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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “_Inu_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gtBDK erberosAdult (m)1,48189324
H4DtH ydraAdult (f)1,18470024
GiRtXDouble   TroubleAdult (f)3,59143226
HSPMACloud and  ShadeAdult (m)4,2792969
IcitUMist and  ShadowAdult (f)2,94841014
NYUraHope  and  MemoryAdult (f)3,37034927
X7TTHTooth  and  ClawAdult (m)2,57273815
U6tciAsh  and  SmokeAdult (m)2,89875721
I7KMDLost  and  FoundAdult (m)2,05663715
yrPewLove  and  MonstersAdult (f)2,3215852
jhGynFlesh  and  StoneAdult (m)2,32155522
BLcE0Vincent   and   the   DoctorAdult (m)2,89074616
zk6nySeen and UnforeseenAdult (f)2,37561022
aYN2SFight  and  FlightAdult (m)2,88365213
57BvgWill and Won'tAdult (m)4,31080729
15vwxCat  Rat and DogAdult (f)2,79265715
YCP83A Tale of Two SistersAdult (f)3,18675721
5xAh5Double DoctorAdult (m)3,19766519
BdDw5Perfect  ReflectionAdult (f)2,99065617
jA5I8Ne Me'e Laua Na PaioAdult (f)3,67971620
PWZZoPintel  and  RagettiAdult (m)3,91896342
PmSHEThe First Joke and Other MattersAdult (f)3,03860314
iKZ16Edmund and the WardrobeAdult (m)3,0605729
eQvTmGreg and LarryAdult (m)2,61061021
6Zlp3Wells and WongAdult (f)2,46462726
MKL3YCharges and SpecsAdult (f)2,75062822
lNuZ7M ultiplexAdult (m)3,04371814
ftJRcHide and  SeekAdult (f)3,24770517
xCJ6CKlepto and PyroAdult (m)3,20371923
wbtmHWe're As Close AsAdult (f)3,42768219
6mqy5The Vena Cava and the AortaAdult (m)3,39967717
Js4zCWe're Best Friends Just LikeAdult (f)3,82173015
Xb7tFAmoxicillin And Clavulanic AcidAdult (f)3,13872122
lAj6TThe Tibia  The FibulaAdult (f)3,19165812
lr1xZThe Left and Right VentricleAdult (m)3,80069718
lqWA1Servant and LeverAdult (f)3,72378427
TVLngAction and EchoAdult (f)3,71961616
Eis9QDouble  IdentityAdult (f)3,21362814
GFVDXThe Butterfly and the WolfAdult (f)3,14463219
Pa9BsThe Boys Are BackAdult (m)3,30465925
HMfMAPerfect GirlsAdult (f)3,34062521
b8GnoCut  and  RunAdult (f)3,11357621
ITIVQKings and  QueensAdult (m)3,44872221
eDh1tDesperate  SoulsAdult (m)3,67372525
Iw1gySurprisingly  We ExistAdult (f)3,70769122
SQylXIdentity and ChangeAdult (m)3,65772625
Bi5ouG eminaAdult (f)3,15875918
TW1QNWe Guard What You LickAdult (f)3,23067213
HopVOFun with Split PersonalitiesAdult (f)3,86873822
goXjLTwo FuneralsAdult (m)4,37874117
zaK5nThe  Parting  of  the  WaysAdult (f)2,32373723
j3mlSThe Man With Two FacesAdult (m)2,54875418
XeTICThe Centaur and the SneakAdult (f)2,88389724
cXpjCFriends and NeighboursAdult (f)4,21768025
Ihl0pTwo Narrow EscapesAdult (m)6,6608686
MQbCuWhine and Cheese ClubAdult (m)3,27776015
1UD2EThunderRoar and LightningCrackleAdult (m)3,33573320
1FsHRThe Witch and the WerecatAdult (f)3,29678626
UACJ8Many Heads - One TaleAdult (m)2,73973319
MGBX4Time  and  TideAdult (m)3,12675027
Z4YGoBumper BuddiesAdult (f)3,03460018
