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You pick up the scroll labeled “orphaned,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aCefc(aCefc)Hatchling (F)3,0453042
SLrp7(SLrp7)Adult (f)2,7069546
029oC(029oC)Hatchling (F)1,6993992
LeQIy(LeQIy)Hatchling (m)7,3471,1253
XzuZE(XzuZE)Hatchling (m)7,3791,1222
VkgOj(VkgOj)Adult (m)6,8631,4333
9a9EF(9a9EF)Adult (m)7,2951,5145
GrvroSTOP  In The Name of LoveHatchling (F)960956
jhR87All  Things  ValentineAdult8,5481,4685
9CI0tIn  The  B e g i n n i n gAdult (f)7,5381,4971
nasAzFrom Heaven's SweetnessAdult (m)8,2361,5241
QSf1oHere  Is  Where  Love  BeganAdult (f)8,0291,5251
zY3K1Showering Gifts From The HeartAdult (f)8,4581,5711
ViYER(ViYER)Adult (m)8,2701,6221
L5cg4(L5cg4)Adult (f)8,3311,6022
stCkV(stCkV)Adult (m)8,0431,5671
cCY6J(cCY6J)Adult (f)8,2331,5643
1XPw1(1XPw1)Adult (m)7,9321,3873
VliP4(VliP4)Adult (f)8,0651,6041
uvfw7(uvfw7)Adult (m)8,8301,4563
Gr0yZCupid's CourtesanAdult (f)8,4591,5802
7zn2YPilgrimages for LoveAdult (m)8,7231,4713
6EbW7Southern   C o m f o r t i n gAdult (f)8,6791,4293
jo1lzMoreThingsLovingThisWayComesHatchling (F)3,0203582
gvncY(gvncY)Hatchling (m)5,2749233
2Z2iRPerfectly  PetalHatchling (f)5,6249983
ayGZ0Scents of A WomanHatchling (m)5,9021,0184
oAP5HT r a i l i n g  TemptationHatchling (F)2,6673522
KxZVb(KxZVb)Adult (f)7,1431,5343
2DjeBDarling ChocophileHatchling (m)7,8481,1751
0sjy9(0sjy9)Hatchling (f)7,6321,2154
Xv7oZ(Xv7oZ)Adult (m)8,1091,3063
GTTEq(GTTEq)Adult (f)8,4231,4494
3AgA6(3AgA6)Adult (m)8,4241,4152
W7AcC(W7AcC)Hatchling (F)2,8962221
iAZJsBelle  of  the BallAdult (f)8,5011,4713
6QAHlDeliciously  YoursAdult (m)7,3451,4654
ZwOeW(ZwOeW)Adult (f)8,6341,4772
3oxB9(3oxB9)Adult (m)7,7941,2983
hvoDt(hvoDt)Adult (f)9,3051,4151
C53Tf(C53Tf)Adult (m)8,7871,3063
p7lEj(p7lEj)Adult (f)8,8041,4452
EDF3u(EDF3u)Adult (m)8,8511,3204
XsYHB(XsYHB)Adult (f)8,0321,4223
063dG(063dG)Adult (m)7,8651,4101
ViVWeCotillion  RoseHatchling (F)2,5792572
s4wiU(s4wiU)Adult (f)8,1721,3831
1ItGf(1ItGf)Adult (m)8,5301,4193
hPhPp(hPhPp)Hatchling (F)1,8342632
0pVeXA Whole Lot of GorgeousAdult (f)8,5551,4223
MBEeOMechant MorchaintAdult (m)8,4931,4343
VcdD4(VcdD4)Adult (f)8,8981,4432
IpZbd(IpZbd)Adult (m)7,7961,2633
sxI8f(sxI8f)Hatchling (F)5,0057933
pvXrS(pvXrS)Adult (f)8,5771,4782
n0rK2Muddled   MatchmakerAdult (m)7,9841,2743
NmajNS a m e  Time   N e x t   YearHatchling (F)3,3702312
aF81rLove's Dreams Will Light The SkyAdult (f)8,3191,4725
hITmjWarming  Hearts   With  HopeAdult (m)8,6911,4942
CT0XCThe Promise of WhatCanBeAdult (f)9,2981,5175
xjjgIWaiting In The SpacesHatchling (F)2,3572943
Df3OHB e t w e e n   HeartbeatsAdult (f)12,5471,64610
8pNwOJust Because MyPath Is DifferentAdult (m)9,1811,3037
pCVAzD o e s n ' t   Mean  I'm  LostAdult (f)9,4951,5154
9ErvOTimeless  TemptressAdult (f)8,3461,4894
YT3owSoul  of a WarriorAdult (m)10,9101,5415
NRAvAIn The E n dAdult (m)11,0441,2517
2uwtkW  e      A   l   lAdult (f)7,5141,0801
YaSIyJust Want SomeoneAdult (m)7,3021,1617
