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You pick up the scroll labeled “open_the_blinds,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Xa1O(Xa1O)Adult (f)2,384591101
wnsN(wnsN)Adult (m)2,324586108
giuz(giuz)Adult (m)2,318589107
Itrv(Itrv)Adult (f)2,298590117
GFSo(GFSo)Adult (m)2,509658111
Ej63(Ej63)Adult (f)2,479642108
WCtw(WCtw)Adult (m)4,7551,567107
2Mej(2Mej)Adult (m)3,156714112
514D(514D)Adult (f)1,22075336
EBxY(EBxY)Adult (m)1,48887927
rEg3(rEg3)Adult (m)1,42880632
SOV5(SOV5)Adult (m)1,83795232
FapV(FapV)Adult (m)1,92298439
6t8z(6t8z)Adult (m)1,56784132
DKTB(DKTB)Adult (f)1,54181837
rP6Q(rP6Q)Adult (f)1,75366520
mtiS(mtiS)Adult (f)1,76865418
AEjj(AEjj)Adult (m)1,82165319
8GQk(8GQk)Adult (f)1,34352819
LlHu(LlHu)Adult (m)1,24457025
ZUti(ZUti)Adult (f)1,35161915
ivbf(ivbf)Adult (f)1,37160622
j4eq(j4eq)Adult (f)1,57563928
ap4m(ap4m)Adult (m)1,50064619
TtQ5(TtQ5)Adult (f)1,33570117
pQEQ(pQEQ)Adult (m)1,61676124
N86O(N86O)Adult (m)1,39065516
9QTs(9QTs)Adult (m)1,35766918
fd2L(fd2L)Adult (f)1,76070018
TW3k(TW3k)Adult (f)1,68868724
Z3KI(Z3KI)Adult (f)1,72869921
3eGc(3eGc)Adult (m)2,06973922
V7CO(V7CO)Adult (f)1,93765624
N2ka(N2ka)Adult (f)1,85779522
3nU0(3nU0)Adult (f)1,79682911
BMmR(BMmR)Adult (f)1,79181218
niE6(niE6)Adult (f)1,87283513
UW6FC(UW6FC)Adult (m)1,83761921
CNWih(CNWih)Adult (m)1,71860916
4vZpi(4vZpi)Adult (f)1,74966219
bKppT(bKppT)Adult (f)1,96547122
lMg0b(lMg0b)Adult (f)2,34659613
qACQq(qACQq)Adult (f)1,83253211
ESqqi(ESqqi)Adult (m)1,79261411
egTrD(egTrD)Adult (m)1,34757211
45Esc(45Esc)Adult (m)1,60557513
TST8S(TST8S)Adult (m)1,9236189
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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