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You pick up the scroll labeled “saharah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
acsOk(acsOk)Adult (m)4,1568532
i6yZv(i6yZv)Adult (m)4,1248311
Is3nk(Is3nk)Adult (m)4,1818231
THL4Y(THL4Y)Adult (m)4,0638316
XAgqU(XAgqU)Adult (m)4,2618284
q5kJ4(q5kJ4)Adult (m)4,2888353
n4DKG(n4DKG)Adult (f)4,3118284
V15Xm(V15Xm)Adult (f)4,3298222
4K4I0(4K4I0)Adult (f)3,5818505
d2F9T(d2F9T)Adult (m)3,5738642
BMOe7(BMOe7)Adult (f)3,5548613
jInNW(jInNW)Adult (f)3,5518603
EAhOt(EAhOt)Adult (f)3,5298614
LlrRN(LlrRN)Adult (m)3,5288413
78UGt(78UGt)Adult (f)3,6818443
Fd3rk(Fd3rk)Adult (f)3,6258464
0VS7r(0VS7r)Adult (f)4,4447669
sbcoF(sbcoF)Adult (f)4,5237567
bDo7y(bDo7y)Adult (m)3,0835684
ZWJdl(ZWJdl)Adult (f)3,1015976
owDaw(owDaw)Adult (f)2,9365617
o8nP9(o8nP9)Adult (f)3,0245633
T6LSh(T6LSh)Adult (m)3,0385925
z5cQ8(z5cQ8)Adult (m)2,9825905
lONIm(lONIm)Adult (m)3,0805684
DNHes(DNHes)Adult (f)4,2739601
Wt8BM(Wt8BM)Adult (f)4,2007433
wuhIi(wuhIi)Adult (f)2,5128082
F89k4(F89k4)Adult (f)2,5077931
UDEl2(UDEl2)Adult (m)2,8318041
VrPcl(VrPcl)Adult (m)3,1498131
5CAhO N E   P I E C EAdult (f)1,4908187
HhorZon the cruiseAdult (f)3,1177411
euUOr(euUOr)Adult (f)4,2447783
EcVOpWe    areAdult (m)3,7891,1541
19sW0(19sW0)Adult (f)3,3088120
VwLG2(VwLG2)Adult (f)4,7927463
MUB4qif you wanna be my friendAdult (f)4,7547191
t42ds(t42ds)Adult (f)2,1146350
cZJFG(cZJFG)Adult (f)3,5427461
qUCrethat we're  looking forAdult (m)4,6938201
MTdb1through the heartacheAdult (m)3,7649071
vslUN(vslUN)Adult (m)3,9668662
SRZsp(SRZsp)Adult (m)3,3597030
MxxRythe world had to offerAdult (f)4,4167550
y4aD1all your  hopes and dreamsAdult (m)4,7037290
3hSD1(3hSD1)Adult (m)4,4387647
NidEc(NidEc)Adult (f)2,8038123
XXhxu(XXhxu)Adult (f)2,7588122
TjGrp(TjGrp)Adult (f)3,0788044
dQtKc(dQtKc)Adult (f)3,8157311
NZrXm(NZrXm)Adult (f)3,4726501
XwwIM(XwwIM)Adult (f)3,6607701
gwVZW(gwVZW)Adult (f)4,1877191
68JBD(68JBD)Adult (f)3,3837330
2IEPS(2IEPS)Adult (f)3,8897341
yIxfO(yIxfO)Adult (m)3,7367341
opCuu(opCuu)Adult (m)3,5937410
Efc9Z(Efc9Z)Adult (f)3,0628100
Goqgl(Goqgl)Adult (m)3,9357374
W066and bring  alongAdult (f)5,9151,2945
GQjcTogether weWill find everythingAdult (f)2,3441,0726
3uqaD(3uqaD)Adult (f)2,5387194
Ci5MUall your hopes and dreamsAdult (m)2,4018012
9sUr5(9sUr5)Adult (f)4,2327573
TodX5(TodX5)Adult (f)3,7157432
CTNSq(CTNSq)Adult (f)3,9797595
BaBmand bring alongAdult (f)1,13258317
