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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KnKLq(KnKLq)Adult (f)4,2231,1655
Xr7dW(Xr7dW)Adult (f)3,2158622
ofd7H(ofd7H)Adult (f)3,9247675
XCutc(XCutc)Adult (f)4,5511,1563
iXnAT(iXnAT)Adult (f)3,4658403
kDMu3(kDMu3)Adult (f)7,5891,0559
3QtE6(3QtE6)Adult (f)1,9083084
ozKsS(ozKsS)Adult (f)2,3993163
V5fq(V5fq)Adult (m)5,1179924
NsmCLydia's comingAdult (m)1,2655570
8sTvQzombeh foddah 14Adult (m)2,20931011
2l30G(2l30G)Adult (m)4,3107369
ZIEEZ(ZIEEZ)Adult (m)4,4957456
CBgaY(CBgaY)Adult (m)5,9351,0236
epdp(epdp)Hatchling (f, F)3,15589613
eXU6E(eXU6E)Adult (f)5,3596795
LDYmj(LDYmj)Adult (m)6,1748734
RlCMt(RlCMt)Adult (f)6,1357793
gTFLg(gTFLg)Adult (f)6,5687685
VEbvT(VEbvT)Adult (m)7,7491,18714
7a9EE(7a9EE)Adult (f)6,8406254
8q2Mp(8q2Mp)Adult (m)4,06084616
lIrEh(lIrEh)Adult (m)6,3217455
QdGPo(QdGPo)Adult (f)6,4207186
FP3ua(FP3ua)Adult (f)4,3926826
Ae4pv(Ae4pv)Adult (m)6,2398927
3q1O2(3q1O2)Adult (m)6,0751,3807
FRv4m(FRv4m)Adult (m)4,0421,1524
7Xbt7(7Xbt7)Adult (m)4,9491,0205
qZLCv(qZLCv)Adult (f)5,3211,2888
rg0Ot(rg0Ot)Adult (m)6,9591,34414
EfMUm(EfMUm)Adult (m)6,4656363
S5o3B(S5o3B)Adult (m)4,8561,0055
9RiYZ(9RiYZ)Adult (m)6,2225995
gE8gG(gE8gG)Adult (m)7,2949917
42ofY(42ofY)Adult (f)3,3471,0774
vTQwe(vTQwe)Adult (m)2,2887566
PvYae(PvYae)Adult (f)2,5564663
O4nMx(O4nMx)Adult (f)2,5064618
FahM2(FahM2)Hatchling (m, F)2,8518362
zaa8U(zaa8U)Adult (m)4,9236543
UFNUB(UFNUB)Adult (m)4,9747214
jjIih(jjIih)Adult (m)4,6187223
RPGm3(RPGm3)Adult (m)3,6379172
ELEna(ELEna)Adult (m)6,43857418
Ec98c(Ec98c)Adult (f)3,9767403
9ilE2(9ilE2)Adult (f)4,6207482
Ow3AN(Ow3AN)Adult (f)4,5337206
q87cQ(q87cQ)Adult (f)2,7469981
gSUcD(gSUcD)Adult (f)3,3111,1116
sP2sA'm Dek U KhooAdult (m)1,23443014
5CMA(5CMA)Adult (m)2,0961,05412
natSe(natSe)Adult (m)4,2485070
Wgli3Thuwed Thuwed ThuwedAdult (m)2,0757289
5olN2(5olN2)Adult (m)2,3022722
cssQJk0cajx WcatadwAdult (f)3,7371,58710
hDVHU Vomuco Kuhqud IfwhutotAdult (f)1,2845086
lAMbS(lAMbS)Adult (f)6,7301,1209
DoWe4(DoWe4)Adult (f)6,0788468
fi9Of(fi9Of)Adult (f)3,5025657
9MtS6(9MtS6)Adult (f)3,4787013
Dench(Dench)Adult (f)2,8061,0648
vDlSKad0 Cac Fhadsojj Vehojk WcatohHatchling (f, F)1,2716754
omj3Y(omj3Y)Adult (f)2,3216313
FN0Wz(FN0Wz)Adult (m)4,7941,1722
