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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mr9BB(mr9BB)Adult (f)2,4228272
vXHpP(vXHpP)Adult (m)2,4208472
4ylTF(4ylTF)Adult (f)2,4037812
4dY2s(4dY2s)Adult (f)2,3747973
kOloR(kOloR)Adult (f)2,4718481
hqZPc(hqZPc)Adult (m)4,0665251
Ld3vl(Ld3vl)Adult (f)2,5828161
fSGOs42's Extra ZombiesAdult (m)2,7548092
85mHE(85mHE)Adult (m)2,5957871
XuUZp42's 2nd Gen Winter MagiAdult (f)2,8505651
w2hfV(w2hfV)Adult (f)3,4059454
UKmSs(UKmSs)Adult (f)4,8339141
Dswca(Dswca)Adult (f)4,1748122
3LbuS(3LbuS)Adult (m)4,6478972
BkkK2(BkkK2)Adult (m)7,0501,0831
VU55a(VU55a)Adult (m)6,3711,1082
YsBYS(YsBYS)Adult (m)3,2175571
jMEWv42's 2nd Gen Wrapping WingsAdult (f)3,9456715
9xU1s(9xU1s)Adult (f)2,4974702
WMIde(WMIde)Adult (f)2,8474882
HHnT2(HHnT2)Adult (f)18,0281,2995
C3m79(C3m79)Adult (m)2,8025052
dHyOc(dHyOc)Adult (m)5,2076942
Wzkd9(Wzkd9)Adult (m)3,7447964
GAlxj(GAlxj)Adult (m)3,7591,0676
4EDdy(4EDdy)Adult (f)3,7561,0735
tq3H6(tq3H6)Adult (m)3,5571,0085
ayA2l(ayA2l)Adult (f)2,57353924
n8g5N(n8g5N)Adult (m)2,5895566
n2CzeI LOVE TO BE PETTEDAdult (f)3,7046332
xOTi5MASS BREED ALL THE MINTSAdult (f)4,0807156
G2SSD(G2SSD)Adult (f)2,49255626
lcdgW(lcdgW)Adult (m)2,2075474
mDQ2x(mDQ2x)Adult (f)2,5496022
U6ENG(U6ENG)Adult (f)2,72866114
ZirtD(ZirtD)Adult (m)1,9426074
jMQ8O(jMQ8O)Adult (f)2,7158041
rD3of(rD3of)Adult (f)2,7728472
RPihJ(RPihJ)Adult (m)2,8308491
YKEtA(YKEtA)Adult (f)2,8638301
6LCCq(6LCCq)Adult (m)3,3336155
AQNXS(AQNXS)Adult (m)2,44262719
c0a2N(c0a2N)Adult (f)3,2875982
qA7KbEUGENIE BOUCHARDAdult (f)2,9775523
z34jF(z34jF)Adult (f)3,2864953
n4Dpp(n4Dpp)Adult (m)2,9534695
gEwau(gEwau)Adult (m)2,3955184
lar0n(lar0n)Adult (f)3,4165842
cj5ol(cj5ol)Adult (m)2,42056884
Yz0TJ(Yz0TJ)Adult (f)3,1198074
YlWOr(YlWOr)Adult (f)4,0214152
Lgadq(Lgadq)Adult (f)3,2113124
JqJOJ(JqJOJ)Adult (f)3,8104231
qIq8J(qIq8J)Adult (m)3,3333154
a3SRW(a3SRW)Adult (m)3,6753284
wqgSv(wqgSv)Adult (m)3,7483403
65To8(65To8)Adult (m)3,4563185
KGxSZ(KGxSZ)Adult (m)4,0224161
yTEKX(yTEKX)Adult (m)2,99759371
LaUID(LaUID)Adult (m)3,0227472
dJWaL(dJWaL)Adult (m)3,3097543
uzahM(uzahM)Adult (m)2,7027013
RHRzM(RHRzM)Adult (m)2,9037222
33exK(33exK)Adult (m)3,1676974
OhQ1x(OhQ1x)Adult (m)3,4297252
VG0lV42's 2nd Gen MarrowsAdult (m)2,7017585
