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You pick up the scroll labeled “sequiro,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VDBrSir two headsAdult (m)2,3387365
lAJQLady Better than one headAdult (f)1,9126073
hDXoDuoTwoDuoAdult (m)5,4411,1787
SC5ULady Dual FaceAdult (f)4,9511,1877
iGpP(iGpP)Hatchling (m, F)2,5558061
kPGogLord LindwurmAdult (m)1,4035331
H2rVtLady Two MoonsAdult (f)1,5456192
6fFtcMadame of the Twin MoonsAdult (f)1,4335446
F0s54Blue Opals ForeverAdult (m)1,6134911
7xCfnEmporer LindyAdult (m)1,9976183
rxWnwMaster LundyAdult (m)1,8545468
IXBi1Lady of the OpalsAdult (f)1,7316464
LbT39Lord of the Blue OpalsAdult (m)2,1556401
P5zezEmpress DuoMoonAdult (f)1,5496081
dIyPPKing of the Green OpalsAdult (m)1,8615551
LSbunLord Green OpalAdult (m)1,66451513
hCHn8Prince GreenlingAdult (m)1,3566233
t6DgKSir GreenstoneAdult (m)1,5396783
R8GRNQueen of the Green OpalsAdult (f)2,4135933
lprNtMaster OpalsAdult (m)2,2897812
DTl18Sir OapaAdult (m)2,5305730
eiAofQueen AeonicAdult (f)1,6896272
ELRbIDuke AeonAdult (m)1,7255861
llKf6Princess AeonlyAdult (f)2,3166691
yqs7G(yqs7G)Adult (m)1,8966713
sp2al(sp2al)Adult (m)1,4556763
RvZ41(RvZ41)Adult (m)1,9936945
dkB75(dkB75)Adult (f)1,6156542
AOOus(AOOus)Adult (m)2,1066352
TnEjL(TnEjL)Adult (m)2,7578122
j1c2Al-binismAdult (f)2,4408572
WpvOLord LeusistathAdult (m)3,9912678
aHSB(aHSB)Hatchling (F)1,7951494
LzFVNQueen AlmeraldingAdult (f)2,1726451
0xdA8King AlmeraldwyAdult (m)2,7345465
dKFqzMiss AlmarAdult (f)2,1076370
IT5lyMaster AlmarAdult (m)2,1575751
iZWCIPrince of GlissAdult (m)1,9575391
iT1bYLady of AnaAdult (f)2,0185553
ZVpt6Princess Anna GlissAdult (f)1,9165511
HGt1DPrince AnagaAdult (m)2,0025752
gC6uGKing AnagallishAdult (m)1,9115483
PcCFrQueen AnagallisaAdult (f)1,9105411
RkIeELady AntAdult (f)2,3095251
hHRoRMaster AntAdult (m)2,5645703
wG8atPrincess AntareaAdult (f)2,2955411
l0lFxSir AntwingAdult (m)2,3515260
siqSiPrince of AntareaAdult (m)2,0126630
ESdsIKing AntaAdult (m)2,1286560
A8YBEEmpress AntareanAdult (f)2,1396900
oqpThQueen AriawynnAdult (f)1,9846442
Q6rgwPrince ArialAdult (m)1,9836471
DtWhzDuke AriaoAdult (m)1,6545841
3ipSoPrincess ArialynnAdult (f)1,6515581
RKfChDuchess AriapisAdult (f)2,1515662
Qbx84King AriapAdult (m)2,9245053
WzfVr(WzfVr)Adult (f)1,8736100
XH2bp(XH2bp)Adult (f)2,3136500
zTnDs(zTnDs)Adult (f)1,7666110
jNbAq(jNbAq)Adult (f)1,8736030
GCnbD(GCnbD)Adult (f)2,0586431
JYjRuQueen AzurewingAdult (f)1,6835860
gnUnHEmpress AzurewingAdult (f)2,1516070
UTaHcKing AzurewingAdult (m)1,5035920