j4HIS(j4HIS)Adult (f)4,8671,1272
RX7KS(RX7KS)Adult (f)2,5035201
mJvpn(mJvpn)Adult (f)2,4535870
qrG4l(qrG4l)Adult (f)2,9871,0214
y0tri(y0tri)Adult (m)5,5227125
HK3Ib(HK3Ib)Adult (m)5,0077551
F42sP(F42sP)Adult (m)6,0298943
Ci5RA(Ci5RA)Adult (m)1,2833923
knObb(knObb)Adult (m)3,7589651
77ckW(77ckW)Adult (m)2,3376344
l7xbo(l7xbo)Adult (m)4,7931,1321
OADNr(OADNr)Adult (m)2,4745771
r6iVq(r6iVq)Adult (m)2,9158430
VgOQm(VgOQm)Adult (f)2,8958600
U7k4a(U7k4a)Adult (f)3,2198224
O3ml8(O3ml8)Adult (f)2,9497834
Wvfpo(Wvfpo)Adult (f)5,4857587
ZLHZP(ZLHZP)Adult (m)4,6906400
5mbRb(5mbRb)Adult (m)4,6826641
ScOZ1(ScOZ1)Adult (m)4,6216681
hlZcp(hlZcp)Adult (m)4,9276331
ErqoF(ErqoF)Adult (m)4,8586210
xjVZ1(xjVZ1)Adult (f)4,9766180
whJ3b(whJ3b)Adult (f)4,7746541
LITeD(LITeD)Hatchling (F)1,9215194
sGHZD(sGHZD)Hatchling (F)1,50157081
9nTE(9nTE)Adult (m)2,7644423
YSOH(YSOH)Adult (m)1,2904972
JYcoc(JYcoc)Adult (f)5,7307513
6akgp(6akgp)Adult (m)3,8881,1942
qK3VsEd SheeranAdult (m)4,6101,2124
CiKGF(CiKGF)Adult (m)4,1341,0285
luZOr(luZOr)Adult (f)4,3998845
0OFof(0OFof)Adult (m)1,3966042
1h0B0(1h0B0)Adult (m)3,7249434
W8GCF(W8GCF)Adult (f)2,3443013
TlLfE(TlLfE)Adult (m)2,6058032
qhCc(qhCc)Hatchling (f, F)2,6223072
KA8IO(KA8IO)Adult (f)3,44373413
gVylA(gVylA)Adult (f)1,99635622
S7PAJ(S7PAJ)Adult (f)3,67699212
lPo78(lPo78)Adult (f)2,6231,05517
aWVye(aWVye)Adult (f)2,20545910
FMlNU(FMlNU)Adult (f)2,6521,1723
Y4Vhf(Y4Vhf)Adult (m)1,2487632
tW40a(tW40a)Adult (m)3,32478115
N5GCJ(N5GCJ)Adult (m)3,5421,01018
5EuZcPikasillyAdult (m)2,26381313
AZLFW(AZLFW)Adult (m)4,31097010
K5C79(K5C79)Adult (m)3,2931,05610
brVM3(brVM3)Adult (m)5,0711,33110
eMzCh(eMzCh)Adult (m)4,0828624
Gdku9(Gdku9)Adult (m)3,9619761
dKQrf(dKQrf)Adult (f)1,7181,0541
G57BA(G57BA)Adult (f)7,65758815
9GP05(9GP05)Adult (f)4,0079838
5vlnb(5vlnb)Adult (f)5,70887710
ZDsop(ZDsop)Adult (m)2,39282116
3vQWkErica loves hipposAdult (m)2,9151,03812
jmzN6(jmzN6)Adult (m)4,07386510
GaKBW(GaKBW)Adult (m)4,6228205
f5S1l(f5S1l)Adult (m)1,3747782
8tBNR(8tBNR)Adult (m)2,7221,2752
VwIBL(VwIBL)Adult (m)5,3226537
sDFnW(sDFnW)Adult (f)1,4047913
Ia7Z0(Ia7Z0)Adult (f)2,6061,1873
HnnGA(HnnGA)Adult (f)2,7971,3091
1miTI(1miTI)Adult (f)6,6988324
iW39b(iW39b)Adult (m)3,6687541
nkPro(nkPro)Adult (m)3,7257101
