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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Gj8g8gimme a name 42Adult (m)7,4261,4416
poTOu(poTOu)Adult (m)5,3357981
gGOXJ(gGOXJ)Adult (m)5,3377961
f45u(f45u)Hatchling (f, F)3,9887133
6XTo(6XTo)Hatchling (m, F)4,5396713
IvmCNew BlossomingAdult (m)2,4321,6677
EAFN(EAFN)Adult (m)3,30088618
SnM0YAndy MurrayAdult (m)5,3679964
8zmr(8zmr)Adult (f)10,0901,79069
5RPY(5RPY)Adult (f)7,8729397
l6dd(l6dd)Adult (f)3,5186151
CCgHIZaxanaiAdult (f)5,8891,27910
Nan3must name this 42Adult (m)1,6805152
XFMFno names 42Adult (m)1,1694231
BC7h11111111111111111111111111111111Adult (m)3,3035133
Xt6t8name me plz 42Adult (m)3,8827832
mckC2i want a name 42Adult (m)4,6723363
JdmqRname 42Adult (m)3,9053124
QBI7names names names 42Adult (f)2,5653846
firWname me soon 42Adult (f)1,3015335
O1Hii wanna be named 42Adult (f)1,6404601
PcbbOUmmAdult (f)4,0613157
FB4bU(FB4bU)Adult (f)4,02472610
eUmY(eUmY)Hatchling (f, F)3,6535386
p6jhA'm Weddu Tosamuko JimmohAdult (m)9,3625,82246
fzrqI Want A DescriptionAdult (m)4,9763,37934
Fc8D(Fc8D)Adult (m)5,6708604
6V0ta 42Adult (m)7,3668942
BEeHj(BEeHj)Adult (m)4,1461,4242
UI1IM(UI1IM)Adult (m)4,5099715
xBOZo(xBOZo)Adult (m)5,1209535
SuxUp(SuxUp)Adult (m)5,2969127
3eK3S(3eK3S)Adult (m)5,1829175
DDl6p(DDl6p)Adult (m)4,0631,2363
U72Ew(U72Ew)Adult (m)3,9261,2513
Latd9(Latd9)Adult (m)5,3401,36211
xMOqO(xMOqO)Adult (m)5,3291,38110
8ZkHQ(8ZkHQ)Adult (m)5,1831,3887
SbAZUrtemaduc JdenmudAdult (f)6,0454,39360
68GyJden Aj Vuccadw Ucc Uheidt IjAdult (f)7,2513,70861
ElpyRur0 No Sud Riact U JdenmudAdult (f)4,9143,63246
5vqITed'k Cok Kxo Vhejk RakoAdult (f)3,0661,66232
a7JKnamez 42Adult (f)4,8328622
U33mwant a name xD 42Adult (f)5,3118355
tHO3gimme name 42Adult (f)7,8539554
uTiJEat OutAdult (f)8,2788833
qRcr9(qRcr9)Adult (f)3,3239054
hvvN5(hvvN5)Adult (f)5,0188438
vTeyX(vTeyX)Adult (f)4,0121,3875
xeuLQ(xeuLQ)Adult (f)4,2828314
RKMTR(RKMTR)Adult (f)3,7211,1853
WphJ(WphJ)Hatchling (m, F)7,6854,786267
aTSm(aTSm)Hatchling (F)3,6296633
WZn25(WZn25)Adult (m)3,8437620
LtA8Z(LtA8Z)Adult (m)4,3281,0230
CharhMy Name Is CharleyAdult (m)5,72782215
cH9U1(cH9U1)Adult (f)5,2299072
tONh6BlowsAdult (f)3,5709017
VtfDa(VtfDa)Adult (f)3,3521,33511
rUBpM(rUBpM)Adult (f)2,1036733
xZLmZ(xZLmZ)Adult (f)4,1067791
fUH85(fUH85)Adult (f)3,5427911
5cO8s(5cO8s)Adult (f)3,5407891
xhtpE(xhtpE)Adult (m)3,8214961
