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You pick up the scroll labeled “repairmanman,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JuqH(JuqH)Adult (f)2,47343510
OukA(OukA)Adult (f)2,33839210
KRRL(KRRL)Adult (f)2,59738310
tpJV(tpJV)Adult (m)2,39539010
XGFQ(XGFQ)Adult (f)4,10144013
9JfO(9JfO)Adult (m)4,1698315
SZG7(SZG7)Adult (m)3,9116305
9o0Z(9o0Z)Adult (f)3,9136039
uFTX(uFTX)Adult (f)2,5026447
A5kR(A5kR)Adult (m)3,3067903
3mgK(3mgK)Adult (m)3,3758345
lNHC(lNHC)Adult (f)3,3717935
ephW(ephW)Adult (m)2,1376603
LMbo(LMbo)Adult (f)2,0436361
LWsn(LWsn)Adult (f)2,0476321
TP5N(TP5N)Adult (f)1,7315802
d0Sv(d0Sv)Adult (f)3,1054302
kalH(kalH)Adult (m)3,7764574
rSlF(rSlF)Adult (f)4,1444233
rd2t(rd2t)Adult (m)3,8044776
LYtQ(LYtQ)Adult (m)2,4064136
e0UP(e0UP)Adult (f)3,3195535
o5NS(o5NS)Adult (m)3,3427884
tQaO(tQaO)Adult (f)2,8018661
WOW6(WOW6)Adult (f)2,6668124
l8Da(l8Da)Adult (m)2,6668401
EHT6(EHT6)Adult (f)3,8269121
IjPH(IjPH)Adult (f)2,9555224
dirq(dirq)Adult (f)3,2455446
M5u5(M5u5)Adult (m)2,9155132
ITL2(ITL2)Adult (m)3,3125442
EKCa(EKCa)Adult (f)2,4976342
64XI(64XI)Adult (m)2,4694840
lD8n(lD8n)Adult (m)2,3834771
oNda(oNda)Adult (m)2,5684911
dWsI0(dWsI0)Adult (m)2,4265412
bsnDD(bsnDD)Adult (m)5,3853591
mhh33(mhh33)Adult (f)4,7243191
OWMnu(OWMnu)Adult (f)3,6163870
VDdeI(VDdeI)Adult (m)4,9994052
LWdBp(LWdBp)Adult (m)3,8063960
MLOns(MLOns)Adult (f)5,1734111
JR0x7(JR0x7)Adult (m)3,0094912
SZJL3(SZJL3)Adult (m)3,3855262
mmOR0(mmOR0)Adult (m)3,9344572
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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