hoTYv(hoTYv)Adult (m)3,9817191
CrDpv(CrDpv)Adult (f)4,3837141
S0UND(S0UND)Adult (f)5,28197012
CPU1A(CPU1A)Adult (f)3,45794915
UCODe(UCODe)Adult (f)4,3618082
09ESC(09ESC)Adult (f)3,62846616
eZoUK(eZoUK)Adult (f)6,2591,1377
42FdO(42FdO)Adult (m)4,8346973
qVPAC(qVPAC)Hatchling (F)1,8873072
jH0hGreen Day - Longview 42Adult (m)1,74169511
lFCIGreen Day - Chump 42Adult (m)2,5531,38714
IRgqGreen Day - Basket Case 42Adult (f)1,60977210
PEPhGreen Day - Pulling Teeth 42Adult (f)1,3706779
qPSGGreen Day - She 42Adult (f)2,90985314
fFCaGreen Day - Sassafras Roots 42Adult (f)6,8922,02715
BiNMGreen Day - Having A Blast 42Adult (m)7,7639645
IChqcGreen Day - Burnout 42Adult (m)3,1534272
3lad(3lad)Hatchling (m, F)5,1172,77733
ol5CG(ol5CG)Hatchling (F)4,3808674
dZgPe(dZgPe)Adult (m)2,7597441
HateR(HateR)Adult (m)6,2647756
LoaRqKiss Kiss I'll See You LaterAdult (f)5,2079462
e3hs4(e3hs4)Adult (f)2,9816183
r61Ah(r61Ah)Adult (f)2,3705763
QZuKR(QZuKR)Adult (f)3,1496742
gn1lC(gn1lC)Adult (f)3,1236752
CkiSS(CkiSS)Adult (f)7,15373710
2UOQo(2UOQo)Adult (f)4,4967724
jdFl5(jdFl5)Adult (f)3,9451,33815
HfLtH(HfLtH)Adult (f)4,2413534
GdDS0(GdDS0)Hatchling (F)1,3091321
KqKkJo 42Adult (f)3,32226316
UkVPShannon 42Adult (f)5,3638169
aI0cCharlotte 42Adult (f)5,5631,0282
QOorTaylor 42Adult (f)1,1375056
6KPSJessie 42Adult (f)1,7625323
8TE4Fiona 42Adult (f)4,3097432
vvlbJennifer 42Adult (f)5,5537636
kYfaSharon 42Adult (f)5,2028744
FM48Jackie 42Adult (f)4,4807565
4lMsCMegan 42Adult (f)5,7845861
fglhAJulie 42Adult (f)6,0795971
UhCN2Random 42Adult (f)4,6446800
cer52Ellie 42Adult (f)3,7636790
hBRVhLea 42Adult (f)11,0798440
Uu1QBHansen 42Adult (f)4,1117341
Zs4CtLola 42Adult (f)4,1537411
j7RVbLina 42Adult (f)4,1017400
IA0i2Kirsty 42Adult (f)2,9288494
guTM5Sadie 42Adult (f)5,5031,1415
BPOpQ(BPOpQ)Adult (f)3,2249803
g4dRW(g4dRW)Adult (f)5,6201,1435
Hrt4dXystAdult (f)4,5128024
70PiE(70PiE)Adult (f)6,7387365
SDLMJohn 42Adult (m)6,2531,05111
jF7cFrank 42Adult (m)5,6411,0304
iVMoBenjamin 42Adult (m)5,1829933
42XCBert 42Adult (m)3,7048742
fpriJake 42Adult (m)3,4138104
MAabJordan 42Adult (m)4,5687893
O5ptBen 42Adult (m)4,6858014
F9KYJames 42Adult (m)6,0478136
b2VuEAsif 42Adult (m)3,5737291
taXCkCharlie 42Adult (m)3,8557181
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