6DF4KMiss AzurewingAdult (f)2,2045731
kNrOR(kNrOR)Adult (m)2,5327011
7dJokSir CrocAdult (m)2,4217041
4en5MLady CrocAdult (f)2,3367071
EsmiWKing Croc HunterAdult (m)2,4627042
DffbuPrince CroclingAdult (m)2,3877031
e8cqAQueen CrocaAdult (f)2,3507051
ldgqe(ldgqe)Adult (m)1,9987051
Qtc5a(Qtc5a)Adult (m)2,6857040
32i17(32i17)Adult (f)4,0047021
QAAsfQueen BlueCrocAdult (f)2,3657061
WQ61G(WQ61G)Adult (f)2,4587021
DzhEH(DzhEH)Adult (m)2,5027073
624qB(624qB)Adult (m)2,5297071
rZsxq(rZsxq)Adult (f)2,4677032
7ZIVo(7ZIVo)Adult (m)7,5979624
mrRWS(mrRWS)Adult (f)3,3936295
Idr0The Holy Crap Lineage TourAdult (f)1,9446306
WAO3King MonarthAdult (m)2,4273117
pOSPGandBbackwardsAdult (m)3,7835408
mFNYPitch Black BabyAdult (m)3,2869833
TndcNightfury MuditaAdult (m)5,2461,3494
Kgn8Dark Valentine HoneyAdult (f)4,0219815
Ovzk8Lady Black NightAdult (f)1,8346942
wDYpiQueen BlackheartAdult (f)1,3516011
pElSZLady MaleficentAdult (f)1,7766471
4Fuk3Princess of the NightblackAdult (f)1,5876551
Q0qDpMadame InkAdult (f)1,5155901
MTg8cKing BlackheartAdult (m)2,2935571
QUZN7Lord BlackscaleAdult (m)1,8275961
KD7Y8Queen SootfaceAdult (f)2,1315482
kzk5MCarolBonesAdult (f)5,9448226
78XL(78XL)Hatchling (m, F)2,41343114
6W4d(6W4d)Hatchling (f, F)2,5417818
kCuF(kCuF)Hatchling (F)1,3841432
HTsCFrost SmokeAdult (f)4,2769576
UBioGilimtorAdult (m)3,0568695
dH0J(dH0J)Hatchling (f, F)1,4665473
3VXmFLady TeaTimeAdult (f)1,7366821
VP0tPLady Pink Tea is BestAdult (f)1,5066651
LJRGEDark Lord TeaAdult (m)1,8076082
ua74qMaster TeaAdult (m)1,7526023
ZiX7RMistress TeaAdult (f)1,4385621
sQJMtMadame Sweet TeaAdult (f)1,7946112
y771LMister Black TeasAdult (m)2,2595681
3qwbh(3qwbh)Adult (f)2,5836976
kg3ybMadame Seagull SouthAdult (f)1,3346021
pgA4dMaster SeagullAdult (m)1,4676742
bBm0SLady Gulls AloftAdult (f)1,7945931
9rwJvSir GullyverAdult (m)1,6546431
A2c5jDuke SetoAdult (m)1,5856173
9bmE0Lady BlacktippedAdult (f)2,4835699
19WKO(19WKO)Hatchling (F)1,0153142
lPS7U(lPS7U)Adult (f)3,2267012
RjiIg(RjiIg)Adult (m)3,6847032
ADN6V(ADN6V)Adult (m)3,4337062
uXfAyKing Blood MoonAdult (m)1,9316572
DoLkyQueen Blood MoonAdult (f)1,4395651
qPNkiPrince of the Red MoonAdult (m)1,3965771
NVkuGSir BleedingAdult (m)1,4665552
MNkKVPrincess Blood MoonAdult (f)1,5965791
gjOERMadame BloodmoonAdult (f)1,2675362
LiyfkEmporer Blood PathAdult (m)2,1636551
rPcS1Bloody QueenlingAdult (f)1,6206041
aPGovBloodborne PrincessAdult (f)1,5405702
FDeX2(FDeX2)Hatchling (F)9632241
NBGZiBlooded LadyAdult (f)1,7786583
Pj3uIA bloody pastAdult (f)1,5245672
JGpLPTwo Headed LineageAdult (m)1,3275592