IOWDCome aboardAdult (f)6,64775115
W2pJthe Great Pirate EraAdult (f)1,8128524
1T9fknown asAdult (f)1,2778312
Ym47greater   thanAdult (f)3,1035640
t5CzPThis is the  timeAdult (f)4,5501,1971
GK2YmSo come aboardAdult (f)3,7109553
jvr5jthat the end of the map revealsAdult (f)1,9727943
uXBOOjust like I knowAdult (f)4,6661,3880
LaGSQThat legendary placeAdult (f)3,8591,3150
U69KKobtained thisAdult (f)4,4139020
lMJ37(lMJ37)Adult (f)3,4837382
ajTiYou want my treasureAdult (m)2,6861,0538
5aOmVYou can have itAdult (m)4,6964145
BgMwPto the seasAdult (m)3,0167603
lL57cWealth - Fame - PowerAdult (m)3,7161,1061
AqOuJthe king of the piratesAdult (m)1,4145321
9V5KEI left everythingAdult (m)6,1498623
5XqdZI gathered togetherAdult (m)5,3589242
pIUdvTogether we will find everythingAdult (m)3,5347411
k6Htt(k6Htt)Adult (m)3,7477323
KwFU6know that IHatchling (f, F)2,3008851
tTtA2that we're looking forHatchling (F)2,6228743
TmnpcOne  PieceAdult (f)3,4821,0751
T9ULVCompass left behindAdult (f)3,9931,2341
cTLzY(cTLzY)Adult (f)4,9246802
O8DU6(O8DU6)Adult (f)2,7356711
NEyQlhe'll only slow us downAdult (m)4,6441,2202
JS9jWYour heart will be your guideAdult (m)4,1461,1561
huc89(huc89)Hatchling (F)1,5763042
iMUEDraise the  sailsAdult (f)3,9591,1591
D96vzand take the helmAdult (f)4,3677770
EF5B3is only legendaryAdult (f)4,5377691
IfcZUtil someone proves it realAdult (m)4,0291,1360
ucrMgThrough  it allAdult (m)3,9281,2820
iMqpM(iMqpM)Adult (f)4,1347492
UUKM5(UUKM5)Adult (m)3,8827454
MkpK4through all the troubled timesAdult (f)3,9511,2265
tq3towill be thereAdult (f)2,9137422
Yr5VYand through the painAdult (f)3,0619694
eh2Q1stand by  youAdult (f)4,7409900
0USlfyou'll stand by meAdult (m)2,6547342
DHV0k(DHV0k)Adult (m)4,7007183
YbS28There's always room for youAdult (f)3,2697090
pVC34we      areAdult (f)4,0351,2610
zDwJYw  eAdult (m)4,5141,2554
kHSXqa   r   eAdult (m)5,0341,1761
SXNxIW E   A R EAdult (m)4,2251,1362
9KYPW(9KYPW)Adult (m)4,6785733
jCkHwOpening 1   Episodes 1-49Hatchling (F)9184130
RGe8IGold  RogerAdult (f)4,1681,1481
oYncmand  everything elseAdult (f)3,7401,3010
z6MIGdrove countless soulsAdult (f)3,6821,3090
KyVJ5and his dying wordsAdult (f)4,0349771
SczHXnow you justAdult (f)4,0711,2060
UxkJIhave to find itAdult (f)4,1451,2010
uvay4These words lured menAdult (f)4,5251,1731
0C98xto the Grand LineAdult (f)6,0128351
NiYkqin one placeAdult (m)4,2901,1111
l3pVrin pursuit of dreamsAdult (m)3,5809860
