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You pick up the scroll labeled “orphaned,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RAKt6(RAKt6)Hatchling (F)2,2252791
SALw6(SALw6)Hatchling (F)2,1861931
OJWSv(OJWSv)Hatchling (m)5,0647112
vf9JN(vf9JN)Hatchling (F)2,9172782
v1uQR(v1uQR)Adult (m)3,9429845
1uLWE(1uLWE)Hatchling (F)2,0952955
2xb2D(2xb2D)Adult (m)4,9341,2512
ZbKxs(ZbKxs)Adult (m)5,4049233
XNxaO(XNxaO)Adult (f)6,1269412
Ld3jB(Ld3jB)Adult (m)5,9961,0911
ylmYJ(ylmYJ)Hatchling (F)1,5833361
lqqZj(lqqZj)Adult (f)6,0221,0316
52FLf(52FLf)Adult (m)6,1121,1952
nPm6v(nPm6v)Hatchling (f)4,4999343
vDTsS(vDTsS)Hatchling (F)2,3552872
jSs1f(jSs1f)Hatchling (F)2,6413843
ORtvz(ORtvz)Hatchling (F)1,4704502
OyMPMCombat Is My Resting StateHatchling (F)2,2075372
1GoTi(1GoTi)Hatchling (F)1,1633603
KNkclTruthful HyperboleHatchling (F)3,1383821
I4YgS(I4YgS)Hatchling (f)3,8397282
iXm3N(iXm3N)Adult (m)5,8241,0752
6YKzY(6YKzY)Hatchling (f)5,0021,1652
AI452(AI452)Adult (m)5,1248812
r4plO(r4plO)Adult (f)5,3301,2344
DZaWZ(DZaWZ)Hatchling (F)1,3561431
QvBQR(QvBQR)Adult (m)4,8381,1062
SsGro(SsGro)Adult (f)4,7511,1662
kfUeb(kfUeb)Adult (f)4,6591,1252
l9rFU(l9rFU)Hatchling (F)6611791
K38Vu(K38Vu)Adult (m)5,1611,1031
BkkVl(BkkVl)Adult (f)6,1571,1212
g7Jvt(g7Jvt)Adult (m)5,4431,18810
DHrqx(DHrqx)Adult (f)4,7121,0851
gYi6M(gYi6M)Adult (m)4,5421,0961
VOVzr(VOVzr)Hatchling (F)1,6454551
LLpRuSnappish In My SolitudeAdult (f)5,8831,1152
8QsiGThe  BEST  PresentAdult (m)5,6151,0182
5VkODIs Being PresentHatchling (F)7961822
qiHjnScrappily  Ever  AfterAdult (f)4,9799423
pCJo9Munchables  EverywhereAdult (m)4,9219874
UEEQ4My  F e a r s o m e  ProtectorAdult (f)5,7719824
Rqo2PAll I Want  Is  EverythingAdult (m)5,5779136
pXJcpIf  It's  Meant  To  BeAdult (f)4,5531,2032
YypaPIt'll  Be    It'll  BeAdult (m)5,0069771
SVn4pBaby   Just  Let  It  BeAdult (f)4,6549863
ksMb8See Where This Thing GoesAdult (m)6,1119522
3RQnPOnly  T  i  m  e   Will  TellAdult (f)5,0221,0761
WS6PQThe Answers My FriendHatchling (F)6941391
v9C8NAre  Blowin'  In  The  W i n dAdult (m)5,2319364
TnR7HWhere Magic and Love CombineAdult (f)4,9389855
gZF3bRevealing TheWisdom of the HeartAdult (m)4,3759552
Bkq3bCraZy Little Thing  Called  LoveAdult (f)4,6271,0623
1NrkuIt'sTheRightTime of the NightAdult (m)4,0339623
kDzFnF o r   M a k i n g   L o v eHatchling (F)1,7733961
6W4OKI ' l l   B e   S  w  e  e  tAdult (f)3,0418631
MzCnaAnd You'll Be KindAdult (m)4,8739883
gcJtCWe'll  Be  B  a  dAdult (f)6,5461,0445
zLpkVIf  You Don't MindHatchling (F)1,1702022
GQGd7I'll  Take  You  ThereAdult (m)4,2319651
I1x9oLet  Me  Lead  The  WayAdult (f)4,3008482
vXJYLSailing Into The MystiqueAdult (m)3,8768641
