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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WfjVl(WfjVl)Adult (f)1,7063830
qfhlY(qfhlY)Adult (f)1,2995101
YRiDT(YRiDT)Adult (f)1,8886314
l5iqQ(l5iqQ)Adult (f)1,3275400
bkBtB(bkBtB)Adult (f)1,9215832
YqK66(YqK66)Adult (f)1,8175801
BLXcD(BLXcD)Adult (f)2,0396063
yJ3I6(yJ3I6)Adult (f)1,60238112
E3xGB(E3xGB)Adult (f)1,9664453
LMOzM(LMOzM)Adult (f)1,6274050
1iSJ5(1iSJ5)Adult (f)2,3846082
9b9sE(9b9sE)Adult (f)2,9475381
iSfES(iSfES)Adult (f)2,1875924
bcQBE(bcQBE)Adult (f)1,7475654
5LUNu(5LUNu)Adult (f)1,0715941
tcA6d(tcA6d)Adult (m)1,1906042
W4GwE(W4GwE)Adult (m)2,3211,0254
PYhOB(PYhOB)Adult (m)2,1413751
lkQfL(lkQfL)Adult (m)2,4624052
7ygod(7ygod)Adult (m)1,2444772
02i7C(02i7C)Adult (m)2,7951,0693
yDZIV(yDZIV)Adult (m)2,4041,0314
QwLPp(QwLPp)Adult (m)2,7344791
iRQWG(iRQWG)Adult (m)2,1723486
8tqZa(8tqZa)Adult (m)2,3209804
N3Y5O(N3Y5O)Adult (m)2,8285030
utQvU(utQvU)Adult (m)2,29788812
gL1UK(gL1UK)Adult (m)2,6394711
BhOBT(BhOBT)Adult (m)4,8561,5487
DFqTh(DFqTh)Adult (m)2,1226361
XgoLQ(XgoLQ)Adult (m)2,1136611
MQPbR(MQPbR)Adult (m)2,2546812
joJ6h(joJ6h)Adult (m)1,8926563
HHTaK(HHTaK)Adult (m)1,7785884
8qSrB(8qSrB)Adult (m)1,7416605
AGQSN(AGQSN)Adult (m)3,5441,0555
rRmne(rRmne)Adult (m)1,49960219
yXfO6(yXfO6)Adult (m)1,94667322
TL9ccZaxianAdult (m)3,2625743
80bAp(80bAp)Adult (m)2,7855882
lcqAu(lcqAu)Adult (m)2,6168454
RlVuo(RlVuo)Adult (m)2,6159035
aWVLm(aWVLm)Adult (m)2,6588914
bCRVN(bCRVN)Adult (m)2,5908995
LaON7(LaON7)Adult (m)2,6438743
ZPSsQ(ZPSsQ)Adult (m)2,6138703
kkB9R(kkB9R)Adult (m)2,3597631
6Juyk(6Juyk)Adult (m)1,6906752
9XQLw(9XQLw)Adult (m)1,1046141
mEHCp(mEHCp)Adult (m)2,6178322
oofd4(oofd4)Adult (m)2,7738561
PmDeK(PmDeK)Adult (m)3,9599835
fonOU(fonOU)Adult (m)1,6808343
n1ZCN(n1ZCN)Adult (m)1,3175471
SgZXY(SgZXY)Adult (m)1,9116953
PtXtC(PtXtC)Adult (m)2,3395139
Mhhjp(Mhhjp)Adult (m)1,8714332
C8CLd(C8CLd)Adult (m)1,9324200
zmFVN(zmFVN)Adult (m)2,6554595
tvcZW(tvcZW)Adult (m)2,3284494
udNG6(udNG6)Adult (m)3,2121,1345
09ZnH(09ZnH)Adult (m)1,8348862
hxg4o(hxg4o)Adult (m)1,8308725
6go0m(6go0m)Adult (m)2,1985573
d04S5(d04S5)Adult (m)2,2236064
mu5hp(mu5hp)Adult (m)2,8495252
QP4Hf(QP4Hf)Adult (m)1,9785930
c0lZS(c0lZS)Adult (m)1,8085635
iItAY(iItAY)Adult (m)2,0016202
clvtT(clvtT)Adult (m)2,6767204
vfwsg(vfwsg)Adult (m)3,0167764