pv6N3(pv6N3)Adult (m)3,4801,34214
7uKLz(7uKLz)Adult (m)3,5652380
ihXsT(ihXsT)Adult (m)4,2799312
wr7Nz(wr7Nz)Adult (m)7,4398104
bHow4(bHow4)Adult (m)2,7616072
oLF42(oLF42)Adult (m)4,0037284
DQSpvCOME AT ME LOLLIPOPAdult (f)8,5011,17742
hnIj560-Thousand-Dollar QuestionAdult (f)7,4791,14149
j1I8dPlanthiaAdult (f)4,6131,29038
6mpcaNuptialAdult (f)5,62587216
UJMaTEstablishedAdult (f)5,43492912
E6ZemSubspecializingAdult (f)3,18478221
2uPdhGet some nutsAdult (f)7,0101,01943
CF8h3FaqirsAdult (f)7,5321,08437
pmPGHErica loves molesAdult (f)4,34587239
XPs7WName your faceAdult (f)6,81384154
IJU75What is a silverAdult (f)5,19488525
CHbVrAnimorphetteAdult (f)7,1421,12269
aaEuN(aaEuN)Adult (f)6,0631,40886
BKcvTVexanzAdult (f)4,37077129
8sqAD(8sqAD)Adult (f)2,70785221
cVmOc(cVmOc)Adult (f)3,20177924
zJrjr(zJrjr)Adult (f)2,90881824
JPVHbShiny FaceAdult (f)3,9784706
PN7a7(PN7a7)Adult (f)4,1226326
FwVv3(FwVv3)Adult (f)2,37574219
3pYRW(3pYRW)Adult (f)2,22778219
XHOgtI'mma eat your face lolAdult (f)7,0851,1358
1sn1uLOLLIPOP'S POPAdult (f)6,2078498
PgXPB(PgXPB)Adult (f)4,92295810
ubQkK(ubQkK)Adult (f)2,62929412
VzIHN(VzIHN)Adult (f)6,31898610
BgIqG(BgIqG)Adult (f)4,30477911
yLlC1(yLlC1)Adult (f)6,1698417
F9hSg(F9hSg)Adult (f)4,13888312
W4ltV(W4ltV)Adult (f)5,4837664
6XwXV(6XwXV)Adult (f)4,5489417
Q7kUu(Q7kUu)Adult (f)5,1758023
580Ud(580Ud)Adult (f)5,2249772
v0jOSSafrienaerAdult (m)5,9721,03725
RHmkPShiny MafiaAdult (m)5,51975636
Cs4cY23rd Of January 2012Adult (m)4,0571,15749
65Dt9Olympic Silver MedalAdult (m)4,66191722
hot3fI Got Passion In My PantsAdult (m)5,81392717
OIu9hWimbledonAdult (m)3,90173023
NAAX4Novak DjokovicAdult (m)8,01282928
3dBTW4tee2Adult (m)7,53177044
Wh4FhPete SamprasAdult (m)6,1591,03938
oAdBd(oAdBd)Adult (m)5,02496240
N1FKsHello PeoplesAdult (m)4,2471,04743
sGdG8RES HAS MY BABBY YAYAdult (m)6,80181029
vthjh(vthjh)Adult (m)4,55599139
LTEcG(LTEcG)Adult (m)3,3621,03419
o84TB(o84TB)Adult (m)5,6931,50280
EMsUB(EMsUB)Adult (m)4,7321,20770
badDY(badDY)Adult (m)6,7851,14519
Kh5ZuParty Don't Start 'Til I Walk InAdult (m)5,5481,23929
OPHNoI Produce Shinies For FunAdult (m)5,5121,30554
VVshs(VVshs)Adult (m)5,1731,43452
9Ei3DNaming My HatchlingsAdult (m)4,5071,25622
Z9KE1(Z9KE1)Adult (m)4,59399828
2GVjH(2GVjH)Adult (m)6,2931,14010
CvkH6Finz And FangzAdult (m)2,32242428
Oa5py(Oa5py)Adult (m)2,7441,04419
02YIn(02YIn)Adult (m)3,3861,0617
