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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IKdZLFlaz Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,81474613
UuuAmNeonEye Thuwed 42Adult (f)6,35370931
h2KSJRen Of Miri Thuwed 42Adult (m)6,6171,31731
MR6EX(MR6EX)Adult (f)3,53360630
nEoew(nEoew)Adult (m)6,20077018
0y3kr(0y3kr)Adult (m)6,6161,1318
JcnNNJaffapastry Thuwed 42Adult (m)2,34380819
Y2S48Tridy Thuwed 42Adult (f)7,26572614
4u8iW(4u8iW)Adult (f)2,82492923
QOgVWRebel Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,25172522
frrYZ(frrYZ)Adult (m)6,5611,02328
a4fmt(a4fmt)Adult (f)6,53754313
imBSTAoiTori Thuwed 42Adult (m)7,89190414
5nkWdPikabooboo Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,6191,07121
Ohf5O(Ohf5O)Adult (f)3,3111,05820
mLpXz(mLpXz)Adult (f)3,4941,17427
Daxet(Daxet)Adult (f)2,78385614
mlk8K(mlk8K)Adult (f)2,36291434
sMIv1Gist Thuwed 42Adult (m)4,81352812
DuB60Stripey Kerri Thuwed 42Adult (f)3,30883718
ipR2s(ipR2s)Adult (m)5,2819659
vBzf9(vBzf9)Adult (f)4,29789915
O71tsTerriosaurus Thuwed 42Adult (m)5,7031,09113
oYNRt(oYNRt)Adult (f)5,89898512
T2LivInfinis Thuwed 42Adult (m)8,69786422
cQCKaBreed Your Damn Thuweds TJ 42Adult (f)4,85684818
OpVzd(OpVzd)Adult (f)3,6961,05717
CLO3qBunre Safrienaer Thuwed 42Adult (f)5,5701,19837
6foi42's 2nd Gen Spriter Alt BabiesAdult (f)5,7838203
8jw7P(8jw7P)Adult (m)3,5191,00117
46MQa(46MQa)Adult (f)2,29787534
ycEer(ycEer)Adult (f)2,48986121
2ec3gHorse Walker 42Adult (f)2,4551,09324
8jwMK(8jwMK)Adult (f)3,5021,00119
LXQdG(LXQdG)Adult (m)3,28388911
GYuCt(GYuCt)Adult (m)5,4371,2213
pY4WYDark Coastal Elements 42Adult (m)7,62887614
IPpqI(IPpqI)Adult (m)4,8207248
ugLtF(ugLtF)Adult (f)2,20089628
cHIm6(cHIm6)Adult (f)3,17286736
4JM3y(4JM3y)Adult (m)2,09885028
0sVaA(0sVaA)Adult (m)5,02280211
fN5VK(fN5VK)Adult (m)5,1556217
QolL3Spectral Embers 42Adult (m)6,55780310
sI5Jn(sI5Jn)Adult (m)4,4759539
8PScj(8PScj)Adult (m)2,93796711
rywZ0(rywZ0)Adult (m)7,20167418
cno0hProtector Of The Sunset 42Adult (m)4,48776210
kpFOS(kpFOS)Adult (f)2,8421,0259
j2a47(j2a47)Adult (f)4,2641,1015
8Gwo9(8Gwo9)Adult (m)4,3041,02629
Y0BVWHydrogen JoyHerald 42Adult (f)3,62587720
oLEdEChristmas Elements 42Adult (f)3,03891613
KXapK(KXapK)Adult (f)2,51794417
frIlV(frIlV)Adult (f)2,68896636
giw49(giw49)Adult (f)4,88287223
fat2V(fat2V)Adult (m)6,4879866
nimOj(nimOj)Adult (f)6,1928339
NjKuN(NjKuN)Adult (m)3,83881812
kkNiT(kkNiT)Adult (f)4,9761,32027
XZ57TOrnate Diamond 42Adult (f)4,6451,10578
8flNnHeaven's Beauty 42Adult (m)6,47993516
yyh8KOdeen-Approved 42Adult (f)6,2051,09116
u2K9EFluffy JoyHerald 42Adult (f)4,4641,10310
l6Bj4(l6Bj4)Adult (f)4,4489734
AJUAV(AJUAV)Adult (f)2,0205883
