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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YjQMP(YjQMP)Adult (f)6,1801,0367
oOeou(oOeou)Adult (f)4,1428336
6MWg(6MWg)Hatchling (F)1,4465836
4vS2Y(4vS2Y)Hatchling (F)1,9674897
Po3tSGulped 42Adult (m)3,8007923
YmPVezenkatyAdult (m)5,6816013
XBBh5Grabbed 42Adult (m)3,1577330
cZeJhGiant 42Adult (m)3,4528167
fMAiuGaseous 42Adult (m)5,6641,0707
0nL09Granted 42Adult (m)4,65696812
W6u1VGrunt 42Adult (m)2,61965110
Ipodb(Ipodb)Adult (m)4,71786111
fIIGGuest 42Adult (f)4,2796331
CUWjGrind 42Adult (f)4,3526451
WpTVGripped 42Adult (f)3,2226524
V4GrMGrinned 42Adult (f)3,8247591
FijWDGiggled 42Adult (f)3,7217591
IjhaBGuessed 42Adult (f)2,7266703
9FF47Gregariously 42Adult (f)5,8661,1883
1V2lF(1V2lF)Adult (f)3,1499356
NKnF9(NKnF9)Adult (f)4,3911,1414
LAMEe(LAMEe)Adult (f)6,4101,11913
xXPFH(xXPFH)Adult (f)4,5429234
KDPHHelium 42Adult (m)3,07523124
KuFFBoron 42Adult (m)3,22928824
4Q4cvOxygen 42Adult (m)8,1959805
k78ha(k78ha)Adult (m)8,1011,2888
7HG3U(7HG3U)Adult (m)6,4951,0507
lT4ET(lT4ET)Adult (m)4,4641,3585
QO3uO(QO3uO)Adult (m)4,7171,1146
2i1EF(2i1EF)Adult (m)5,1071,7399
CEh5C(CEh5C)Adult (m)3,9731,3105
rQUMC(rQUMC)Adult (m)4,1041,1313
tWgs6(tWgs6)Adult (m)6,25173610
pjefJ(pjefJ)Adult (m)2,9351,0037
cSRTZ(cSRTZ)Adult (m)3,6557105
VD8dEXylene Go To SleepAdult (m)4,3921,0436
AboYC(AboYC)Adult (m)3,8528215
4nhiJ(4nhiJ)Adult (m)5,0611,1149
XQ5D4Hydrogen 42Adult (f)7,1161,0218
kVC6SLithium 42Adult (f)6,0049009
e0dLvGo To Sleep NiramiAdult (f)5,6939447
iCkghBeryllium 42Adult (f)6,0921,0628
VhB33(VhB33)Adult (f)4,9141,0134
A0qVn(A0qVn)Adult (f)5,0261,67211
F9vpn(F9vpn)Adult (f)5,1191,1144
isjLq(isjLq)Adult (f)4,2131,4206
NQJ3O(NQJ3O)Adult (f)2,1845894
mENssShevlaAdult (f)6,0149617
Ct8YU(Ct8YU)Adult (f)6,2145351
6s5a(6s5a)Hatchling (f, F)66844823
csXuc(csXuc)Adult (m)4,2349920
IS8U9(IS8U9)Adult (m)3,8801,0301
97EG9(97EG9)Adult (f)4,5889890
cZZ8L(cZZ8L)Adult (f)4,7229920
4GN0K(4GN0K)Adult (f)3,7101,1362
gKruWinter Cherry 42Adult (f)4,1759083
Dh6DYNettle 42Adult (f)3,9557771
hJsZMBurdock 42Adult (f)5,7181,0184
rDBaBBleeding Hearts 42Adult (f)6,6631,0038
5IS5eHymenAdult (f)2,0387241
lBNNPDimension GatewayAdult (f)5,3621,1904
M0ANR(M0ANR)Adult (f)7,7481,4436
SKYTJTJ In The SkyAdult (f)5,8438694
DtJWd(DtJWd)Adult (f)5,2571,0684
7aK3Easter Cactus 42Adult (m)1,3124421
2ueF6Daffodil 42Adult (m)3,9437911