vjrHE(vjrHE)Adult (m)6,3231,02010
JKKFo(JKKFo)Adult (m)5,6687608
RoV8t(RoV8t)Adult (m)4,5821,17514
i8n7X(i8n7X)Adult (m)4,35129110
IcF1b(IcF1b)Adult (m)6,2827136
hkHYI(hkHYI)Adult (m)4,7747946
2C0NF(2C0NF)Adult (m)5,5791,06110
5KGtF(5KGtF)Adult (m)5,4607985
JZI3L(JZI3L)Adult (m)5,24891231
oJ3KOuj0 ZokAdult (f)6,0694,20143
tfiRRed Arrows 42Adult (f)3,8481,82013
8q0c(8q0c)Adult (m)2,00079612
9Gc5(9Gc5)Adult (m)1,0956084
Zif4i(Zif4i)Adult (m)4,3251,4572
IniST(IniST)Adult (m)5,4991,0405
coAlBNames You Can't Believe You GotAdult (f)3,7361,0037
mQusd(mQusd)Adult (f)3,4227924
ea2W7(ea2W7)Adult (m)4,0601,1117
uKQ64I Know I'm That Kind Of ManAdult (f)4,8331,1995
COP9eAnndroidAdult (m)5,3671,2373
DLPPVYou Are The Weakest LinkAdult (m)4,6851,1244
qX4PRNo Second ChancesAdult (m)4,6941,1684
ULebv(ULebv)Adult (f)8,5051,4143
gWvCI(gWvCI)Adult (m)5,70373711
kHKtk(kHKtk)Adult (m)4,6576733
FjJCT(FjJCT)Adult (f)5,6768505
g64DT(g64DT)Adult (f)1,8223366
g1zjq(g1zjq)Adult (m)1,3004153
kQXQh(kQXQh)Hatchling (F)2,8574857
Hk9ZS(Hk9ZS)Hatchling (f, F)4,9618685
FtbQ3Sad HatchlingAdult (m)6,9371,18210
Lao5G(Lao5G)Adult (m)2,5547658
44UMb(44UMb)Adult (m)3,3665335
CtAQM(CtAQM)Adult (m)5,3701,3075
1T5Fx(1T5Fx)Adult (m)5,3421,2545
bVQgl(bVQgl)Adult (m)5,2421,2542
VMQya(VMQya)Adult (m)3,3108184
Ew9Mg(Ew9Mg)Adult (m)2,5547662
XvYh7(XvYh7)Adult (m)2,1937066
s9krK(s9krK)Adult (m)3,5166866
91shl(91shl)Adult (m)2,0016535
UgakX(UgakX)Adult (m)2,2657494
gxPYI(gxPYI)Adult (m)3,0029284
sYdRB(sYdRB)Adult (m)2,6178817
PKynU(PKynU)Adult (m)1,7665902
nwmX0(nwmX0)Adult (m)1,9366293
rRPvO(rRPvO)Adult (m)2,2786945
lgzQv(lgzQv)Adult (m)4,8631,0804
vHRWk(vHRWk)Adult (m)2,4607038
6XdYy(6XdYy)Adult (m)1,8523093
TaOKV(TaOKV)Adult (f)2,5727377
c9kTN(c9kTN)Adult (f)2,5507476
PCZIF(PCZIF)Adult (f)2,5677517
9HMSp(9HMSp)Adult (f)4,0051,2445
268rk(268rk)Adult (f)4,4346964
8r78f(8r78f)Adult (f)2,8829586
hsuDe(hsuDe)Adult (f)1,5575005
f8dXy(f8dXy)Adult (f)1,5585005
ZnZfx(ZnZfx)Adult (f)3,2731,1076
IwsvG(IwsvG)Adult (f)2,2437524
z3qVa(z3qVa)Adult (f)4,8141,1582
Ju3up(Ju3up)Adult (f)4,4191,1693
irIca(irIca)Adult (f)4,9491,1303
JU1iw(JU1iw)Adult (f)5,1271,1675
S4ikb(S4ikb)Adult (f)3,2625508
ICPss(ICPss)Adult (f)1,9016804
GehC7(GehC7)Adult (f)1,7816024
Cwij3(Cwij3)Adult (f)2,4198015
omBc4(omBc4)Adult (f)1,83370817
avFCX(avFCX)Adult (f)2,3026785
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