DLEOqEarth 42Adult (f)3,54378914
p6uPZSpectral Nightmares Elements 42Adult (m)5,9091,35727
hzsIr(hzsIr)Adult (m)2,1807368
C4YX7(C4YX7)Adult (f)2,59199431
BW96J(BW96J)Adult (f)3,6971,12017
oa8rPDidn't Know It Was An Alt 42Adult (f)4,0511,00137
eZdmsWalker's CrispsAdult (m)3,46885412
THpiuI Ate Lyz's Valentine Candy 42Adult (m)3,17587155
Jygm3Stamp of Odeen 42Adult (m)4,6381,24624
MZvVgRiver Waltz Elements 42Adult (f)4,13879914
SRJSU(SRJSU)Adult (f)6,8319735
lRKgKJazi's Gift 42Adult (m)7,1331,17223
KOlSOGentle Lavender 42Adult (f)1,7666295
dCZ9O(dCZ9O)Adult (f)6,8621,51725
1BmTT(1BmTT)Adult (m)4,41388843
9y1lh42's 2nd Gens From CB Breed-OnlyAdult (m)4,0986672
bRurW(bRurW)Adult (f)4,16592113
qL6e2Rinya 42Adult (f)2,19531727
X63jbCommondant's Son 42Adult (m)3,2199405
ovIA0(ovIA0)Adult (f)4,32796610
Ad8N0(Ad8N0)Adult (m)3,0074507
OR1RU42's 2nd Gen HolliesAdult (m)5,5821,3022
22ug1A Christmas Surprise 42Adult (m)5,3621,230225
Oayu7(Oayu7)Adult (f)2,6791,25196
hzmnI(hzmnI)Adult (f)4,7081,16223
GmYZF(GmYZF)Adult (m)3,26791628
iBoXy(iBoXy)Adult (f)3,47598620
dToxT(dToxT)Adult (m)2,27071322
YanH42's 2nd Gen Holly CommonsAdult (m)2,8085622
4R41o(4R41o)Adult (m)4,0915688
x6E9c(x6E9c)Adult (m)2,9301,26122
qfY7N(qfY7N)Adult (f)4,9281,23120
tDdeF(tDdeF)Adult (f)4,3001,0056
JwukR(JwukR)Adult (m)12,0101,03551
NvkRq(NvkRq)Adult (f)3,84686534
vedUU(vedUU)Adult (f)3,0701,35454
OLJ4J(OLJ4J)Adult (f)3,60496117
jRCol(jRCol)Adult (m)4,5921,64714
QPZX1(QPZX1)Adult (m)4,5091,21812
AV6fJDark Forever 42Adult (f)3,8511,07712
MZbSW(MZbSW)Adult (m)4,0361,09912
MpHC4(MpHC4)Adult (f)3,23382912
5M2nO(5M2nO)Adult (f)6,0128547
ZLd7pChristmas Musetta 42Adult (f)3,38684910
RQc02Christmas Lights 42Adult (m)3,84070117
EkIKJTinsel ki Qays 42Adult (f)3,05397413
eSRdE(eSRdE)Adult (f)3,7791,37715
wvLNiSkittlez's Holiday Drugs 42Adult (f)2,78880726
pQX6Z(pQX6Z)Adult (m)3,87782313
V6t2VDragus Alciblae 42Adult (f)4,3491,1247
sQl8s(sQl8s)Adult (f)6,8751,0458
t4H3GTwinkle 42Adult (f)5,9211,01110
fn1fN(fn1fN)Adult (m)5,1891,0657
nCu2v(nCu2v)Adult (f)3,0126868
KHBWLSupreme Snowwoman 42Adult (f)5,1149249
nvpY7Blue Tardis 42Adult (f)5,0901,19514
6S8h0Puzzle's Angelic Gift 42Adult (m)7,5961,24422
6A65U42's 2nd Gen Prize FailsAdult (f)2,9677152
W4I1K(W4I1K)Adult (m)3,66071816
2PxDB(2PxDB)Adult (m)3,79794514
0qftw(0qftw)Adult (f)5,1681,26218
MeCcpEvarythingAdult (m)4,0728659
JKTYz(JKTYz)Adult (m)4,2591,0786
1ASqdDr Death-DefyingAdult (f)5,60466629
PWL5BMistletoe Ivy 42Adult (m)3,31196519
2X8GO(2X8GO)Adult (m)3,9521,14011
wORtJ(wORtJ)Adult (f)2,7738736
g9ciP(g9ciP)Adult (m)6,5896034
M4Crp(M4Crp)Adult (m)5,3841,03910
gzOLT(gzOLT)Adult (f)3,09784516
8tinp(8tinp)Adult (m)5,4389374
