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You pick up the scroll labeled “arenee1999,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ufJ6p(ufJ6p)Adult (f)6,5829432
delIR(delIR)Adult (m)3,7761,2103
mF05q(mF05q)Adult (f)4,3869554
QJldb(QJldb)Adult (f)4,2609843
3uGNA(3uGNA)Adult (f)4,5577833
4mK5h(4mK5h)Adult (m)3,8917303
aFX3LRenee's Slytherin TommyAdult (m)5,2629301
e5i3MRenee's Slytherin FrolickerAdult (m)3,8499922
GvjvjRenee's Slytherin MethosAdult (m)5,3899182
RO2IVRenee's Slytherin DariusAdult (m)6,3691,1778
jQRty(jQRty)Adult (m)3,3678842
mqfrl(mqfrl)Adult (m)3,2219194
eBrT1(eBrT1)Adult (m)3,1749672
K3Gwz(K3Gwz)Adult (m)3,3709492
871Zz(871Zz)Adult (m)3,9341,0361
e3IgTRenee's Slytherin GrifterAdult (f)6,0841,1045
0Z3vk(0Z3vk)Adult (f)5,7881,0371
djgLa(djgLa)Adult (f)3,4678775
XpIA6(XpIA6)Adult (f)2,5878371
6s790(6s790)Adult (f)4,0631,0110
vQSvD(vQSvD)Adult (f)3,3729900
4KRLX(4KRLX)Adult (f)3,2699600
WkWoA(WkWoA)Adult (f)3,1711,0191
tVHHU(tVHHU)Adult (f)4,1661,1220
4Cexq(4Cexq)Adult (f)4,0709492
dMwrc(dMwrc)Adult (f)2,6978801
VMBIh(VMBIh)Adult (f)3,2179121
ENRSc(ENRSc)Adult (f)2,6409022
8Hy6j(8Hy6j)Adult (f)3,8459371
bmOsn(bmOsn)Adult (f)5,3281,0401
SXOjQ(SXOjQ)Adult (f)4,6417211
AxcSb(AxcSb)Adult (f)3,0549581
asX0j(asX0j)Adult (f)3,3718815
m4H2D(m4H2D)Adult (f)3,1319271
Wmsxj(Wmsxj)Adult (f)4,2771,0511
tHtS7(tHtS7)Adult (m)3,9291,0162
CvYrB(CvYrB)Adult (m)4,4434051
lP9iX(lP9iX)Adult (m)3,0509245
uTTGz(uTTGz)Adult (m)4,2151,0321
vswNZ(vswNZ)Adult (m)3,4211,0375
LaIDr(LaIDr)Adult (m)3,0688603
O39ci(O39ci)Adult (m)4,1011,0760
bq62q(bq62q)Adult (m)2,0007619
iBi3B(iBi3B)Adult (m)1,74982010
rL5WO(rL5WO)Adult (m)2,1037476
HbH2T(HbH2T)Adult (m)2,8699532
snMG0(snMG0)Adult (m)3,0899381
jaiEJ(jaiEJ)Adult (m)3,7441,1222
QG2VRenee's Slytherin NicevenAdult (f)1,86592060
2XacRenee's Slytherin AbloecAdult (m)2,5661,455132
P1Aq6Renee's Slytherin Rock SlideAdult (f)3,1081,0044
PpoBLRenee's Slytherin Stone ThrowerAdult (m)3,0889664
MJn0F(MJn0F)Adult (m)5,8891,1692
n1DM2(n1DM2)Adult (f)5,3221,0020
RlKdj(RlKdj)Adult (f)3,5279281
cwltQ(cwltQ)Adult (m)2,7548129
cd5mP(cd5mP)Adult (f)3,9521,0086
PECUj(PECUj)Adult (m)3,9601,0310
jqrLE(jqrLE)Adult (m)3,6851,0590
dm69H(dm69H)Adult (f)3,1559040
DNBgF(DNBgF)Adult (f)3,0039010
Yg3NRenee's Slytherin TardisAdult (f)1,8157372
C1PojRenee's Slytherin AngelAdult (f)4,3911,1062
UOqZ5Renee's Slytherin BeaterAdult (m)5,7959998
8bIlYRenee's Slytherin HelenaAdult (f)4,5161,2142
KXO2c(KXO2c)Adult (m)5,2261,0200
B2uuI(B2uuI)Adult (f)5,2989360
WswiI(WswiI)Adult (m)3,4019111
aBXYd(aBXYd)Adult (f)2,0698818
x7C2m(x7C2m)Adult (m)2,67782210
9xvSt(9xvSt)Adult (f)2,9199241
FoHbx(FoHbx)Adult (m)3,1789151
Z9tge(Z9tge)Adult (m)2,9268950
rRXUa(rRXUa)Adult (m)2,0287864
CksyY(CksyY)Adult (f)3,3641,0062
l5Z8i(l5Z8i)Adult (f)4,2339519
SlkOM(SlkOM)Adult (m)4,6469737
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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