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You pick up the scroll labeled “orphaned,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dSxpo(dSxpo)Hatchling (F)1,5415264
TCRmVWhen  You  C a n ' t  LookHatchling2,6406633
VaaNxOn The  B r i g h t  SideHatchling (F)2,3043251
OxuhLI  Will  Sit  With  YouHatchling5,9007602
jZeZrIn  The  D a r kHatchling5,7019547
YZaiBDe Chao  InsaniumHatchling (m)5,1268342
caoSKDon't Just Fly  S O A RHatchling (m)5,0478284
zWAlUC o m e    With   M eHatchling (f)4,8998501
HQxN0Where Dreams Are BornHatchling (m)5,9099712
1YYP7And Time Is Never PlannedAdult (f)3,2965114
qvxKeTo  Infinity  and  BeyondHatchling (m)6,0429463
r3WdYA  l  l     I t    T  a  k  e  sHatchling (F)2,2272803
wJrbaIs  Love  and  TrustHatchling (f)4,2469531
lBatEAnd  A  little  BitAdult (m)6,2321,1051
Uoxv8of Pixie DustAdult (f)7,3921,1142
ZAALA(ZAALA)Adult (m)8,2751,4393
KnSm0(KnSm0)Hatchling (F)2,8801921
ydbYn(ydbYn)Adult (f)5,7041,1173
T5PR1(T5PR1)Adult (m)7,0541,1282
a0XSt(a0XSt)Hatchling (F)3,1182731
rxMC3All You Need Is One    OnceAdult (f)6,4269142
Njv63I'll Hold You In My HeartAdult (m)7,6341,0872
hPPE1Until I Can Hold YouAdult (f)7,6811,1753
UHwZ8In  My  A r m sAdult (m)7,5891,0861
TvBBJAnkchialeAdult (f)6,8341,1481
xUZDm(xUZDm)Adult (m)6,6991,1201
HrPPp(HrPPp)Adult (f)6,2881,1221
9pRvnThe Evil QueensAdult (m)7,2221,1794
pbYLMAre  The  PrincessesAdult (f)6,3231,0982
FEO6KThat Were Never SavedAdult (m)6,6341,1101
mNHUo(mNHUo)Adult (f)6,7731,0606
Ywygp(Ywygp)Adult (m)7,5231,1280
icCvH(icCvH)Adult (f)7,6461,1424
dcDCL(dcDCL)Adult (m)7,4421,0754
ZzD0x(ZzD0x)Adult (f)6,9911,1232
LhuXW(LhuXW)Adult (m)6,4611,0703
xFT3b(xFT3b)Adult (f)7,0671,1266
MAU6k(MAU6k)Adult (m)6,6661,1401
qfbGP(qfbGP)Adult (f)6,6971,0963
rvRgJThe  Best  In  ChowAdult (m)7,5661,1082
skjJ5Laughter Is TimelessAdult (f)7,5601,2824
T7HWxImagination Has No EndHatchling (m)5,8038853
w5NrdD r e a m s  Are   F o r e v e rHatchling3,1185473
ZQfTK(ZQfTK)Adult (m)6,5971,2084
uoEt1(uoEt1)Adult (f)6,2821,1152
bge3B(bge3B)Adult (m)7,6151,1351
YDfps(YDfps)Adult (f)8,3781,1032
6WDu7(6WDu7)Hatchling (F)2,3472051
donFi(donFi)Adult (m)6,6471,1562
L0XXf(L0XXf)Adult (f)6,2691,1042
NZYU5(NZYU5)Adult (m)7,8941,1633
UzQm7OnePaw TwoPaw ThreePaw Faux PasAdult (f)10,7811,2662
lYO1rIf You Can Dream  You Can Do ItAdult (m)6,5261,0811
SrjcDLes  Amuse  BoucheAdult (f)7,4551,1202
igUIfF l e e i n g   Is   FutileAdult (m)5,7349264
Kkuxg(Kkuxg)Adult (f)7,1441,0933
m8bSd(m8bSd)Adult (m)3,9634823
VRi58(VRi58)Adult (f)6,9661,0447
c1VcB(c1VcB)Hatchling (F)1,7593272
WLHjW(WLHjW)Adult (m)7,8651,1274
WBgit(WBgit)Adult (f)9,9421,4583
5I0sE(5I0sE)Adult (m)6,6401,1153
GRvUtMauve  At Last You have Found MeHatchling (F)2,8914722
W8W9fMinerva's  Mantle  of  WisdomHatchling3,4637901
46DPSYou Can't Hurry MauveHatchling (F)3,4555601
mDBqNIt's Too Hard To WaitAdult (m)7,5291,1021
JNdWmMauve Don't Come EasyHatchling (F)2,7475101
dqrCgIt's  A Pain To Wait and WaitAdult (f)6,6519913
8nik1Free  Range  RantingHatchling (F)2,8534271