bSIQIPoppy 42Adult (m)5,5171,0124
4t2pgChristmas Cactus 42Adult (m)5,5291,0026
TBro5Lavendar 42Adult (m)6,6259703
uiusgI Am The Purple People EaterAdult (m)3,2337596
9KD6o(9KD6o)Hatchling (f, F)1,8544915
umura(umura)Adult (f)4,3069584
dsYL2(dsYL2)Adult (f)5,4571,17411
kp0iJmucc 'd Toutc0Adult (m)1,64235612
ZNAiDMovementAdult (m)4,5511,1667
BloPS(BloPS)Adult (m)4,1885412
42IHc(42IHc)Adult (m)1,8056154
1QLbCac Rur0 MatwokHatchling (F)1,6082416
6vhs(6vhs)Hatchling (f, F)2,7467809
QITuO(QITuO)Hatchling (m, F)4,9357999
LK4Mq(LK4Mq)Adult (f)6,09882212
ZdIkZ(ZdIkZ)Adult (m)3,7081,2147
OZx11(OZx11)Adult (f)3,3213003
iC5jY(iC5jY)Adult (m)5,0881,05115
wfmj2(wfmj2)Adult (f)5,1271,07013
kWccO(kWccO)Adult (f)6,4577777
Slb9Z(Slb9Z)Adult (f)6,2698396
kMh42(kMh42)Adult (m)6,0958556
4nh5M(4nh5M)Adult (m)6,6567253
gnYiy(gnYiy)Adult (f)6,6577291
QNGUG(QNGUG)Adult (m)6,6187331
CXym7(CXym7)Adult (f)6,6517321
n4sSAdele - My Same 42Adult (f)2,6411,40014
ABIXAdele - Chasing Pavements 42Adult (m)3,46083130
ToUqAdele - Make You Feel My Love 42Adult (f)6,8912,03116
CTlOAdele - Right As Rain 42Adult (f)6,1668928
AodpAdele - Crazy For You 42Adult (m)5,6658702
117FAdele - Cold Shoulder 42Adult (m)5,5677972
fLnOAdele - Tired 42Adult (f)7,1328934
ti54fAdele - Hometown Glory 42Adult (f)3,9677192
jaN9PAdele - Daydreamer 42Adult (m)3,5157531
9gNIDAdele - Best For Last 42Adult (m)3,6897831
DQY0XAdele- Melt My Heart To Stone 42Adult (m)3,0488374
h5rsQLarry the Annoying Red saysAdult (m)4,9191,2835
HfBnJAdele - Set Fire To The Rain 42Adult (f)5,0428716
uI1isAdele - He Won't Go 42Adult (f)7,8211,1328
kNi3fAdele - Don't You Remember 42Adult (m)10,1421,34511
50h9W(50h9W)Adult (f)9,8801,35911
ZQIoRAdele - Take It All 42Adult (f)8,3611,0347
nMq6JAdele - I'll Be Waiting 42Adult (f)9,1831,0898
tNiaRIs It A PikaAdult (f)7,3059225
X4BikAdele - Lovesong 42Adult (f)7,1737758
vfA4mAdele - Someone Like You 42Adult (f)6,8359717
WupGg(WupGg)Adult (f)8,4441,1639
AMdg2(AMdg2)Adult (f)8,4021,1588
s3p2q(s3p2q)Adult (m)8,1219283
0Nl6kAdele - Rumour Has It 42Adult (m)10,7061,28710
XFGGFAdele -  Turning Tables 42Adult (f)8,9191,2246
QhIbrAdele - Rolling In The Deep 42Adult (f)6,3421,0525
OWktXPikalolAdult (f)6,4929337
BeETo(BeETo)Adult (m)5,8891,0466
ZGsAj(ZGsAj)Adult (m)3,0175244
dLEp8(dLEp8)Adult (f)2,8885223
rQ1us(rQ1us)Adult (m)3,6765315
OpMnQDirty StuffAdult (m)2,7851,07611
PSvHKYou have Been WarnedAdult (f)4,2311,4898
