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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5rICk(5rICk)Adult (m)2,78693219
KNIsh(KNIsh)Adult (m)3,2527167
gK40n(gK40n)Adult (f)4,8701,35119
8qvE4IMAGINE ALL THE MINTSSSSAdult (m)6,7421,1178
T5nzuGIVE THE MINTS A HOMEAdult (m)5,8031,56914
DOrKY(DOrKY)Adult (m)2,99885122
3HG7VFor Scroll Sprite CollectionAdult (f)3,6037654
ygqbm42's 5th Gen PrizesAdult (m)3,6177423
xpUBc(xpUBc)Adult (f)3,5617388
GXj8u(GXj8u)Adult (f)4,1019115
MLbHPMINTOPHOBIAAdult (m)3,5848234
5ojdE(5ojdE)Adult (f)4,6751,0777
ZzS8HFREE MINTS FOR ALLAdult (m)2,9136052
AskFm(AskFm)Adult (f)2,8326005
NsQRCKILL ACTION 5 TIMESAdult (m)3,5616474
20HncHORNED LIZARD LOLAdult (m)3,9136552
7JKpNLOSS OF ABILITY TO NAMEAdult (m)3,5756832
bmpnl(bmpnl)Adult (f)2,9538805
Ky5PZYOU MUST WAIT 7 MORE DAYSAdult (m)3,0376822
nmedMYOU'RE ALL SO DUMBAdult (m)2,55368713
vR7ox(vR7ox)Adult (f)4,1218602
9et46MINT EGGS AND HAMAdult (m)3,8688640
nBiz4YOU'RE ALL STUPIDAdult (m)3,7038340
60Lz7(60Lz7)Adult (f)3,8969453
blp1D(blp1D)Adult (f)4,0339441
2FuQU(2FuQU)Adult (f)2,4527355
og6pG(og6pG)Adult (f)3,9961,0304
lFBsT(lFBsT)Adult (f)5,3488844
JAwzW(JAwzW)Adult (m)2,0768054
ndwyN(ndwyN)Adult (f)3,4448623
eRLjBxJAHAAdult (m)3,5308481
KrM1t(KrM1t)Adult (m)5,0628204
0xyEy(0xyEy)Adult (f)5,18094825
RwhazMASS BREED MINTSAdult (m)4,05062815
42min(42min)Adult (f)4,1111,20950
IxnuiGIMME A MUFFINAdult (m)4,1806643
sW6jk(sW6jk)Adult (f)4,1736692
XUOKGI FIRE LAZORSAdult (m)3,7297172
eRvUx(eRvUx)Adult (f)3,8886972
uoHPz(uoHPz)Adult (f)3,8676912
SuG90(SuG90)Adult (f)4,4716363
MR8WLI will just get more mintsAdult (m)4,8237034
a6d09GREEN THINGSAdult (m)4,9066964
zG7s6lol stupid viewbombersAdult (f)4,9427358
OZ9Xe(OZ9Xe)Adult (f)4,6758507
sn1TjMINT YARDAdult (m)3,6337948
jLVah(jLVah)Adult (f)3,9194821
GKR0d(GKR0d)Adult (f)4,0674813
p1RPu(p1RPu)Adult (f)3,9244711
WXRa6(WXRa6)Adult (f)3,6145564
2kMBg(2kMBg)Adult (m)3,5105382
iCNpE(iCNpE)Adult (f)2,7354591
OBymM(OBymM)Adult (f)3,9694795
oLIol(oLIol)Adult (m)2,0764663
fQH7r(fQH7r)Adult (m)1,6054205
SjIDC(SjIDC)Adult (f)2,0744553
maYXa(maYXa)Adult (m)2,4455853
oHgaR(oHgaR)Adult (m)2,8486144
1Zz47(1Zz47)Adult (f)2,8317095
moEzm(moEzm)Adult (f)2,8886634
w5Zey(w5Zey)Adult (f)3,0862971
srsby(srsby)Adult (m)2,9813062