X2pgyThe Pride I TrampledAdult (f)5,3119621
kUYl5Is Now My ScatheAdult (m)3,3818951
NR1FoFor It Tramples Me AgainAdult (f)4,5539331
ARq9DIf It Moves It's Mine To Dine OnAdult (m)4,3259424
tVjLEDeeply  S u p e r f i c i a lAdult (f)3,6688871
USrbJ(USrbJ)Adult (m)5,1141,0184
oqi9H(oqi9H)Hatchling (F)1,6181661
aQKbo(aQKbo)Adult (f)5,1969716
DYTLs(DYTLs)Adult (m)4,6519334
4qcWi(4qcWi)Adult (f)4,7929502
nfd4d(nfd4d)Adult (m)4,6451,0245
uqr4CThat Old Blue MagicAdult (f)4,0671,0680
zgGo7Has  Me  In Its  S p e l lAdult (m)3,9149122
RywSDThat   A n c i e n t   MagicAdult (f)3,3278743
IvPE8That  Y o u   Do    So  W e l lAdult (m)3,2428722
HCDQMYou'll Know Spirits Are StirringHatchling (F)3,0633661
V2Mx9When  The  Moons  Shine  B l u eAdult (f)4,2611,2081
5TLivWhen  Shadows  Come  AliveAdult (m)4,3351,0723
ErzgWIllusion Becomes RealityAdult (f)4,6031,2302
NPxWwAnd  New  Dragons  AppearHatchling (F)1,2472531
poodIMaster of The Wizarding WorldAdult (m)4,8711,3712
eQ1h2(eQ1h2)Adult (f)6,4121,5762
r6Nuq(r6Nuq)Adult (m)6,2801,5743
THsJG(THsJG)Adult (f)1,7678333
c5sJu(c5sJu)Adult (m)6,8011,7057
b7ptYAncient Majicks Have Now ArrivedHatchling (F)1,0441991
r5NIgThe Spell  of  the  Harvest MoonAdult (f)6,0461,6353
npMnhOfferings Appease The GodsAdult (m)4,7571,0001
7hcHdssomething'ss burningHatchling (F)1,8442914
4i3I7Filling The Skies With FlamesAdult (f)4,4319540
lwrWeJoin Our Spooktacular HalloweenAdult (m)4,0521,0672
g6drZOktoberFeast  Is  Here  For  AllHatchling (F)1,7327022
nvTcIS h a d o w s  Come To LifeAdult (f)4,2861,2153
t4Yk9Be Wary Where You GoHatchling (F)1,0161622
Lt1Wt(Lt1Wt)Adult (m)4,0941,0452
wWa3W(wWa3W)Adult (f)6,2581,6432
DNdsh(DNdsh)Adult (m)5,7011,2744
6gywm(6gywm)Adult (f)6,2871,6112
gG1jK(gG1jK)Adult (m)4,2261,0201
Kfv1o(Kfv1o)Adult (f)6,0511,5672
HLZC3(HLZC3)Hatchling (F)2,0093072
wzeoc(wzeoc)Adult (m)4,7231,1613
8rzfp(8rzfp)Hatchling (F)2,4213622
rzCCqFlaunting My Goulish FigureAdult (f)6,3101,6371
41utF(41utF)Adult (m)6,3011,5671
CwHE5(CwHE5)Adult (f)3,2608821
3CQfe(3CQfe)Adult (m)3,0019131
FZcwY(FZcwY)Hatchling (F)2,0903531
sZMTM(sZMTM)Adult (f)5,6721,4682
UNHxYCrazy Little Thing Called GrubAdult (m)3,8329922
srwTDThe  J u i c i e r  The BetterAdult (f)3,4709082
cPJjnMerrily   Munching  MarrowHatchling (F)2,3685484
F7EdZOh  What Fun  It Is To CrunchAdult (m)3,5759231
kRDhbThe Most Wonderful Sound EverAdult (f)3,3269171
MnoO2(MnoO2)Adult (m)5,1801,4312
kYksT(kYksT)Adult (f)5,9191,4841
VUGOlThe Darkness  ALWAYS  LiesAdult (m)4,9591,1551
iZXXz(iZXXz)Adult (f)2,6773625
Vq5mx(Vq5mx)Adult (m)6,0551,6792
bRn3c(bRn3c)Adult (f)6,7741,5521
mQOMfGourdian WaysAdult (m)4,1821,0103
4qkA3Lifting Us HigherAdult (f)6,5741,6002
