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You pick up the scroll labeled “42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CrDpv(CrDpv)Adult (f)4,3837141
S0UND(S0UND)Adult (f)5,28197012
CPU1A(CPU1A)Adult (f)3,45794915
UCODe(UCODe)Adult (f)4,3618082
09ESC(09ESC)Adult (f)3,62846616
eZoUK(eZoUK)Adult (f)6,2591,1377
42FdO(42FdO)Adult (m)4,8346973
qVPAC(qVPAC)Hatchling (F)1,8873072
jH0hGreen Day - Longview 42Adult (m)1,74169511
lFCIGreen Day - Chump 42Adult (m)2,5531,38714
IRgqGreen Day - Basket Case 42Adult (f)1,60977210
PEPhGreen Day - Pulling Teeth 42Adult (f)1,3706779
qPSGGreen Day - She 42Adult (f)2,90985314
fFCaGreen Day - Sassafras Roots 42Adult (f)6,8922,02715
BiNMGreen Day - Having A Blast 42Adult (m)7,7639645
IChqcGreen Day - Burnout 42Adult (m)3,1534272
3lad(3lad)Hatchling (m, F)5,1172,77733
ol5CG(ol5CG)Hatchling (F)4,3808674
dZgPe(dZgPe)Adult (m)2,7597441
HateR(HateR)Adult (m)6,2647756
LoaRqKiss Kiss I'll See You LaterAdult (f)5,2079462
e3hs4(e3hs4)Adult (f)2,9816183
r61Ah(r61Ah)Adult (f)2,3705763
QZuKR(QZuKR)Adult (f)3,1496742
gn1lC(gn1lC)Adult (f)3,1236752
CkiSS(CkiSS)Adult (f)7,15373710
2UOQo(2UOQo)Adult (f)4,4967724
jdFl5(jdFl5)Adult (f)3,9451,33815
HfLtH(HfLtH)Adult (f)4,2413534
GdDS0(GdDS0)Hatchling (F)1,3091321
KqKkJo 42Adult (f)3,32226316
UkVPShannon 42Adult (f)5,3638169
aI0cCharlotte 42Adult (f)5,5631,0282
QOorTaylor 42Adult (f)1,1375056
6KPSJessie 42Adult (f)1,7625323
8TE4Fiona 42Adult (f)4,3097432
vvlbJennifer 42Adult (f)5,5537636
kYfaSharon 42Adult (f)5,2028744
FM48Jackie 42Adult (f)4,4807565
4lMsCMegan 42Adult (f)5,7845861
fglhAJulie 42Adult (f)6,0795971
UhCN2Random 42Adult (f)4,6446800
cer52Ellie 42Adult (f)3,7636790
hBRVhLea 42Adult (f)11,0798440
Uu1QBHansen 42Adult (f)4,1117341
Zs4CtLola 42Adult (f)4,1537411
j7RVbLina 42Adult (f)4,1017400
IA0i2Kirsty 42Adult (f)2,9288494
guTM5Sadie 42Adult (f)5,5031,1415
BPOpQ(BPOpQ)Adult (f)3,2249803
g4dRW(g4dRW)Adult (f)5,6201,1435
Hrt4dXystAdult (f)4,5128024
70PiE(70PiE)Adult (f)6,7387365
SDLMJohn 42Adult (m)6,2531,05111
jF7cFrank 42Adult (m)5,6411,0304
iVMoBenjamin 42Adult (m)5,1829933
42XCBert 42Adult (m)3,7048742
fpriJake 42Adult (m)3,4138104
MAabJordan 42Adult (m)4,5687893
O5ptBen 42Adult (m)4,6858014