4QMab(4QMab)Adult (m)1,42363225
j3NTW(j3NTW)Hatchling (f, F)2,3078483
eBf3S(eBf3S)Hatchling (m, F)2,4478344
qi0sL(qi0sL)Hatchling (F)3,0707272
rATBPunpkin Powah 42Adult (m)1,5624777
5pFkPumpkin Fruitshoot 42Adult (m)3,31362515
LKFs(LKFs)Hatchling (f, F)1,5464706
sLPb(sLPb)Hatchling (m, F)1,5054628
RGOOPGhostbusters 42Adult (f)3,9002703
hjHpQGhost Whisperer 42Adult (f)4,4032983
ehb5ECandy 42Adult (m)2,9522512
si6o1Von Helson 42Adult (f)4,8297237
quepDCan't You See Me 42Adult (m)3,5212693
3sX6sSkeletons 42Adult (m)5,8421,20411
LI54oNot Suitable For Children 42Adult (f)2,0742673
0CSdXScary Stuff 42Adult (f)5,9361,2394
ZBRWUCasper 42Adult (f)2,6822744
UJ3tCSoul Of Halloween 42Adult (f)6,1231,2454
WTVkrCame From The Darkside 42Adult (f)5,9351,2423
XZtAkSweet Tooth 42Adult (m)2,1437463
RYP94RYP 42Adult (f)3,6276227
Qn2RlSpirits 42Adult (m)4,0418658
D1OAeHelloween 42Adult (m)3,6364134
3I3GKSlightly Scary 42Adult (f)2,3926924
jd47VNot Quite Real 42Adult (f)4,4114344
5MQKXGhost Of Halloween 42Adult (f)6,1071,3544
F7phkIllusions 42Adult (m)5,1459456
kjpWRSlightly Transparent 42Adult (f)5,2079236
rZ9sYI Walk A Lonely Road 42Adult (m)4,9969448
i4mVdGo Away Children 42Adult (m)1,78986918
9adYDGhoul Of Halloween 42Adult (m)2,9579795
21iAAHalloween PIXIES 42Adult (f)3,00821015
fRtMHI Want Sweeties 42Adult (m)3,22621611
7c10GTrick Or Treat 42Adult (f)2,8192069
4YpvvShadows 42Adult (m)1,9067144
T6OY7My Soul 42Adult (m)2,4477066
IJnjhSecretly A Lion 42Adult (f)2,4127224
554OZ(554OZ)Hatchling (m, F)4,8946134
1oA8d(1oA8d)Hatchling (f, F)4,0538864
s1ZS8(s1ZS8)Hatchling (F)3,3917694
89Y6e(89Y6e)Adult (f)2,7467913
MO5tD(MO5tD)Adult (f)2,8307761
jYHvQ(jYHvQ)Adult (f)2,2467713
z4mfI(z4mfI)Adult (f)1,7304710
0DBbW(0DBbW)Adult (f)3,4031,1794
Qezag(Qezag)Adult (f)2,2708582
vWzYS(vWzYS)Adult (f)2,6578621
HzXgS(HzXgS)Adult (f)2,4047711
XcvHO(XcvHO)Adult (m)2,7167652
P37TJ(P37TJ)Adult (m)3,9747244
KHdYh(KHdYh)Adult (m)2,7727891
0Gxnv(0Gxnv)Adult (m)2,5498641
vHior(vHior)Adult (m)2,8098441
L1SlY(L1SlY)Adult (m)2,7698572
BMbin(BMbin)Adult (m)2,4187683
HgPrg(HgPrg)Adult (f)2,8586362
dtuVN(dtuVN)Adult (m)4,1741,0696
dHjSZTwo Door Cinema ClubAdult (f)4,2451,1514
nfSmU(nfSmU)Adult (f)2,4767312
ijcTBTardis Self-Destruct ButtonAdult (f)3,4678356
g5l4m(g5l4m)Adult (m)3,4388194
v15BD(v15BD)Adult (f)3,9583573
