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You pick up the scroll labeled “paniced,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ALKu(ALKu)Adult (m)2,27097410
052W(052W)Adult (m)2,60634512
Kx6s(Kx6s)Adult (f)4,77483230
6dId(6dId)Adult (f)2,9443078
kj1t(kj1t)Adult (m)3,7231,16727
d5Gj(d5Gj)Adult (m)2,90936616
4sNW(4sNW)Adult (f)3,1894209
thjC(thjC)Adult (f)2,81935012
r6CD(r6CD)Adult (m)3,1484298
MfWc(MfWc)Adult (f)3,0254858
26aC(26aC)Adult (m)2,60830214
kEbd(kEbd)Adult (f)3,2144396
5bne(5bne)Adult (f)2,47432910
du6Q(du6Q)Adult (f)3,11830424
RhfZ(RhfZ)Adult (f)2,6613414
A90X(A90X)Adult (m)3,16233614
9lpX(9lpX)Adult (f)2,79333413
OKgq(OKgq)Adult (f)2,52233115
GWtA(GWtA)Adult (f)3,90092024
hKle(hKle)Adult (m)3,1144888
vdV1(vdV1)Adult (f)1,8234527
Oe8q(Oe8q)Adult (f)2,64134912
7CoX(7CoX)Adult (f)2,8913226
hNuz(hNuz)Adult (m)4,9491,06723
V2UB(V2UB)Adult (m)3,85993024
ZdXP(ZdXP)Adult (f)1,9375933
UJvY(UJvY)Adult (m)8195722
ut5P(ut5P)Adult (f)2,89833410
8WH2(8WH2)Adult (f)2,7653767
aoi4(aoi4)Adult (f)2,9962945
5nA1(5nA1)Adult (m)2,20826723
UisE(UisE)Adult (m)2,9162618
f5F5(f5F5)Adult (f)2,2486064
9Ou9(9Ou9)Adult (m)4,21048913
NlZs(NlZs)Adult (m)2,97034910
A54c(A54c)Adult (f)2,97786519
MhC4(MhC4)Adult (f)2,0624188
89oB(89oB)Adult (f)2,18826518
MWts(MWts)Adult (m)4,2531,03344
Mdkd(Mdkd)Adult (f)4,0861,02511
y2CO(y2CO)Adult (f)4,2821,32643
XGTQ(XGTQ)Adult (f)3,06430018
k6sf(k6sf)Adult (m)2,37725313
7344(7344)Adult (f)4,00653515
hl1i(hl1i)Adult (f)2,80832812
5cCC(5cCC)Adult (m)2,28726618
loDd(loDd)Adult (f)2,8093229
tbuo(tbuo)Adult (m)2,21326818
9KBU(9KBU)Adult (f)6,8671,08934
jCyh(jCyh)Adult (f)1,9509633
J4sF(J4sF)Adult (f)2,7582858
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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