ApcCBLydia Is A Shameful GreekAdult (m)5,18795625
BgrDk(BgrDk)Adult (m)4,5011,06717
SOU4o(SOU4o)Adult (f)3,85894210
WSvB1I Was A Shiny 42Adult (m)3,52793334
RIucjTroll Shiny 42Adult (m)5,38793621
3kEfELYDIA IS BOOBSLEDDINGAdult (m)3,71987120
Kcgiw(Kcgiw)Adult (m)4,7371,32011
ldpat(ldpat)Adult (f)3,4548921
x3TOZ(x3TOZ)Adult (m)6,5956055
Nlgry(Nlgry)Adult (f)6,5705815
Yzudf42's 2nd Gen Zombie OffspringAdult (m)6,1031,0012
rBckGold 42Adult (f)1,8523039
7GG6yZombieshyAdult (f)2,8251,07714
Nl7j7(Nl7j7)Adult (f)6,0211,39018
PGtMRam Cichlid 42Adult (f)3,8259226
SXGFOscar 42Adult (f)1,3055302
X34SKribensis 42Adult (f)1,7425482
iqD9r(iqD9r)Adult (f)2,7078070
D1z49(D1z49)Adult (f)2,6157891
QZAB942's Sprite CollectionAdult (f)3,8709092
cg0qT42's Extra NeglectedsAdult (f)2,4526431
62Oc242's 2nd Gen Female Gold x MintAdult (m)3,1156182
Ju2fL42's Male Golds x Female SilversAdult (f)6,8071,1433
wXvcz42's 2nd Gen Male Golds x MintAdult (m)3,68233226
uS9L42's CB MetalsAdult (m)2,0255592
JjLH42's 5th Gen GoldsAdult (m)1,6544812
VEDn42's 6th Gen SilversAdult (m)1,8004882
I9Pf42's 4th Gen GoldsAdult (m)1,8194740
tu5G42's 4th Gen SilversAdult (m)4,0217464
IH4m42's 5th Gen SilversAdult (m)4,2347403
APna42's 3rd Gen SilversAdult (m)5,7038331
0BSQ42's 3rd Gen GoldsAdult (f)7,6607320
WTDEB42's 3rd G Male Silv x Fem GoldsAdult (m)4,0964061
U5Cvv42's 3rd gen PB GoldsAdult (m)4,4089121
6gXDC42's 2nd Gen SilversAdult (f)5,0329302
RnVrN42's 3rd Gen PB SilversAdult (f)2,5677702
g6ar642's Male Silvers x Female GoldsAdult (f)2,6617523
RDBrP2nd Gen PB SilversAdult (m)3,1089401
iVabI42's 3rd G Male Golds x Fem SilvAdult (f)2,1427800
prWfw42's 4th Gen PB SilversAdult (m)3,8407132
RfHqM42's 4th Gen PB GoldsAdult (m)4,0337052
8K2DQ42's 4th G Male Golds x Fem SilvAdult (m)3,66936324
duI4c42's 4th G Male Silv x Fem GoldsAdult (f)2,2697504
A9VrY42's 6th Gen PB SilversAdult (f)3,1355992
twl1g42's 3rd Gen Female Silv x MintAdult (m)4,4564173
MzBf542's 2nd Gen Female Silv x MintAdult (m)3,2297534
cZsfb42's 5th Gen PB SilversAdult (f)5,8139625
ywJAI42's 2nd Gen Male Silv x MintAdult (m)2,7567384
9peQe42's 6th Gen PB GoldsAdult (f)6,6141,3022
ewjFB(ewjFB)Hatchling (F)1,2805283
fxCai(fxCai)Hatchling (f, F)2,6076542
26tN7(26tN7)Hatchling (m, F)1,7956882
XwkKu(XwkKu)Hatchling (F)9972793
OdTfS(OdTfS)Hatchling (m, F)4,5011,25012
RdLl(RdLl)Hatchling (F)447805
h7QFE(h7QFE)Hatchling (f, F)5,2951,2054
WkPq5(WkPq5)Hatchling (m, F)3,01267112
BpTdY(BpTdY)Hatchling (F)1,9182842
Hmdm(Hmdm)Hatchling (m, F)6,3934,08655
JOj1(JOj1)Hatchling (F)3662011
FjUji(FjUji)Hatchling (f, F)2,33557865
vFCOA(vFCOA)Hatchling (m, F)2,4396293
Vtx4X(Vtx4X)Hatchling (m, F)2,6329726
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