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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
omBc4(omBc4)Adult (f)1,83370817
avFCX(avFCX)Adult (f)2,3026785
XRztJ(XRztJ)Adult (f)3,2757491
lMUKS(lMUKS)Adult (f)3,8087386
c7xZa(c7xZa)Adult (f)4,0897461
b0BTN(b0BTN)Adult (f)4,1137303
Wov22(Wov22)Adult (f)4,1117242
zevhT(zevhT)Adult (f)6,0316372
hTmxy(hTmxy)Adult (f)5,6786192
r1dru(r1dru)Adult (m)4,1957563
21VUz(21VUz)Adult (m)3,9207702
C7nDb(C7nDb)Adult (m)3,8697481
FgKL0(FgKL0)Adult (m)4,0177531
oGUjw(oGUjw)Adult (m)4,3367940
AGfa(AGfa)Adult (f)2,9194432
OSla(OSla)Adult (m)1,1835263
rWMA(rWMA)Adult (m)1,3255212
gSRS(gSRS)Adult (f)2,3193332
jIFND(jIFND)Adult (f)9,0311,4175
0W0Me(0W0Me)Adult (m)3,8151,2133
l8YFu(l8YFu)Adult (m)2,0037272
9EWiT(9EWiT)Adult (f)3,3501,11511
dpoHS(dpoHS)Adult (m)2,4818533
kT5t1(kT5t1)Adult (f)2,4428244
l7cpC(l7cpC)Adult (m)5,5451,2753
uUXTn(uUXTn)Adult (f)5,9201,14119
HvTMa(HvTMa)Adult (m)3,2949186
Fnteo(Fnteo)Adult (f)2,8598692
7s3OJ(7s3OJ)Adult (m)2,9308701
p3hFG(p3hFG)Adult (f)2,7838512
omQOo(omQOo)Adult (f)2,5395625
vM3YB(vM3YB)Adult (m)5,5886397
VLteuMars BarsAdult (m)1,8465619
Ogahd(Ogahd)Adult (f)6,5389336
3tsaj(3tsaj)Adult (m)1,7707260
WiEqJ(WiEqJ)Adult (m)2,0747572
42CoK(42CoK)Adult (m)5,2897316
kjSB(kjSB)Hatchling (f, F)1,0444633
1bRhG(1bRhG)Hatchling (m, F)7,7581,96214
4SriY(4SriY)Hatchling (F)1,7322872
oG8fr(oG8fr)Adult (f)2,7656683
NSJJr(NSJJr)Adult (m)3,6841,0314
8i36K(8i36K)Adult (f)8,1251,5118
3KdeV(3KdeV)Adult (m)7,8531,4638
LQDTq(LQDTq)Adult (f)8,0561,4547
F2ma1KabizioAdult (f)3,4969512
vDAEF(vDAEF)Adult (m)3,6496712
3tB6k(3tB6k)Adult (m)6,0998343
Jk6DO(Jk6DO)Adult (f)3,7034743
oF0N0(oF0N0)Adult (m)3,7253813
Sha99(Sha99)Adult (f)5,3606873
isLol(isLol)Adult (m)5,1945866
uQ4t9(uQ4t9)Adult (f)3,9895055
3kRuK(3kRuK)Adult (m)3,8314743
VUbqT(VUbqT)Adult (f)3,2688446
fZIkF(fZIkF)Adult (f)1,8383825
AUFMF(AUFMF)Hatchling (f, F)3,9876844
FvlVAAR - Top Of The World 42Adult (f)3,7331,10019
pU7qAAR - Straightjacket Feeling 42Adult (f)4,7067167
PIrgAAR - Change Your Mind 42Adult (m)6,2868677
7orjAAR - Night Drive 42Adult (m)7,7029946
YnQWAAR - Dance Inside 42Adult (m)7,8459534
L5YdAAR - Move Along 42Adult (m)7,4249857
TcH8AAR - It Ends Tonight 42Adult (m)7,42596610
CpTDAAR - I'm Wating 42Adult (f)4,4738597
bXUOAAR - Dirty Little Secret 42Adult (m)6,3259814