amm76Proper ThievesAdult (m)2,50359421
6eYpHSput and NickAdult (m)3,73779521
DlUHTYou And Me AmyAdult (f)3,08669816
T4HiYPercy and PadfootAdult (m)2,82380434
c4CDfFace My EnemyAdult (m)2,91854822
O28arRage  And  SerenityAdult (m)3,67469416
WmtwDA Liar and a ThiefAdult (m)1,60150925
l1rl8The Bear and the BowAdult (f)3,30274820
oFPUNThe Darkness and the LightAdult (m)3,15475728
2T8frCity of TowersAdult (m)2,75961520
LstOpFriends in the Strangest PlacesAdult (f)4,55778315
zdr00Two Zombies Walk Into A MorgueAdult (f)3,61083516
9oxBfThe Lost Art Of World DominationAdult (m)4,69371311
cDBg6The Superhero in the  AlleyAdult (f)2,7277525
rKPDmFlame in the MistAdult (f)2,7357207
yAZONThe Artifact VaultAdult (m)2,7707428
uL9HKOn the  JobAdult (f)2,7957217
khowcTime and  AgainAdult (m)4,29289727
jBr7eThe Force of DestinyAdult (m)4,36087728
xYey6(xYey6)Adult (m)4,37388121
GavUMGavin the DragonAdult (m)4,06888322
CpxZaCitizens on PatrolAdult (f)3,58786320
ivYPj(ivYPj)Adult (f)2,89667518
pGN9IHappy PutyukAdult (f)3,96286717
cHKhRHappy ChiliAdult (f)3,62281413
LqpDVHappy LeiaAdult (f)3,67079222
eCuTb(eCuTb)Adult (f)3,4827909
HCOhAmbe rAdult (f)1,13965154
B9bPA ndaAdult (f)1,27458218
ai42rFloo  PowderAdult (m)2,26163425
qPlCBB onesAdult (f)2,08240119
BiTNXThe Pain in  the HeartAdult (f)3,59336715
gkKQ3Cassandra O'BrienAdult (f)1,95759417
nKGG4Planet  of  the  OodAdult (f)1,96050524
0ThHVThe  Rebel  FleshAdult (f)2,58360010
uxBm9The  Almost  PeopleAdult (f)1,31653616
gSBZ7Ghastly  BespokeAdult (m)2,71873620
OfmTfKreacher's TaleAdult (f)2,31466518
8DrFpThe  Lazarus  ExperimentAdult (m)2,41761511
BxQU9Ood  SphereAdult (f)2,73367415
QJRCCOod   SigmaAdult (m)2,66765513
HDI8yWhich One Is the FleshAdult (m)2,60767520
m5gk8The Proof in the PuddingAdult (m)2,58367416
LZSbEThe Gamer in the GreaseAdult (m)2,52868520
aBi9qCassandra's WaltzAdult (f)2,64767510
TwTnHThe Bones That Weren'tAdult (m)2,72767718
Pv5BNVaurien  ScapegraceAdult (m)3,02965314
1adzmThe Letters from  No OneAdult (m)3,96069521
s9urOLove Run ColdAdult (m)4,90082413
SzamAElement of  SurpriseAdult (m)3,37980813
I0JdYA lbinaAdult (f)3,58675219
t5BaERemains  Of  The  DayAdult (f)3,33875113
SXye1Shining   DeathAdult (f)5,67782726
ykaiIThe     EndAdult (f)4,02384319
OqRVgPure  PoetryAdult (m)3,7868147
XhX4wShe Wants To Be A HeroAdult (f)4,25888119
r8J9eThe Man with  the BoneAdult (m)3,84081916
TnKtHTomas the DragonAdult (m)3,92984021
gB4Zr(gB4Zr)Adult (f)3,36186917
6fa8KAll I Never  WantedAdult (f)3,49186921
7VHRz(7VHRz)Adult (f)3,65187622
NWsJL(NWsJL)Adult (m)3,50585419
vMZIZ(vMZIZ)Adult (m)3,76388516
PwXBf(PwXBf)Adult (m)3,97489018
Q9eNR(Q9eNR)Adult (f)3,91987216
igN7D(igN7D)Adult (m)3,53783610
zHXYj(zHXYj)Adult (f)3,6408578
7VXbfShadow of  SunsetAdult (m)3,81781215
Z3SopHappy ZeusAdult (m)4,33492224
