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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uEr8l(uEr8l)Adult (m)2,6426041
i4RWL(i4RWL)Adult (m)2,7726162
KHGcM(KHGcM)Adult (m)5,4007731
0GxDX(0GxDX)Adult (f)5,5146661
2OrD(2OrD)Egg (F)
pZnUc(pZnUc)Adult (f)3,2768912
ucNLb(ucNLb)Adult (m)3,3109271
KlEQ9(KlEQ9)Adult (m)6,1597134
rvSKj(rvSKj)Adult (f)6,2518364
QVJor(QVJor)Adult (m)4,9561,0874
ZFX5V(ZFX5V)Adult (m)2,6058224
5OLjh(5OLjh)Adult (m)4,3837950
ReFCo(ReFCo)Adult (m)6,0985709
rqmRATeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAdult (m)3,7545818
daEWf(daEWf)Adult (f)3,1408745
4KJGtBandwidthAdult (f)3,8469336
rhf09(rhf09)Adult (m)5,4209053
69S5B(69S5B)Adult (m)4,9538964
IPGui(IPGui)Adult (f)5,5077842
GbIBQ(GbIBQ)Adult (m)7,4711,4765
A82c6(A82c6)Adult (m)4,9847863
cV2Qj(cV2Qj)Adult (f)6,8041,3163
IKZgN(IKZgN)Adult (f)8,6041,38411
amWIl(amWIl)Adult (f)6,0372,1998
X0U70(X0U70)Adult (m)6,4501,1916
SUgPS(SUgPS)Adult (f)6,9421,39010
uUmFi(uUmFi)Adult (f)6,5141,0878
qtiNj(qtiNj)Adult (f)7,1111,2647
9glEh(9glEh)Adult (m)5,6441,0527
66io9(66io9)Adult (m)6,6831,1354
OjraE(OjraE)Adult (m)6,9531,1332
r8qNT(r8qNT)Adult (m)7,3221,1073
q592h(q592h)Adult (f)7,6071,1662
99988(99988)Adult (f)7,2138146
BootY(BootY)Adult (f)7,95179710
gBo0m(gBo0m)Adult (f)5,67078212
lAm42(lAm42)Adult (m)7,9931,36118
uI4RDBlagAdult (f)5,2688285
ZTpTq(ZTpTq)Adult (m)2,1747412
QnTUK(QnTUK)Adult (f)6,6786962
rvMPO(rvMPO)Adult (f)7,0759184
FECi7(FECi7)Adult (m)2,9957714
xC8JJ(xC8JJ)Adult (f)5,2948282
TZMPY(TZMPY)Adult (f)5,4358262
oMNVB(oMNVB)Adult (f)5,0588383
kGxbK(kGxbK)Adult (m)5,0018380
0fS9E(0fS9E)Adult (m)4,6178360
rbpMG(rbpMG)Adult (f)4,4378350
1QmZr(1QmZr)Adult (f)4,4168351
hkb1s(hkb1s)Adult (f)2,5197120
VYUob(VYUob)Adult (f)6,5437431
wPRMF(wPRMF)Adult (m)3,0535981
xLxTE(xLxTE)Adult (f)2,8905881
0XBR5(0XBR5)Adult (m)2,9325871
r9YFJ(r9YFJ)Adult (m)2,9335661
3H6wu(3H6wu)Adult (f)7,0726271
7n0oH(7n0oH)Adult (m)7,0636380
vXZKY(vXZKY)Adult (m)5,6167641
Efy4x(Efy4x)Adult (f)4,6377540
NeOJX(NeOJX)Adult (m)5,2856920
jPvLMerlin 42Adult (m)4,1211,36015
ma6UHarry Potter 42Adult (f)5,2337906
0hsgHermione 42Adult (m)5,9088704
RsZvDumbledore 42Adult (f)6,1788073
4LmDFaustus 42Adult (m)7,7749522
SGmjGRon 42Adult (f)3,2297510
RlIJs(RlIJs)Adult (m)4,7089949
nhm99Enter The CaveAdult (f)2,7675238
