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You pick up the scroll labeled “safob123,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8a8JIB Split 1Adult (m)1,69491922
83xSPB Two Head Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,9281,05311
lIn4IB Split 2Adult (f)1,7801,02718
SgBgCB Split 1 EnnaAdult (m)1,68188416
ATUvLLPB Two Head Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,46383826
HmnNCB Split 2 EnnaAdult (f)86752011
i0UOPB Two Head Baby Uno EnnaHatchling (F)4252387
JSn2j(JSn2j)Adult (m)1,6915769
aEfPCB Albino Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,6115046
pQyZT(pQyZT)Adult (m)2,6326214
8mrDCB Bright Pink Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,8921,15126
MG2iCB Bright Pink Dos EnnaAdult (f)6,0411,26136
Sk3e(Sk3e)Hatchling (f, F)1,34779410
I3XKCB Balloon Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,31779519
LH0SCB Balloon Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,4275483
OpBtLLPB Balloon Baby Uno EnnaHatchling (F)1,3864604
45IuIB Black Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,9981,25120
ad9jPB Black Uno EnnaAdult (f)4,4161,02326
lLAFLLPB Black Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,25972419
FVoOIB Black Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,16368419
Mmt1IB Black Tres EnnaAdult (m)1,23058910
73PVLLPB Black Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,09355623
GpPGLLPB Black Tres EnnaAdult (f)2,8261,01530
OMhaPB Black Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,18869114
U738PB Black Tres EnnaAdult (m)1,79965314
ALTdLLPB Black Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)1,70459113
MoJLPB Black Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)2,0378306
782ZPB Black Cinco EnnaAdult (m)2,7295115
GW2VLLPB Black Cinco EnnaAdult (f)2,9935172
c4RILLPB Black Seis EnnaAdult (f)1,2505992
DXcaVCB Black Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,8245483
wpmAb(wpmAb)Adult (m)3,1257395
YYpeIB Black Baby Uno EnnaHatchling (f, F)2,3216637
wvszIB Black Baby Dos EnnaHatchling (f, F)8304146
8TcgIB Black Baby Tres EnnaHatchling (F)4582917
QVbvLLPB Black Baby Uno EnnaHatchling (F)9182467
df9TLLPB Black Baby Dos EnnaHatchling (f, F)1,52242610
1KZvPB Alt Black Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,18967417
vjjbPCB Black Tea Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,17280824
PXNwC(PXNwC)Adult (f)2,1337411
PcRCqIB Blacktip Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,1865604
ZHcRjCB Blacktip Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,6426661
Ux00SCB Blacktip Dos EnnaAdult (m)2,30159812
FwPqbCB Bleeding Moon Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,82163418
F9vMe(F9vMe)Adult (m)2,5224968
lCZCIB Bluna Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,41157122
emafq(emafq)Adult (f)2,3818803
gUu3rCB Blusang Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,30685718
CtVICB BB Wyvern Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,31976415
tEINCB BB Wyvern Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,2276165
bBvbCB BB Wyvern Tres EnnaAdult (f)1,55179519
jWCcCB BB Wyvern Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)1,0246181
TZJ73PB Brimstone Uno EnnaAdult (f)3,6657575
Q7ten(Q7ten)Adult (f)2,9074993
ae0RCB Canopy Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,58286015
FQZrCB Canopy Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,21870914
i8mKLLPB Canopy Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,66871627
2gGBCB Canopy Tres EnnaAdult (m)1,5886346
afFBAPB Canopy Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,6775148
axOBp(axOBp)Adult (m)2,2047262
PrnybCB Canopy Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)2,3147432
pV0XCB Cheese Uno EnnaAdult1,87790922
5U4aCB Baby Cheese Uno EnnaHatchling (F)1,75175814
1ehP(1ehP)Adult (f)95755911
