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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TThIH(TThIH)Adult (f)3,2256041
vAaga(vAaga)Adult (f)4,6898436
tioOU(tioOU)Adult (f)4,5048805
DywJ7Bleeding Moon DragonsAdult (f)4,8891,0852
pTr7f(pTr7f)Adult (f)2,42158640
sMCrF(sMCrF)Adult (f)2,4342997
XUbTKad0 Cac Fhadso X0thu XehjoHatchling (m, F)2,9319424
HI8AKad0 Cac Fhadsojj X0thu XehjoHatchling (f, F)2,03595624
h5nCNxaf Nxaf JneejxAdult (m)3,5222388
ihLUErica loves cowsAdult (m)1,7765191
6olTE(6olTE)Adult (f)7,0481,3164
4M6EcgistofeverythingAdult (f)3,1271,0335
70DSL(70DSL)Adult (f)3,0579612
Ah3IK(Ah3IK)Adult (f)3,2729732
hPjap(hPjap)Adult (f)3,4536952
Ikh5S(Ikh5S)Adult (f)4,9911,0143
eFCdF(eFCdF)Adult (f)2,6107493
4G0LD(4G0LD)Adult (f)6,8857384
15ENL50 Shades of GreyAdult (f)1,39339813
LaMao(LaMao)Adult (f)8,0829146
cMxNp(cMxNp)Adult (f)4,5858177
BC8es(BC8es)Adult (m)4,6071,0202
8fnPo(8fnPo)Adult (m)3,7594603
UQGfl(UQGfl)Adult (m)5,0429432
aGYS9(aGYS9)Adult (m)5,9911,1051
3GXeF(3GXeF)Adult (m)4,2268162
x0od5(x0od5)Adult (m)3,9501,1314
Tn7Mf(Tn7Mf)Adult (m)4,2051,0934
HUDKKad0 Cac Fhadso NxaffohjduffohHatchling (m, F)2,0585868
MNjA5(MNjA5)Hatchling (F)1,408943
K1GTQueen - The Great Pretender 42Adult (f)3,8711,69211
RrtaQueen - Let Me Live 42Adult (m)2,5259869
PksZQueen - Driven By You 42Adult (m)2,9531,1369
oRXZWaheelaAdult (f)5,3248163
ZGEmQueen - Living On My Own 42Adult (m)5,2868263
VLP9Queen - Les Palabras De Amor 42Adult (m)4,9248664
nU7gQueen - Heaven For Everyone 42Adult (m)6,1307374
ACSDQueen - You Don't Fool Me 42Adult (m)6,1947691
mGLHSQueen - Killer Queen 42Adult (f)4,4137080
TnA5nQueen - Under Pressure 42Adult (m)3,5167891
nnvjmQueen - Bohemian Rhapsody 42Adult (f)2,7144940
nPeWTQueen - The Show Must Go On 42Adult (m)4,5021,2326
3QGhGIssy Told Me To Name ThisAdult (m)2,1647342
3vCWjPenelope CruzAdult (f)2,2967474
rR5nr(rR5nr)Adult (m)4,0919399
ddu4CHailwidis' stickAdult (f)1,9508012
FfdeK(FfdeK)Adult (m)2,9547076
UhLt3Pika's PenniesAdult (m)4,01791913
N9jnEI Won't Take Any Stick For ThisAdult (m)3,5386642
UwKbg(UwKbg)Adult (m)2,3367899
ohbfs(ohbfs)Adult (f)5,8257479
Lwiz5(Lwiz5)Adult (m)4,7908872
irHEu(irHEu)Adult (m)4,6519813
UQyu4(UQyu4)Adult (m)4,6618496
KwM2B(KwM2B)Adult (f)4,6438474
AT47f(AT47f)Adult (f)5,4036832
9MNZq(9MNZq)Adult (f)5,5745903
qJyeB(qJyeB)Adult (f)5,8896041