yjqs6Sweet Gourd 'o MineAdult (m)6,6071,5732
8cGdq(8cGdq)Adult (f)5,9521,5064
qGIGB(qGIGB)Adult (m)6,9911,5932
51kBn(51kBn)Hatchling (F)2,2654172
KAy84(KAy84)Adult (f)6,5621,5742
bJT5D(bJT5D)Adult (m)6,8931,5944
1Q3rS(1Q3rS)Adult (f)4,9561,1201
4lTrb(4lTrb)Adult (m)3,4479271
FilxL(FilxL)Adult (f)3,5928332
b75yHBones of ContentmentAdult (m)6,6961,6103
bYJKG(bYJKG)Adult (f)6,4431,6271
j1RVl(j1RVl)Hatchling (F)1,9334263
JRTkkRudolph's Shady BrotherAdult (m)6,5431,5693
exqJF(exqJF)Adult (f)6,4581,6772
SZzWx(SZzWx)Adult (m)5,4731,3514
uF1sXAutumn's Scents Alone RemainAdult (f)5,4701,2313
WJMk6Back  To  The  S h a d o w sAdult (m)3,5988951
fRXzGFrom Whence I CameHatchling (F)1,2252081
H1T9bHell's  Depths  Await  MeHatchling (F)1,7725502
5RfGSThus Endeth All Hallow's EveHatchling (F)1,1173983
wSSYLAs It Was Written  and  ForetoldAdult3,9371,1105
2869GGlowing In Autumnal SplendorAdult (f)5,9391,6692
5GrKcThe Leaves of DestructionAdult (m)6,9441,5184
N8dWrTremulous  StabilityAdult (f)8,1201,6034
5SISvSon of the Moon and StarsAdult (m)8,2681,5303
Gw8iEGlistening  Glittery  GlamourAdult (f)7,2211,4984
qb4NMJoyously Swooping EverywhereAdult (m)7,3991,2991
3I9X2P i x i e l a t e d   PrincessAdult (f)7,8281,6634
SQNJqFifty  Shades  of  RageAdult (m)8,5371,5514
Ejj2wFollow  Me  QuietlyAdult (f)7,0171,5712
WLKusInto  The  SunsetAdult (m)6,2621,2613
7o3w6Riding Heaven's SkiesAdult (f)6,8391,5222
rPYZtFidelity's Shades of BlueAdult (m)6,5461,1082
7e8L8Evermore EverYoursAdult (f)6,5501,3172
YswhIOn The Winds of LoveAdult (m)5,9161,4095
138X5My Happy Heart  S i n g sAdult (f)6,2411,1412
3Da1XSoaring  Up  Where We BelongAdult (m)6,4311,1491
XeIxYForeverHookedOnEachOtherAdult (f)8,1121,6151
b9OkeBecause  You're  M i n eAdult (m)5,4011,1613
ap5pRI'll  Cross  The  LineHatchling (F)2,6163258
4P5NbCrimson  Q u e e nAdult (f)6,5741,2153
Xrg5NC o r p u s  DeliciousAdult (m)7,1821,1332
xwHgENo Decisions RequiredAdult (f)8,1351,2652
monrAWe're   G o n n a   DoAdult (m)7,2551,1762
mDNzPWhat   T h e y   SayAdult (f)6,6981,2314
S89fqCan't  Be  DoneAdult (m)6,7991,1831
pmiOUReaI lllusionsAdult (f)6,5811,3524
Sp2nfPugilistic InstinctsAdult (m)5,6201,2295
MfR63G  l  a  c  i  a  l   PrincessAdult (f)6,4031,2293
6XdfGMistress of  the MountainsHatchling (F)1,2701331
2IozRHealing's Grand MasterAdult (m)6,6221,1531
OmdfjBeautiful C h a o sAdult (f)7,0381,2000
6ez66Grotesque Yet GentleAdult (m)6,2071,1630
HMLmUSilvering The Darkest SkiesAdult (f)6,0751,2931
BWOMEThe  Invisible  BeyondAdult (m)5,6271,1442
TCDQnC  o  o  l   As   I c eAdult (f)7,5541,1192
WEQFhGame On   tinyHatchling (F)1,64419113
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