DhbDPB Yulebuck Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,83994128
dZrcPB Yulebuck Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,61185615
GVAACB Snow Angel Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,36171920
og5eCB Snow Angel Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,50181724
p1YaCB Ribbon Dancer Dos EnnaAdult (f)2,3105743
M14ACB Ribbon Dancer Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,4006043
pM6KkCB Winter Magi Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,4844841
ForYGCB Winter Magi Dos EnnaAdult (m)2,2526231
Ff4bm(Ff4bm)Adult (f)3,0037285
PrhJJ(PrhJJ)Adult (f)2,6786954
W6LPCB Waverunner Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,6755254
gmZjCB Waverunner Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,6145445
pnjpCB Waverunner Tres EnnaAdult (f)3,0999808
iAkXeCB Baby Waverunner Uno EnnaHatchling (F)9394201
U4MWCB Vine Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,5781,08527
4PjjPB Vine Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,1491,01923
EEDlPB Vine Dos EnnaAdult (m)5,4651,29520
eJ5fIB Vine Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,92944711
HxNBIB Vine Dos EnnaAdult (m)2,0604586
IaYAIB Vine Tres EnnaAdult (f)1,97592716
BW99PB Vine Tres EnnaAdult (m)1,5454786
9Lg8PB Vine Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)2,0766978
aTZcPB Vine Cinco EnnaAdult (m)1,5146531
OfAPPB Baby Vine Uno EnnaHatchling (m, F)95456418
m7OKIB Vine Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)2,15334812
iXABPB Alt Vine Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,50637517
Jgu6CB Daydream Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,14868916
TMAbCB Daydream Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,88185112
VvS5CB Daydream Tres EnnaAdult (f)1,1406605
tCFMCB Deep Sea Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,36152718
V0l2CB Deep Sea Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,43153811
QeOjLLPB Deep Sea Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,20665010
nlXYLLPB Deep Sea Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,4547377
mCdAPB Baby Deep Sea Uno EnnaHatchling (m, F)81240113
LozuCB Dorsal Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,02160312
rQRxIB Dorsal Uno EnnaAdult (m)9845688
3b9ECB Dorsal Dos EnnaAdult (m)99962512
7OcDBCB Duotone Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,64865423
ccWXCB Electric Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,70191917
lqSuCB Electric Dos EnnaAdult (m)92353015
9pQ8CB Electric Tres EnnaAdult (f)1,13869017
n5RbCB Electric Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)2,3873706
6I5uCB Ember Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,2995372
Uu5FCB Ember Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,3185501
aHOkPB Ember Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,4675293
W3rbCB Ember Tres EnnaAdult (f)2,6602293
KBicQCB Ember Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)1,93577127
7wzIh(7wzIh)Adult (f)2,6139174
8Sx8G(8Sx8G)Adult (f)2,7394949
71EuCB Flamingo Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,8397353
R8lGCB Flamingo Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,8447612
YWWWCB Flamingo Tres EnnaAdult (m)1,6917303
5vVECB Flamingo Cuatro EnnaAdult (m)3,0789854
te3KPB Flamingo Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,3305051
Cao9RCB Imperial Fleshcrowne Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,5806032
ZU3um(ZU3um)Adult (f)2,4066303
HWt8CB Frilled Uno EnnaAdult (m)3,2461,27720
80KFCB Frilled Dos EnnaAdult (m)9,2251,50639
dYlZLLPB Frilled Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,59432718
iR1dCB Frilled Tres EnnaAdult (m)2,44390320
js07CB Frilled Cuatro EnnaAdult (m)3,06794316
aPYjCB Frilled Cinco EnnaAdult (f)2,86290215
ue1uIB Frilled Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,49065920