ecMJbthey've ever dared to imagineAdult (m)4,0681,2250
B35pg(B35pg)Adult (m)3,9041,2733
LJc35(LJc35)Adult (m)3,9621,2802
CFqGx(CFqGx)Adult (m)4,6101,2793
T6ZjN(T6ZjN)Adult (m)3,3388192
qTuaS(qTuaS)Adult (f)4,6477381
xSRqu(xSRqu)Adult (f)5,1587341
1Qdhi(1Qdhi)Adult (f)5,8385302
wktt0(wktt0)Adult (f)2,7915653
7iY2v(7iY2v)Adult (f)3,5477572
BAKqP(BAKqP)Adult (m)4,4117360
6kuRk(6kuRk)Hatchling (f, F)4,6497161
Er5ge(Er5ge)Adult (f)2,7528174
ccRXq(ccRXq)Adult (m)2,5818151
DnUd(DnUd)Adult (f)2,2169634
4dYKf(4dYKf)Adult (f)5,2443944
Igolj(Igolj)Adult (m)2,7837780
0SYd8(0SYd8)Hatchling (F)1,8377391
xOVq1(xOVq1)Adult (f)4,1311,0861
F2bA5(F2bA5)Adult (f)4,6531,1661
NoohN(NoohN)Adult (m)3,8591,2054
wir9b(wir9b)Adult (m)5,9741,0102
FjYKi(FjYKi)Adult (m)5,6397042
MprqZ(MprqZ)Adult (f)3,1119491
g5946(g5946)Adult (f)3,7361,1490
I8R89(I8R89)Adult (f)3,6681,2482
F1lMl(F1lMl)Adult (m)3,2269750
tfpA9(tfpA9)Adult (m)3,2409810
3elQX(3elQX)Adult (m)4,0601,2711
uM3oC(uM3oC)Adult (m)4,0751,2351
53YHy(53YHy)Adult (m)2,9519951
k077J(k077J)Adult (m)3,9251,2521
DMV1h(DMV1h)Adult (m)3,7771,3030
YatJ1(YatJ1)Adult (f)2,7837283
VbEQr(VbEQr)Adult (m)4,8577401
K7XlX(K7XlX)Adult (m)3,7996640
lvqP(lvqP)Adult (f)2,7311,1525
9riO(9riO)Adult (f)2,30688916
cdNKf(cdNKf)Adult (f)3,2037585
CMii(CMii)Adult (m)1,3945104
SGVCg(SGVCg)Adult (m)3,0337731
MhgXt(MhgXt)Adult (f)3,7591,3080
qpgU3(qpgU3)Adult (f)3,8991,2641
RhUS5(RhUS5)Adult (f)4,5561,2012
OaLbp(OaLbp)Adult (f)3,5527394
v3xoo(v3xoo)Adult (f)4,1287483
1D7R6(1D7R6)Adult (m)4,6961,0962
aNWPe(aNWPe)Adult (m)4,7171,1110
VFAKG(VFAKG)Adult (m)3,7251,2871
9RWVE(9RWVE)Adult (m)4,1661,2020
pbnUK(pbnUK)Adult (m)4,0971,1922
NugP4(NugP4)Adult (m)3,9871,2753
3iA0J(3iA0J)Adult (m)4,1961,1451
BJHbs(BJHbs)Adult (m)3,8091,1252
qHKHy(qHKHy)Adult (m)3,5291,0430
obJu4(obJu4)Adult (m)3,2131,0641
4kcRd(4kcRd)Adult (m)3,9241,2801
3gG34(3gG34)Adult (m)4,8101,2002
DLHcj(DLHcj)Adult (m)5,1338782
CK2U2(CK2U2)Adult (f)4,6327390
Tu6Fz(Tu6Fz)Adult (m)5,5458670
knPhs(knPhs)Adult (m)3,8017331
Y5o5L(Y5o5L)Adult (m)4,3207573
oYQDW(oYQDW)Adult (m)3,5007381
klYm5(klYm5)Hatchling (f, F)2,0978131
eG07(eG07)Adult (f)5,2191,0302
AI9r(AI9r)Adult (f)4,1095611
nmLH(nmLH)Adult (f)6,6719631
AT7U4(AT7U4)Adult (f)3,2974139
jPKCq(jPKCq)Adult (m)4,6114355
kMChM(kMChM)Adult (f)3,2934557
a2S96(a2S96)Adult (f)2,0953591
gbu0M(gbu0M)Adult (m)2,8662718
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