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You pick up the scroll labeled “omgimagoddess,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4dzM(4dzM)Hatchling (F)59914012
V8n9(V8n9)Adult (f)2,0037435
0JaA(0JaA)Adult (m)1,69546811
5OlV(5OlV)Adult (f)1,0554035
4Nzo(4Nzo)Adult (m)1,6755574
O0Zi(O0Zi)Adult (m)2,0016924
jlA2(jlA2)Adult (f)1,0595723
diih(diih)Adult (m)9535121
gIn9(gIn9)Adult (m)1,1565945
Cb1H(Cb1H)Adult (m)2,1484297
4MOk(4MOk)Adult (f)2,5264095
fCf0(fCf0)Hatchling (f, F)7866193
zRjR(zRjR)Adult (f)4,5843,13318
4pWN(4pWN)Adult (m)2,35747413
cJMr(cJMr)Hatchling (f, F)62437132
e7Y4(e7Y4)Adult (m)87046711
2x6J(2x6J)Adult (f)2,5093448
rTG3(rTG3)Adult (f)1,8195692
Nu18(Nu18)Adult (m)1,1376781
2l0L(2l0L)Adult (m)2,5194017
nU6e(nU6e)Adult (f)1,4236781
Fn2K(Fn2K)Adult (f)1,50442317
6YET(6YET)Adult (m)1,3014014
3WZl(3WZl)Adult (m)9424944
yXEp(yXEp)Adult (f)1,1544522
FinN(FinN)Adult (f)2,4764078
dHF6(dHF6)Adult (f)1,2785092
DUiO(DUiO)Adult (f)1,74544910
gUd5(gUd5)Adult (f)2,75850212
SMis(SMis)Adult (f)1,7773185
YbAy(YbAy)Adult (m)1,6884559
s6eA(s6eA)Adult (m)1,1986746
EEEZ(EEEZ)Adult (m)9665932
6rnD(6rnD)Adult (f)7473968
K7CB(K7CB)Adult (f)1,1914406
X0jS(X0jS)Adult (f)1,6345474
52p3(52p3)Hatchling (f, F)1,3444054
IO1f(IO1f)Adult (m)2,2853734
ZlDr(ZlDr)Adult (m)7844244
auXR(auXR)Adult (m)1,5686333
hB0I(hB0I)Adult (m)1,2307194
dFB2(dFB2)Adult (m)1,2356032
UPAK(UPAK)Adult (m)1,0595402
cXqE(cXqE)Adult (m)1,7526772
Ue3V(Ue3V)Adult (f)8456266
qlhv(qlhv)Adult (f)2,09430511
g9ON(g9ON)Adult (f)1,8323185
SWrQ(SWrQ)Adult (m)2,2473366
LQNL(LQNL)Adult (f)1,0756493
8iTT(8iTT)Adult (f)1,5823168
JFxq(JFxq)Adult (f)1,8386022
zjwf(zjwf)Adult (f)2,5834034
gPyE(gPyE)Adult (f)2,0866684
oCNr(oCNr)Adult (f)1,2346173
ZRV1(ZRV1)Adult (f)1,0226232
Qskp(Qskp)Adult (f)1,1316364
xIBW(xIBW)Adult (m)5,85060013
uJX8(uJX8)Adult (m)1,3916683
lhOe(lhOe)Adult (m)1,3656553
gz6t(gz6t)Adult (f)1,2254455
8rKs(8rKs)Adult (f)2,5865235
1rri(1rri)Adult (f)2,0712827
5A8q(5A8q)Adult (f)1,0335272
jj4H(jj4H)Adult (m)2,4273466
NSBj(NSBj)Adult (f)1,0655134
I3dO(I3dO)Adult (f)1,2323013
Y2Yh(Y2Yh)Adult (m)2,3513827
RhbC(RhbC)Adult (m)9294814
0mDu(0mDu)Adult (m)1,0415083
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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