nXv5CB Baby Frilled Uno EnnaHatchling (m, F)1,14763217
Uk67PB Geode Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,83878618
5XxxPB Geode Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,44087012
lFwiIB Geode Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,3511,08112
ii2ILLPB Geode Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,88975919
6hXFPB Baby Geode Uno EnnaHatchling (f, F)8053945
ACTYCB Day Glory Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,5466222
6JY1CB Day Glory Dos EnnaAdult (f)97166411
7OvGCB Day Glory Tres EnnaAdult (m)3,01957210
vSqJCB Day Glory Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)1,1095912
ieKeCB Day Glory Cinco EnnaAdult (f)1,2947171
HZ4Y1CB Night Glory Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,11584922
z1DCLL Gold Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,15068924
PyqFIB Gold Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,16164114
rsPVIB Gold Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,73197320
QySdLL Gold Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,07067713
rPS8IB Gold Tres EnnaAdult (f)2,2274286
H7X1IB Gold Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)1,09566272
YdJfLL Gold Tres EnnaAdult (m)2,1091,04323
hGMoLL Gold Cuatro EnnaAdult (f)1,52684118
8t9nPB Shallow Water Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,31079011
7KfYPB Shallow Water Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,4166711
u5FCPB Shallow Water Tres EnnaAdult (f)4,7523187
OjAcCB Gray Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,06162115
mmfVIB Gray Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,45072425
nivWe(nivWe)Adult (m)2,6456612
NcoiIB Baby Gray Uno EnnaHatchling (F)1,4094555
QgABIB Baby Gray Dos EnnaHatchling (m, F)1,3354883
CJ6wCB Green Uno EnnaAdult (f)4,0641,19721
OSIcCB Green Dos EnnaAdult (m)9,2511,50045
kP6jPB Green Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,93088720
c3nhe(c3nhe)Adult (f)2,7967131
FAdfIB Baby Green Uno EnnaHatchling (F)59533412
hSQ4IB Baby Green Dos EnnaHatchling (f, F)1,9446357
DpMG1PB Greenwing Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,5037871
RjbAYCB Greenwing Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,81053817
BGknBCB Greenwing Dos EnnaAdult (m)1,6105852
IbiuCB Guardian Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,6841,04618
zhCLLL Guardian Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,12368214
8tYKLL Guardian Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,7269128
IioLPB Guardian Uno EnnaAdult (f)1,8707273
f8v0BCB Guardian Dos EnnaAdult (m)2,6977134
xM4Kh(xM4Kh)Adult (m)2,7446532
toTULL Baby Guardian Uno EnnaHatchling (m, F)1,13153213
V0Z8IB Baby Guardian Uno EnnaHatchling (F)1,39648710
EVq19CB Golden Wyvern Uno EnnaAdult (m)2,9715233
v4aAdPB Golden Wyvern Uno EnnaAdult (f)2,54823111
tu6DLCB Golden Wyvern Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,80972424
SARIRPB Pumpkin Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,6396926
uMHn2(uMHn2)Adult (f)1,8408292
HTuD6(HTuD6)Adult (m)1,8188242
Jum6CB Black Marrow Uno EnnaAdult (m)1,3166091
5ThDCB Black Marrow Dos EnnaAdult (f)1,4355231
bDsHCB Black Marrow Tres EnnaAdult (m)1,4486252
u4h8CB Black Marrow Cuatro EnnaAdult (m)1,3075793
5KTIy(5KTIy)Adult (f)1,7697783
Ys3nt(Ys3nt)Adult (m)1,7468171
9BpW7(9BpW7)Adult (m)1,7608222
hfAXACB Cavern Lurker Uno EnnaAdult (m)3,7505433
aCIOH(aCIOH)Adult (f)1,7638101
6r0WB(6r0WB)Adult (m)1,8983723
cTLT8(cTLT8)Adult (m)2,4183722
OmOVM(OmOVM)Adult (m)1,2614931
kYp8B(kYp8B)Adult (m)2,2793651
TCLt5(TCLt5)Adult (f)1,2424871
5YC1q(5YC1q)Adult (f)1,2064721
Uttov(Uttov)Adult (m)2,2405714
0rhW3(0rhW3)Adult (f)2,2005614
tscfC(tscfC)Adult (m)2,2955753
Yc6BU(Yc6BU)Adult (m)2,4255774
7ejF6(7ejF6)Adult (m)1,8576352
w2vRL(w2vRL)Adult (m)1,5946261
I0Pnh(I0Pnh)Adult (f)1,6606191
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