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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OAqb(OAqb)Adult (f)1,5194553
rXM1PB Silver ProjectAdult (f)1,5584551
RmVY(RmVY)Adult (m)1,6564516
sei8(sei8)Adult (f)4,7237876
9L3K2nd Gens From Golden ShadowsAdult (f)4,6888178
9TYVRock DJAdult (m)4,2707463
IHEM(IHEM)Adult (f)3,4487611
kWpb42's 8th Gen SilversAdult (m)3,6858720
fZYMMy CultureAdult (m)3,8868882
6NMf(6NMf)Adult (f)4,6758044
PHp8(PHp8)Adult (f)3,4306541
uLiDq(uLiDq)Adult (f)3,5137371
neaTc(neaTc)Adult (f)2,6606361
P8fPq(P8fPq)Adult (f)2,3368553
0hleg(0hleg)Adult (f)6,1321,0939
HguWM42's 7th Gen SilversAdult (f)4,0147027
Totto(Totto)Adult (f)5,3698125
Er4ie(Er4ie)Adult (m)6,6178615
3PUnT(3PUnT)Adult (m)4,6076913
PSddD(PSddD)Adult (m)6,2291,1352
tc6GQQanatAdult (f)3,0446123
mL21DDiagnosticAdult (f)3,3348305
8jfloBinders Full Of WomenAdult (f)2,8301,0131
2XqvFEverything At OnceAdult (f)1,7626542
XYSW5ClishmaclaverAdult (m)2,0627042
Imf4sI Know You Have A GirlfriendAdult (f)3,3851,1303
fTX88(fTX88)Adult (f)3,6089622
hH8Ea(hH8Ea)Adult (f)3,5869481
O5k6H(O5k6H)Adult (f)3,6929872
MdAum(MdAum)Adult (m)2,6819173
8CBOe(8CBOe)Adult (f)2,4438754
QJhv8(QJhv8)Adult (f)4,1891,0851
Epreq(Epreq)Adult (f)4,1641,0544
uXAsS(uXAsS)Adult (f)4,8168867
0IX01(0IX01)Adult (f)3,5197963
t5DKm(t5DKm)Adult (m)5,1624202
dRgZV2nd Gens From Blue ArsaniAdult (m)4,1089550
Q2C0I(Q2C0I)Adult (m)3,6629421
WWPg042's 3rd gen HolliesAdult (f)3,8369213
foBu2(foBu2)Adult (f)3,6544501
HtI7d2nd Gens From Cavern LurkerAdult (m)3,6538652
JV7RY(JV7RY)Adult (f)3,7108694
6APfp(6APfp)Adult (m)3,6096662
IeiDF(IeiDF)Adult (f)3,6276614
6e488(6e488)Adult (m)3,6506592
cLUdc42's 5th Gen And Over HolliesAdult (f)5,7937822
mR7qZ(mR7qZ)Adult (m)4,8909552
6vGSk(6vGSk)Adult (m)4,8669293
Teah8(Teah8)Adult (f)2,8197614
3JhER42's 4th Gen HolliesAdult (f)5,6368255
JkGF2(JkGF2)Adult (m)5,4678254
9gP6W(9gP6W)Adult (m)4,8867585
lY2b4(lY2b4)Adult (m)6,4101,1372
RWqCu2nd Gens From White RosebudAdult (m)2,2166451
ZdQk242's Extra CB Cavern LurkersAdult (f)3,5181,0133
12CkH(12CkH)Adult (m)2,9787402
cGqe4(cGqe4)Adult (m)3,0237301
j3Tgn(j3Tgn)Adult (m)1,8476530
pmkV6(pmkV6)Adult (m)3,1968092
LNo9fGREEN IS YOUR COLOURAdult (m)3,1091,0001
VHpBG(VHpBG)Adult (m)2,2347464
UOTKL2nd Gens From Multiple AltsAdult (m)2,2467471