DVdxN(DVdxN)Adult (f)4,03593223
qi5DN(qi5DN)Adult (f)3,98090516
tCUPR(tCUPR)Adult (f)4,49486729
qyRhR(qyRhR)Adult (f)3,72785021
bryL6(bryL6)Adult (f)3,44083615
4193k(4193k)Adult (f)2,94066720
hJdlp(hJdlp)Adult (m)2,72766817
MUihk(MUihk)Adult (f)3,51179114
hEb6aThe BetAdult (f)2,74873827
oCSNeThe ObeliskAdult (m)3,22975814
gX8FCMonsterologyAdult (f)3,00564311
lLwRbLast Year's ModelAdult (f)3,56273224
gL3SVThe Emerald PalaceAdult (m)3,63171226
RAizIEmerald   GreenAdult (f)3,25570619
uR7ffNew SloganAdult (m)4,42771514
TfV2mEmergency ResponseAdult (m)3,17574015
1NySOThe Scare in the ScoreAdult (m)3,32672225
nq8OxThe AuditAdult (m)3,48271820
ER0qhM onstersAdult (m)3,14167322
95t1nA Godly BirthdayAdult (f)3,5847448
Ng5VAKarma  PoliceAdult (f)3,85474423
fIGsVFortune   CookieAdult (m)3,43577022
LLTYsLivermorium LvAdult (f)4,34778124
EtEhcA lmeraldaAdult (f)5,60680815
VaEQ2The Hem-LockerAdult (f)6,32185733
utlP7Utopia of EmeraldsAdult (m)9,14798016
lyasXLutalo the DragonAdult (m)3,46082110
HiFCPE meraldaAdult (f)3,86184217
TDlxPFriend of a FinancerAdult (m)3,31180816
a9XBaEmerald  MartiniAdult (f)3,69684914
W8sOZKnight of EmeraldsAdult (m)3,75085616
EuMzaSeasonal  LuckAdult (m)4,70887022
UpOXWUnion of EmeraldsAdult (m)4,05386723
YT4fXVolatile  EmeraldAdult (f)3,67479221
O0fWp(O0fWp)Adult (f)5,4001,07324
CbshA(CbshA)Adult (m)5,2041,10720
C8LjGOperation  MongooseAdult (m)3,21077325
1jAeKDedalus  DiggleAdult (m)3,20877812
vNTgrAdalbert  WafflingAdult (m)3,32775912
Cd5MBMiranda  GoshawkAdult (f)2,79363123
otHa6Doris  CrockfordAdult (f)2,82159423
jrEXYPhyllida  SporeAdult (f)2,94965324
GdIGZArsenius  JiggerAdult (m)2,81562930
LCZFcCassandra  VablatskyAdult (f)3,67875622
lbmUPSelina SapworthyAdult (f)3,72374533
jYBriZamira  GulchAdult (f)3,73773131
PBqsTQuentin  TrimbleAdult (m)2,92371724
3tX9cEmeric  SwitchAdult (m)3,41778530
X6U0lWilbert  SlinkhardAdult (m)2,72680430
JFj7jLibatius  BorageAdult (m)4,0541,00410
JF1ULSinistra LoweAdult (f)2,21359921
jzHvTWilhelm  WigworthyAdult (m)2,78369328
2Ucf7Fixer  UpperAdult (f)2,67161120
5QZAzAnn  PerkinsAdult (f)2,86463623
Wn4ZpBack on This Side of the DoorAdult (f)3,11160110
3Ku0VInside The CityAdult (f)2,66779229
RFQvTLizzie McGuire MysteriesAdult (f)4,03271024
Kxl6bRandom Acts of MirandaAdult (f)3,90071728
tAtSZEdwin  JarvisAdult (m)3,80475119
YvcO1Boyle's HunchAdult (m)4,18172324
wnQpCJean-Ralphio  SapersteinAdult (m)4,6411,34714
meT2nMona-Lisa SapersteinAdult (f)3,75666118
PveDCRintieroAdult (f)4,51572425
YT3CGBill  PottsAdult (f)4,64572822
83G86Operation AnnAdult (f)3,81479924
Z4VPWThe Inside ManAdult (m)3,59971714
UX0xeA Bad Trip to ParisAdult (m)4,26871015
fZqWKAnniversariesAdult (f)3,84571219
2R1eLAre You Better OffAdult (f)3,83376528
OibEcLeslie's Sorry DivisionAdult (f)3,17169921
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