wxu3q(wxu3q)Adult (f)2,7962961
U1Z5B(U1Z5B)Adult (f)4,0662741
2x3ex(2x3ex)Adult (m)3,2604722
M3AuA(M3AuA)Adult (m)4,1693925
kxgv8(kxgv8)Adult (m)3,9604224
EXU50(EXU50)Adult (f)4,1284352
cKrmmMINTS THAT ARE 1000 FEET TALLAdult (m)3,9346623
vJMRg(vJMRg)Adult (m)3,2165301
Gcxqh(Gcxqh)Adult (f)3,0405335
nM6PX(nM6PX)Adult (m)1,9545457
tQme5(tQme5)Adult (f)2,6606808
lSQh8(lSQh8)Adult (m)3,7047333
O7FXa(O7FXa)Adult (f)3,6067361
6xA0l(6xA0l)Adult (f)3,7627221
uUYq0(uUYq0)Adult (f)3,4038722
vow6T(vow6T)Adult (f)2,8067704
V5sey(V5sey)Adult (f)2,7113983
P5fqu(P5fqu)Adult (m)3,2844773
Q4ZVA(Q4ZVA)Adult (m)4,1392965
S2AtL(S2AtL)Adult (m)3,6733026
P4YKa(P4YKa)Adult (f)4,0892846
Ta7oG(Ta7oG)Adult (f)4,9783484
d7Zht(d7Zht)Adult (f)4,8053264
9Wqsz(9Wqsz)Adult (m)5,2973863
n45Ux(n45Ux)Adult (f)5,1323933
8soHl(8soHl)Adult (f)2,6844834
rzz6W(rzz6W)Adult (f)4,0593803
GRaxgGRA GRA GRAAdult (m)4,2874342
0kRLv(0kRLv)Adult (f)3,4444963
6HdhF(6HdhF)Adult (f)3,4365072
fmXlj(fmXlj)Adult (f)3,6094862
Q0B7L(Q0B7L)Adult (f)2,6915974
TDwtC(TDwtC)Adult (m)4,1783834
VGK5W(VGK5W)Adult (f)4,2303082
LkfWv(LkfWv)Adult (f)4,9443353
Aszlk(Aszlk)Adult (m)3,2994114
HkDoo(HkDoo)Adult (f)2,8966754
nAAS2(nAAS2)Adult (f)3,6258554
IM4Gz(IM4Gz)Adult (m)3,9299365
DYEQP(DYEQP)Adult (f)3,2788936
db29r(db29r)Adult (m)3,3578825
9PbSu(9PbSu)Adult (m)3,5858655
YYinZ(YYinZ)Adult (f)3,4565464
A7ovF(A7ovF)Adult (m)3,0496314
CGByo2nd Gens From Ribbon DancerAdult (f)2,7955932
Vj7D242's Special StuffAdult (m)3,0598364
o1rX8(o1rX8)Adult (f)2,6455173
4vKLO(4vKLO)Adult (f)2,2037672
0TqU8(0TqU8)Adult (f)3,6825081
5aBWa(5aBWa)Adult (f)3,9394952
HdZcg42's 3G Mint x Guardian IBAdult (m)3,2754812
CHRPt(CHRPt)Adult (f)3,3804942
drhYg(drhYg)Adult (f)3,2064161
qy8B9(qy8B9)Adult (m)3,6804883
oApKc(oApKc)Adult (f)4,8404305
vSEdH(vSEdH)Adult (m)4,5164305
o2uCg2nd Gens From ShimmerAdult (f)4,8294105
kteTr(kteTr)Adult (m)2,90842246
7wel9(7wel9)Adult (f)4,0291,0195
Lt88a(Lt88a)Adult (f)3,2539981
mMFt3(mMFt3)Adult (m)4,3161,0033
X8aL0(X8aL0)Adult (m)3,44146210
8F6v6(8F6v6)Adult (f)5,0023816
12yNg(12yNg)Adult (m)2,36253110
o3WTL(o3WTL)Adult (m)3,5404468
UEr26(UEr26)Adult (f)2,7908032
deOyT(deOyT)Adult (f)2,8941,0102
Gmo76(Gmo76)Adult (m)3,99143513
c50ys(c50ys)Adult (m)3,5174255
quGPJ2nd Gens From Winter MagiAdult (f)2,8758982