amZvmYES I NEED MORE CB METALSAdult (f)4,7701,3504
EosYS(EosYS)Adult (m)4,33436326
MAvoE(MAvoE)Adult (f)2,1907182
MVQbI(MVQbI)Adult (f)2,5567837
FAbs1Sunglasses RequiredAdult (f)2,4477394
ua4tMJust Another Picture To BurnAdult (m)2,5776675
c0BetChampions LeagueAdult (m)3,7931,0293
ao7DUSexbombAdult (m)5,1571,1492
vvqtjGoal-line TechnologyAdult (m)4,8501,1342
sm17FKaren GillanAdult (f)2,7779465
0KN0W(0KN0W)Adult (m)4,5167555
qIrKO(qIrKO)Adult (m)4,1728824
ClBjk(ClBjk)Adult (f)3,5268675
kMn7aWhere's The Ref JeffAdult (f)3,2828744
P89ME(P89ME)Adult (m)5,2491,1211
rA5cN(rA5cN)Adult (m)3,3468794
6sG1W(6sG1W)Adult (f)3,4999223
dBUAp(dBUAp)Adult (m)3,7081,1677
XCQNe(XCQNe)Adult (f)1,5586732
oTK5i(oTK5i)Adult (m)5,7311,1376
6o2Ri(6o2Ri)Adult (m)5,3681,0797
D4SFQ(D4SFQ)Adult (f)3,6651,0925
IuitS(IuitS)Adult (f)2,7728693
NkTX5(NkTX5)Adult (m)1,7957266
XUkSF(XUkSF)Adult (m)1,6727165
6JoPW(6JoPW)Adult (f)3,7271,0183
TNW3M(TNW3M)Adult (m)2,2976355
Qb74T(Qb74T)Adult (f)6,5186221
bF3r(bF3r)Hatchling (m, F)1,1504435
2ikp(2ikp)Hatchling (f, F)2,6551,03410
4AmXAggregate 42Adult (f)2,22854116
A09HAtmospheric 42Adult (m)2,11955523
DehbqActually 42Adult (f)7,6451,15115
sE65PlolGardeniaAdult (m)4,34692511
s7NkLI'm Sexeh And I know ItAdult (m)6,1701,0027
5bKNk(5bKNk)Adult (f)4,21778913
4Cj3G(4Cj3G)Adult (m)4,5991,0306
cSrVS(cSrVS)Adult (f)4,5971,0042
LRJkcTeenagersAdult (f)5,1841,2937
Cciqt(Cciqt)Adult (m)4,4457025
GPQDo(GPQDo)Adult (m)6,74599812
tYRJo(tYRJo)Adult (f)7,0461,0096
BmQb1(BmQb1)Adult (m)7,5151,0037
PvFEh(PvFEh)Adult (f)6,00582429
obLfk(obLfk)Adult (f)6,2017547
kh5Ro(kh5Ro)Adult (f)5,0587808
g5TMn(g5TMn)Adult (m)4,79284711
3MbYJMy Thoughts ExactlyAdult (m)5,9737026
JX2RL(JX2RL)Adult (f)5,9017075
Vvu9j(Vvu9j)Adult (m)6,2391,0289
DJIBZ(DJIBZ)Adult (m)3,4661,0858
6Nf6iur mumAdult (f)2,7126707
rnTk(rnTk)Adult (m)2,87527610
9kJG(9kJG)Adult (m)1,6485250
40uc(40uc)Adult (m)1,7145112
QNIN(QNIN)Adult (f)1,2414310
PY5a(PY5a)Adult (m)1,1304210
kjZOLet Love Be Your EnergyAdult (m)2,1815123
uo0NTripping - Robbie WilliamsAdult (m)1,7817879
Lcrm(Lcrm)Adult (m)3,4935391
VYDE(VYDE)Adult (f)3,3715076
ZbO5(ZbO5)Adult (m)1,6304962
OAqb(OAqb)Adult (f)1,5194553
rXM1PB Silver ProjectAdult (f)1,5584551
RmVY(RmVY)Adult (m)1,6564516
sei8(sei8)Adult (f)4,7237876
9L3K2nd Gens From Golden ShadowsAdult (f)4,6888178
9TYVRock DJAdult (m)4,2707463
