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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WbwWj(WbwWj)Adult (f)5,5935680
srkhZ(srkhZ)Adult (m)5,7545560
qe73b(qe73b)Adult (f)5,6015710
mpUif(mpUif)Adult (m)5,7855560
jGatO(jGatO)Adult (m)6,2395770
2mmZF(2mmZF)Adult (f)5,6535851
jiRzs(jiRzs)Adult (f)5,7705830
9SsCg(9SsCg)Hatchling (f, F)3,8705233
LOQ1M(LOQ1M)Hatchling (m, F)3,9495645
tOAbC(tOAbC)Adult (m)4,7286124
lp570(lp570)Adult (m)4,5216816
IqNud(IqNud)Adult (f)4,5596736
30B4F(30B4F)Hatchling (f, F)3,2195915
mfVyh(mfVyh)Hatchling (m, F)3,6526053
TwFoL(TwFoL)Hatchling (F)9574342
xGQve(xGQve)Hatchling (F)9794352
ytgPA(ytgPA)Hatchling (F)9214023
nFDap(nFDap)Adult (f)3,3571,0942
50lTb(50lTb)Adult (f)3,5598245
TUsP6(TUsP6)Adult (m)3,7134245
N086F(N086F)Hatchling (f, F)3,9325825
zHvTO(zHvTO)Adult (m)3,0149223
KKVAH(KKVAH)Adult (f)3,0719053
BjJOe(BjJOe)Adult (m)3,8406769
ViiiL(ViiiL)Adult (m)3,6467231
rasDS(rasDS)Adult (m)3,6957201
Rxmg8(Rxmg8)Adult (m)3,7157232
rimDU(rimDU)Adult (f)3,7527152
ihU21(ihU21)Adult (f)3,7627112
7AZDb(7AZDb)Adult (f)4,6184511
NgQ30(NgQ30)Adult (f)4,3194312
9d4Oh(9d4Oh)Hatchling (F)2,5902541
CowgQ(CowgQ)Hatchling (F)2,8782701
Xs40G(Xs40G)Hatchling (F)3,9042722
CY8hj(CY8hj)Adult (f)5,3155923
fd2OJ(fd2OJ)Adult (f)7,7115210
q68Nn(q68Nn)Adult (m)7,7435240
LyqeT(LyqeT)Adult (f)7,6055081
aZF1d(aZF1d)Adult (f)7,6295191
Wv275(Wv275)Adult (f)7,6745211
eDP3I(eDP3I)Adult (f)8,1765562
I1XiL(I1XiL)Hatchling (f, F)4,5067823
jt2v6(jt2v6)Adult (f)6,3345801
fjLCc(fjLCc)Adult (m)6,4155873
qtVLh(qtVLh)Adult (m)6,1425804
DThoL(DThoL)Hatchling (m, F)5,5045392
cFpVl(cFpVl)Adult (f)5,6516453
EfjYX(EfjYX)Adult (f)5,5826372
w7NAJ(w7NAJ)Adult (m)3,7077312
cArEB(cArEB)Hatchling (F)2,6305764
ODF9z(ODF9z)Hatchling (F)2,5035634
ZdoOH(ZdoOH)Adult (f)3,6307323
nVvFs(nVvFs)Adult (f)6,0724923
aatcc(aatcc)Adult (f)3,6457352
m1e8A42's 2nd Gen PrizesAdult (f)1,9028060
jWtqoSugoroku Mazani 42Adult (f)8,3381,120196
mkmbzLung Ying Zith 42Adult (f)4,3381,358217
FdMboElectrical Shimmer 42Adult (m)4,3521,02097
JszUYChunzel 42Adult (f)5,0301,27561
6Yui6Thunder ai'Kaimelar 42Adult (f)5,5441,32725
cFbOfZelagadon 42Adult (m)5,184997157
ZQnHqLucifer 42Adult (m)4,5751,173111
tY98zXeri Wanted This NamedAdult (f)6,8801,00395
qzHchViva La DivaZ 42Adult (m)4,380950122
o0WoCGreen Ballroom DivaZ 42Adult (f)8,1511,31597
irY0EDo you know the mupen manAdult (m)4,8911,36322
Va20n(Va20n)Adult (f)3,66988529
UC45Q(UC45Q)Adult (m)5,1471,34413
yeHgnZini Keranabug 42Adult (m)5,745931228
yI8GBMerry Wine of Yule 42Adult (f)4,7221,132209
VhPpnSnowglory of Christmas 42Adult (f)4,4681,110211
