (m)2,8549021
coBuKEmber KenazAdult (f)5,0071,0852
ZkajZAmu Fire Kenaz iAdult (m)2,8749382
YSKaUBonfire KenazAdult (f)5,2231,2921
EAOvFBalrog KenazAdult (f)4,4521,1291
SiR7uCalcifer KenazAdult (m)4,8531,2290
1wCyyDancing Bird KenazAdult (f)2,5969231
O1U9mFlamingo IsaAdult (f)3,9831,2622
0CAuqDancing Usagi KenazAdult (f)4,8181,2440
OsxeOTree Stalker KenazAdult (m)1,8626990
HgSlS(HgSlS)Adult (f)2,0756800
Kb3VZ(Kb3VZ)Adult (m)2,2285942
lu33fBlue Sparkle IsaAdult (m)2,8711,0603
F2jTpPrincess Celestia Kenaz iAdult (f)2,7521,2061
MkFMjNight Pearl Isa iAdult (f)3,1168954
5wBAOOnyx IsaAdult (f)5,1651,2623
5L6QxGolden Dream KenazAdult (f)3,1638189
7mzVyGolden Yume KenazAdult (f)2,8221,0091
GEb2xTricky Dreaming KenazAdult (m)2,8638710
xM8QPGolden Trickster KenazAdult (m)5,2205670
dumWQGoldie SerpentineAdult (f)2,7045231
9VMT7Guppie KarasuAdult (m)5,3061,3232
vgWGSora SerpentineAdult (m)3,634760167
RiOaVale KarasuAdult (m)2,356596166
S5j3Gale SerpentineAdult (m)1,798534104
2bDsKaze SerpentineAdult (m)1,532475125
GnwWMStorm SerpentineAdult (f)3,3221,0482
V7KoSoil SerpentineAdult (m)5,4532,543108
jfwITerra KarasuAdult (f)2,283584117
6uy4Terra SerpentineAdult (f)2,131666150
hxEGEarth KarasuAdult (f)1,80857997
5QpYp(5QpYp)Adult (m)2,0625740
O6GysVerde IsaAdult (m)3,4191,0332
gFlpTSpeckle IsaAdult (m)3,1991,0881
ePj4JJade Snow IsaAdult (m)4,6031,2883
30gZjJadeite KenazAdult (f)4,9141,2242
5AkTMamoru SerpentineAdult (m)2,324625103
MQXPShield KarasuAdult (m)2,07754078
ELKbMakoto SerpentineAdult (f)3,01875689
k1YnGuardian KarasuAdult (f)3,251872148
fQyr3Little Guardian KenazHatchling (f, F)2,7688121
l9AuhHungry IsaAdult (m)3,8411,2544
hDckWDock KenazAdult (m)4,3661,2661
xQWzYBaker KenazAdult (f)5,4181,2941
IjrvmFlightless KenazAdult (m)4,5431,2211
NsEuRFielder KenazAdult (m)2,5969050
tSipKGround Traveller IsaAdult (f)2,6656400
h8LjqFell Fire KenazAdult (m)2,9171,0552
2Q4Z7Firey KenazAdult (m)4,3401,3172
3X5T2Seeker KenazAdult (m)2,8338801
OocPbBlue Star KenazAdult (f)3,1059123
EOiaGAzula KenazAdult (f)5,6651,5411
X3X7GFire Lady KenazAdult (f)4,2656110
adap6(adap6)Adult (f)2,6705170
D5NtkFairy Horse KenazAdult (m)2,1271,0202
DWmfiShy Flame KenazAdult (f)3,7494920
VEB10Fluttershy IsaAdult (f)4,1421,1961
BeE2ITwilight Sparkle KenazAdult (f)3,7911,2211
hH0JePurple Beauty KenazAdult (f)3,3599072
NFBobBobette KenazAdult (f)4,9241,3082
Z1zDhHorsie KenazAdult (f)2,9991,2420
bWnO7Beauty KenazAdult (f)2,5707821
qMSsyMystic Hagalaz IsaAdult (f)5,5141,3652
brEhMizu KarasuAdult (m)5,3692,553124
QrmxAqua SerpentineAdult (m)2,574624173
23fTAmi SerpentineAdult (f)3,981960154
HZV7Michiru KarasuAdult (f)2,714725132
59Z7GWater KarasuAdult (m)3,0646491
PW1riLegendary Guardian KenazAdult (m)5,4951,1833
mrlHT(mrlHT)Adult (m)3,6548570
kAlJ8(kAlJ8)Adult (f)3,8447751
SNDsd(SNDsd)Adult (m)4,0127750
IK52Mage SerpentineAdult (m)2,679479130
11DUMagi KarasuAdult (m)2,712577190
wHYbMiral KarasuAdult (m)1,379484105
PWguHeka SerpentineAdult (m)1,51151270
XtJE7Wizard SerpentineAdult (m)2,9445451
uNxdnAlanna KenazAdult (f)4,4341,1693
jI2xESorcerer KenazAdult (m)5,7721,5541
MJyopRydia IsaAdult (f)2,8458320
PMy1FVolcano KenazAdult (m)4,3511,0864
MOaZMint SerpentineAdult (m)5,2852,827116
YA8KSpearmint KarasuAdult (f)3,3991,010184
YUKbPeppermint KarasuAdult (m)2,71163186
tfa4Catmint SerpentineAdult (m)3,032711108
9GxorMani IsaAdult (m)2,4719201
ILcAUDiana IsaAdult (f)3,2219281
hs1KqLunar IsaAdult (m)3,5189261
igRU7(igRU7)Adult (f)2,6145960
mv6qXStella IsaAdult (f)3,2199141
yQTKdSlytherin IsaAdult (m)3,0198721
i3pcXSunny Kenaz iAdult (m)2,6066381
oBKLCTree KenazAdult (f)4,0901,2142
Szie7Amazon KenazAdult (f)4,4951,2322
Qi2cQNox IsaAdult (f)3,0737572
5L3oLNyx KenazAdult (f)5,0361,2822
7ARyONight IsaAdult (m)4,8871,1951
82GZGRainbow Ochre KenazAdult (m)2,9938682
CjlrTBeige Wing KenazAdult (f)3,0098552
Mlhw4Curious Drake Isa iAdult (m)3,0759150
gItxpDraco Doom IsaAdult (f)4,1436501
A8yIFDrab IsaAdult (f)4,3721,2343
zUQI7Olive Forest IsaAdult (f)2,5317940
8Ki3Paper KarasuAdult (f)2,345609171
F4HXPFluffy KenazAdult (f)2,7221,0301
9pr7WFuzzy KenazAdult (m)3,5021,0623
7OjXCPlushie KenazAdult (f)5,0991,2583
wcgmnFuzzbutt IsaAdult (m)4,7861,2282
AaE8m(AaE8m)Adult (m)2,3695120
FJrcdPinky Pie KarasuAdult (m)4,1271,0212
1cKU9Rose Song IsaAdult (f)2,8299105
t9knoShiny Pink SerpentineAdult (m)3,9861,1774
AeWGeFairy Floss IsaAdult (f)3,3149371
dOhsoLord of Pink ThingsAdult (m)5,4491,2711
SHf6XPetite Pink Lady KenazAdult (f)3,4931,0680
OQmfPCutie Pie KenazAdult (f)2,9008440
XYVtuPink Dream KenazAdult (m)2,8338560
bzeoGLady Sansa IsaAdult (f)4,3046750
DClZTRose Sky IsaAdult (f)1,9116890
Z0SMkShimmering Beauty KenazAdult (m)1,9726821
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