6CUv(6CUv)Hatchling (m, F)2,2071,2355
5yOn5(5yOn5)Adult (f)5,2356687
wv3WS(wv3WS)Adult (m)5,1366912
20co5(20co5)Adult (f)4,9556943
XpP8V(XpP8V)Adult (m)5,0676963
gwUxE(gwUxE)Adult (m)5,1926934
yxJTI(yxJTI)Adult (m)4,9827123
bG4LZ(bG4LZ)Adult (f)5,2027730
grsFX(grsFX)Adult (m)3,9986981
K3VVG(K3VVG)Adult (f)4,9237145
QmCa9(QmCa9)Adult (m)1,97556638
wMLbU(wMLbU)Adult (m)2,0826461
dX6hI(dX6hI)Adult (m)7,1211,2317
TGPQEBufferAdult (m)2,2925182
kIgewTriangularAdult (m)2,5645552
xQcV7PhotocopierAdult (m)2,6628224
E0csK(E0csK)Adult (m)1,5425945
NsqNG(NsqNG)Adult (m)1,9106432
3JM78(3JM78)Adult (m)1,9526604
Iwvhg(Iwvhg)Adult (m)1,7315771
gmvFb(gmvFb)Adult (m)6,6946351
ax3X5(ax3X5)Adult (m)5,8841,4496
NvRwS(NvRwS)Adult (f)1,90370421
5mv2I(5mv2I)Adult (f)1,77265615
txobU(txobU)Adult (f)1,91763632
H8bsl(H8bsl)Adult (f)1,2974323
LSwEi(LSwEi)Adult (f)2,0916880
SIYCJ(SIYCJ)Adult (f)7,3971,2085
yK9rA(yK9rA)Adult (f)2,4747954
nf6Si(nf6Si)Adult (f)2,0266631
UZwR2(UZwR2)Adult (f)1,7907031
rl5xL(rl5xL)Adult (f)6,5516951
qCgdlSLAP SQUAD TEAM YELLOWAdult4,75293112
W5P6r(W5P6r)Hatchling (F)1,5683954
2pePS(2pePS)Hatchling (F)2,7266156
CtQmMada-F0wm0Adult (f)1,54463522
FOuQbreed-only or CB is unavailableAdult (f)3,6921,32715
bt2O(bt2O)Adult (f)5,1051,14312
D80a(D80a)Adult (f)7033026
CNZN(CNZN)Adult (f)7192765
moKKs(moKKs)Adult (f)5,8191,5178
jr4JWAll these are CB unless they'reAdult (f)2,8466554
D805EBECAUSE IT JUST IS OKAYAdult (f)5,2477654
NphWU(NphWU)Adult (f)4,0827195
HKSfn(HKSfn)Adult (f)3,6088998
mKCg0(mKCg0)Adult (f)1,9075209
s0PlW(s0PlW)Adult (f)3,4169156
paOI(paOI)Hatchling (f, F)2,80565010
oGWVj(oGWVj)Hatchling (F)1,57651410
amgqC(amgqC)Hatchling (F)1,1211468
WcqRW(WcqRW)Hatchling (F)5,5878369
G3s6NI have a little hatHatchling (F)2,6284733
8kHYfLong neckosaurusHatchling (F)3,2906144
72MKSLAP SQUAD Team RedAdult2,14083319
tJZsn(tJZsn)Hatchling (F)1,2091144
4Dt8V(4Dt8V)Hatchling (F)3,2157666
cV3U(cV3U)Hatchling (F)2,3865346
UllgUPrinterHatchling (F)2,9809302
DNZd442's 3rd Gen PrizesAdult (m)3,3225042
uV6I7(uV6I7)Adult (m)5,8181,27010
lwcgX(lwcgX)Adult (f)5,2971,118120
4hWav(4hWav)Adult (m)4,3211,03874
gKuDB(gKuDB)Adult (f)6,1161,09064
BUbQs(BUbQs)Adult (m)5,8811,01958
kSqrxVeenzela 42Adult (m)9,44693389
ikjIs(ikjIs)Adult (m)5,3331,03271
c6ezGZanza 42Adult (f)5,8891,23074
CFYxe(CFYxe)Adult (f)3,7261,34133
Rx2qOErica just loves boysAdult (m)5,2211,19442
