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You pick up the scroll labeled “shadow_claw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
My beautiful split buddyAdult (♀)2,7518314
Two heads that constantly fightAdult (♀)2,6387910
The third female splitAdult (♀)2,2117332
AlbinoAdult (♀)3,1101,1355
Death and lightAdult (♀)2,9236365
Splishy slapshieAdult (♀)3,1429165
Mister Bluna buddyAdult (♂)1,9296143
Orange fuzzAdult (♂)3,9828786
FrieheartAdult (♀)2,2669823
The Merchant of SkyreAdult (♂)2,5889262
pebbleheartAdult (♂)2,4919894
My cheesy buddy and meAdult6,7291,3689
Rudolph CandystripeAdult (♂)1,4576605
Bow tail Gold WingsAdult (♀)2,6859030
Green Holiday TinseltailAdult (♀)2,7199550
Stripewings GoldtailAdult (♂)2,7679423
Scary bright red flowersAdult (♀)2,3829293
Great devourerAdult (♂)2,1218560
Kelsey's deep sea dragonAdult (♀)3,9209087
Sea lillyAdult (♀)2,1276542
Bright pink beautyAdult (♀)2,0608253
Splish splash in the cold waterAdult (♂)2,5398762
They always have a silver liningAdult (♀)2,9456034
Green dragon of awesomenessAdult (♀)3,1769012
He shall be my green squishyAdult (♀)4,6679024
Gold on Strong wingbeatsAdult (♂)3,4621,0112
Grace instills fear in the evilAdult (♀)2,1778855
Mist of the dark watersAdult (♀)1,8525067
Dark shadow in the cavesAdult (♂)2,2889942
Chaos in the shadowsAdult (♂)2,0218571
Darkness in the deep cavernsAdult (♂)2,0798911
Harvest in the sunlightAdult (♀)2,0667332
Sweet produce in the summerAdult (♂)2,9578941
Flame dances in the cloudsAdult (♀)3,9641,1355
Wild blue dying emberAdult (♀)2,9547525
wild blue living emberAdult (♀)2,1567952
wild red dying emberAdult (♂)3,6051,1746
wild red living emberAdult (♂)1,9646098
Dying ember lost in the coalsAdult (♀)2,4777651
VioletpeltAdult (♂)3,1751,1072
Wild Merry-go-'roundAdult (♀)6,6351,8815
Luminating dragon of lightAdult (♀)3,1707976
Sunbeam of powerAdult (♂)3,5741,2026
Sparkly orange sparklesAdult (♀)2,8069113
Mint runs awayAdult (♀)3,4169642
mint is timidly adoreableAdult (♂)2,5399006
Moon whispers your nameAdult (♂)4,0541,0064
Blue feathers in the breezeAdult (♂)2,7756288
Sweet moonlight on the windAdult (♀)2,3507941
Blue feathers in the windAdult (♀)2,2717653
Sweet moonlight in the watersAdult (♂)5,1613453
Blue moon on the windAdult (♂)1,8396233
Full moon in the seaAdult (♀)3,0148562
Beauty in her blue eyesAdult (♀)2,8238882
Moony of the moonlit covesAdult (♂)2,5408431
Moonlight the firstAdult (♂)2,4529220
Luna the firstAdult (♀)2,3699342
Moonlight IIAdult (♂)2,4857861
Moonlight sonata IAdult (♀)2,9379842
UnnamedAdult (♂)1,5917230
Me and my sparkly buddyAdult (♂)2,6058846
Me and my sparkly beautyAdult (♀)3,0989273
Green handsomenessAdult (♂)2,6628561
treeclawAdult (♂)2,4649821
Yellow stripynessAdult (♂)5,3811,6527
Stone eats your pizzaAdult (♂)5,6961,5446
Rock reads your booksAdult (♂)3,5021,0052
Statue hates the lightAdult (♀)4,5011,2484
Statue of boldness and honorAdult (♀)2,6467505
Cute Pillow of FluffinessAdult (♀)7,0591,27310
Fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffAdult (♀)3,0818821
Shiny tinsel in the lightsAdult (♀)6,1418798
Violet creamAdult (♂)3,1488964
My beautiful Purple and IAdult (♀)3,0289244
Aurora of colors in the nightAdult (♂)3,1938893
Purple and blue beautyAdult (♀)2,6908491
Stargazer of the full moonAdult (♀)2,6149647
Pretty green warmth of summerAdult (♂)6,7241,3134
Soft green summer breezeAdult (♂)2,5578781
Beauty in the fallen leavesAdult (♂)2,6157752
Skywing of the fresh airAdult (♂)2,6378543
Me and my stripey buddyAdult (♀)3,1799616
Dark agonyAdult (♀)2,4357563
Sweet twilight in the skyAdult (♀)6,6498311
ray that shimmers in the sunAdult (♀)2,4328861
GlossclawAdult (♂)4,0431,0287
sun stretches his mightly wingsAdult (♀)1,9367567
Thorn eats your papyaAdult (♀)2,9468003
Brayden GAdult (♂)6,2951,49211
Chaos in the wavesAdult (♀)2,6677780
My turpintine buddy and meAdult (♀)3,1159043
Yello bootsAdult (♂)2,6768291
Tiny yellow feetAdult (♂)2,5735901
The wings are yellow tooAdult (♂)2,2287040
This one has yellow feet tooAdult (♀)2,4876162
UV light in the spectrumAdult (♀)2,7538184
Chocolate with a side of loveAdult (♂)2,1116854
Nightclaw DeathspikeAdult (♂)9,5931,77512
Nightclaw DeathshadowAdult (♂)3,7571,1049
Nightclaw LightfearAdult (♀)8,5591,4704
Darkness revolts in the lightAdult (♂)2,8738491
Darkclaw SharpFangAdult (♂)2,0858121
My vampire needs a babysitterHatchling (♂,❄)3,0808775
Fresh on freshie freshnessAdult (♀)3,9057984

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.