F9KYJames 42Adult (m)6,0478136
b2VuEAsif 42Adult (m)3,5737291
taXCkCharlie 42Adult (m)3,8557181
lh7SSJack 42Adult (m)3,7286950
cFoB0Bob 42Adult (m)3,5037301
kf9Rq(kf9Rq)Adult (m)4,1347320
HWUGLConnor 42Adult (m)3,7376332
O1aHSLeigh 42Adult (m)3,0808714
0COCk(0COCk)Adult (m)4,3181,17140
iQkoc(iQkoc)Adult (m)4,3289193
as9r2(as9r2)Adult (m)5,3426777
jcd3l(jcd3l)Adult (m)1,8913703
p1Y1x(p1Y1x)Adult (m)4,8821,0244
fSBP(fSBP)Hatchling (f, F)5,2168006
q9EH(q9EH)Hatchling (m, F)3,2005333
Dge3(Dge3)Adult (m)3,70578799
SeXE(SeXE)Adult (m)5,3628037
Jgb33(Jgb33)Adult (m)3,5667370
K4m7l(K4m7l)Adult (f)3,6427011
rW6MP(rW6MP)Adult (f)5,1377172
MCFXr(MCFXr)Adult (f)3,6307050
inSWk(inSWk)Adult (f)3,5186610
cX6n5(cX6n5)Adult (m)3,8586500
CFSn4(CFSn4)Adult (f)3,8626401
st0G0(st0G0)Adult (m)3,4907452
fiI44(fiI44)Adult (f)3,7687721
rWYXh(rWYXh)Adult (m)6,3257060
oXlbU(oXlbU)Adult (m)3,7817573
boRKu(boRKu)Adult (f)4,0918092
tGMn8(tGMn8)Adult (m)3,7177391
5O4nP(5O4nP)Adult (f)3,4836901
rldj4(rldj4)Adult (m)3,6187051
FCsv8(FCsv8)Adult (m)3,5817540
BfIUi(BfIUi)Adult (m)4,9816710
kYmNr(kYmNr)Adult (f)3,7957692
O1SkZ(O1SkZ)Adult (f)3,6027051
560Hk(560Hk)Adult (m)3,6507072
g1ACI(g1ACI)Adult (m)4,0521,0643
1Gsku(1Gsku)Adult (m)4,0101,0333
HBR0r(HBR0r)Adult (f)4,4177705
Spnrd(Spnrd)Adult (m)4,0746895
8PEEE(8PEEE)Adult (f)2,4086635
qXnC2(qXnC2)Adult (f)4,3898133
ZNtiKad0 Cac Fhadso Toof CihbohHatchling (m, F)1,12744112
Qn1Pw(Qn1Pw)Adult (m)3,3763857
TMe1F(TMe1F)Adult (m)3,9313776
Vs8tY(Vs8tY)Adult (m)3,3539928
NRHzY(NRHzY)Adult (m)7,6416299
OBwVc(OBwVc)Adult (m)7,5986777
aYpnV(aYpnV)Adult (m)3,0177885
RY5JK(RY5JK)Adult (m)3,1393143
nmPAl(nmPAl)Adult (m)7,1721,4728
iIuxp(iIuxp)Adult (m)7,8755905
LkQci(LkQci)Adult (m)3,5371,4145
KGBlu(KGBlu)Adult (m)4,3683254
cNKPZ(cNKPZ)Adult (m)8854361
Fi5M3(Fi5M3)Adult (m)4,2043080
iJld5(iJld5)Adult (m)4,5133110
tQpnq(tQpnq)Adult (m)4,4483091
zF6EI(zF6EI)Adult (m)4,1403040
T9lR4(T9lR4)Adult (m)3,3067952
7pnzc(7pnzc)Adult (m)2,9328494
METNT(METNT)Adult (m)4,4129506
xMGua(xMGua)Adult (m)4,27896911
dnmBk(dnmBk)Adult (m)3,0501,0966
TewKb(TewKb)Adult (m)3,1911,1717
4OtNr(4OtNr)Adult (m)1,7655593
85up7(85up7)Adult (m)2,1039884
eGCS5(eGCS5)Adult (m)2,1829685
X51ps(X51ps)Adult (m)3,2398081
TamBY(TamBY)Adult (m)3,8549096