a3seX(a3seX)Adult (m)5,3717806
TOwoo(TOwoo)Adult (m)3,0526233
dDYsH(dDYsH)Adult (m)3,7478912
TvcGi(TvcGi)Adult (m)4,1829813
grWps(grWps)Adult (m)3,4069922
y6kat(y6kat)Adult (m)4,1129961
22k7A(22k7A)Adult (m)3,9929483
4XC5x(4XC5x)Adult (m)3,8299473
RCldM(RCldM)Adult (m)3,7298803
lRWlQ(lRWlQ)Adult (m)3,0758303
jvBPc(jvBPc)Adult (m)5,1097072
eN3w9(eN3w9)Adult (f)4,1709551
dmUAV(dmUAV)Adult (f)4,0189671
hkyQp(hkyQp)Adult (f)3,8438791
bdiqI(bdiqI)Adult (f)3,9228622
HkGMT(HkGMT)Adult (f)4,9328711
aqenh(aqenh)Adult (f)4,9737142
xEc6j(xEc6j)Adult (f)5,1777041
ywyYW(ywyYW)Adult (f)5,0157121
7jysY(7jysY)Adult (f)5,2107793
3MXkm(3MXkm)Adult (m)5,4796410
HLSDX(HLSDX)Adult (m)5,4047760
SiYyS(SiYyS)Adult (f)4,8596461
4wcMo(4wcMo)Adult (m)5,0025952
EhfrQ(EhfrQ)Adult (m)4,1116785
2uTfa(2uTfa)Adult (m)6,5375581
92WtE(92WtE)Adult (m)5,0216480
EYB4Kxaj Aj Nxuk Xocaim Tat Ke MoAdult (f)2,059823139
NsTMDe Dootcoj FcoujoAdult (m)3,21824827
mOtoA Doot Jemo JkhadwAdult (f)7,09659131
FAtEs(FAtEs)Adult (f)4,97694819
P5IdF(P5IdF)Adult (m)4,5071,2863
Hqf08Is it StarscreamAdult (f)3,3459483
Fbq4vDon't Diss The SonicAdult (f)4,9511,1923
Jl1l1You Can't Be SeriousAdult (m)4,8981,1582
fLPjVHe's hot when he's clever faceAdult (f)5,7927444
hYUZk(hYUZk)Adult (m)4,4981,2154
9K7GM(9K7GM)Adult (f)4,5521,0724
nDnV0Bring On The WallAdult (m)4,8621,2233
46jaH(46jaH)Adult (f)5,41794410
9USeS(9USeS)Adult (m)4,7607548
6PINS(6PINS)Adult (m)5,8838638
ImVaG(ImVaG)Adult (f)6,0919576
riwzl(riwzl)Adult (m)3,1765763
Nchtv(Nchtv)Adult (m)2,6685133
Gtwb7(Gtwb7)Adult (m)9,5581,7115
aOD6d(aOD6d)Adult (m)6,1521,3998
26ybD(26ybD)Adult (m)6,2141,4207
7E8E9(7E8E9)Adult (m)6,2281,3045
fRKzc(fRKzc)Adult (m)5,8641,1890
5e76i(5e76i)Adult (m)5,9831,1771
hEP5s(hEP5s)Adult (m)7,1201,7144
tyKlj(tyKlj)Adult (m)3,5711,1483
InSLo(InSLo)Adult (m)2,1812881
p8ec1(p8ec1)Adult (f)2,5004953
Sy6EW(Sy6EW)Adult (f)3,1125725
FbePR(FbePR)Adult (f)8,8941,6894
saEOx(saEOx)Adult (f)8,9911,7272
9Yxo0(9Yxo0)Adult (f)6,1421,3535
NuNNA(NuNNA)Adult (f)6,9411,6275
XiQlp(XiQlp)Adult (f)6,4131,1843
t44gOrange 42Adult (m)1,56996212
qnnIPink 42Adult (m)3,7339699
4hQishadesofchaosAdult (m)3,4521,3209
WEZiGreen 42Adult (m)5,1191,06210
0X21ZBrown 42Adult (m)4,95783212
dsOseLime 42Adult (m)7,34695424
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