IHEM(IHEM)Adult (f)3,4487611
kWpb42's 8th Gen SilversAdult (m)3,6858720
fZYMMy CultureAdult (m)3,8868882
6NMf(6NMf)Adult (f)4,6758044
PHp8(PHp8)Adult (f)3,4306541
uLiDq(uLiDq)Adult (f)3,5137371
neaTc(neaTc)Adult (f)2,6606361
P8fPq(P8fPq)Adult (f)2,3368553
0hleg(0hleg)Adult (f)6,1321,0939
HguWM42's 7th Gen SilversAdult (f)4,0147027
Totto(Totto)Adult (f)5,3698125
Er4ie(Er4ie)Adult (m)6,6178615
3PUnT(3PUnT)Adult (m)4,6076913
PSddD(PSddD)Adult (m)6,2291,1352
tc6GQQanatAdult (f)3,0446123
mL21DDiagnosticAdult (f)3,3348305
8jfloBinders Full Of WomenAdult (f)2,8301,0131
2XqvFEverything At OnceAdult (f)1,7626542
XYSW5ClishmaclaverAdult (m)2,0627042
Imf4sI Know You Have A GirlfriendAdult (f)3,3851,1303
fTX88(fTX88)Adult (f)3,6089622
hH8Ea(hH8Ea)Adult (f)3,5869481
O5k6H(O5k6H)Adult (f)3,6929872
MdAum(MdAum)Adult (m)2,6819173
8CBOe(8CBOe)Adult (f)2,4438754
QJhv8(QJhv8)Adult (f)4,1891,0851
Epreq(Epreq)Adult (f)4,1641,0544
uXAsS(uXAsS)Adult (f)4,8168867
0IX01(0IX01)Adult (f)3,5197963
t5DKm(t5DKm)Adult (m)5,1624202
dRgZV2nd Gens From Blue ArsaniAdult (m)4,1089550
Q2C0I(Q2C0I)Adult (m)3,6629421
WWPg042's 3rd gen HolliesAdult (f)3,8369213
foBu2(foBu2)Adult (f)3,6544501
HtI7d2nd Gens From Cavern LurkerAdult (m)3,6538652
JV7RY(JV7RY)Adult (f)3,7108694
6APfp(6APfp)Adult (m)3,6096662
IeiDF(IeiDF)Adult (f)3,6276614
6e488(6e488)Adult (m)3,6506592
cLUdc42's 5th Gen And Over HolliesAdult (f)5,7937822
mR7qZ(mR7qZ)Adult (m)4,8909552
6vGSk(6vGSk)Adult (m)4,8669293
Teah8(Teah8)Adult (f)2,8197614
3JhER42's 4th Gen HolliesAdult (f)5,6368255
JkGF2(JkGF2)Adult (m)5,4678254
9gP6W(9gP6W)Adult (m)4,8867585
lY2b4(lY2b4)Adult (m)6,4101,1372
RWqCu2nd Gens From White RosebudAdult (m)2,2166451
ZdQk242's Extra CB Cavern LurkersAdult (f)3,5181,0133
12CkH(12CkH)Adult (m)2,9787402
cGqe4(cGqe4)Adult (m)3,0237301
j3Tgn(j3Tgn)Adult (m)1,8476530
pmkV6(pmkV6)Adult (m)3,1968092
LNo9fGREEN IS YOUR COLOURAdult (m)3,1091,0001
VHpBG(VHpBG)Adult (m)2,2347464
UOTKL2nd Gens From Multiple AltsAdult (m)2,2467471
NXIF2(NXIF2)Adult (m)3,5641,1401
5Zr2v(5Zr2v)Adult (m)2,5478613
2XZVT2nd Gens From HeartseekerAdult (f)4,2641,2722
7d3qa(7d3qa)Adult (f)3,9191,1521
OQWnO(OQWnO)Adult (m)4,2301,2914
I8Esg(I8Esg)Adult (m)2,4917791
6RtJP(6RtJP)Adult (f)2,5347640
q1ona(q1ona)Adult (f)2,4487731
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