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You pick up the scroll labeled “tumi18,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZPCR(ZPCR)Adult (m)1,72835712
d60Z(d60Z)Adult (m)1,8763605
jP8D(jP8D)Adult (f)1,9233626
X5Ps(X5Ps)Adult (m)1,7506061
qDrm(qDrm)Adult (f)1,7085802
6pFs(6pFs)Adult (m)1,3785411
ZG1F(ZG1F)Adult (f)1,1235401
EPqa(EPqa)Adult (m)1,5656112
bhZB(bhZB)Adult (f)1,3265731
Z7jF(Z7jF)Adult (f)1,2865725
fcGb(fcGb)Adult (m)1,3496371
Lr4n(Lr4n)Adult (m)1,3586281
WMZ9(WMZ9)Adult (m)9975392
fnkQ(fnkQ)Adult (f)1,3135941
jY07(jY07)Adult (f)9335401
ZkTu(ZkTu)Adult (m)3,3555966
HeQk(HeQk)Adult (m)8885621
KhVq(KhVq)Adult (m)9105672
TnFq(TnFq)Adult (m)8905650
31Tn(31Tn)Adult (m)1,3025643
94mB(94mB)Adult (f)1,1145431
U5Tu(U5Tu)Adult (f)1,1565782
ugW6(ugW6)Adult (f)1,1465362
T7iT(T7iT)Adult (m)1,4605741
jn8S(jn8S)Adult (f)1,1365292
AfP0(AfP0)Adult (f)1,0205101
Qsnu(Qsnu)Adult (f)1,0025081
F6f6(F6f6)Adult (f)1,0025091
Kq6n(Kq6n)Adult (m)1,0175081
eRrA(eRrA)Adult (f)1,74430110
3aXi(3aXi)Adult (f)1,3125902
kG5J(kG5J)Adult (f)1,2875770
cl5G(cl5G)Adult (m)1,6197240
I4tR(I4tR)Adult (m)1,6323468
ppFf(ppFf)Adult (m)8985231
kjT1(kjT1)Adult (m)9125312
nCnv(nCnv)Adult (f)8805110
fFGE(fFGE)Adult (m)8675080
F8KY(F8KY)Adult (f)2,4954084
UQ9O(UQ9O)Adult (f)9174264
PVVV(PVVV)Adult (m)9404246
2Kb7(2Kb7)Adult (m)3,79654511
1Lh6(1Lh6)Adult (m)6704903
LqIT(LqIT)Adult (f)6925021
1aIZ(1aIZ)Adult (m)6744901
qEiV(qEiV)Adult (f)7095111
jTSt(jTSt)Adult (m)1,4353604
ado5(ado5)Adult (m)1,0003934
029T(029T)Adult (f)1,6153924
ICKV(ICKV)Adult (m)1,6383936
rWkm(rWkm)Adult (m)3,3162347
RBuZ(RBuZ)Adult (f)2,5583723
Leh1(Leh1)Adult (m)2,5043484
jYfx(jYfx)Adult (f)1,2564637
S1X2(S1X2)Adult (m)1,4636678
EQCb(EQCb)Adult (m)2,0414399
obyD(obyD)Adult (m)2,0534469
meCy(meCy)Adult (f)2,06645211
2TDA(2TDA)Adult (m)1,9724309
qaZz(qaZz)Adult (f)2,33960821
9Nqw(9Nqw)Adult (m)2,50954823
ferj(ferj)Adult (f)2,12144236
DMNo(DMNo)Adult (f)1,51443435
lmt0(lmt0)Adult (m)1,82850842
hImu(hImu)Adult (f)1,82450240
idwP(idwP)Adult (m)1,61550536
fMfu(fMfu)Adult (f)1,84781530
R1uW(R1uW)Adult (f)1,63445822
EAY4(EAY4)Adult (f)1,62845222
EKvy(EKvy)Adult (f)1,13743149
daAu(daAu)Adult (m)1,21446046
qbCO(qbCO)Adult (m)1,19945349
nDdx(nDdx)Adult (m)1,20045352
l2qY(l2qY)Adult (f)1,50751758
raXC(raXC)Adult (f)1,50252155
Q9wu(Q9wu)Adult (f)1,53354956
n1oy(n1oy)Adult (f)2,02146852
5BCV(5BCV)Adult (f)1,31052174
tNbA(tNbA)Adult (f)1,54754385
UjRi(UjRi)Adult (m)1,58959580
mBfB(mBfB)Adult (f)1,60060884
TFv9(TFv9)Adult (f)1,59160487
9bp4(9bp4)Adult (f)2,02675086
5buP(5buP)Adult (m)2,02873889
y7aH(y7aH)Adult (f)1,83880669
pegQ(pegQ)Adult (f)2,06486477
bd8t(bd8t)Adult (f)2,7451,103102
crof(crof)Adult (f)3,7611,393185
O8DA(O8DA)Adult (f)2,8281,057112
rggK(rggK)Adult (m)4,2961,280146
Q8tB(Q8tB)Adult (m)4,9301,394153
pH5E(pH5E)Adult (m)4,9231,392156
OeZq(OeZq)Adult (m)7,1332,137198
y9N2(y9N2)Adult (m)6,1651,967162
pdL5(pdL5)Adult (f)6,2341,968147
lIkF(lIkF)Adult (m)6,2151,964148
nFIT(nFIT)Adult (f)6,0311,964157
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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