qnJiXAAR - Can't Take It 42Adult (f)3,0056311
t6WAUAAR - Eyelash Wishes 42Adult (f)6,2121,0507
8eZfk(8eZfk)Adult (f)2,4898462
ZUDiOI Am The Great Stone DragonAdult (m)2,1037805
pcMeh(pcMeh)Adult (f)5,3171,09910
bsMAN(bsMAN)Adult (f)8,0261,02310
DRPrO(DRPrO)Adult (m)6,3547104
iNErD(iNErD)Adult (f)5,0007815
Clm4x(Clm4x)Adult (f)4,04292510
foRCE(foRCE)Adult (f)3,60798615
rNqj(rNqj)Hatchling (m, F)2,50598214
ffIjHappy Feet 42Adult (f)1,60153012
S0o6Daddy Daycare 42Adult (f)4,6367974
eWWWhMrs Doubtfire 42Adult (f)3,5307210
IrtocBugs Life 42Adult (f)4,5769037
6pFTG(6pFTG)Adult (f)2,6145814
Fq6Iq(Fq6Iq)Adult (f)3,0889682
MKZii(MKZii)Adult (f)4,8831,2131
VCKIX(VCKIX)Adult (f)3,6311,2272
9SLeF(9SLeF)Adult (f)3,7751,1055
LhqWKMargaret ThatcherAdult (f)5,1161,3323
qc0C1(qc0C1)Adult (f)4,9181,52111
RHO6D(RHO6D)Adult (f)4,1081,2986
BAvZl(BAvZl)Adult (f)2,8579733
3QNaEKill 'Em allAdult (f)4,3721,3634
0HOeS(0HOeS)Adult (f)2,3726603
Rgbhs(Rgbhs)Adult (f)1,8133134
7uUsf(7uUsf)Adult (f)2,4923968
mmYeE(mmYeE)Adult (m)3,8609432
KQcDqRonald ReganAdult (m)5,2981,3632
C2cbsWinston ChurchillAdult (m)3,7591,2785
1acdF(1acdF)Adult (m)4,0551,2114
CK2Ad(CK2Ad)Adult (m)3,7371,2623
VplY4(VplY4)Adult (m)5,6521,7207
XOeZC(XOeZC)Adult (m)5,1451,6367
KVcr6(KVcr6)Adult (m)4,7441,4615
1ifAJChelsea Football ClubAdult (m)4,7671,3523
PvhCj(PvhCj)Adult (m)5,2621,4573
5moai(5moai)Adult (m)5,5791,0789
2fuvW(2fuvW)Hatchling (F)3,0234845
eV98Didier Drogba 42Adult (f)2,46290815
Yejk7Frank Lampard 42Adult (f)9,1471,1599
kPZuh(kPZuh)Adult (f)2,60970915
9KLJX(9KLJX)Adult (f)4,8966816
D63br(D63br)Adult (f)4,84251912
KPAnA(KPAnA)Adult (f)3,7421,0354
pjcqO(pjcqO)Adult (f)3,8603961
bft4j(bft4j)Adult (f)3,5729276
Db4Oc(Db4Oc)Adult (f)3,9389563
FvZfx(FvZfx)Adult (f)4,2321,0493
cCAl4(cCAl4)Adult (f)4,0521,0092
MvDLh(MvDLh)Adult (f)2,4415976
eKjJDavid Villa 42Adult (m)4,7071,10511
ZpbWSteven Gerrard 42Adult (m)3,6241,33314
WMFiaCristiano Ronaldo 42Adult (m)6,4681,1628
jdS4R(jdS4R)Adult (m)5,78592925
ne57T(ne57T)Adult (m)5,5901,03519
Hu8rd(Hu8rd)Adult (m)3,2419258
cbEBE(cbEBE)Adult (m)3,4259803
1aOcv(1aOcv)Adult (m)1,82963811
B2voE(B2voE)Adult (m)3,6769255
U3mBv(U3mBv)Adult (m)4,1371,0153
sStn3(sStn3)Adult (m)3,5169258
getYh(getYh)Adult (m)4,0869535
7sNC0(7sNC0)Adult (m)5,3917912
z5L6t(z5L6t)Adult (m)5,2908043