gLFwbLucky Seian 42Adult (f)7,517966136
k1qTTExpecto Petroleum Leviosa 42Adult (f)3,9261,13992
j3sKrOne Ring to Rule Them All 42Adult (m)5,894869136
4UErs(4UErs)Adult (f)5,6941,04681
J28M4hi i'm a bronze shimmerAdult (m)4,3101,11070
XsjXvCrazy Little Tabitah 42Adult (m)8,31390554
KFCX1Studio  GhibliAdult (f)4,9061,19948
YzyOuAquila's Unbelievable Pony 42Adult (m)3,2931,14624
Gr3hHFingal's Candle of Winter 42Adult (f)4,7011,29231
GgfPB(GgfPB)Adult (m)7,5241,09325
lpGJf(lpGJf)Adult (m)6,4161,14926
CwC8X(CwC8X)Adult (f)7,2359566
5QLIK(5QLIK)Adult (m)6,2771,0389
UJzPA(UJzPA)Adult (f)9,1777104
WNd7LHuntite Aurelix 42Adult (f)8,68183528
xK5x7Borg DawgAdult (m)6,7621,10035
30d5PNephrite Elena 42Adult (f)5,67891638
YkWvYNitratine 42Adult (f)7,40876327
FjK8Hgoddamnit just gimme a tinselAdult (f)8,6961,27332
fB61IGwihabaite Dawn 42Adult (m)7,83986445
v5QyVMarrionetta's Penk KnickersAdult (m)4,0201,20621
vejVs(vejVs)Adult (f)6,11976312
uzBoY(uzBoY)Adult (m)7,71182324
lhsflAzurite Ivy 42Adult (f)6,88999096
GPlBiAncylite Nightmajet 42Adult (f)8,5071,24486
7D1gtVive Sabinaite 42Adult (m)6,6261,11155
UmS7jEvangeline Herz 'Wyartite' 42Adult (m)9,23395742
ufHVnLi Trona 42Adult (f)6,4351,10937
XXW4rZaratite Hazy Zalvaris 42Adult (m)7,91785938
LuK8KTarnowitzite 42Adult (f)7,29298237
R46MSRussian Billions 42Adult (m)6,9871,21268
9mfHnLydia the Helpful SoulAdult (f)6,0541,02347
guh2MLightrose 42Adult (f)6,3701,05546
qMzuj(qMzuj)Adult (f)5,0061,12560
VL0wv(VL0wv)Adult (m)4,1131,00341
OK2O2(OK2O2)Adult (m)5,3331,15175
wuQ8M(wuQ8M)Adult (m)7,4281,39519
H7MXb(H7MXb)Adult (m)4,2711,14238
zCOyZBritish ARMY 42Adult (f)5,2641,13623
Z94TMBronze Decoration 42Adult (m)6,2511,31134
qUt57(qUt57)Adult (m)4,3211,34945
yhZEB(yhZEB)Adult (f)6,9882,16627
fbjnF(fbjnF)Adult (m)3,86294523
zq2aB(zq2aB)Adult (m)7,01967814
3uBEVHypnotizing's DaughterAdult (f)8,27086611
tXUU42's 2nd Gen ThuwedsAdult (m)5,0318537
AANwp(AANwp)Adult (f)4,21891610
E9Z5V(E9Z5V)Adult (f)3,7921,17724
KB5IbVolfli Thuban Thuwed 42Adult (f)3,95785628
UHUISZaverty Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,1331,15213
RXUrXHalloween Thuwed 42Adult (m)2,4051,08529
Qez2w(Qez2w)Adult (f)3,7741,17930
YxApO(YxApO)Adult (m)5,4291,09818
XU3NWXunblabi Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,04088339
IKdZLFlaz Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,81474613
UuuAmNeonEye Thuwed 42Adult (f)6,35370931
h2KSJRen Of Miri Thuwed 42Adult (m)6,6171,31731
MR6EX(MR6EX)Adult (f)3,53360630
nEoew(nEoew)Adult (m)6,20077018
0y3kr(0y3kr)Adult (m)6,6161,1318
JcnNNJaffapastry Thuwed 42Adult (m)2,34380819
Y2S48Tridy Thuwed 42Adult (f)7,26572614