xnvMC(xnvMC)Adult (m)6,3271,16223
wShB1(wShB1)Adult (f)2,0791,25712
UCIYu(UCIYu)Adult (f)7,7638878
wYrbm(wYrbm)Adult (f)9,04160616
U4u0x(U4u0x)Adult (m)5,6001,027103
Qjquh(Qjquh)Adult (m)4,863932150
1Vgp5Lineaged TrolldragonAdult (f)5,0761,054150
rBPyqI did the freddyAdult (f)5,92499470
5i6qo(5i6qo)Adult (f)4,2641,05363
UoxU7(UoxU7)Adult (f)5,2841,12382
Qn5ClFazziel of Bluefire 42Adult (f)4,71196061
A1VUu(A1VUu)Adult (f)5,720914120
HQ3h3(HQ3h3)Adult (m)4,769945117
shlOo(shlOo)Adult (m)6,31498763
cBwY4(cBwY4)Adult (f)5,5461,07841
34xqn(34xqn)Adult (f)8,24194039
kwQB6TCA likes GuardiansAdult (f)4,7771,10931
G8pKf(G8pKf)Adult (f)5,2941,00723
iR4VE(iR4VE)Adult (f)3,9071,13649
LKsLJ(LKsLJ)Adult (f)3,5431,15022
yBQQ7Eri Shot the SheriffAdult (f)4,0511,07028
FoVNV(FoVNV)Adult (f)7,08486216
emcIV(emcIV)Adult (f)4,2021,04819
EYwfh(EYwfh)Adult (f)4,4459607
kodnV(kodnV)Adult (f)3,8941,2218
xpwKf(xpwKf)Adult (m)5,0851,15638
osvS5(osvS5)Adult (m)5,3161,04123
6CaL1(6CaL1)Adult (f)4,5161,31511
ce7fm(ce7fm)Adult (f)4,5851,23420
z1Trf(z1Trf)Adult (f)7,11293916
DHXz5(DHXz5)Adult (f)5,8081,09819
qOZcb(qOZcb)Adult (m)5,4971,24411
Ty33S(Ty33S)Adult (m)7,7158589
KoDxN(KoDxN)Adult (m)6,0931,23211
MMDJHGood Morning XeriAdult (f)5,714868151
1781s(1781s)Adult (m)5,8191,013126
Z88Gg(Z88Gg)Adult (f)5,3891,111129
Cagqj(Cagqj)Adult (f)4,6841,092100
NbgqHHi MaggieAdult (m)5,21095283
9ngYi(9ngYi)Adult (m)5,5031,03752
fGsdS(fGsdS)Adult (f)5,88689255
8MN3c(8MN3c)Adult (f)5,399949111
XlsQx(XlsQx)Adult (f)5,2181,16534
CZcVh(CZcVh)Adult (f)4,98297626
Jgg7l(Jgg7l)Adult (m)4,3601,76026
UjPMQ(UjPMQ)Adult (m)5,4591,69125
59nh5(59nh5)Adult (f)5,0661,11926
BIzVV(BIzVV)Adult (f)5,2551,22125
vBWOK(vBWOK)Adult (f)4,8181,13523
gSTFh(gSTFh)Adult (f)3,5741,28621
ugWEO(ugWEO)Adult (m)4,2751,08169
WKeUs(WKeUs)Adult (m)4,09587313
1KP2C(1KP2C)Adult (m)4,4201,30314
2Fhmh(2Fhmh)Adult (f)8,2318863
TLVz1(TLVz1)Adult (m)7,13796120
Msp5F(Msp5F)Adult (m)6,9741,10110
wCOaB(wCOaB)Adult (f)4,8201,28331
gmW24(gmW24)Adult (m)6,88177415
jvkXB(jvkXB)Adult (m)3,6171,4003
0JJxQ(0JJxQ)Adult (f)6,7289324
Dvo1o(Dvo1o)Adult (m)7,0408915
t1bqp(t1bqp)Adult (m)6,1261,15621
SrAgP(SrAgP)Adult (f)6,1851,17419
ODJXB(ODJXB)Adult (m)6,1231,15920
3bHKV(3bHKV)Adult (m)5,0111,4087
KLywv(KLywv)Adult (m)5,1201,09214
sMqTY(sMqTY)Adult (m)7,7591,5567
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