GE4yDThat   C h o o s e s   U sAdult (f)7,7671,3105
yMSLOOver  E v e r y o n e  ElseAdult (m)7,1989982
PD61SUnderANYCircumstancesHatchling (F)2,3632663
JPaIrTylwythTegAdult (f)10,6291,1013
8TEfvThe Touch of An AngelAdult (m)12,5531,3585
fWjKGP l a y f u l   When You AreAdult (f)7,5381,0265
oIM93Sunset ShenanigansAdult (m)11,6931,2597
XsSvFThe Power of An ExampleAdult (f)8,8531,4355
i48ozTogether  Mind Body and SoulAdult (m)9,2121,1688
3jaXlAn Example of Our PowerAdult (f)9,7641,4964
DyRHaHeteroflexibleHatchling (F)2,0643454
yPoOMAs  You  Wish  MiladyAdult (m)9,9881,3305
EGcndYour Wishes  My CommandsAdult (f)8,2781,1612
7TZ2nHues  of  HyacinthsAdult (m)9,1421,2282
R0P67Feminine  M y s t i q u eAdult (f)7,7221,0796
GlWa4Exploring The Mysteries of YouAdult (m)7,6821,0656
FseUkG l o w i n g  In The KnowingHatchling (F)2,1734464
houkIThe  M a g i c  of  RomanceAdult (f)9,0361,3993
JB0mxKingdom of The HeartAdult (m)8,9411,4132
YYsRISoul  PerfectionAdult (f)9,2321,3976
Ksj4SOur Love Reigns SupremeAdult (m)11,0281,1562
2HTUFYour Personal EnchantressAdult (f)8,5881,2542
oYQQ0If  You  Ever  Leave  MeAdult (m)10,8041,3314
VLeZKI'm Going With YouAdult (f)9,2291,2394
94NqQMysteriousWaysAdult (m)10,1041,2133
63rUoI  l  l  u  m  i  n  a  t  aAdult (f)8,4221,2232
QZFgqPretty  L'il  ParchmentHatchling (F)9,0211,0253
y8sncHonour  Through  TruthAdult (m)9,3821,1782
RBbQZRandom   Acts  of  ShynessAdult (f)9,2241,1212
84NTCHeaven's Gifts of Star ShardsAdult (m)10,2391,2205
3N9iHBeautify Our Home Sweet HomeHatchling (F)3,3152553
aIDsmOut of My Dreams and IntoMyArmsAdult (f)11,9671,3995
S239KLove's Hopes Came True In YouAdult (m)9,0291,0986
keh6wH o o k e d   On  Our  FeelingsAdult (f)9,1029932
Y70zeA  Kiss  Before  DiningAdult (m)10,6261,2652
lLVOyEnchantress of the EveningAdult (f)9,9121,1893
Nmc3KThe  Mystic  Ways  of  M a g i cHatchling (F)3,8512662
FO3OHRevelations In The Mists of TimeAdult (m)10,0331,0932
AvhFIBrightening The Milky TwilightAdult (f)10,0371,1272
xpgKlHope  Is  Being  Able  To  SeeAdult (m)8,6199233
MxB9SThat  T h e r e   IS   L i g h tAdult (f)9,9031,0832
nkg8EDespite AllTheDarknessAdult (m)9,3111,0053
DuVMSShimmering  In The NightAdult (f)9,9231,1054
6MwVxYour   Serene   N o b i l i t yAdult (m)11,0581,0041
xMjKnIlluminating LovelinessAdult (f)9,7021,0641
XEIq0If  It  Moves    Eat   ItAdult (m)9,5419392
CmRMal e a r n i n g     by   exampleHatchling (F)4,7626374
YHWW1MoreInterestingThanConsistentAdult (f)9,9261,0913
wpy4SF i n d    The   Place   InsideAdult (m)11,5761,0434
KBArcWhere   There's  JoyAdult (f)10,1401,0132
sWVr8And   The   JoyAdult (m)10,8661,0163
XXMyLWill Burn Out The PainHatchling (F)3,9574103
tZe8MThe   P a s t    Is   N e v e rAdult (f)11,7631,1072
QzDW1Where You Think You Left ItAdult (m)7,5649123
TCLXQMore  Than   A   MemoryAdult (f)11,2109663
QL52LExquisite SensitivityAdult (m)10,5501,0239
DhNXMNo  One  Gets  EverythingAdult (f)10,2161,0931
6QH6mBut We Get What We Love MostAdult (m)8,7941,0602