NXIF2(NXIF2)Adult (m)3,5641,1401
5Zr2v(5Zr2v)Adult (m)2,5478613
2XZVT2nd Gens From HeartseekerAdult (f)4,2641,2722
7d3qa(7d3qa)Adult (f)3,9191,1521
OQWnO(OQWnO)Adult (m)4,2301,2914
I8Esg(I8Esg)Adult (m)2,4917791
6RtJP(6RtJP)Adult (f)2,5347640
q1ona(q1ona)Adult (f)2,4487731
fsFel(fsFel)Adult (f)3,0047270
h6oNn(h6oNn)Adult (f)3,0267171
DBnAR(DBnAR)Adult (f)2,9256274
ko8Pt(ko8Pt)Adult (f)3,1564960
Af1NQ(Af1NQ)Adult (m)3,7185172
d3dt6(d3dt6)Adult (f)3,2265890
mpHum(mpHum)Adult (f)3,0575560
AKtg1(AKtg1)Adult (m)3,3645740
d7j3Y(d7j3Y)Adult (f)2,9965401
WaLS1(WaLS1)Adult (m)3,3365261
O6aTo(O6aTo)Adult (f)3,3251,0885
Lkkit(Lkkit)Adult (m)3,4374604
rnikR(rnikR)Adult (m)2,3906191
MePKJ(MePKJ)Adult (m)2,2336121
You18(You18)Adult (m)4,8571,0064
Ep4FM(Ep4FM)Adult (f)2,9986203
bmfd2(bmfd2)Adult (f)1,9967661
1U1hm(1U1hm)Adult (f)1,7727643
0R046(0R046)Adult (m)1,7437421
hcOb6(hcOb6)Adult (m)4,7383173
vWeRg(vWeRg)Adult (f)1,8778472
8glHA(8glHA)Adult (f)4,6649602
YWtRb(YWtRb)Adult (f)4,7589794
UNZ8RTHEY THINK I'M A LIZARDAdult (m)3,3716161
t9tZu(t9tZu)Adult (m)2,7196002
eU5iD(eU5iD)Adult (f)2,5346126
NhP8K(NhP8K)Adult (m)5,4077095
SnvhB(SnvhB)Adult (f)2,5086692
n76oRMINT DOMINATIONAdult (m)3,4717086
dZR6S(dZR6S)Adult (f)3,4557022
WTvvf(WTvvf)Adult (m)2,9147196
nIk1V(nIk1V)Adult (f)2,9757316
8D5d7MINTOPOLOYAdult (m)3,1978773
QCvn3POWER OF A MINTAdult (m)4,3611,0393
YdZti(YdZti)Adult (f)4,2371,0103
qAOWb(qAOWb)Adult (f)6,3121,1572
Lf1LX(Lf1LX)Adult (f)2,7988672
4E8XF(4E8XF)Adult (m)5,4351,0965
XqTno(XqTno)Adult (m)2,9259194
I4sik(I4sik)Adult (m)2,8598680
FYn4p(FYn4p)Adult (f)7,2921,4677
USVmV(USVmV)Adult (m)7,2701,4616
IWLpP(IWLpP)Adult (m)4,8196841
eh4EO(eh4EO)Adult (f)2,37457113
0r4a0(0r4a0)Adult (f)7,8611,3234
WtvX3(WtvX3)Adult (m)3,9151,0053
CghDt(CghDt)Adult (f)4,2861,0381
nOSBM(nOSBM)Adult (f)7,3671,0723
kSCR2(kSCR2)Adult (m)6,9471,0824
FHrMM42's Over 5th Gen PrizesAdult (f)5,2807294
BrCLd(BrCLd)Adult (m)3,0907643
sr75j(sr75j)Adult (m)3,1457942
2N3sr(2N3sr)Adult (m)2,4778041
aBbGE(aBbGE)Adult (f)5,9058851
hGWHV(hGWHV)Adult (f)6,0629201
TRW2V(TRW2V)Adult (f)2,8496440
5kU2c(5kU2c)Adult (f)2,8836592
sZkutRAGE AGAINST THE GREENAdult (m)2,9546470
cZL1C(cZL1C)Adult (f)3,0596611
Oli0j(Oli0j)Adult (m)5,4951,0871
UcqT6(UcqT6)Adult (m)2,7298131
NOfT1(NOfT1)Adult (m)2,0526820
H3ELA(H3ELA)Adult (f)2,2977050