WHcfz(WHcfz)Adult (m)7,7591,1296
OpgcS(OpgcS)Hatchling (F)2,2982962
623rIChatterbox ExtraordinaireAdult (f)6,1901,1382
SYVDs(SYVDs)Hatchling (F)4,0897193
o5Wbk(o5Wbk)Adult (m)7,2371,1633
4q2PD(4q2PD)Adult (f)7,6571,1092
GSVrCKnowledge Is ForeverAdult (m)2,3477504
8NzVwWords A True TreasureAdult (f)7,0651,2390
1le0eJolted  By  Sweet  TruthsAdult (m)7,6431,1262
Sgg4bMajestic   P u r p l e   ReignAdult (f)6,7351,2109
mAN5DFrom  A Rat  To  A King  n o tAdult (m)7,7751,1403
eo0aEI p s o  F a c t o  Columbo OreoHatchling (F)1,8882191
hEKBRTruth  Comes  Shining  ThroughAdult (f)7,3021,1363
Bu4FaImbued With The Secret LanguageAdult (m)8,2781,1712
Bta7IDangerous Art Thou Among DragonsAdult (f)6,9891,16014
vg8MuThe  Curious  Become  The  MenuAdult (m)7,6661,1783
mBuz9B e w a r e  The Mighty RaptorAdult (f)7,5921,2481
4gn1KL i g h t i n g   The   W a yAdult (m)8,3111,1363
n8XrRIn  Defense  of  OthersAdult (f)8,6071,2402
pvSLsKing  of  Wishful  ThinkingAdult (m)6,2081,0624
LMA4XSignals  From  The  UniverseAdult (f)8,3981,1393
nIIo9Love Frees Hearts To SoarAdult (m)7,9931,1532
m8epRLady HarpyiaiAdult (f)8,8771,1631
1R53VFaith in the FutureAdult (m)7,7031,2554
9ptK5(9ptK5)Adult (f)7,3061,2004
iOpKX(iOpKX)Adult (m)8,5631,1660
YW9En(YW9En)Adult (f)5,7551,0316
jkh7A(jkh7A)Adult (m)6,1601,2806
hqtvF(hqtvF)Adult (f)6,0181,1252
5yXP4(5yXP4)Adult (m)7,3051,1004
w9Ys4(w9Ys4)Adult (f)8,6111,1675
olPy0S t o p  MeddlingAdult (m)8,5201,1612
6nwhEIn   Our   InterferenceAdult (f)9,1921,1511
tunPfAnd I Am Unanimous On ThisAdult (m)8,3671,1983
A2idkThree Days For The WorldAdult (f)8,5191,2171
eE9wCT o    Right    I t s e l fAdult (m)9,1041,2021
Zc4RJOnce  M o r eHatchling (F)1,7881901
GInBREssence of TranquilityAdult (f)11,6531,2694
4xEchN  e  v  e  r   L o o k   Ba c kAdult (m)7,8141,1613
yvitnIt  Distracts   From  The  N o wAdult (f)8,2451,2681
rzepmYour Only Limit Is Your SoulAdult (m)5,9981,1621
GXCZLMr Dieingly SadHatchling (F)2,5732002
er55bMystifyingly GladAdult (f)7,7961,2662
0lZojEnigmaticus MysteriosoAdult (m)
AzKrqNight's  Mystical  SorceressAdult (f)7,7141,2491
J2ymlPrecious Scents For Thee AloneAdult (m)6,8231,1866
B6LQcOlive Me  Why Not Take Olive MeAdult (f)5,6469185
ELtuhCan't   You  See   I'd  Be  LostAdult (m)3,0805862
GWLoaW  i  t  h  o  u  t     Y o uAdult (f)8,2351,2524
2MYFqTake   A l l   of   MeHatchling (F)2,1602411
GczZdAll That Glitters Isn't LoveAdult (m)6,3141,1332
IcOzmLearning Life's Mysterious WaysAdult (f)6,2631,1043
UFpqfThe Ultimate Power of KnowledgeAdult (m)3,0596214
s3JdXMagickal Midnight's Blue LadyAdult (f)7,9251,3032
AgRyaQuirkier  and  Q u i r k i e rAdult (m)6,0211,0681
W9dlcOrigin  of  the  SpeciousAdult (f)7,3111,2554
7TDW9Blinded ByTheLightsAdult (m)5,5171,1204
7V8WXShimmer  StonesHatchling (F)3,7134522
UYRDyStar Shards and DreamsAdult (f)6,8591,1724
x0K2MSky High Hopes and WishesAdult (m)6,0941,1082
8It7OTenir  Fermement  Mes  RevesAdult (f)6,0961,1614
yVEj2I  Got  My  O w n  Way  To  RockAdult (m)5,4681,1443
nkGWMI  Got  My Own  Way To  R o l lAdult (f)6,7091,1762