E4fsKWhere Dreams Have No EndAdult (f)10,4541,0481
d8fD0The Heart and The MindAdult (m)10,2359863
ABCw9W h a t     A n     E n i g m aHatchling (F)3,3882451
sKuWgYour  Memory  Is  A  MonsterAdult (f)10,3739652
fwwArIt Summons With A WillAdult (m)11,7631,1412
jdZ0mOf    I t s    O w nHatchling (F)2,9442051
UA4lLYou Think You HaveAdult (f)11,5681,1032
AxdPEA Memory   But It HasYouAdult (m)12,8691,3083
3jxQCLove Comes To ThoseAdult (f)12,4181,1382
NusfZWho Still HopeAdult (m)10,4371,0841
KcX9xAfter DisappointmentHatchling (F)5,6725191
r9j56Who  Still  BelieveAdult (f)10,9271,0952
jWhE4After  BetrayalHatchling (F)3,1363221
cJ0jSAnd Who Still LoveAdult (m)9,2849992
KF5PrAfter They've Been HurtAdult (f)11,1021,0994
j7NyzIt  Hurts  Because  It  MattersHatchling (F)1,5871312
t70zeEvery Man Has His Secret SorrowsAdult (m)9,6791,0654
phtHWWhich The World Knows NotAdult (f)10,5589274
saNNvAnd  Often  TimesAdult (m)7,8539204
Vo9zxWe  Call  A  Man  ColdAdult (f)9,2981,0353
Nq0djWhen   He   Is   Only  SadAdult (m)9,3881,0262
5zTskYou Don't  Always  Need  A  PlanAdult (f)9,0259562
GecGvSometimes   You   Just   NeedAdult (m)6,2741,2162
51u53To Breathe   Trust   Let GoAdult (f)10,6671,0464
r3TUeAnd See What HappensAdult (m)8,1721,0192
dzDeSA n t i c i p a t i o nAdult (f)10,1211,0932
4EL5qS o r r o w   Is   B o r nAdult (m)11,8121,3263
Zg2M7In The Hasty HeartAdult (f)12,2611,1715
jDUnoMonongahelasAdult (m)6,4658955
ec8O4Don't  HateAdult (f)7,5121,0291
F6FEoWhatYouCan'tHaveAdult (m)8,6869816
ZcvUaAngel of the NighttimeAdult (f)10,4641,1642
iSarcA Many Splendored LoveAdult (m)8,5251,0471
T8NdWNacrescent LadyAdult (f)7,9249453
J5dpvAngylaiddAdult (m)7,6951,0623
eVObBSky Clad MetallicaAdult (f)9,0711,2421
vZnI0Following The Ways of LoveAdult (m)7,5921,0113
tABkNA  Universe  That's  Ours  AloneAdult (f)8,9521,0658
fCId4Harnessing Electrical MagicAdult (m)9,0841,1621
QdMhLComing  Home  A g a i nAdult (f)8,6941,1601
83KnHFor   The   F i r s t   T i m eAdult (m)7,8081,0204
7zgaGLabyrinthian  Ways  RevealedAdult (f)7,6211,0282
b2fEDSafe  In  MY  Arms  MiladyAdult (m)7,5371,1872
oKb05The   H e a r t   K n o w sAdult (f)8,6831,0551
LgiMYWhen  The  Search  Is  O v e rAdult (m)7,2659641
w6kXECould This Be The Magic At LastHatchling (F)2,2124733
iz03OCome Come ComeIntoMyArmsAdult (f)9,4561,2602
rO979Let  Me  Know  The WonderAdult (m)7,6051,0832
mJbhvOf     A  l  l     of     Y o uAdult (f)7,5451,0963
EuvFVSmorgasbordSnacksAdult (m)8,1011,2071
Ll1Hedining like daddyHatchling (F)2,1673450
fRMGXBelieve  It  Or  N o tAdult (f)10,6631,3445
HdcFMI'm  Walking   On   AirAdult (m)6,9191,1071
bIIF1Never Thought I Could  FeelAdult (f)7,6591,1973
avz3ESo Free  Believe It Or NotAdult (m)7,5709702
RCrk8I t ' s    J u s t    M eHatchling (F)2,8966882
2jRPcI'm   J u s t   A   S  o  u  lAdult (f)8,2431,2471
UwZHrWhoseIntentionsAreGoodAdult (m)7,5891,2023
m6wuZOh   Lord      Please  D o n ' tAdult (f)8,2411,2843
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