FBciS(FBciS)Adult (f)5,0978581
dr9RR(dr9RR)Adult (f)3,3661,0582
iL67w(iL67w)Adult (m)2,9951,0143
PjI0M(PjI0M)Hatchling (F)3,6933012
59HtZaphdosAdult (f)2,356884138
90stRZangdeeAdult (f)4,4733964
s9EHE(s9EHE)Adult (f)5,2674604
44LFM(44LFM)Adult (f)5,1264563
qc5ds(qc5ds)Adult (m)5,0051,4995
TyPvh(TyPvh)Adult (m)3,9939434
UuMQ(UuMQ)Hatchling (m, F)1,25259611
HEIO6(HEIO6)Adult (f)2,2669351
IVUgh(IVUgh)Adult (f)2,3098862
FWiV7(FWiV7)Adult (f)2,3469381
Zeboo(Zeboo)Adult (f)3,2657967
IMABs(IMABs)Adult (f)3,2604966
jehUV(jehUV)Adult (m)2,0146454
LGn7L(LGn7L)Adult (m)2,8029491
7e1s7(7e1s7)Adult (m)2,7819012
uk62GSent OffAdult (m)2,2827273
tkfcg(tkfcg)Adult (m)1,93155837
p0rnf(p0rnf)Adult (m)3,48374520
cnYps(cnYps)Adult (m)11,5341,01821
T3KA(T3KA)Hatchling (m, F)1,4717569
RFt3(RFt3)Adult (m)2,6397883
tUFBI(tUFBI)Adult (m)3,9901,0165
QkUko(QkUko)Adult (m)3,7781,0275
GG7mE(GG7mE)Adult (m)2,3057563
31MSI(31MSI)Adult (m)3,2989307
07csp(07csp)Adult (m)4,1181,1736
r9PBQNaughty WordsAdult (m)2,1198305
Tjkss(Tjkss)Adult (m)11,4971,2036
2OEEL(2OEEL)Adult (m)2,1413553
Gda8Elmer Fudd 42Adult (f)1,2175275
tm1CBugs Bunny 42Adult (f)1,3755326
Hu10s(Hu10s)Adult (f)2,9769668
fpBMg(fpBMg)Adult (f)3,7659984
EVhPO(EVhPO)Adult (f)2,4306943
bP5KeNamed DragonAdult (f)2,8919507
jOZ0E(jOZ0E)Adult (f)2,2527824
eCbZX(eCbZX)Adult (f)2,4308695
0ejP6Dialed 42Adult (f)3,1687532
EOrVkDrastically 42Adult (m)3,3781,1753
3TJBdDribbled 42Adult (m)5,2251,5844
I3TQQDiabolical 42Adult (m)3,0727683
Wa1D0Where's WaldoAdult (m)6,6121,09715
NoCPU(NoCPU)Adult (m)6,2351,30710
9uNuW(9uNuW)Adult (f)4,0041,2051
D8LBcErectAdult (f)2,3567320
UmErm(UmErm)Adult (f)3,1931,11716
EDlvW(EDlvW)Adult (f)3,4761,0792
reaCH(reaCH)Adult (f)4,6508874
ccj4h(ccj4h)Adult (m)6,9631,10914
27Lh2(27Lh2)Adult (f)3,1526536
42aHa(42aHa)Adult (m)5,0458912
TJSQL(TJSQL)Adult (m)4,0407427
TIMMM(TIMMM)Adult (m)2,5901,03218
42Our(42Our)Adult (m)6,0928385
7b9WFrantically 42Adult (f)4,2376382
l2YHUFuriously 42Adult (f)7,1741,4457
tfBJDFalsify 42Adult (f)5,2276924
8dk0cFinicky 42Adult (f)5,5951,2648
TOhFkFeeble 42Adult (f)2,0937398
U89kdFlags 42Adult (f)4,96285611
Zg0pjFreedom 42Adult (f)6,6801,0859
PdoMeFaux 42Adult (f)6,3091,10310
8k7MtFrolic 42Adult (f)6,4981,0966
cZW9qKlingons On The Starboard BowAdult (f)4,9199044
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