o16RaMake Yourself At Home I'mHungryAdult (m)5,8701,1633
NixqYYes It's Me and I'm InLove AgainAdult (f)6,5321,1873
Yoxo7When You're Walkin'ThatWalkAdult (m)5,6721,1893
LBg98It's  Good  For  Your  SoulHatchling (F)1,7252291
dyN23Lighting My World With LoveAdult (f)6,2671,2282
PTorYUnseen  I  Feel  Your  SpiritAdult (m)5,9441,1443
XU8IeP  a  r  o  d  i  z  e   L o s tAdult (f)7,9861,1323
Q0bY4Darkness  Always  LiesAdult (m)5,9051,1343
gtg7BCongenitallyBaptisteHatchling (F)3,8263022
gJbe5madnessincarnateHatchling (F)3,7893063
SrLUrSomething's  StirringHatchling (F)3,4556396
vuqGmI Am Siyat  Hear Me RoarAdult (f)6,0691,2272
n6nbxIgnore Me At Your PerilAdult (m)6,1501,2363
gEdpzDeafening  If  DeniedAdult (f)5,6171,2073
GDuBfChattering  ChorusAdult (m)5,5041,1985
gvnDEJabberwockian JubilationAdult (f)5,6401,2094
D24RGChirping  The  Night  AwayAdult (m)5,6781,2424
544bbMe Talk Too Much  NopeAdult (f)5,4771,0741
2XQbNMany Hues Light The NightAdult (m)9,6001,2428
6MMmTHere  I  Am   Look At Me Me MeAdult (f)4,9611,0552
Qqt3ySpreading  My Insidious MadnessAdult (m)9,0091,2151
YNY6JDangerous  Newcomers  ArriveHatchling (F)3,7147581
59ZIhThe Deadly Effects of  M a n aHatchling (F)2,4892431
OxlI9Consumption By ConsensusAdult (f)5,5271,2062
Tu1gjLife  Is  But  A   S c r e a mAdult (m)5,5591,2304
yD0wzFiendish  FemininityHatchling (f, F)5,0858021
N4hWeM o b   M e a l sHatchling (F)3,6168260
smgk3L  i  v  e   D i n i n gHatchling (m, F)3,3929454
sUkcGSavagery By SwarmingHatchling (F)3,3392994
zNAJ6Galsreim  Is  Now  HomeHatchling (F)3,6602442
4SPINEndless Prey  Endless EatsHatchling (F)5,2016833
p12McNo Rest For The  S k i t t i s hAdult (f)7,0511,1101
b32Z4Exercise WhetsMyAppetite   RUNAdult (m)4,2206574
dGy8rOnce A Vegan  Always A VeganAdult (f)5,3489822
COwTQP l a y i n g  In  The  WindAdult (m)6,4841,1803
TBjp2What  Me Argue  NeverAdult (f)8,0481,1623
7WZ9pVow  of  ViolenceAdult (m)4,7439184
tGaynTiny Fierce ProtectorHatchling (F)2,3195254
UJCYsExquisitely ConvolutedAdult (f)6,1531,2443
rbn5zCirion  SplendorAdult (m)7,0821,2951
vAwdvSol SeekerAdult (f)6,5141,1512
2q2osLunar  HunterAdult (m)7,8891,3524
I1QfvSharing  The  MagicAdult (f)5,8641,0522
90Tugthe hidden power of wordsHatchling (F)4,2786353
C24SRLove  Is  In  The  H e i rAdult (m)8,0131,1201
7JMEFT w i c e   BlessedAdult (f)6,2531,0765
qD67SPerfectly  MeAdult (m)6,9981,0753
6RGIRSweet   S o l a c eAdult (f)3,7596844
xZ52XQuietly  ComfortingHatchling (F)3,6482532
NcFSBSoothingBlendedHuesAdult (m)6,7261,0584
ETRD6D i t h e r i n g  H e i g h t sAdult (f)8,2131,0692
OTIF3Gathering   All  That  GlittersHatchling (F)3,9514903
IhxoLLove  Songs  in  the  Key of  WeAdult (m)6,3681,1153
xWS49U n f o l d i n g   As  ForetoldAdult (f)5,7721,0817
Asj63Recalcitrant RomanticAdult (m)7,7351,0482
lhi4BMistress  Of  LuminescenceAdult (f)6,6171,3132
reoseMagicking The Air To My WillAdult (m)7,3501,0502
j3FNWBewitchingly Beautifully BronzeAdult (f)8,3361,3566
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