4u8iW(4u8iW)Adult (f)2,82492923
QOgVWRebel Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,25172522
frrYZ(frrYZ)Adult (m)6,5611,02328
a4fmt(a4fmt)Adult (f)6,53754313
imBSTAoiTori Thuwed 42Adult (m)7,89190414
5nkWdPikabooboo Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,6191,07121
Ohf5O(Ohf5O)Adult (f)3,3111,05820
mLpXz(mLpXz)Adult (f)3,4941,17427
Daxet(Daxet)Adult (f)2,78385614
mlk8K(mlk8K)Adult (f)2,36291434
sMIv1Gist Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,81352812
DuB60Stripey Kerri Thuwed 42Adult (f)3,30883718
ipR2s(ipR2s)Adult (m)5,2819659
vBzf9(vBzf9)Adult (f)4,29789915
O71tsTerriosaurus Thuwed 42Adult (m)5,7031,09113
oYNRt(oYNRt)Adult (f)5,89898512
T2LivInfinis Thuwed 42Adult (m)8,69786422
cQCKaBreed Your Damn Thuweds TJ 42Adult (f)4,85684818
OpVzd(OpVzd)Adult (f)3,6961,05717
CLO3qBunre Safrienaer Thuwed 42Adult (f)5,5701,19837
6foi42's 2nd Gen Spriter Alt BabiesAdult (f)5,7838203
8jw7P(8jw7P)Adult (m)3,5191,00117
46MQa(46MQa)Adult (f)2,29787534
ycEer(ycEer)Adult (f)2,48986121
2ec3gHorse Walker 42Adult (f)2,4551,09324
8jwMK(8jwMK)Adult (f)3,5021,00119
LXQdG(LXQdG)Adult (m)3,28388911
GYuCt(GYuCt)Adult (m)5,4371,2213
pY4WYDark Coastal Elements 42Adult (m)7,62887614
IPpqI(IPpqI)Adult (m)4,8207248
ugLtF(ugLtF)Adult (f)2,20089628
cHIm6(cHIm6)Adult (f)3,17286736
4JM3y(4JM3y)Adult (m)2,09885028
0sVaA(0sVaA)Adult (m)5,02280211
fN5VK(fN5VK)Adult (m)5,1556217
QolL3Spectral Embers 42Adult (m)6,55780310
sI5Jn(sI5Jn)Adult (m)4,4759539
8PScj(8PScj)Adult (m)2,93796711
rywZ0(rywZ0)Adult (m)7,20167418
cno0hProtector Of The Sunset 42Adult (m)4,48776210
kpFOS(kpFOS)Adult (f)2,8421,0259
j2a47(j2a47)Adult (f)4,2641,1015
8Gwo9(8Gwo9)Adult (m)4,3041,02629
Y0BVWHydrogen JoyHerald 42Adult (f)3,62587720
oLEdEChristmas Elements 42Adult (f)3,03891613
KXapK(KXapK)Adult (f)2,51794417
frIlV(frIlV)Adult (f)2,68896636
giw49(giw49)Adult (f)4,88287223
fat2V(fat2V)Adult (m)6,4879866
nimOj(nimOj)Adult (f)6,1928339
NjKuN(NjKuN)Adult (m)3,83881812
kkNiT(kkNiT)Adult (f)4,9761,32027
XZ57TOrnate Diamond 42Adult (f)4,6451,10578
8flNnHeaven's Beauty 42Adult (m)6,47993516
yyh8KOdeen-Approved 42Adult (f)6,2051,09116
u2K9EFluffy JoyHerald 42Adult (f)4,4641,10310
l6Bj4(l6Bj4)Adult (f)4,4489734
AJUAV(AJUAV)Adult (f)2,0205883
DLEOqEarth 42Adult (f)3,54378914
p6uPZSpectral Nightmares Elements 42Adult (m)5,9091,35727
hzsIr(hzsIr)Adult (m)2,1807368
C4YX7(C4YX7)Adult (f)2,59199431
BW96J(BW96J)Adult (f)3,6971,12017
oa8rPDidn't Know It Was An Alt 42Adult (f)4,0511,00137
eZdmsWalker's CrispsAdult (m)3,46885412
THpiuI Ate Lyz's Valentine Candy 42Adult (m)3,17587155
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