uf1Pr(uf1Pr)Adult (m)3,3194315
sT8ki(sT8ki)Adult (m)3,0954514
6WxaQ(6WxaQ)Adult (m)2,1835842
XLYee(XLYee)Adult (m)2,7875543
6oQLF(6oQLF)Adult (f)2,5415555
LT7CR(LT7CR)Adult (f)2,5824823
4Etez(4Etez)Adult (m)4,5024244
iJe5s(iJe5s)Adult (m)3,9823005
2vhA7(2vhA7)Adult (f)3,4813014
01AmT(01AmT)Adult (m)4,0714426
x8cPC(x8cPC)Adult (m)3,2338914
aYt6m(aYt6m)Adult (m)2,9488682
Iwg9L(Iwg9L)Adult (m)3,0308411
Q6OeV42's 2nd Gen Ribbon DancersAdult (f)2,5837773
Zaxzn(Zaxzn)Adult (f)2,5887793
N13tl(N13tl)Adult (m)2,4807894
kTDER(kTDER)Adult (f)2,2528161
PQrA1(PQrA1)Adult (f)2,61741357
DNc2E42's 2nd Gen PumpkinsAdult (m)4,1733904
EGt8Y(EGt8Y)Adult (f)3,8613202
GH2X142's Extra CB MarrowsAdult (m)2,9167922
Td4oG(Td4oG)Adult (m)2,5297971
1cz5o(1cz5o)Adult (m)3,8334098
24BS4(24BS4)Adult (m)3,1439876
OA8T0(OA8T0)Adult (m)2,8128946
DcvCx42's Extra CB HeartseekersAdult (f)2,8498223
J1EKT42's Extra CB ArsaniAdult (f)2,9458244
DBCpm(DBCpm)Adult (m)2,1896807
xRqma(xRqma)Adult (m)3,5154474
94GnI(94GnI)Adult (m)3,16041413
IcRr9(IcRr9)Adult (m)3,55842813
fQ745(fQ745)Adult (m)2,05647544
Ky7l442's Extra CB Radiant AngelsAdult (f)2,59454433
PJGjD(PJGjD)Adult (f)2,37940048
7ENnx(7ENnx)Adult (f)3,0485103
63IjP(63IjP)Adult (f)3,27839739
uP6dY(uP6dY)Adult (f)3,18234935
4WTwS(4WTwS)Adult (m)3,33238243
q43Hs(q43Hs)Adult (f)2,79138743
Rcwwf(Rcwwf)Adult (f)1,8375815
hnmEq(hnmEq)Adult (m)1,7585962
o9vin(o9vin)Adult (m)2,97843615
dM2nz(dM2nz)Adult (f)3,38448221
VmaQO(VmaQO)Adult (f)3,01942317
Sq8Bi(Sq8Bi)Adult (f)2,84742121
2DUyP(2DUyP)Adult (f)2,48444015
7TQeG(7TQeG)Adult (f)3,69243436
HC5Qi(HC5Qi)Adult (m)3,79141332
efTJ0(efTJ0)Adult (f)2,27949717
1dWKI42's Thuwed Mint x Guardian IBAdult (m)4,49340022
JUhDF(JUhDF)Adult (f)3,46950326
ZMUjZ(ZMUjZ)Adult (m)3,30743635
jlgQJ(jlgQJ)Adult (m)4,17442020
V0y9W(V0y9W)Adult (m)3,2167802
sACT7(sACT7)Adult (f)3,1377772
9bvGS(9bvGS)Adult (m)3,5767902
iw0DI(iw0DI)Adult (f)2,0908165
gROFX(gROFX)Adult (f)2,6009267
ykzqp(ykzqp)Adult (f)2,08378027
IK2tw(IK2tw)Adult (m)1,7936633
ek0vd(ek0vd)Adult (m)4,6731,18618
5kJpR(5kJpR)Adult (m)4,6461,19311
HwP8fWE MARCH INTO BATTLEAdult (f)4,7501,18514
iBwa0(iBwa0)Adult (m)4,6721,21910
sSQ70(sSQ70)Adult (m)4,5411,19210
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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