jRlZ5(jRlZ5)Adult (m)4,2479765
xeVUF(xeVUF)Adult (m)1,4923953
jCyVK(jCyVK)Adult (m)2,0931,0050
l8dsE(l8dsE)Adult (m)2,0751,0050
7f3XP(7f3XP)Adult (m)2,6959141
1uuYv(1uuYv)Adult (m)2,8503185
7S3Wy(7S3Wy)Adult (m)2,7478903
5piM8(5piM8)Adult (m)2,4452341
or4eD(or4eD)Adult (m)4,2843031
vy6rH(vy6rH)Adult (m)4,3383150
KyJ6L(KyJ6L)Adult (m)4,3562981
3Rh3Y(3Rh3Y)Adult (m)3,9317451
YkyHl(YkyHl)Adult (m)4,1477432
eE3Xl(eE3Xl)Adult (m)4,3627611
OwZdB(OwZdB)Adult (m)4,1982862
Mf6jQ(Mf6jQ)Adult (m)2,7649142
coKgF(coKgF)Adult (m)2,2459803
8hLFS(8hLFS)Adult (m)4,2821,1876
hLkK0(hLkK0)Adult (m)2,8782422
iR9Qw(iR9Qw)Adult (m)2,7612543
0dbAa(0dbAa)Adult (m)2,6972483
A7DKv(A7DKv)Adult (m)2,1791,0287
u0W4g(u0W4g)Adult (m)2,9362593
t5yJZ(t5yJZ)Adult (m)2,5632544
iYHtV(iYHtV)Adult (f)4,1688287
2oYrx(2oYrx)Adult (f)4,0679825
9jrw9(9jrw9)Adult (f)5,0221,0204
qux2L(qux2L)Adult (f)3,3102941
9X2KD(9X2KD)Adult (f)3,5403063
2xSjq(2xSjq)Adult (f)7,0611,42815
CLgPo(CLgPo)Adult (f)6,9621,40912
RGQa2(RGQa2)Adult (f)7,0671,42313
1Iizy(1Iizy)Adult (f)7,3531,4287
YpT4u(YpT4u)Adult (f)7,1351,4499
dicw9(dicw9)Adult (f)1,7324595
vgqLo(vgqLo)Adult (f)8633971
AlbsC(AlbsC)Adult (f)4,0783181
RUVEd(RUVEd)Adult (f)3,5233542
1jQT9(1jQT9)Adult (f)3,9901,6670
r04W4(r04W4)Adult (f)7,1985285
Q392O(Q392O)Adult (f)7,8505639
USByc(USByc)Adult (f)4,4059386
t2MoE(t2MoE)Adult (f)4,5489406
3XK7S(3XK7S)Adult (f)3,0501,1536
xOmxl(xOmxl)Adult (f)3,6468604
eVXbg(eVXbg)Adult (f)3,6108703
8aVxU(8aVxU)Adult (f)3,8268613
5buj8(5buj8)Adult (f)1,0626944
FAJVd(FAJVd)Adult (f)3,8698553
QjOUt(QjOUt)Adult (f)3,0851,1307
PUKT6(PUKT6)Adult (f)2,3346184
kZSvl(kZSvl)Adult (f)1,7865544
fPEmV(fPEmV)Adult (f)2,2866414
gT9Y3(gT9Y3)Adult (f)2,0819853
HT7qL(HT7qL)Adult (f)2,1609671
ikxRJ(ikxRJ)Adult (f)1,5014281
igU36(igU36)Adult (f)2,0601,0041
u63sn(u63sn)Adult (f)3,9601,1832
QBMpo(QBMpo)Adult (f)2,5359043
rrDf6(rrDf6)Adult (f)1,9022850
EcSlF(EcSlF)Adult (f)2,2832821
GsFEu(GsFEu)Adult (f)2,3732661
FD4Ki(FD4Ki)Adult (f)2,4172461
FNX1K(FNX1K)Adult (f)2,4622390
fbzlX(fbzlX)Adult (f)2,3282630
T7vmM(T7vmM)Adult (f)2,1322601
qAAgx(qAAgx)Adult (f)2,2579804
vqmlv(vqmlv)Adult (f)4,2552871
rBUJu(rBUJu)Adult (f)3,9427413
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