ZHdnz(ZHdnz)Adult (f)3,1757982
HcDsE(HcDsE)Adult (f)2,8038322
Ix8i3(Ix8i3)Adult (f)6,0031,1701
cziEw42's 3rd Gen MarrowsAdult (m)1,8535222
8gXsX(8gXsX)Adult (f)3,1157904
N9YGX(N9YGX)Adult (f)3,32480516
hf2Yg42's 4th Gen MarrowsAdult (m)2,7607083
PFLKS42's Extra CB Shadow WalkersAdult (m)3,2127352
oFSki(oFSki)Adult (f)2,2073492
Ag3S1(Ag3S1)Adult (f)2,8895513
g5psO(g5psO)Adult (f)3,0715652
wsrKZ(wsrKZ)Adult (f)3,4584811
88Cbz(88Cbz)Adult (f)5,5911,0192
xbeb0(xbeb0)Adult (f)3,3275274
4VuTG42's 2nd Gen Shadow WalkersAdult (m)3,6984738
uVw7J42's ExtrasAdult (f)3,8563775
fAOUD(fAOUD)Adult (f)3,0158481
bMB4k(bMB4k)Adult (m)2,8847444
bmCB5(bmCB5)Adult (m)2,8625722
LosHR42's Extra CB SolsticesAdult (m)3,5114393
rXrCH(rXrCH)Adult (m)3,4949394
6NtyO(6NtyO)Adult (f)4,0303572
rv6Ou(rv6Ou)Adult (f)2,8087006
6M4vX(6M4vX)Adult (m)2,7487454
ps3MX(ps3MX)Adult (m)2,6095704
rEcH5(rEcH5)Adult (m)2,4215123
mVOKO(mVOKO)Adult (m)2,6225488
uZaVe(uZaVe)Adult (m)2,1266281
fzCdJ42's 4G Mint x Guardian IBAdult (f)2,0616092
PTCsI(PTCsI)Adult (f)2,7764684
u3Tcd(u3Tcd)Adult (m)7,4951,2193
4qTqB(4qTqB)Adult (m)2,6844181
UEE2x(UEE2x)Adult (m)2,9994801
nMWUZ(nMWUZ)Adult (m)2,4384462
oGE5d42's 3rd Gen MintsAdult (f)2,4724361
vt4Ht(vt4Ht)Adult (m)2,8394731
biSML(biSML)Adult (f)7,3161,3482
kqoaV(kqoaV)Adult (m)7,3141,3370
p67Kx(p67Kx)Adult (f)2,42351412
Zy6SA(Zy6SA)Adult (m)3,4335256
DNJdW(DNJdW)Adult (f)3,0224697
UO3TG(UO3TG)Adult (m)3,4615243
XyK6o(XyK6o)Adult (f)6,7661,1881
uECfG(uECfG)Adult (m)6,7541,3672
KnAnj42's Shimmer-Tinsel ProjectAdult (f)3,0733013
TZYmP(TZYmP)Adult (m)3,0362844
xR2rs(xR2rs)Adult (m)3,1802814
bmoU2(bmoU2)Adult (m)3,3352855
kwO42(kwO42)Adult (m)3,7501,10211
x6f4X(x6f4X)Adult (m)3,2875495
Y8dOy(Y8dOy)Adult (f)2,5455061
kUeqh(kUeqh)Adult (m)4,0484123
Lcaeo(Lcaeo)Adult (f)3,1615465
aQBxf(aQBxf)Adult (m)4,2834272
XxWGm(XxWGm)Adult (m)2,9305165
huhk5(huhk5)Adult (f)3,5295345
J2FzM(J2FzM)Adult (m)2,7305655
68hfk(68hfk)Adult (f)1,9904864
7fF65(7fF65)Adult (m)2,1846563
uOFsK(uOFsK)Adult (f)3,0634894
uBIym(uBIym)Adult (f)2,95146810
StzD3(StzD3)Adult (f)3,4883513
p8zZL(p8zZL)Adult (f)2,7874797
pXHOZ42's 3rd Gen Male Gold x MintAdult (f)3,7635344
xnIod(xnIod)Adult (f)3,7813691
UmifM42's Extra CB PumpkinsAdult (m)2,5725031