r6pkP(r6pkP)Adult (m)2,0847042
qucJ6(qucJ6)Adult (f)2,1297072
kKGuj(kKGuj)Adult (f)2,1146841
MX4bCRELAX DON'T VAMP ITAdult (m)2,7818312
gkAGT(gkAGT)Adult (f)2,6978091
86C92(86C92)Adult (f)2,7358402
X1nRb(X1nRb)Adult (f)2,5888062
mmrWo(mmrWo)Adult (f)2,6348381
L6sbjRAWR I'M A DINOSAURAdult (m)2,6437991
gpfViITS NOT EASY BEING GREENAdult (m)2,6338190
QeMQc(QeMQc)Adult (f)2,6068122
gaSMDHIT THE DAMN BALLAdult (m)1,8576291
7oHkb(7oHkb)Adult (m)1,8976511
MSklO(MSklO)Adult (f)3,7048122
LVrje(LVrje)Adult (m)3,9968364
dMJk2(dMJk2)Adult (m)4,4336204
LoSOP(LoSOP)Adult (f)3,7838014
SWfBb(SWfBb)Adult (f)2,7895435
blbms(blbms)Adult (f)2,7616632
STuEc(STuEc)Adult (m)2,5557540
ADit3(ADit3)Adult (f)2,5897681
6INL042's 4th Gen PumpkinsAdult (m)2,4967521
LQelN(LQelN)Adult (f)4,2477291
UbXcn(UbXcn)Adult (m)4,1517590
57Qg2(57Qg2)Adult (m)2,7336500
IfXee(IfXee)Adult (f)1,9876360
OWoJd(OWoJd)Adult (m)2,7656303
AI9Pf(AI9Pf)Adult (f)2,4617692
b22EC(b22EC)Adult (m)4,3081,0381
lb6qc(lb6qc)Adult (m)5,3668174
OUM3s(OUM3s)Adult (m)3,2409746
WmfdA(WmfdA)Adult (f)2,4377883
Cf0BFHAPPY MINTAdult (m)3,7658242
il8aoTHIS GIVES OFF A BEAUTIFUL GLOWAdult (m)3,7848244
niGAR(niGAR)Adult (m)3,9268103
U6cMg(U6cMg)Adult (m)3,9148382
HmYdfFluttershy you loudmouthAdult (f)3,8548173
5JdbXbritish armyAdult (m)4,5986304
h4Ju9(h4Ju9)Adult (m)2,5277815
Xj2L1(Xj2L1)Adult (m)2,8407457
5ncRJ(5ncRJ)Adult (f)3,6971,0897
dOIN4(dOIN4)Adult (f)3,3977631
7XjID(7XjID)Adult (f)2,3028335
S93VnMint Valentine RosesAdult (f)2,7161,0597
NitIj(NitIj)Adult (m)1,4527482
d6ZAG(d6ZAG)Adult (f)3,0659622
W2r0I(W2r0I)Adult (f)3,1989572
rNnK2(rNnK2)Adult (f)4,0653450
bBAIS(bBAIS)Adult (f)1,8488001
rBGLP(rBGLP)Adult (f)1,9787561
jaG5u(jaG5u)Adult (f)2,2607520
G1GFr(G1GFr)Adult (m)3,0228931
MSr5f(MSr5f)Adult (f)4,2661,1611
81TQdMINTS GONE NUCLEARAdult (m)3,8651,2612
5rICk(5rICk)Adult (m)2,78693219
KNIsh(KNIsh)Adult (m)3,2527167
gK40n(gK40n)Adult (f)4,8701,35119
8qvE4IMAGINE ALL THE MINTSSSSAdult (m)6,7421,1178
T5nzuGIVE THE MINTS A HOMEAdult (m)5,8031,56914
DOrKY(DOrKY)Adult (m)2,99885122
3HG7VFor Scroll Sprite CollectionAdult (f)3,6037654
ygqbm42's 5th Gen PrizesAdult (m)3,6177423
xpUBc(xpUBc)Adult (f)3,5617388
GXj8u(GXj8u)Adult (f)4,1019115
MLbHPMINTOPHOBIAAdult (m)3,5848234
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