6MK5K(6MK5K)Adult (f)3,1651,1288
qaPsIPikasaurus RexAdult (m)3,0021,2767
TjnhS(TjnhS)Adult (f)2,1679301
Dttr3(Dttr3)Adult (m)4,3711,0924
ql5JW(ql5JW)Adult (m)3,8179433
B53Bb(B53Bb)Adult (f)3,7689501
VJoiM(VJoiM)Adult (f)3,6479473
d0d4d(d0d4d)Adult (f)3,5839402
NhpfVAnimadversionAdult (f)4,7658287
HEMZ0(HEMZ0)Adult (m)2,4915986
arKpJ(arKpJ)Adult (f)5,3111,0205
tTTBL(tTTBL)Adult (m)5,4041,0234
vIBxu(vIBxu)Adult (f)5,4731,0286
RPR6d(RPR6d)Adult (m)5,2231,0275
VtOMc(VtOMc)Adult (f)2,7811,0154
Bkqyt(Bkqyt)Adult (f)2,6969743
Vpenb(Vpenb)Adult (f)4,7401,3954
ZoXKY(ZoXKY)Adult (m)3,4291,0763
VopCa(VopCa)Adult (m)3,4231,1071
6zwAz(6zwAz)Adult (f)3,3731,1455
npLiQ(npLiQ)Adult (m)1,71840510
vfMUM(vfMUM)Adult (m)2,9166094
iYIa(iYIa)Hatchling (m, F)8126218
PGzX4(PGzX4)Adult (m)3,6594931
kIqAa(kIqAa)Adult (m)2,3988296
e1L7d(e1L7d)Adult (m)2,4078382
aJhyT(aJhyT)Adult (m)6,0611,2154
BNBPz(BNBPz)Adult (m)2,7128252
jAzvr(jAzvr)Adult (m)1,7294446
Nk1xl(Nk1xl)Adult (m)4,4541,06910
WBBn5(WBBn5)Adult (m)6,1796341
02awH(02awH)Adult (f)3,8475034
YjWGY(YjWGY)Adult (f)1,6155982
GvqQe(GvqQe)Adult (f)2,0515062
oxJOu(oxJOu)Adult (f)2,7875632
oTYds(oTYds)Adult (f)6,6191,1696
KuUUt(KuUUt)Adult (f)2,0976492
0Zd8d(0Zd8d)Adult (f)2,5688152
5tcgHats 42Adult (f)2,6934816
9QjZ5Wolfsong has my babbyAdult (f)3,8129063
vbc87(vbc87)Adult (f)4,2718811
B8BVdTied Together With A SmileAdult (f)14,2921,0147
0dd6s(0dd6s)Adult (f)6,91192414
N0D4u(N0D4u)Adult (f)4,1748535
SiXeS(SiXeS)Adult (m)3,3119315
MmyTQ(MmyTQ)Adult (m)6,2007142
hFzJS(hFzJS)Adult (m)6,7117105
acthn(acthn)Adult (m)20,1811,62310
BnHCN(BnHCN)Adult (m)1,8393323
1CDH9(1CDH9)Adult (m)1,4483661
PKotXOpticAdult (f)6,7011,11616
rVMoWEggshellAdult (f)5,1221,62013
DfS7KLilac InkdreamAdult (f)3,01692211
2LFQh(2LFQh)Adult (f)3,1829513
BVU5Y(BVU5Y)Adult (f)4,1229656
cKA5tYellow CardAdult (f)3,58477711
qdPYQ(qdPYQ)Adult (f)3,4597749
PjSYS(PjSYS)Adult (f)5,88180911
TRLPlIn Need of A TanAdult (f)3,74476410
PL2tJ(PL2tJ)Adult (f)6,5681,1818
I6R7z(I6R7z)Adult (f)1,71869514
TnHOAAngel-of-The-InfernoAdult (f)3,0771,0688
0smOc(0smOc)Adult (f)3,2451,0494
OE6WV(OE6WV)Adult (f)2,6889556
NmKyH(NmKyH)Adult (f)2,1027695
Yhle4(Yhle4)Adult (f)2,7989314
8FyMQ(8FyMQ)Adult (f)3,1451,05810
mAljw(mAljw)Adult (f)2,2399246
gpYQT(gpYQT)Adult (f)3,1369995
OcqjZ(OcqjZ)Adult (f)2,4429818
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