48TeP(48TeP)Adult (m)2,34449010
jZpT1(jZpT1)Adult (m)2,0934582
JSSXh(JSSXh)Adult (m)2,2453644
TqQrB(TqQrB)Adult (m)2,7934353
rnsqM(rnsqM)Adult (m)2,4197422
rsu6p(rsu6p)Adult (m)2,6064685
TGPvk(TGPvk)Adult (m)3,4005336
i26Zy(i26Zy)Adult (m)6,7821,2252
ixdgy(ixdgy)Adult (f)2,6794343
1p5pQ(1p5pQ)Adult (f)2,4499163
KFpxk(KFpxk)Adult (m)2,4058541
xrbtO(xrbtO)Adult (f)2,4699311
GEaPk(GEaPk)Adult (f)2,3988823
w1X8q(w1X8q)Adult (m)2,3924171
RoLCj(RoLCj)Adult (f)2,4393984
L5VtI(L5VtI)Adult (f)2,4774323
ALgKR(ALgKR)Adult (f)2,4084251
Lv42T(Lv42T)Adult (m)2,7634942
tuqGn(tuqGn)Adult (f)3,0105113
9H8OI(9H8OI)Adult (f)3,0225305
S6STY(S6STY)Adult (f)3,4536844
6tJF842's 3rd Gen Ribbon DancersAdult (f)3,3766742
irpJ6(irpJ6)Adult (f)3,3063724
XEnYR42's 2nd Gen YulebucksAdult (f)2,2567223
vaMzN42's 3rd Gen YulebucksAdult (f)3,4803022
SmTF3(SmTF3)Adult (m)3,7763125
QvZPF(QvZPF)Adult (m)3,2605304
T0IvW(T0IvW)Adult (m)2,6784588
RihXq(RihXq)Adult (m)4,7463835
uWxQu(uWxQu)Adult (m)3,09746011
sZGks(sZGks)Adult (f)2,8744657
Mcpkg(Mcpkg)Adult (f)2,8124687
cTSgL(cTSgL)Adult (f)2,8964146
DQsis(DQsis)Adult (m)5,6871,1195
m9Vh0(m9Vh0)Adult (m)2,9565225
DS2eg(DS2eg)Adult (m)2,3074686
EgIF4(EgIF4)Adult (f)3,1695225
9W4GD(9W4GD)Adult (f)4,5541,0295
JqNCY(JqNCY)Adult (m)6,5181,2902
dHeIq(dHeIq)Adult (f)2,43347018
UAdlt(UAdlt)Adult (f)3,5315635
3AwCN42's Extra CB Wrapping WingsAdult (m)4,0788363
0l0mW(0l0mW)Adult (f)2,4505333
s7ciC(s7ciC)Adult (f)3,19843010
bONaq(bONaq)Adult (m)2,7544259
FLr7g(FLr7g)Adult (m)2,3954955
nkQYH(nkQYH)Adult (f)3,2497382
7EYp1(7EYp1)Adult (f)2,9017302
ktRai(ktRai)Adult (m)3,6937822
aGEq3(aGEq3)Adult (f)2,3814971
Oma4X(Oma4X)Adult (m)2,8495736
Vawyg(Vawyg)Adult (f)1,6945575
JtZYi(JtZYi)Adult (f)4,4501,0504
Z2BbM(Z2BbM)Adult (m)2,5944577
Ep5d4(Ep5d4)Adult (m)2,9204097
Fza5W(Fza5W)Adult (m)3,9464587
4WaCH(4WaCH)Adult (m)3,5764138
bDlTr(bDlTr)Adult (m)2,5913415
194e8(194e8)Adult (f)2,5154395
CxhCQ42's 3rd Gen PumpkinsAdult (f)2,4273823
6KtH6(6KtH6)Adult (f)2,6723774
cQBgk(cQBgk)Adult (m)2,9794135
6Ot9h2nd Gens From Wrapping WingAdult (f)2,5245363
fg8GO(fg8GO)Adult (f)2,4595204
uTjYv(uTjYv)Adult (m)2,9114462
uqzNu(uqzNu)Adult (f)1,6824501
uLzsg42's 2nd Gen SnowangelsAdult (f)5,8641,0481
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