lS5VVLord BloodfuryAdult (m)2,1266976
fdxwbQueen IlliaAdult (f)1,9166965
O2296Mind PerfectionAdult (m)1,6375121
qfkRQLord BloodscalesAdult (m)1,8315841
MgB2uEmporer Dark BloodAdult (m)1,9445282
zOG20(zOG20)Hatchling (F)1,1553861
kloIq(kloIq)Hatchling (m, F)4,2111,0152
lONo6Prince BluebandsAdult (m)2,4366342
1U41dKing BluebandsAdult (m)2,2405852
oRzJJPrincess BluebandAdult (f)2,4295312
h8jtOQueen BlueBandAdult (f)2,4115441
wPROi(wPROi)Adult (f)2,4226105
T8s7V(T8s7V)Adult (f)1,9885571
bjEA8(bjEA8)Adult (f)2,1745624
2mfeB(2mfeB)Adult (m)2,2957101
n7oic(n7oic)Adult (f)2,3127033
sih4q(sih4q)Adult (f)2,4126032
MLLYR(MLLYR)Adult (m)2,9147011
bckULLDorkfaceAdult (m)2,5791,0033
VKQgMcDorkfaceAdult (f)3,0011,0619
lILYLord Illyeth of the SeaAdult (m)3,2441,13510
RXDlIce Water and SkyAdult (m)8,8301,53519
0h3HnSnowIceSkyWaterAdult (f)1,9096051
lLUYASir Soaring AxisAdult (m)2,3515003
HFSdKEmpress of the OceansAdult (f)1,6155351
kMNlDPrincess BluefinAdult (f)3,7514164
nhvt(nhvt)Hatchling (m, F)2,6728245
cKWnC(cKWnC)Hatchling (F)1,1293673
DtOf4Song of BrineAdult (m)2,2505583
lQLu7Princess Blue SongAdult (f)2,1185254
qEWGLFish SingerAdult (f)5,0221,28612
b1JiWSong of PittiAdult (m)1,74266110
QKkAIKing Blue Song of the WindAdult (m)2,1495768
Ds7UhDuke Wheeling SingerAdult (m)2,0254604
YlVnbQueen SweetSongAdult (f)2,48874711
6rNBUPrincessl of MelodyAdult (f)2,5397126
d9R0ILord Curling SongsAdult (m)2,5478165
iarR1King BoltlyAdult (m)1,7465261
uEDbUQueen BoltingAdult (f)1,9745951
Majx8Duke BoltepAdult (m)1,9835831
qB3GHPrince BoltcaoAdult (m)2,6064931
6e0pALord BoltvarAdult (m)4,9476915
V4yCB(V4yCB)Hatchling (F)1,7345112
4USPW(4USPW)Adult (f)1,8086252
7Zw0E(7Zw0E)Adult (m)2,6156530
j41Le(j41Le)Adult (m)1,9876270
YTOru(YTOru)Adult (f)2,1746471
m6YLLady VibrantAdult (f)4,4271,58419
2UEqKing LutanthAdult (m)6,3511,55417
bqD3Prince Good VibranceAdult (m)6,6751,5137
1lgnDuke VibrancyAdult (m)3,1803192
HRHTQueen vibrant windAdult (f)3,4014926
Pf73King colorAdult (m)3,9106662
Kny65Mister BrightAdult (m)2,4337051
699I(699I)Hatchling (m, F)2,7186834
QSHN(QSHN)Hatchling (f, F)2,2274104
LkbT(LkbT)Hatchling (f, F)3,2038076
BjlPFPrince Fire and BrimstoneAdult (m)3,7826984
73gNkLord Brimstone and FireAdult (m)3,4068653
pLSINKing of Fire and BrimstoneAdult (m)4,5878105
NTr7YDuke of BrimstonianAdult (m)5,23767812
W9NrDQueen Brimstone and FireAdult (f)4,7457602
3SrjbPrincess Brimstone and FireAdult (f)5,3157503
lkGmCQueen BruteaAdult (f)1,4406221
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